Holy lord, I’m pretty sure there is some Photoshop-worthy gold in this here photo above– if only Bob McCown’s homeless uncle didn’t have the top of his head cut off!

But still, I see Brett Lawrie reclining on a chaise lounge, or riding a dragon, or drop-kicking Parkes in the face, or… a lot of possibilities here. Possibilities that might be added to by looking at a larger version of the image, assuming the link works.

Just… y’know… puttin’ that out there.


Don’t forget, we’ve got a brand spanking new mobile site up and running, and the comments work pretty damn well, so be sure to join in the conversation tonight as Morrow mows down the O’s and reminds us why, prior to his last start, we thought he may have finally turned the corner into ace territory.

David Cooper at DH, huh? I guess it can’t hurt to get Edwin some more time at first, as he’ll be there when the Jays play nine games in National League parks next month.

It sure looked like Kelly Johnson could play through anything, the way he swung the bat on Monday night, and… um… it sure looked like he couldn’t the way he swung the bat yesterday. With a right-hander on the hill, and Rasmus still doing A-OK as the team’s other non-useless lefty, seems like a good day for KJ to sit. Off-day tomorrow too. Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail reports that it’s “precautionary more than anything else.”

Speaking of, I thought I heard Jerry Howarth say something about this last night: apparently Adeiny Hechavarria had some visa/citizenship issues that would have prevented him from coming to Canada, so he was never really available to the Jays, even if they’d wanted to call him up. John Lott of the National Post explains that the Cuban defector has now got his papers in order.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
B. Lawrie 3B
D. Cooper DH
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B
R. Davis LF

B. Morrow RHP

Baltimore Orioles

E. Chavez LF
J. Hardy SS
C. Davis DH
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
M. Reynolds 1B
W. Betemit 3B
R. Flaherty RF
R. Andino 2B

J. Hammel RHP


Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. CoCo B. Ware is fine because it’s not the ninth inning.

    I hope the team let’s Jannnsssennn keep closing as long as he is getting the job done when Santostitos returns. Casey has earned it.

    • Good chance they’ll ease him back into, though it sounds like he won’t be back till late June now. Fuck u Kenny Williams.

  2. Question is still how long he’s out. There’s something about the Jays and rehabbing players that make me think it will be a long time. Witness Santos having “a little shoulder soreness” and now probably out for the season, Snider might not play again this year either, and of course we all know about McGowan being done.

    My guess is they skip his next start, then can’t go the next one and they put him on the DL, he sits for a month, then does a nice little rehab tour of North America. Back around August.

  3. Cordero with the 1-2-3 inning.

    Just needed to acknowledge that, because it might be the first time all season.


    (What’s a contusion?)

  5. Anyway was nice to see Lawrie have 2 really hard hit balls over 2 games. Hopefully he can kick Nancy to the curb and start collecting some doubles and homers and stop hitting all those ground balls.

  6. This fucker strop quick pitches

  7. Nice AB by Cooper vs some nasty shit of Strop’s. Seeing where a lot of his flyball outs end up he’d do pretty well playing in Fenway. With his opposite field gap power he’d be bouncing doubles off the Green Monster all day.

  8. Janssen again.

  9. 16-0 now Karma is a bitch Texas.

    Parkes be having a rough night, his boys be getting ass raped and Lawrie hit a homer to dead center. The icing on the cake will be seeing Tiny Tim get lit up again.

  10. Weird series. The jays have scored a healthy 18 runs in this three game set vs the O’s yet have scored ZERO runs after the 5th inning.

    with this oriole pen, getting an early lead was important

  11. EE!!!!!

  12. Nice throw EE!

  13. Eddie done good!

  14. Sweep!

  15. I think we have witnessed what the Spanish call “El Sweepo”

  16. Look at the smile on Rasmus’ face. Awwww.

  17. and my sweep prediction comes true…where is drew?

  18. I don’t really see the point of using Coco and Janssen a third day in a row each. Couldn’t Charlie V have finished this one?

  19. Yeah, the highlight plays he’s good at. But show him a good old-fashioned ground ball and he boots it all over the infield.

  20. texas pitchers 107 pitches in 3 innings.yikes

  21. Hey, what’s wrong with Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson?

  22. Janssen, despite the lead off walk, looked a lot better today.

  23. And the jays sweep the (looks over shoulder) OriLOLes! All is again right with the world.

  24. now sweep the red sox tp send a message.One question….wtf was Cordero out there in the 8th?with a chance to sweep

    • because, in the words of that tv commercial, America loves… Drama

    • Since his meltdown that put Janssen in the closer role (May 8), coming into tonight Cordero had gone 8.1, K’d 8, walked 2, given up 7 hits with a 2.16 ERA.

