Thames Is Demoted

According to the team’s official Twitter account, the Toronto Blue Jays have optioned left fielder Eric Thames to Triple A Las Vegas and called up utility player extraordinaire Mike McCoy.

One has to imagine that if he was healthy, eternal prospect of the Blue Jays fans’ mind, Travis Snider, would be the player receiving a promotion, but alas, our lunch box hero is still attempting to get himself right after injuring his wrist earlier this season.

As for Thames, the demotion is overdue. In addition to collecting outs in more than 71% of his plate appearances, the personality plus regular was terrible in the outfield, taking paths to fly balls that would be too extensive for a shitty Family Circus cartoon to document. This, combined with power numbers that suggested Thames bat of choice was a¬†flaccid pool noodle, put the writing on the wall for the left fielder’s immediate future.

I say immediate, because I firmly believe that Thames can be a useful contributor on a Major League roster. With a little more patience at the plate, he can certainly be a useful fourth outfielder or bench bat against right handed pitching. I just can’t see him as a regular on any roster, but the very worst.

I’m not sure that Mike McCoy offers an immediate offensive upgrade, but with Rajai Davis slowly taking playing time away from Thames and the day to day injuries with the current set of middle infielders (plus a winded bench coach who can’t play every day), McCoy will certainly be useful, even though he’s unlikely to be replacing Thames directly.

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  1. So when’s the parade?

    • You will live to regret this !

      • Nah Thames was due to go down – he hits with no one on base, but can’t produce in the clutch. And most of the guys on my mens league team are better in the field…

  2. about time

  3. Can’t help but think this would have been done weeks ago if Snider was healthy. At this point, I can’t say that I’m excited to see Davis play everyday.

    I’d probably rather see KJ in LF and Hech at 2B, but I doubt KJ is amenable to that in a contract year and they probably aren’t willing to bring Hech up unless it’s for good.

    • Plus KJs Hammy probably would’t do too well in LF… he needs to DH for a bit actually.

    • I disagree the sentiment about bringing Hech up for good. He has already burned an option this year. It is probably more an issue with bringing him up before he is ready, and also ensuring that he gets full plying time rather than see any time on the bench.

  4. Assuming davis plays left until sniders healthy and McCoys infield insurance

  5. Good for McCoy, I’m sure his Air Canada status was about to run out… ;)

  6. Finally.

    By my rudimentary calculations, since the middle of last July, Thames is hitting:

    .236/.290/.392 with 11 HRs, 99Ks, 26 BBs.

  7. so..who is going to play left?

    • I would assume Davis until Snider is healthy and gets some ABs in at AAA.

    • It has to be Davis. only think that makes any sense.

      • Encarnacion in LF, KJ to DH, McCoy to 2B.

        • I’d rather keep EE out of LF and put Davis there.
          Cooper can sit on the bench and EE can play 1b

        • Encarnacion is no good in the field. REally, he’s no while in any defensive spot really, slowly working on getting better at first. When he’s DH he lights it up cuz he has nothing else on his mind but hitting the ball. It seems when he’s playing defensive his mind is too cloudy, then he has some kind of defensive error and he can’t let it go and it shows in his bat. Fortunately, Rajai is better at tracking and catching the ball in LF but unfortunately his throw to the infield isn’t strong. If theres an opposing team’s runner on third and the batter hits a fly deep to left, the runner on third will get home, but really, thames wasn’t all that good either with outfield assists, his throws although strong, were always way off the mark…i wonder if mathis could play left, then call up a backup cacther like d’Arnaud or something! But i don’t make the millions like Farrel and AA so really, this means nothing…

          • EE can handle first base. The rest of your post, I didn’t read.

          • While you had a point to begin with, you lost it with the blathering that followed. Mathis in left field? Yeah because our light hitting back-up catcher is the best bet out there. Bringing in a top prospect to ride pine while JPA is hitting hot? There IS a reason you’re making millions like Farrell.

