Holy lord, I’m pretty sure there is some Photoshop-worthy gold in this here photo above– if only Bob McCown’s homeless uncle didn’t have the top of his head cut off!

But still, I see Brett Lawrie reclining on a chaise lounge, or riding a dragon, or drop-kicking Parkes in the face, or… a lot of possibilities here. Possibilities that might be added to by looking at a larger version of the image, assuming the link works.

Just… y’know… puttin’ that out there.


Don’t forget, we’ve got a brand spanking new mobile site up and running, and the comments work pretty damn well, so be sure to join in the conversation tonight as Morrow mows down the O’s and reminds us why, prior to his last start, we thought he may have finally turned the corner into ace territory.

David Cooper at DH, huh? I guess it can’t hurt to get Edwin some more time at first, as he’ll be there when the Jays play nine games in National League parks next month.

It sure looked like Kelly Johnson could play through anything, the way he swung the bat on Monday night, and… um… it sure looked like he couldn’t the way he swung the bat yesterday. With a right-hander on the hill, and Rasmus still doing A-OK as the team’s other non-useless lefty, seems like a good day for KJ to sit. Off-day tomorrow too. Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail reports that it’s “precautionary more than anything else.”

Speaking of, I thought I heard Jerry Howarth say something about this last night: apparently Adeiny Hechavarria had some visa/citizenship issues that would have prevented him from coming to Canada, so he was never really available to the Jays, even if they’d wanted to call him up. John Lott of the National Post explains that the Cuban defector has now got his papers in order.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
B. Lawrie 3B
D. Cooper DH
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B
R. Davis LF

B. Morrow RHP

Baltimore Orioles

E. Chavez LF
J. Hardy SS
C. Davis DH
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
M. Reynolds 1B
W. Betemit 3B
R. Flaherty RF
R. Andino 2B

J. Hammel RHP


Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. Rasmus has looked good in the two spot, hope they keep him there for a while (or atleast not in the 8 or 9 spots).

  2. Interesting to see Lawrie up to #5. Wonder if they’ve been working on his swing lately to generate more line drives and more power.

  3. Its clearly a killer judo kick.
    Also, the mobile DJF is money. Good work.

  4. Fuck that asian dude beside the blond must be short!

  5. Damn, Jamie Moyer available, lets claim him on waivers

  6. That was a ball? FATFUCK UMPS

  7. So far this year, a Jay has had 3 or more RBI in a game 15 times, with Edwin leading the pack, having done it four times. KJ and JPA three times each. Lawrie twice, and Rasmus, Escobar and Lind (!) once each. Notice who’s missing?

  8. Seeing Morrow at 97 mph reminded me of something. Does anybody know if the Rogers Centre radar gun is juiced or more or less accurate? Did Hutchison really throw 95 mph last start?

  9. Good to see the team get out of the first inning without having to use the Sanchez guy. Lets hope we don’t see him or Laffey.

  10. Morrow with iffy control so far and no good breaking pitch. Not missing bats. Could be a tough night.

  11. Where art thou, Strikeout Morrow?

  12. This one’s going to be over early.

  13. IREPLYING don’t think Morow’s velocity is nearly as important as his inability to throw a breaking pitch for a strike, and his por fastball command. Not until Flahert did he get a swinging strike. This looks like a lesser version of the Texas beating coming up.

  14. IREPLYING don’t think Morow’s velocity is nearly as important as his inability to throw a breaking pitch for a strike, and his pOor fastball command. Not until Flahert did he get a swinging strike. This looks like a lesser version of the Texas beating coming up.

    BTW, great job on the iPad format!

  15. Sorry for the repost.

  16. Edwin!

  17. anyone notice all the state farm ads on the fences in MLB especially yankee stadium?well they lost over a billion last year and i made the mistake of having them as my insurance company 2 years ago. I was hit by a truck running a stop sign on a motorcycle which has medically proven wrecked my back.they have just stopped all my benefits which is going to put me out on the street.I cant get auto coverage from any other company because of ongoing claim and they have raised my rate 40% in 1 year. just letting people know beware.find an insurance company that will play fair

    • Beware of insurance companies because they are weasels. Really? I never would have guessed! Thanks for the info.

      • some insurance comp.are better than others. it takes 4 mths for the govt to even look at disability pension benefits.stranded ….. jail is looking like the only option.windows in the biggest plaza in town are going to get broken in 5 weeks when the money runs out

    • Hay Zeus, I am an insurance broker and might be able to help. Chill at Erb hyphen Erb dot com if you’re interested. The rest of you drunks too if ya need it.

