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At Getting Blanked, Parkes would like to let you know that he’s cultured. And also some shit about Brett Lawrie maybe not being as good as he’s “been overrated by an audience inundated with his praise from a team broadcaster that wants to develop the idea of a Canadian star attraction on the only Canadian team in baseball, who view his unquestionable drive and effort as though it was skill and accomplishment.” The Summer of Trolling continues!

The basis of some of what Parkes is on about comes from Colin Wyers, who at Baseball Prospectus (not paywall’d!) looks at Lawrie, and how the Jays shifting appears to be breaking DRS– one of them fancy defensive metrics everybody is so enamoured with now that they can use them in their all-out defence of the Golden Brett.

You’re welcome, world: tonight’s massive crossroads of a must-win Jays-Orioles tilt is’s free game of the day (you’re still behind the blackout restriction in Canada, though), and as such, it’s featured in Carson Cistuli’s Daily Notes at FanGraphs.

“Nothing has been decided yet,” says John Farrell of possible skipping a starter in the weekend’s Boston series, thanks to upcoming off days, according to the Toronto Sun. “We’re monitoring everything. We have the ability to adjust over the next week because of the two off-days. We’ll see how we come out of the next two days, how guys (Romero and Morrow) are physically. If we decide to keep them on regular rest and choose to hold back one of the other guys.”  He adds that “If our rotation maintains what they’ve done for the majority of this year, the off-day Thursday, plus the off-day Monday … my guess is we’ll be ready to make an adjustment shortly.” I’m thinking, if they’re not insane, they’ll skip Drabek and let Romero pitch Sunday against the Sox.

Alex Anthopoulos laid down some radio gold on Montreal’s the Kaufman Show this week, explaining– among other things– that Vlad Guerrero will find himself either in Double- or Triple-A very soon, and that they’ll send him to New Hampshire if they want to see him face harder throwing opponents, or to Vegas if they feel he’ll benefit more from seeing some more crafty, fringe Big League pitching.

Jon Morosi of tweets that the agent for Edwin Encarnacion says the Jays haven’t approached him about a contract extension for his client. He discusses this in the article at Fox Sports that also touched on the Arencibia-to-1B stuff Parkes went to town on earlier.

“Sport officials are treated like Gods who can do no wrong,” says a commenter on a Bob Elliott piece in the Toronto Sun about the Jays relationship with umpires, who is presumably fucking serious, amazingly. (Also amazing: it’s not the only piece Elliott has penned on the subject in the last week. Man, his drinking buddies in the umpiring crew must be giving him an earful about it. HEYO!)

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Parkes wonders why the Orioles were playing in Canada on Memorial Day in the US, while the Jays were out of the country on Victoria Day, the Royals will be here on July 4th, and the Mariners on September 11th. Is scheduling really so hard?

And in more stuff from there, Bill Parker wonders if the Jays may have themselves a Bautista 2.0 in Edwin Encarnacion. Interesting stuff– the similarities are pretty striking.

Miked Up– or maybe what used to be called Miked Up– has a new home over at Sportsnet. I don’t know if the full blog has a page, but here’s its first post– and a link for the RSS feed. Wilner’s got a post saying as much in the old space.

The Tao of Stieb ruminates on the demotion of Eric Thames, admitting to a nagging feeling we may see Thames back here again before Travis Snider ever gets a shot. Ugh. It’s possible.

Questions arise about the Jays in Jonah Keri’s latest power rankings at Grantland, as the bluebirds slip from seventh to 13th.

In case it wasn’t clear from the fact that they didn’t demote him in their bullpen shuffle, I think the Jays like Jesse Chavez, as MLBTR passes along a report from Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker that the Jays rejected a $1-million offer from the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks for the reliever.

Ex-scout Bernie Pleskoff of writes of Anthony Gose, going over his many raw tools, and some of the problems he’s going to have convincing an MLB manager to play him– as has been the case for outfielders of a similar profile, like Peter Bourjos, Jarrod Dyson and Ben Revere. It’s all about getting on base.

Guy Spurrier of the National Post wonders what it will take for Adam Lind to hit his way back to the big leagues, and takes a look at tonight’s starter Brandon Morrow’s Texas destruction.