  8. oh ya Davis… doh.. I keep forgetting about him

  9. Rajai Davis is really no better at all. He’s just so horrible against RHP.

    Save us Travis Snider, you’re our only hope.

  10. So we have Davis, Rasmus and Bautista for outfielders. And that’s it. McCoy, maybe, in the event we need another? Geez.

    Get well, Esco/Kelly.

  11. I hope Snider isn’t rushed back and returns straight to the bigs after he returns. Get him a few games in AAA and make sure his wrist is fine and he has his approach and swing down before he gets the call.

  12. For fuck sakes.. why is McCoy still around!?!?!?!!?

  13. I assume this has more to do with the shortage of middle infielders than it does with Thames. He will likely only be down for the minimum 10 days and then will be back. As soon as BOTH KJ and Yunel are 100%, there is no need for McCoy.

    • Snider may be ready to join the Jays by then.

    • Thames has done precisely nothing this season to earn a place on the MLB roster, I hope he’s down until he learns some plate discipline…

      Snider should have broken camp with the team, and this move basically proves that.

  14. Quite frankly, I find the roster management over the last few days utterly baffling. I have no idea what purpose Laffey serves. He shouldn’t have been called up in the first place. McCoy needs to be here with KJ ailing, but it makes no sense to me to leave the roster with 8 guys in the pen and precisely 0 back-up outfielders outside of McCoy (who may have to be at 2B anyways for fielding purposes while KJ heals up).

    • We can assume Laffey was called up in case Hutch had a bad outing and the taxed bullpen needed someone else who could potentiall eat a few innings. I’m guessing Laffey and maybe even Sanchez get sent back down in the next day or so.

      • If that was the case, they should have sent him back down today instead of Thames. Charlie V should be good to go today on the off-chance Romero implodes. Thames needed to be demoted, but only if Snider or Francisco was healthy. When you’re carrying 4 OFs, you need to replace an OF with an OF.

      • Who the fuck is Sanchez?

      • Yes, absolutely. Our bullpen got completely mowed down in Texas and we needed guys who could help out in the event our starters can’t go deep. I mean, nobody predicted Brandon Morrow wouldn’t make it through an inning and that we’d go thirteen the next day.

        I imagine Sanchez and Laffey’s time is very short here, and once we have some spots available from a bullpen trim, we might be able to straighten out the outfield situation.

        • Stop saying Sanchez!!! :P

        • Really, Chavez is the only one truly unavailable tonight in my eyes. Villanueva, Oliver and Frasor should be good to go and could probably soak up 5-6 innings between them if necessary. Perez, Janssen and Cordero should be available if needed, but not called upon unless necessary. I saw a need for Laffey yesterday, but I don’t see the need for him today.

          If EE is capable of playing 1B with his back tonight, I would rather have seen Cooper down instead of Thames for now.

          If we are to assume that McCoy is up because KJ is incapable of playing the field for the next few days, you’re basically playing with an empty bench defensively. That’s something I find riskier than the off-chance the bullpen is needed for 7+ innings tonight.

          • Still, I’d hardly call it baffling. Each game over the past three they’ve been forced to play short at one position (first BP, second IF, third OF)…Each callup is designed to alleviate the weakness from the day before. Next week the shitbags (McCoy, Laffey) go down, they go back to a 12-man staff, and Esco/Johnson are either good to go or on the DL.

  15. So I presume Davis is the starting LF now. That’d be fine if the Jays faced only lefties.

  16. I’m calling trade. there.

  17. “winded bench coach who can’t play every day” made me spit a little bit of restrained-laughter water on my computer.

  18. McCoy could give us a few quality innings outta the ‘pen.

  19. Am I the only one who didn’t get the Family Circus reference?

  20. I enjoyed the “shitty Family Circus cartoon” reference, if no one else did.

    I think this move had to be made, but yeah, we sure do seem thin in the outfield at the moment. I wonder if there’s any chance Kelly Johnson ends up in left field temporarily when he’s back.