      • thanks chill. i will contact you when I get some money coming in. I might be in jail until my settlement or disability pension so i can survive. im telling the judge to keep me in until i get paid. not in the mood to starve. i even have insurance doctors saying im unable to work.this system is nuts

        • Good thing you aren’t an alcoholic or you would be on a wild bender right now, from which you might now return.

  18. EEEEEdddwin! 17 homers through 51 games.

  19. Edwin! I love him and that weird thing he does with his arm whilst in his home run trot

  20. XBH for Cooper!

  21. Jesus JPA, that slider started outside the zone. Hackin!

  22. me likey seeing Edwin’s airplane mode around the bases. What I haven’t seen for awhile are the monster bat flips. I had about a dozen of them PVR’d from earlier in the season and then deleted them.

  23. I would like to ask JP when that strike out pitch looked good. Buck mentioned the awesome break but it looked never less than a foot outside. Holy moly.

  24. One day, pitchers will stop throwing fastballs on the inner half to EE, same as they learned with Bautista.

    Today is not that day.

  25. You know, I really enjoy the SportsNet broadcast when Buck and Tabby aren’t speaking.

  26. Don’t make Rajai angry….you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry

  27. Rajai?

  28. Rajai Davis is the funniest ball player I’ve ever seen.

  29. Rajai! Maybe he’ll hit 5 this year!

  30. Davis now has as many HR and RBI as Thames in a third of the at bats.

  31. Fuck me. Put Rajai on the fantasy bench because there is a righty on the mound.

  32. Rasmus’ real weakness is the breaking ball from righties.

  33. The Maple Boner strikes again.

  34. nice one!

  35. Muscley armed boy.

  36. Wow. That just looked like a flyball to centre off the bat.

  37. Brett Lawrie says “Fuck off Parkes”!

  38. I trying to believe, but could someone here please second Stoet’s RBI’s are meaningless claim

    • No statistic is meaningless if you understand it properly

    • I’m not doin it because Stoeten calls me bad names and he also has a potty mouth.

    • RBIs are meaningful in the sense that they tell you what happened on the field. A player with 3 RBIs on the night has driven in 3 runs with his bat. That is useful knowledge.

      They become meaningless when used in a discussion about which baseball player is better, because RBIs do not take into account the number of chances a particular batter has had to drive home a runner.

    • in context, siting RBI totals as a means to prove that a player is a good batter without using anything else or putting that stat in proper context is meaningless.

    • RBIs (except those brought about by solo homers) are more a product of those who hit in front of you and their ability to get on base than a particular batter’s ability to hit in ‘clutch’ situations.

      ‘Clutch’ ability, except for the rare circumstance, doesn’t really exist. Over enough time/ABs, a player’s ‘clutch’ hitting ability usually resembles their ‘normal’ hitting ability.

  39. “To hit a homerun you have to put a good swing on it…and that was a good swing”


  40. Welcome back, OriLOLes.

    • please don’t fuck with the gods of baseball. We still have to use the bullpen at some point tonight.

  41. Reynolds is a crap first baseman. Makes Edwin look like John Olerud.

  42. Colby drops his toasted crawfish, catches the fly, picks his crawfish back up. A day in the life.

  43. You get a homerun!

    and you get a homerun!

    and you get a homerun!

  44. Ok whoever our guy is at the All Star Game???: I’m slipping him a mickey so he’s asleep for the Home Run Derby.

  45. All home runs are RBI’s but not all RBI’s are home runs. I like squares

  46. I have Eddie Rasmus and Morrow

    He has Hammel and Adam Jones..

    So far so good.

  47. Where’s the Songify huy?

  48. guy*

  49. I said I thought Cletus would pick it up starting June 15th and I usually don’t make predictions.
    I guess I was wrong again.

  50. too bad escobar wasn’t on base for that homer…seems like all he’s doing lately is grounding out

    • did you get drunk last night?

      • Yep. Open bar, and the bartender’s pouring was very generous.
        It was fabulous in there.

        • Did you start swearing like a true DJFer or did decorum rule?
          And did you “reward” your host?
          Nudge nudge wink wink

          Watching from a suite is pretty cool.

          • No I don’t generally swear, even when I’m inebriated.
            I think I was the only actual jays fan there, quite a few people had never even been to RC before.

            The hosts were a couple of guys from Edmonton. We were all at their workshop during the day, at the hotel at RC. I just gave them a verbal thank-you :-)

          • Just funnin with you.Glad you had a good time.Done it a few times myself.( no,I didn’t blow somebody).
            Mentioned swearing because you said the first time you posted that you didn’t think you swore enough to post on DJF.
            Thanks for having a sense of humour.

  51. colby looks a lot greasier than last year.cut the ear hair cletus.I think he likes the tip from the hitting coach

  52. Radmus sure ain’t looking like the alleged sullen po face zaun would have us believe. He was Kidding around and slapping Murphy and the rest of them and kinda looking positively chatty !