Lastly, we get a look at Sal Fasano’s rules for his New Hampshire players from Gray Matter, including the one that goes, “Can’t use the word ‘swag’ or ‘that’s what she said.’ If used it will result in a punch of my choice.” The one that’s most telling of baseball culture, though, I think is: “Just a reminder about DUI and DWI, and how hard it is to be a Toronto Blue Jays player because you have a hard time getting into Canada.” Yes, because that’s why you don’t want to drive drunk.

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  1. “Just a reminder about DUI and DWI, and how hard it is to be a Toronto Blue Jays player because you have a hard time getting into Canada.”
    Whatever it takes… MAAD and other groups use similar tactics in their ads sometimes, explaining the negative impacts of a criminal record (e.g. you can’t travel) rather than the real, overarching, only reason you should ever need: YOU’RE GOING TO FUCKING KILL SOMEONE YOU ASSHOLE!

    But whatever it takes to make people think twice, I’m fine with it.

  2. Scheduling is actually incredibly difficult. I think its a statistics professor from University of Chicago that does the scheduling for the mlb season if I remember correctly. Still, considering the inherit difficulty, it probably wouldn’t be too much more difficult to accommodate for holidays.

  3. very smart to separate yourself from the Parkes shit show.

  4. A lot of Americans are Arizona ignorant when it comes to Canada. The scedulers probably just assume we all celebrate the same holidays. I’ve never understood why the Jays ever host an American team on an American holiday.

  5. Can we read a bit more into something that was posted on a bulletin board in a clubhouse. He was trying to relate to his audience and if he has to use a fear tactic, then so be it. Whatever works, use it. Look at Matt Bush, he knew due to his high drafty status and money from signing he could try and buy his way out of his problems. Sal decided to take a different approach and tell these guys, if you are going to be stupid you are throwing your career away with the Jays bc you wont be able to get into Canada and it will at least get these guys to consider the ramifications of their actions before hand. Kudos to Sal!!

  6. I find Parkes ‘Lawrie is overrated’ column a little like ‘Oh, everybody likes this band/TV show/Movie? … I hate it then’.

    I mean … obviously Lawrie has been overhyped to the casual fan. This is definitely true.

    But lets not act like this is a marginally better Eric Thames, who is overhyped because he’s Canadian. A lot of American baseball media very recently considered Lawrie to be one of the top under 25 players in the game. And you know they don’t give a shit that he’s from BC.

    When Lawrie was hitting like .700 in the Spring, the ESPN baseball today guys were basically ejaculating over him.

    Lawrie has had an underwhelming start. And I appreciate when you guys don’t just blindly follow the narrative given by the main stream media. But that article feels like its trying a bit hard to do that.

    • Once Parkes said that the Jays season is basically over because they’d have to play 10 games over .500 for the next 110 games to make the playoffs, but the Orioles are still in it because they’d only have to play .500 over the next 110 games to make the playoffs.. I’m actually wondering if he’s transitioned over to his version a Stephen Colbert style character.

    • What else is new. This is what Parkes does.

      Yes, Lawrie is overhyped by the Canadian media.

      Yes, he has been underwhelming as a hitter so far in 2012.

      It doesn’t mean it isn’t an incredibly small sample to send him down when he is providing very good defense (whether you use DRS or UZR or the eye test or whatever) at a premium position as well as speed on the bases.

      Lawrie doesn’t have to play like he did in 2011 to be valuable. Heck, if he did that over a full year he’s the MVP.

    • Yeah he’s being a hipster. No one is talking about Lawrie being accomplished. They are talking about his potential. Some people hide their erections better than others. End of story.

    • I agree James. I’ve never made a negative comment against Parkes for the roughly 6 years i’ve been reading him because I appreciate what he’s doing. I can’t help it anymore though. He seems to try to take the alternative or unpopular view way too much. Cherry-picking in a way. To me, he’s too pretentious to appreciate anymore.

      I know, don’t read it if you don’t like it.

    • parkes problem is a classic hipster problem.
      They can accept being shitty at everything because they pretend they dont care and just tell themselves they’re smarter than everyone else. Parkes thinks rogers is trying to trick us into thinking lawrie is really good when in fact he’s not. That’s why he gets so uppity, he thinks rogers is trying to outsmart him.