      He hasn’t been bad recently.

      • Yeah Coco Time’s numbers over his last 10 appearances starting to look a little like Frankie’s 2nd half last year. Though I still get nervous every time Coco comes in for some reason lol

        • We need to grow his narrative; who knows what St. Louis will give us at the deadline.

        • yupp… it’s that whole first impressions thing. If he had come in and been lockdown every appearance from game the first, then we’d be giving him rope galore at this point.
          With his early right-arm-shittiness however, especially given Sergio the disappearing closer’s injury, we’ve all got the “he’s the next kevin gregg” narrative going where, even when he’s good and efficient, we assume he’s going to somehow fuck it up.

  25. Well very nice bounce back series after the debacle in Texas. Good pitching and good hitting.

    It will be a really good test this coming series in Boston for our young pitchers. I really thought they were going to give Hutch and possibly Drabek time off but maybe it will be Morrow missing a start or two now.

    Actually first 15 games in June look particularly brutal with the next 5 teams a combined 21 games over .500 as of tonight. None of them have a losing record. Should be an even better test than the one they just finished. That being the latest solid stretch of competition to round out May had the Jays come out slightly ahead at 9-8 thanks to the sweep of the Orioles. Not one of those teams had a record below .500 either.

    All told that will be a little over a months worth of games vs teams that all have records over .500. That’s a serious stretch of competition.

  26. i know they need him to turn it around…and it worked tonight but everyone watching was anxious.Too big of risk when your trying to build momentum

  27. Bautista trimmed the beard…he’s lost confidence. Thinkin too much.Even though he’s picked it up…gotta pick it up more.He’s the ma…be the man.

  28. After the Texas Chainsaw Massacre this is what the starters do against the Orioles.

    19.1 IP 24 K 6 BB 2 HR

    What a difference a series makes!

  29. Gotta give commenter Karen some props,she called the sweep.
    Wonder what her predictions are for the Boston series?
    Maybe time to call my bookie.

  30. Has anyone ever noticed that Casey has the delicate ankles of a ballet dancer? So slender, trim and elegent. I feel like a perverted Victorian just looking at them.

  31. GFG. 4HR.. Lawrie and Davis FTW again, EE and Rasmus…didn’t the Jays have another guy who can hit home runs…Bautista somebody…anyways gotta love baseball, and ROFL at all the doomsdayers who shit themselves after seeing the Jays take it in the A$% in Texas, against the Rangers. Sure the pitching has been unstable at times.. but the rest of the time its stellar, and its making me want to see more. COCO makes me uneasy though, even though he was ok tonight…


  33. Jays saying Laffey is chuckling his way back to Vegas, call-up to come Friday. Probably Gomes, or could be Hech but probably Gomes with McCoy still on the roster.

    • Gomes is required to stay down for 10 days, he can’t come back up for another 3 days. Maybe Sierra to come ride the bench as the 4th OF? A true OF would make the most sense to me. No sense in bringing Gose up to sit on the bench. Snider is hurt. Thames has to stay down for another week. There isn’t really anybody obvious. Maybe Lind comes up, but I would think that there’s no point to having Cooper and Lind on the same roster.

      • Yeah I forgot about the 10 day rule. It’s possible it could be Sierra then since he’s on the 40 man roster already while Gose isn’t. Would save them having to kick someone else off it since they’re going to have to do that soon enough for Vlad. Wonder who it will be.

    • Hasn’t been 10 days for Gomes yet, so he can’t come up unless they put someone on the DL I believe.

  34. Chris Toman ‏@Chris_Toman

    Jason Hammel suggests #BlueJays may have been getting tipped off on pitches b/c of “strong hacks” they made on breaking balls

    Here we go again. Suck it up bitch, this team is 4th in HR’s in all of baseball. Not like it’s a one game fluke.

    • Seems to go with the territory. Here’s the next thing coming … if EE keeps socking homers, and by the way he is arithmetically at least on pace to hit 54 if he keeps this up for the rest of the season, Boston and NYY fans will say he’s on the juice. Bet on it.,

  35. Jason Hammel suggests ‪#BlueJays‬ may have been getting tipped off on pitches b/c of “strong hacks” they made on breaking balls ‪#ManInWhite‬?


  36. Thames batting 1.000 in Vegas, Call him up! PCL effect be damned!

  37. @ night manimal and BJW

    Un fucking believable.
    Thanks for the info.

  38. “This team is worse than any of us feared, and nowhere near being ready for primetime.