    • Cletus needs a home, encouraging team-mates and supportive fans to blossom. Hopefully he’s found it–he’s a good one.

    • zaun needs a kick in the nuts.cant stand that arrogant prick

  53. That pitch caught the pommel of the bat. Jones sold the HBP.

  54. Where’s all the Morrow haters from the beginning of the string?

    • It’s getting late and they had to go to bed.

    • Ebb and flow, Radar. Ebb and flow.

    • you must be referring to another big string as I don’t see any haters up there. I’m sure at the official site there were a few hundred out complaining.

      • “Morrow with iffy control so far and no good breaking pitch. Not missing bats. Could be a tough night.”

        “Where art thou, Strikeout Morrow”

        “I try not to be a pitch selection baby but 1-2 ad you need a K and you toss 4-seamer in the zone. Hello slider?”

        “This one’s going to be over early”

        “IREPLYING don’t think Morow’s velocity is nearly as important as his inability to throw a breaking pitch for a strike, and his por fastball command. Not until Flahert did he get a swinging strike. This looks like a lesser version of the Texas beating coming up.”

        All before 7:32 PM in this string.

        • You’re not suggesting that hidden behind all of the technical talk and sound bytes taken from the Keith Law songbook that the posters on this blog as not quite as expert as they think they are???

    • Maybe you were distracted when you were giving a BJ to Hawkeye and the colonel caught you.

      • Radar does NOT refer to MASH.
        It refers to the bat, as was my avatar when DJF had disqus.
        Some one else gave the handle to me and it’s a long story.
        If Stoeten ever has one of those DJF days at Opera Bob’s, I’ll explain it to you.
        But it’s gonna cost you a beer.

        PS Read the comment above.about Morrow.

        • fair enough…I’ve waitin to spew the MASH reference. I would hope to make it to Opera Bob’s but I’m about 1800km away. Although I’d like to make it back, I lived there about 8 yrs; TO not Bob’s. I’ll forfit that cost.

          I saw the comment(s) but I still wouldn’t count that as hattin, that more active observing but whatever. peace.

    • I wasn’t hating on Morrow, I was wondering where Strikeout Morrow (aka Effective Morrow) was after the first 2 innings. He didn’t start off great.

      He’s looking good now, though.

      Oh wait, fuck, now he’s injured. SEASON OVER.

  55. if the yanks lose tonight i might have a wet dream

  56. Love gettaway day, it only takes 2 hours to get a win

  57. Rajai and JP look silly against sliders from RHPs.. that is all.

  58. since i started the zeus in my title the jays havent lost and i think the o’s and rays havent won. i wonder what word works to slow the the sox

  59. Heard MItch Williams on espn radio today talking about how the coddling of pitchers and pitch counts are just lazy ways of evaluating how much a pitcher should throw.

    he made some good points, although exaggerated, basically said that pitch counts dont tell you whether a pitcher is tired and should come out of the game, rather its their mechanics.

    a guy can get tired and flawed mechanically at 80 pitches, and be set up to hurt himself while the same guy on a different day could be at 120 and still sound mechanically.

    but alas, the pitching coaches and managers just use the clicker to determine when to yank.

    • The clicker is a litmus test, an excuse. Proof positive.

    • Mitch Williams thought that Valverde should have won the MVP.

      Hard to believe he made some good points, but whatever, I will take your word for it dude.

      • There’s a different between making a good point about playing baseball/player development and one about evaluating players/performance. Someone like Buck is great at the former, not so much the latter. The Wild Thing is probably the same.

  60. Yikes!!

  61. Season over

  62. thats a broken fibula

  63. Fuck sakes.
    just a bruise……just a bruise.

    • he wouldnt be limping like that if it were a bruise.

      unfortunately the fibula is a little bitch bone that fractures pretty easily. the bone isnt even weight bearing ironically.

      you could tell it was the fibula because it hit the lateral aspect of his lower leg, just above the ankle.

  64. Fuck that looked bad.

  65. Shades of Kevin Mench on Roy Halladay

    • I thought of when shrek drilled that pitch off doc as well.. Don’t think he came back to pitch that year after that, hope morrow’s is just a bruise.

  66. hmmm circumstances beyond farrell get pitchers pulled before 6 complete

  67. Why does any pitcher throw anything other than soft and away to Rajai?

  68. Let’s hope its just a bruise or something. With an off day, they can skip a turn in the rotation, not have to call up Cecil or put in Chavez.

    Let’s hope.