    • “I find Parkes ‘Lawrie is overrated’ column a little like ‘Oh, everybody likes this band/TV show/Movie? … I hate it then’.”

      Of course. That’s what hipsters do. Surprised?

      • Parkes needs perspective. Lawrie’s improvement offensivlely this year is quite impressive. When you consider that Lawrie has the largest strikezone in MLB now, his stats are remarkable

  7. Just a test to see if the comments are working… because they weren’t.

    • Strange.
      Hey Stoeten I tried to post a comment with two links to fan590 interviews with MLB’s head scheduler in reply to Andrew’s comment above and both went into an abyss and never posted. Any idea?

      • Ahhh, yes, I do. I’ll approve those for you– our spam filter thinks that anything with more than one link in it is likely spam, and it puts the comments in limbo. And I’m not particularly quick in going through and approving the ones that aren’t.

  8. What are the organizational rules about facial hair???

    Between Fasano,Thames,Bautista what’s left to be banned?

  9. Some interesting pieces from the FanGraphs chat with Dave Cameron today, lots on the Jays, Dempster, Votto and this about Yunel:

    Comment From Jays Fan
    What move do the Jays most need to make? I’d like to see them build a package around Escobar for either a bat or a pitcher and then bring Hech up.

    Dave Cameron: Not sure Escobar has a ton of trade value, honestly.

    Comment From AA
    Escobar 3.9war/150 career, 4.9war/150 2011, bad April 2012, back on track in May, 29yrs old, $5m ’12-13, $5m options ’14-15…..and you say no trade value? how many good 4-5 win SS do you think there are in baseball?

    Dave Cameron: Not no trade value, just not a lot of trade value. Personality matters, and Yunel’s is not well regarded within the game.

    Comment From Riche
    Given that personality matters, I prefer Trout to Harper. No, I don’t think Harper will turn out to be a head case. But it is more possible for him than for Trout. So Harper highest ceiling, Trout almost as high and surer to reach reasonably close to it.

    Dave Cameron: There’s literally no reason to believe that [Harper's] personality has a negative effect on his play or his teammates. He’s really good and he knows it. So did Michael Jordan.

    Comment From MarioMendoza
    You just said Yunel’s value is knocked by his personality

    Dave Cameron: There’s a difference between “Bryce Harper is arrogant” and “Yunel’s teammates openly hated him.”

    I am thinking he is referring to Yunel’s relationship in Atlanta, but is there something with the Jays as well?

    • Pretty sure it’s about Atlanta. We just don’t hear those kinds of things here. Not that it’s impossible that it simply hasn’t come out yet.

      • Will be interesting to see what happens if he struggles for an extended period of time, as that’s when the shit started to hit the fan in ATL….

    • Unless Dave knows more than he let’s on, this personality stuff sounds kinda lazy and just picking and choosing which narratives to support.

  10. How much of this garbage about a guy like Yunel Escobar is generated from the fact that the people who don’t like him can speak English and he can’t – so his side of the story never gets out?

    You see this all the time in hockey with Russian players (sorry for a hockey reference – but the “character” argument comes up there all the time. Just replace “firey Latino” with “enigmatic-Russian” . Harper’s a total dick, but in the clutch – when he needs to apologize or make amends – he is capable because he speaks the language.

    • A lot of it is about the Republican cracker assed culture in Atlanta that stemmed from Bobby Cox and Chipper “I love W” Jones.

      • If that’s the case, Colby must want to run him over with his 4×4.

        • Not really what I meant. Colby’s more of a country boi and a bit of a free spirit himself. Chipper and co. are more country club crackers.

  11. Parkes is such a fucking loser.

    Dude can’t write anything anyone wants to read, so in order generate pageviews he trolls on Brett Lawrie.

    It’s old, and it’s too bad Stoeten has this blind loyalty to him.

    • Actually I thought Stoeten (refreshingly) challenged Parkes’ absurdity on the last DJF podcast in regards to Parkes’ assertion that the Jays aren’t in a playoff race.

      It’ll take some time, but Stoeten doesn’t seem to have any issue shitting on Wilner these days. Perhaps Parkes is next…when it’s called for.

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