  21. He had the worst OPS in the AL of any qualified LF. You know who has the worst OPS in the AL of any qualified 3B……….

  22. +1 000 000 for “taking paths to fly balls that would be too extensive for a shitty Family Circus cartoon to document”

    • Hahaha, I second this. Parkes was just WAITING for this opportunity to let fly on Eric Thames, I bet. (Not that he has not done so before, but.)

  23. wow isn’t it funny that our starting 4th and 6th hitter are now in AAA.

    btw, thames was outslugging lawrie and had more extra base hits in fewer ab’s

    lawrie has 1 ebh and 1 walk in last 14 games. I don’t see how he’s earned the right to be up here either

    • That might because you’re a complete idiot.

    • really?

    • Because Lawrie plays elite defense at the hot corner, and Thames plays terrible defense at the easiest position to defend. Not to mention Lawrie also can steal bases.

      That is why.

      • no the only reason lawrie is up here is because there is no better option in AAA plus he’s white and canadian. if it wasn’t for his speed beating out those grounders his numbers would be horrible.

        • White and Canadian? srsly? Yeah, this move was made purely ’cause AA is a racist! ALL MOVES THE JAYS MAKE ARE BECAUSE AA IS RACIST!

        • Yeah! If he wasn’t using his abilities to inflate his numbers he’d be even worse!

          So, umm…..cry?

        • The Canadian aspect rings true, but really, you’re playing the race card here? Because Jays fans definitely on like white guys right? Get your head out of your ass.

        • the guys 22 and plays a premium defensive position well

        • grouchy, let me introduce you to a concept called upside. Lawrie has tremendous upside and already adds way more in speed and defence. Thames has limited upside as a hitter and defensively.

          • at one time Joey Bats upside was career bench player just saying. and Joey Bats defense is RF is below average….

        • But why would you remove his speed from the equation? If his speed allows him to get on base with infield hits is that not a good thing? Or do they only count if he hits them really hard and far. Please shut up now.

        • Holy shit, grouchy, and I thought CB had made the dumbest comment I’d ever read on here.

      • Tough to steal if you’re never on base. Check the stats. Lawrie is hardly Ricky Henderson.

    • Brett Lawrie fWAR 1.2
      Eric Thames fWAR -0.5

    • If Lawrie’s Defense wasn’t so awesome, he’d probably wouldn’t be up here right now… He’s looked pretty awful lately.

      • They wouldn’t keep Lawrie up if he needed to fix his batting in the minors. There’s too much long-term upside for them to do that.

    • Lawrie is 22 and plays good defense at a premium position and by all accounts was one of the best prospects in all of baseball last year. Lawrie’s bat has always been considered to be excellent whiles Thames was never considered more than that.

      Comparing their struggles is like comparing apples and oranges. Lawrie’s struggles this year are simple – he is you know 22, and the league has adjusted to him, but every scout in the world believes that he will become a very good hitter. Thames on the other hand is struggling because no matter how much he adjusted he would never be able to hit at an elite level and every scout in the world who saw him said that already. Major difference.

  24. EE to left, KJ to DH please.

    • EE in the outfield is a liability.

      • By what measure? Not by the Thames measure, surely.

        • No, different measure altogether.

          EE wouldnt be able to hit the cutoff man if our starting SS was the broad side of a barn. Sac flies of questionable depth would become sure things with the runner on 3rd knowing the throw will likely be off line. Same thing when thinking about stretching a single into a double.

      • EE in the field is a liability…

        Sort of hidden at 1B, but not particularly well…

        • At least at 1B he doesn’t have to throw. He’s fine at first, if he’s able to alternate between that and DHing to save his back then I’m okay with it.

  25. I’m glad Thames was given a significant opportunity, however he clearly showed that at the very least he is not ready to be a major league regular.

    This being said, the Blue Jays lack of options at LF, 1B and utility is scarey. What has this team been doing the last decade in that the only position player that they have developed is JP Arencibia.