    It’s time to admit that and throw in the towel on the next 2-3 years.”

    (from 72 hours ago)

    • Trade everyone for prospects while the going is good!

    • I stand by it. Kicking the shit out of the OriLOLs, as satisfying as it has been, means nada. We still don`t have a 1B, LF, or much of a pitching staff, and most of the prospects who would fill these holes are 2-3 years away. Even Buck and Pat talked about this tonight so it`s REALLY common knowledge at this point.

      We know that free agents are out of the question (including, most likely, resigning EE and KJ, unless we can get them for well below market value, and I don`t see their incentive to give us a huge discount now vs. waiting 4 months), and we know AA won`t sell the farm for rental players. So I would trade them for value, along with Bautista and maybe Escobar, and get advanced prospects who line up well with the rest of the core (age range 21-23).

      The alternative is standing pat, winning 75-85 games this year and probably the next couple, and losing KJ and EE for nothing. It`s great that you think that`s the way to go, and due to Rogers`fears of a fan backlash if there`s a perception of throwing in the towel, that`s probably exactly what will happen. Doesn`t make it the right strategy though.

      • Well, I didn’t mean to single you out… but if you still stand by it after a 3 game sweep, then I respect that, sir!

      • I am just hoping those 2 contracts are on the back burner right now because of the draft next week. I can just imagine how crazy busy the front office is right now.

        We’ll have to see by the All-Star break what gets done. People have to remember that they’re basically going to be allowed to spend a few million less in the draft starting next year unless they completely tank. Going forward they should be down around $4.0 – 5.0 million in 2013 based on what a mid league finish would have for their first 10 picks.

        When you count the restrictions on Latin American/International signings the Jays could easily have $5.0 – $12.0 million extra for payroll next year. Raises for both KJ and EE would run about that imo.

        • I like the way you think, Manimal. Certainly, nothing will be done until the draft is over and done with. The Brain Trust is unavoidably engaged at the moment on the medium future, not the near future. Time will tell.

      • Before you discount the notion of KJ giving us a discount, don’t forget that we’re talking about the very same KJ who accepted arbitration instead of testing free agency because he liked this team.

        • He accepted arbitration AFTER he tested free agency and couldn’t get anything he liked. Had little, if anything, to do with how much he liked the team after 1 month in Toronto.

          • What you say is perfectly true, but it’s also yesterday’s news. Let’s hope he now feels comfortable in Toronto, and would seriously consider re-uping if offered a fair contract.

          • Correct! And I’ll bet AA was in constant touch the whole time.

        • Rob – I’m not saying he’s going to give us a discount. If he get’s a bump from $6.38 mill to $8.5 – $9.5 mil a season and EE gets say $8.5 million that’s a total of $7.5 million a year more which is about mid point in what they should have extra in 2013.

          Obviously the numbers are just me winging it and if a multi-year contract is signed you might see the money escalate over the life of contract giving them more room up front. A multi-year contract might also buy them a lower AAV for the added security it gives the player. Anyway too early to tell obviously, just me rosterbating.

      • KJ didnt get any nibbles when he went FA this winter. He’s doing better now, but I still think AA will sign him.

      • Beautifully said

  39. A sweep of the Orioles puts us back in the middle of the playoff race. Half a game back of second wild card, two games back of the first/AL east. NICE!

  40. Think Stoeten might have enough content for tomorrow?
    Jays sweep first place team,now two games out of first.
    Lawrie answers Parkes.
    Man in white resurfaces.
    Snider’s wrist fucked.
    Lind and Thames hitting well in Vegas.
    Laffey down,who gets called up?
    Morrow removed from game after being hit by pitch.
    Cletus starting to hit.

    • I really loved seeing Rasmus smiling in the dugout after his homer. If a positive or happy attitude was all that was holding him back seeing him smiling could really bode well for the future.

  41. 2nd n 3rd stars go to @2Morrow23 for bouncing back and dominating!! 1st star to the man in white for helping us out! #ExcusesAreTired


  42. From Jason Hammel:

    “But the swings they were taking on the breaking stuff, it was pretty amazing to me. I don’t think you can take swings like that not knowing they’re coming. I don’t know. That’s all I can say.”

    oh fuck off. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  43. If your career stats look like 40-46, 4.84 ERA, 1.45 WHIP, you must have some thick ass fuzz on your nuts to insinuate the other team was cheating when they took your weak sauce over the fence. The gall of that guy, amazing.

  44. Cletus is at Upper Canada mall tomorrow I think…seen something on the sign on the way by.

  45. Man I missed these OriLOLes… they even get swept badly.

  46. How dare snider be injured at a time like this.

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