We’re Going Mobile!

Some of you may have already noticed, while others– brought on by the frustrations of viewing the site on your mobile device prior to today– may have simply been coming here on desktop-only since we moved over to theScore, and it’s to this latter group that I’d like to happily announce that DJF– like all the other Score blogs, in fact– finally has a spiffy-looking, nicely-functioning, ass-kicking, name-taking, blasting-across-the-alkali-flats in a jet-powered, monkey-navigated mobile site. So get DJF’in on your phones again already. I know many of you have been asking for this…

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  1. Good, been waiting for this for a while.

  2. It’s about time… Lazy Score people, I swear…

  3. Now bring back disqus and all will be fine.

    My mobile phone is so old,I can hammer a nail with it,so it doesn’t affect me.
    But I know many have been looking forward to the new mobile app.

  4. Holy Fuck – It is about time. Now I can read this blog while having my morning dump and not have to wait until I am wiping for it to load.

  5. I’m really happy with this…makes it much easier for me to use the site. My only complaint so far is that when i post from the mobile device (Iphone) it returns me back to the main screen, where I then have to click on the comments link and then scroll down to where I left off. With the old system it automatically put one back where the comment was left.
    Of course, it is still 10 times faster even with the extra steps and this isn’t a huge problem.

  6. Well done boys.

  7. finally. thank you for this

  8. finally. took you long enough, your site was useless on an iOS device before this because of your rendering issues. Still you need to fix the rendering issues for iPad users.

    • I’ve just gotten used to it on the iPad.

      Before refreshing the comments, just tap on the date of the bottom comment and it will bring you back to that comment when the page loads.

  9. No more running to desktop to vent during games.

  10. Yeah the web version was killer for my phone…it’d take 10 minutes to load a damn page and with the whole “read full story” or whatever I just gave up.

  11. Dear god thank you.

  12. Give ‘er! This’ll save my eyes from bursting out of my skull. The high quality of the mobile site now equals the quality of it’s content.

  13. Finally! For a few months there, it was loading blurry and TINY all the time. This is much better.

  14. Just use a free app like Pulse or Flipboard…

  15. Ho-ray!

  16. It goes to show how dedicated DJF fans are.
    From the sounds of it,it has truly has been a pain in the ass to view DJF on a mobile device yet most have put up with it for a long time.
    I guess pageviews are about to rise dramatically.
    I have trouble wrapping my head around the number of people who visit here daily.
    I always thought it was 20 or 30 people,guess it’s up to 50 or 60.

    • Game day comments are always around 200 or so. I know its mostly the same people over and over again but you have to assume the number of people that don’t comment is way higher then those that do.

  17. Cool. Cool cool cool.

  18. Now for getting the podcasts onto 8-track so I can listen to them in my 71 Eldorado.

  19. I noticed it would load really slow before when the site contained gif’s will this version make those faster as well?

  20. I was always using Google Reader on my iPhone. It worked like a dream.

  21. When I was young, the Internet wasn’t on phones!!!! Also, get off my lawn, (insert racist expression here)!

    • And we would tie an onion to our belt, which was the style at the time.

    • The Internet was always on phones. Back in my day, we had to know what Sshhhhh-er-er-er-er-shhhhhh meant and transmit it back in morse code! This wireless stuff scares the crap out of me!


  22. It’s certainly faster, but I can’t access the comments – click on it and nothing happens. Older Blackberry Curve – and don’t tell me to get a newer phone. This little tank has survived my cellphone wrath beautifully.

  23. good job

  24. Great development, not so active in threads due to watching most games on my laptop.


    • Very good job Stoeten!. I can read the threads & see comments on my iphone without having to adjust the size of the text.

  25. I’ve been reading previously on an iPhone and it was readable if not perfect. I clicked on DJF this afternoon and the new site came up, it was absolutely perfect. Well done, Score.

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