    • you should as JP

    • We did trade Aaron Hill that counts as another I suppose.

      • Lind, Arrencibia, Hill, Rios.

        I guess that is it however Snider, Thames, Cooper, are all from the system as well and have logged a few games in the majors.

        I don’t think you can blames this regime for that as drafts usually take 4-5 years to see the results. AA is on year 3 and the policies shifted substantially from the previous regime (ie: Overslot spending)

      • Alex Rios and Vernon Wells count too then.

      • I guess, but I’m really referring to the current line-up:

        1. Kelly Johnson – acquired from Arizona
        2. Yunel Escobar – acquired from Atlanta
        3. Jose Bautista – acquired from Pittsburgh
        4. Edwin Encarnacion – acquired from Cinci
        5. Brett Lawrie – acquired from Milwuakee
        6. Colby Rasmus – acquired from St.Louis
        7. JP Arencibia –
        8. David Cooper – Nobody believes he will stick
        9. Rajai Davis – acquired from Oakland

        Visquel – free agent signing
        McCoy – waiver claim from Colorado
        Mathis – acquired from LAA
        Francisco – acquired from Philly

        • Arincibia-University of Tennesee Volunteers?Knoxville-Jays minor System-To-The-Fuckin-Show-Baby!

    • They have been acquiring the best pitching products, that’s what. By the way, we still have Gose and Marisnick waiting in the wings if shit hits the metaphorical fan

  26. and in case anyone is confused the JP i’m refering to is not named Aaron Cibia

  27. This is Ben Francisco’s best chance to get some playing time, and he’s not even around to enjoy it.

  28. I doubt this has much to do with the Thames/Snider issue.

    I think AA watched KJ run last night and figured they better have some middle infield backup just in case. Thames just happened to be the OF with options left and is, you know, kind of replaceable anyway. It was either this or risk having Mathis play 2B

    Thames will be right back up when they drop back to a 7 man bullpen (or if Yunel or KJ goes on the DL).

    • Thames hasn’t hit a baseball in about four months. He’s not coming up any time soon. Gomes and Lind will be up first.

      • So you are suggesting they play with no backup outfielders over the long term?

        • Mike McCoy is a backup outfielder. Edwin can play there if need be. They put Vizquel out there once already. Johnson isn’t a realistic option with a bad hamstring, but he can play there. Lawrie could play there with little trouble, I’d wager.

          • For the next week or so I’m fine with that given the injury and bullpen situations. But those are really just emergency fill in options.

            When they are back at full health, I’d rather have Thames on the roster than have McCoy. (I’d rather have Snider than Thames…but my point was that this move has little to do with Snider vs Thames)

          • Not that it changes your point, Stoeten, but for the record, the one game Vizquel has on his record as a LF is opening day when he came in as a 5th infielder in extra innings and was technically listed as the LF since he replaced Thames. He went to 1B and Davis played the outfield after that.

            I don’t doubt that all of those guys (EE, Vizquel, Lawrie, a hobbled KJ) would be able to not embarass themselves in LF if asked to play there for a few innings in a pinch, practically speaking, McCoy is the only back-up OF on the roster right now.

      • true story he actually was 1-4 Gil last night isnt that 1-4 a hit?

  29. Man, do I ever wish the Jays upgraded 1B and LF in the offseason now (and for that matter, SP). We’ve got Cooper and Davis seemingly holding those positions at the moment…what a shitshow.

    • I like Davis more than Cooper, Cooper can play first only. easy solution would of been demote Cooper for Mccoy.

  30. hey that deck mcguire, the guy with no upside, was a great pick after watching chris sale mow down hitters, who went 2 FUCKING SPOTS LATER. great job alex.

    • Know what’s awesome… hindsight…..

      You are just the worst.

      • To be fair, most analysts were calling McGuire an overdraft at the time.

        He was the guy who was considered a low celing, “safe” pick.

        We haven’t drafted that well at the top, we’ve made our hay in the sandwhich and later rounds.