  69. Oh shit! Hopefully not another Halladay. Please please let him be ok.

  70. Did you see the look Farrel just gave the pitching coach? NOT good.

  71. Broken Fibula. Damn

  72. C’mon deep bone bruise, no Whammies, no Whammies, STOP!

    • hey, it could be worse, he could have had his face eaten by a haitian dude in Miami

      • If that’s the start of the zombie apocalypse, it won’t matter then.

        Wooo! Day-to-day – contusion.

  73. Too many doctors in here, we’ve all been HBP, and it all get back up.

    • its one thing to get hit by a pitch, another to get hit by a batted ball

      • Don’t know if the speed of the ball is that much faster comming back, than the 93 MPH comming in?

        • yes would be about 110 if i remember correctly.

          • birddawg dont need facts. He can make shit up just to be a contrarian and pass it off as opinion and counter fact.

            birddawg is like the honey badger with facts. he dont give a shit.

        • @ birddawg
          Yeah it’s much faster. They measure exit speed off the bat.
          It’s also the reason the NCAA went back to wood bats from aluminum.Too many pitchers getting seriously hurt.
          ESPN did a nice special about it in 2001.
          Fuck I’m old.

          • Just to clarify, batted balls off wooden bats come back faster than they come in, but not as fast as aluminium.

          • Yeah birddawg.
            Off an aluminum bat the ball comes back faster than a pitcher can react to protect himself.
            I think someone mentioned that a home run hit by Bautista earlier this month had an exit speed of 117 MPH.

        • I just had a flashback a couple years to doc… although that seemed worse at the time. At least morrow could put weight on it.

    • I think people like typing fibula.

  74. there goes my wet dream even if the yanks lose.injury bug strikes the starter

  75. More good news from mlb.com:


  76. So do we have confirmation it’s something broken or is that just the speculation. I wonder if the pain wasn’t making him lightheaded at the end there the way he was holding on to the trainer. Maybe he thought he was going to pass out. Crossing my fingers it’s not broken, if it is that’s certainly going be problematic for the Jays going forward.

  77. Some of these pitchers should wear a soccer style shin guard.

    • My understanding is that you can wear protection for a previous injury, but not to prevent an injury in the future. Does anyone know for sure?

  78. That looked terrible, not able to weight bear as soon as it hit him. It seems fairly obvious to say but basically the chance of a fracture really depends on where he got hit. From what I saw it looked like it him just above the ankle therefore the probability of a fracture there is not as high. If its fibular then that is obviously a different ball game. Nonetheless I imagine that Morrow is going on the DL for a little bit.

  79. Shin contusion not broken

  80. Bruise!

  81. Contusion is fucking great news

  82. PHEW!

  83. George where is that panic button??
    broken for sure…

  84. No fracture, doctors!

  85. Mathis to the rotation to replace Morrow and bring up D’Arnaud.

  86. xrays being negative mean nothing. ct or mri would be needed to completely exclude a fracture .

    • Depends on how he feels tomorrow if still unable to weight bear then CT/MRI to completely exclude a fracture.

      • I am sure they will probably do a follow up just to make sure. Good thing is there’s not a lot of swelling in those kinds of bruises to throw things off like you’d get with a hand. Never forget breaking my hand playing high school football. Thing ballooned up to over twice it’s normal size. Looked like a cartoon hand.

  87. YUP

  88. Thank fuck.

    Contusion day to day.

  89. Looks like all these Web MD diagnoses were false.

    • And here I was going to ask George Bell’s Karate Kick about an ache I can’t shake. Go figure.

  90. Bruised shin! Phew

  91. Sell! Sell! Sell!

    At least the Jays have a wicked excuse to not be contenders this season. It’s time to play the kids, etc.


  92. Okay, I take it all back- D’Arnaud, Gose, etc. simmer the fuck down.

  93. seattle is mauling the rangers.

  94. Fuck I was trying to have a business conversation and watch the game with the sound down. They couldn’t have x-rayed already could they? What have they said?

    Farrell looked grim as shit.

  95. Coco time!!!! it ain’t over till it’s over…

  96. lol Seattle’s getting that run differential the Rangers stole from the Jays.

    Yes Parkes, the Rangers don’t need Oswalt, 3 starters with ERA’s over 4.50 now, FIP saying it’s not going to get any better either.

    • I think the point is that, especially as Oswalt won[t be ready to go until late June at the earliest, how much does he really help the Rangers? We have no idea how he will pitch at his age, coming back mid season. Last year is not likely indicative of anything.

  97. It’s the third inning in the Texas v. Mariners game and the Mariners are winning 14-0. WTF?!? Why couldn’t the Jays do this?!?

  98. Omar!

  99. Coco!

    You’re the man.

  100. seattle 14, tex 0, & 2 on, top of the third.

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