  31. it would nice if once, just once, this organization could draft just ONE stud player

    • Roy Halladay

    • I’m talking RECENTLY, you know like this century for fucks sakes

      • Oh alright. let’s change your parameters since you lost your first argument.

        Here’s a newsflash: 1 -most draft picks don’t turn into studs, this is not exclusive to the Jays. 2- Most players take a few fucking years to turn into anything at all. We might have a dozen future studs in the minors right now and neither you nor I fucking know that for sure.

      • So you’re limiting it to about 6-7 years worth of drafts (the drafts that have had enough time to show an impact on the majors) and only counting stud players (but not the good players like Marcum).

        That’s bizarre, but ok….Ricky Romero

        • Not to mention that drafting isn’t the be-all end all… as evidenced by Lawrie and hopefully Darno.

          And the evolution of guys like Morrow, Bautista and EE,for whom “the system” deserves some credit.

      • grouchy – quite clearly a hockey fan. The kind that calls a draft pick a horrible choice if they dont immediately break the big club and become a superstar at the age of 18. Welcome to baseball, where you’re generally 25 or older before you even get to take a cut at a major league pitch. Thank the good lord you dont have a say in how this team is run grouchy.

  32. All the “AA is a ninja” lunatics are probably in denial right now.

    truth is, for all the bluster and noise of the last couple years, this team is a patchwork assembly of borderline MLB talent. Nothing that was needed in terms of pitching (be it starting rotation or bullpen) or position players has been addressed. Just a lot of moving players in and out without a net positive gain.

    AA has been in over his head this whole time. It’s painfully obvious to the informed baseball observer.

    We’ll see how this plays out over the next couple years, but man it isn’t looking too good right now.

    • You might have a point……but then I remember the fact that he traded the most untradeable albatros of a contract that has existed in baseball in the last 20 years and I give him a pass. Does this “informed baseball observer” know how Vernon is doing right now? Oh and he’s created one of the top farm systems in baseball in those “last couple years” . Can you just go cheer for the Yankees and Lakers please? Thanks.

    • Robert from Scarborough (aka Baseball God) agrees with you. The remainder of us humble non-deity types are too dumb to know any better.

    • New leader for dumbest comment ever left on this site.

    • Good thing the Jays start each year with 25 wins, because obviously a roster full of “borderline MLB talent” couldn’t possibly finish .500 in the AL East.

    • i’m starting to wonder whether this might not be a little bit true.

      starting to worry that Gose/Hev/d’arnaud/Snider is not going to be offensively strong enough to put us over the hump. And that Snider’s wrist problems may end up being the thing to keep him from making a go of it in the end.

      our Major leaguers are looking pretty average these days – Lawrie/JP/Bautista/Johnson/Escobar/Rasmus are all struggling with production and to even maintain a .250 average. The only one turning any heads these days is EE

      These guys they keep calling up and down: Gomes/Cooper/Thames look like they’re quality injury protection/depth at best.

      I don’t doubt that some of our pitching prospects will come up roses eventually..we have so many highly touted that some have to turn out even if others like Draybek/Hutch/McGuire might reach a bullpen ceiling in the end.

      But the fielding/offense seems really really unclear.

      I’m also wondering (again) if we really have a luxury of waiting until next season to figure out of these fielding prospects have the goods. If we only find out next year then its going to be hard to know if trades are needed. It becomes another ‘wait and see’ year.

      Why not call these guys up in the next month or 2 and find out what we’ve got?? If it turns out we need some larger moves prior to 2013, maybe its best to have a sense of that now rather than next spring.

      I suspect that AA thought that some of our Major leaguers were going to have a better year. Not that AA thought they were all going to be stellar, but I’d be willing to bet that they didn’t count on all of Bautista/Lawrie/Rasmus/Romero/Draybek/Escobar all having – to be frank – a struggling season so far.

      I guess I’m wondering whether AA still sees this team on a ‘course’…is it moving in the direction that he expected or hoped for? or do we need to consider that maybe the pieces are not falling into place as hoped and that we’d better get a look at that next crop and give some consideration to the course??

    • says the baseball god from scarborough….

  33. As Stoeten alluded to last night, Chavez stuck around in case the Jays decide to bump him into the rotation in the next week to ten days and Laffey got called up in case Hutchinson got blown out, but also to have another lefty in the pen as they face a bunch of lefty hitters in the next 5 games.

    I believe that the thinking might have been to demote Hutchinson this morning to callup a middle infielder (if either Escobar or KJ were headed for the DL, I still suspect he would have been Hech). Since KJ looked ok (though he definitely looked sore running the bases and going to his left on the one base hit), McCoy is just insurance at in the IF and LF. Having only JPA and Davis on the bench last night was ridiculous.

    Likely, Davis plays LF for 1-2 weeks and then splits it with Francisco when he’s off the DL (and Laffey gets sent back down). Once Snider proves he’s healthy and back on track mentally, then he gets the call to play LF. Since I suspect the next time he’s called up will be his last shot with the Jays, I think they will wait until he’s 100% ready; until then, it’ll be a .240/.300/.300 slashline from Davis with more speed and adequate fielding.

  34. Man, that sucks that Snider’s injured. I think he’s supposed to come off their DL today?

  35. They’re going to miss having Thames in the dugout if a bench-clearing brawl ever broke out…

  36. can someone make a video tribute to thames, “thames greatest dives”

    • I’ll use my last sticky DJF tokens to see that. I think in the last 10 days there have been about 3 or 4 plays where he dove and the balls was a good 6-10 feet from his glove. Absolutely brutal.

      Can’t remember if it was last nights game (drunken haze) or the game before but when he ran against the wall and missed the ball (tough play), I mentally predicted that was likely the final straw and demotion would be soon.

  37. what about vladdy?

  38. I was really hoping Thames would hit better better but when I saw him strike out to the Mets catcher (Johnson) in the blow-out game, he jumped the shark for me.

    I mean what team would put their catcher in to pitch in blowout game anyway….oh wait….

  39. The most amazing thing about this is that Thames was hitting 5th/6th most of the season and right up until he got demoted he was 5th again yesterday.

    • that’s called farrellball and remember agarashi was the closer for 1 game.

    • If the lineup was constructed entirely on merit, for most of the year you’d have had three lefties hitting 7-8-9. Farrell obviously didn’t want that, so a guy like Thames was hitting higher than he deserved. I don’t think, in this case, it’s fair to look at his lineup spot as an accurate reflection of what the club thinks his talent is.

      • Stoeten…you are tough as nails. Who would the 3 lefties hitting 7-8-9 be then? Thames, Rasmus, and…?? (Arencibia or Mathis hit most of the year in the 7-9 spots, and both are righties). I couldn’t think of any other lefty that has batted in the bottom of the order this year. I thought about it and couldnt think of someone, who did you have in mind? I dont get what you mean here…

        • Lind?

          • Yes Lind is the answer. BUT Lind hit in the four spot all damn year. So in reality they would have only had two lefties in the bottom 3 (Thames and Rasmus)….thus Thames could have hit 8 or 9 all year, WITHOUTH there being three lefties in a row. So I just didnt see Stoeten’s point, that it “wasn’t a reflection of where they think he is at talent wise” If they wanted him down there, they would have damn well put him down there.

          • Jesus Fuck. Lind Rasmus and Thames would be the 7-8-9 and least productive hitters for the early part of the season. L L L. Fuck.

      • Farrel liked the right/left combination in the battign order, we all get why he did it, what’s forgotten is that the two lefties high in the order Thames, Lind couldn’t hit right handed pitchingor left that’s why they’re in that postion for at the end of the game when the starting pitcher is removed but if they cant hit right handed pitching which they cant, it’s a moot point.

    • That is a sweet user name. Its weird that the guys that hit 4&5 for most of this year (Lind and Thames) are both down in Vegas now. Hopefully Vlad can come up and contribute once he gets some more minor league action, this team could sure as fuck use it.

  40. I think I gonna barf

  41. it would be nice if alex could make these moves before getting our asses kicked. you know when it was obvious to everyone that lind, thames, crawford were shit and we were still the wildcard team? thanks alex but hey you got rid of the wells contract so you are untouchable.

    • Two games out of the wildcard play-in with 113 games left. I don’t even know why anyone is looking at the standings right now anyways (it just pained me to have to go and look at them so that I could rebut your stupidity).

  42. It hasn’t even been 50 games. You can argue having Thames in LF for 38 games has cost us some runs/wins (mitigated by late defensive substitutions), but his spot in the order similar to Lind has more to do with his lefthandedness then anything. The difference in number of at bats or run scoring opportunities between the 5th spot and the 9th spot is marginal at best over such few games, and with such a poor hitting lineup.

    If we had 8 batters in the lineup with a WRC+ over 100 and Thames at 75 batting 5th, then yes it would be amazing.

  43. The father of a girl that I went to school with invented the pool noodle (or at least secured the patent on that specifically shaped piece of styrofoam), and is now incredibly wealthy.

  44. ive never seen so many idiots spouting off in one place. the jays arent the best and they arent the worst.they are competing in the toughest division in the bigs which isnt so unfortunate. enjoy the games they play well and forget the also looks like AA is holding the players accountable now that the 40 game mark has passed.

  45. I met Thames briefly at a small fan event and, regardless of his performance as a player, his Affability Above Replacement was off the charts.


  47. yes idiot farrell doesn’t want lefties in a row as if somehow that makes any difference. maddon has pena, joyce, and scott in a row and by some bizarre logic they win.

    • Against righties.

      The reason why you split them up is to decrease the effectiveness of the left handed specialist (LOOGY). You forgot to mention that Maddon doesn’t have much of a choice considering Longo, Jennings, and Upton were injured for significant portions of the season. Look at Joyce’s splits and you can figure it out.

  48. Mike McCoy has been called up because of injuries to yunel and johnson maybe not 100% yet when they’re healthy why have Moises Sierra and Pierre on the 40 man roster, I get not much is expected at the mlb level, but they must see something in Sierra to waste a roster spot on him, they clealry dont want other teams to have him, so why has he not been called up yet when thames was struggling all year and Snider hurt, he cant be much worse then Fransisico.
    Pierre has no bat it seems just defense. Why not have him for a fifth outfielder? Fransisco when back should be DFA he’s looked terrible at defense, like Eric Thames bad.

  49. I like jerking off to replays off Manny Lee hitting doubles. Standup doubles.

    I also enjoy sex where I tell her to tell me that I have guns like Junior Felix.

  50. farrell routinely had thames in front of lawrie. how many times did that cost us?

    thames with risp .233 with 7 rbi in 30ab

    lawrie with risp .314with 14rbi in 35 ab

    with 2outs and risp

    thames .056 with 1rbi

    lawrie .389 with 9 rbi

    so yeah I think it cost us huge by farrell’s idiot logic.

    • Yay for non-predictive statistics being used to make a point! Thank you Scott Carson and Buck Martinez!

    • I don’t think you understand the point you are trying to make because you just proved the opposite.

      Lets assume your first point is correct and Thames (wOBA .282) has routinely batted in front of Lawrie (wOBA .301). You are trying to say Thames has had plenty more chances then Lawrie to drive in runners in scoring position and has squandered those chances. Yet look, ignoring walks since neither take a BB often, its 30 chances for Thames vs 35 chances for Lawrie. So Lawrie in his lower lineup spot has had 5 more opportunities to drive in runners then Thames. It doesn’t actually work like that since over a season the 5th batter would most likely have more chances to drive in runners then the 7th/8th guy, but for now you are wrong to say Thames batting higher then Lawrie has cost runs/wins.

      Also consider theres only .019 difference in wOBA over 150+ ab vs the silly 30 ab averages you quote, there isn’t much difference in their production to begin with so far this season.

      • no actually I didn’t say thames had more chances I said lawrie was more productive in his chances.

        lawrie may have gotten more ab’s batting higher than thames.

        if thames is constantly ending innings then lawrie can’t come up with risp can he?

        also thames wasnt hitting vs lefties so we don’t know who exactly was in front of lawrie

        • Fucking fuck. 30ABs vs 35 ABS means Lawrie actually had more at bats with RISP than Thames, so your point is fucked.

    • Read above comments THAT YOU WROTE….

      You stated that Lawrie because Thames has more hits and extra base hits then Lawrie, should be in the minors, yet now you are using a BA with RISP to argue in his favour?

      I thought you said Lawrie was only in the majors because he is a “White Canadian”?

  51. Jesus Christ, did I just read 173 comments on a post about the inevitable?

  52. I would just like to know why not demote Cooper for Mccoy. You do not create this void in LF where after your backup (davis and with Fransisco injured you have nothing). Right now they have 3 ofs. if you demote cooper, for mccoy, your gap is in 1b which can be serviced by EE, Mccoy, KJ, or Vizquel in a pinch.

    • McCoy has experience in the OF as well.
      And I think Cooper is being given a chance to prove what he is (which is a AAAA player probably) beyond the shadow of a doubt… Much like Thames has now done.

      • Exactly IMW, I mean AA clearly follows a pattern here. Every player that AA thinks will be a key part of the future, he lets them develop properly in the minors and every player he thinks is a AAAA player comes up and plays long enough so that he gets a good idea of their actual talent level. Thames, Cooper, Reyes are good examples of that.

        • If this were true lawrie wouldnt have been brought up till next year.

          • I don’t think you can include Lawrie in the same class as the other high-end prospects in the system given his upside is so much higher.

    • Because Cooper has shown he’s the first basemen of the future by way of his unrelenting assault on PCL pitching. Duh

  53. Except Thames stats in triple AAA are comparable in much less time to Cooper’s.

  54. took long enough.Also…why all the hate for Cooper?All he does is hit.They need that right now.The guy looks like a hitter and actually does hit

    • All he does is hit…. singles…. and he doesn’t walk…. and he’s not a great defender……

    • Because if you look at Eric Thames AAA stats and Cooper AAA stats they are compareable, and Cooper only plays first. Cooper .347 BA, 423 OBP, 416 SLG, 750 OPS. Thames in AAA 352 BA, 423 0BP, 610 SLG, 1.033 OPS only difference is Thames is 3 months older, and more HR in shorter plate appearances in AAA. Cooper 15 HR 750 plate appearances, Thames 7 in 241. lets look at 2b and 3b, Cooper 63 2b in 750 plate appearances 2 3b, and 1 SB, Thames, 25 2b in 1/3 the at bats, and 4 3b and 5 sb. thus he is even a faster runner than Cooper.

      regarding mike Mccoy he is 31 and has only played 128 games in the OF. Not to mention he is 31.

      • Jesus, Cooper’s SLG is ugly considering how high his BA is…

      • Mike Mccoy stats in AAA Vegas .238/.381/.294 in 44 games. so we are going from Thames stats in AAA to a player who plays that in AAA, I really hope this is only permanent because Vizquel at 45 is greater than Mccoy at 31.

      • argh i messed up reading his stats Cooper SLG was .525 and OPS 949 but still proves my point how is starts in AAA are comparable to Thames.

  55. it is only permanent

  56. Never, in the field of human competition, have so many, been so pissed off, by just one man. This is his worst hour.

  57. Thames is nice guy who sucks at MLB hitting, running and catching. There’s no Lady Byng in baseball, he’ll not be missed. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, Thames.

  58. Jays called up Mike McCoy for bullpen help.

  59. Hey guys, I’ve got more good news: The Yankees just claimed Igarashi.

  60. That Family Circus line…gold.

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