Robert Coell-who?

OK, so Adam Lind is off the clubs 40-man roster, for super cereal this time, as the club has turned the former cleanup hitter’s spot over to… 27-year-old right-hander Robert Coell-who?, formerly of the Red Sox and Cubs organizations– and who pitched in independent ball for the Calgary Vipers and Edmonton Cracker-Cats in 2007 and 2008, for those maple dicks of you out there.

Coell-who? will take the place on the active roster of Aaron Laffey, who was optioned to Vegas following last night’s game. So, yes, this is your mystery corresponding move, and it sure as fuck is a surprise.

First and foremost, I guess it means the Jays are going to continue to go with a short bench and a crazy large bullpen. Is this a sign that maybe they won’t be skipping Kyle Drabek’s start in order to have Ricky Romero, I have no idea. What it does seem to mean is that obviously they don’t feel Vladimir Guerrero is ready yet, and that they’d like an extra right-handed arm in the ‘pen to face Boston… for some reason.

I can’t say I fully understand having the massive bullpen on standby for a series bookended by off-days, with Villanueva, Cordero and Janssen being the only pitchers used on Wednesday, and for less than an inning each. Jesse Chavez hasn’t pitched since Sunday, for fuck sakes!

Maybe it’s a Boston thing, I don’t know. What I do know is that Coell-who? has only 5.2 innings in the Majors to his credit, all of them with these same Sox in 2010. During that brief stint he managed to walk five batters, striking out five, and showing– according to the Pitch F/X at FanGraphs– a cutter averaging 90.5 that he threw 60% of the time, a four seamer (89.3) thrown 25% of the time, while he flashed a changeup 8% of the time and what was picked up as a slider and curve each at 3%.

I suspect it’s totally just a temporary thing. What might not be a temporary thing is Adam Lind’s stint in Las Vegas, as he now appears to be behind Vlad Guerrero in the queue for a 40-man spot, and very possibly also behind Yan Gomes, Travis Snider (once healthy), and maybe even Eric Thames for promotion back to the big club. David Cooper isn’t flashy, but the Jays appear willing to take the singles he’s going to provide, as they wait and hope for Vladdy’s big bat to come in and give their offence a boost. They’ve just– probably sensibly– decided that now isn’t the time. And with a trip to Atlanta next weekend, and six games in DH-less Milwaukee and Miami mid-month, maybe we’re not going to see him quite as quickly as some had suspected.


Image via Robert Rogers/Getty.

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  1. Wtf?

  2. Robert “One Pitch” Coello

  3. But but but – I’m hitting .375 down here! And I just got my Jays uniform back from the cleaners!

  4. Guess they wanted another right arm in the pen for the BoSox. Have to imagine this would have been Chad Beck if they 10-day rule wasn’t in effect. You guys remember FIVE men bullpens in the 80s?!?

  5. I still have no idea why we gave away Igarashi to the Yankees instead of optioning him down to Vegas.

    There’s no need for an 8 man bullpen, 7 is bad enough. Especially when you have 2 off days so close and a 3rd when Jesse Chavez went 5 on Sunday and gave the rest of the pen the night off.

    • no idea is obviously correct. or perhaps just no clue?
      he had to pass through irrevocable waivers in order to go back down to the minors, the yankees claimed him, end of story. good riddance to bad rubbish.
      (contrary to popular belief, He is a 32 year old who actually has a major league track record with the mets… 79 appearances, shite stats… before being with the jays. due to his age of arrival in mlb he has no options.)


  7. Who the fuck is Robert Coello?

  8. Que?

  9. I bet the mystery was created just to get people talking about prospect porn again before they fed us this meaningless move.

  10. This move is just to fill a hole Coello will be off 40 when Vlads ready . all they did was open the spot early and let Lind know he is done

  11. I cant understand Stoetens contempt for even the smallest sense of nationalism, seems it really bothers him.
    Irritated when its mentioned someone is Canadian, wants all national anthems not to be played at games etc.
    But, I am sure I am misunderstanding him.

    • He’s a communist

    • National Anthems are just a nuisance and have absolutely nothing to do with sporting events and shouldn’t be played there, but it could be a non-patriotic song and I’d say the same thing, so don’t lump that in with this bullshit.

      I won’t lie that I do enjoy mocking the people who really get up for every little strand of Canadiana in the game. I mean, I cheer Canada internationally, I was at the SkyDome cheering the fuck out of that game against the States, I don’t hate my country or nationalism, I just think the notion of clinging to ANYTHING draped in the flag is a bit fucking rich– and it only makes me dig in my heels more when people have the ludicrous attitude that my patriotism ought to be questioned if I don’t swallow down with a smile every lump of patriotic gruel that’s fed to me. It’s all a bit much, a bit discomfiting at times, and a bit absolutely fucking unnecessary at times too, and I don’t mind saying so. And when it gets a rise out of people who can’t be bothered to try and think their way through what any of it means, I kinda like saying so.

      And seriously, who gives a shit that some scrub pitcher onces played for the Edmonton Cracker-Cats? What bearing does that have on anything, even in this very narrow world we inhabit where we actually give a shit about one particular sports team? Why does that add to anyone’s enjoyment of a person or his performance on the field?

      • politicians love the anthem and sporting events. the americans have perfected it along with the flyovers of military power. if the masses are watching sports they have less time to interfere with their politcal nonsense.and the fuckhead hitler started it

      • Couple years ago I was at a Golden Baseball League game and saw a way-past-his-prime (and still alive, RIP) Jose Lima pitch. Personally I thought it was interesting after have seen him pitch in Detroit during his 2001 renaissance. So if, say, some shitbag who also pitched in that game happened to get called up to the bigs now, I’d be impressed for the guy. Nothing wrong with that.

        Making bad roster decisions based on nationalism (hello, Scott Richmond) is another matter altogether.

      • So it doesnt matter that Dougie Gilmour was a good old Kingston boy?
        i get what you are saying, makes sense to a point. it can become over the top.
        But if a ball player was from my home town (Newmarket) I would probably follow him closer, cheer a bit more and be a fan because of the conncetion, i assume people do the same with the Canadianism.
        When the Jays were in the World Series 1992 the Charlottown Accord bullshit was going on, national identity was being questioned but at the Skydome 50k+ people were singing the national anthem and were proud of it, was kind of cool to see, was a chance for the country to come together.

      • If national anthems weren’t played during sporting events, I don’t think anyone would remember the words.

      • Why are national anthems played at major league sporting events? I can understand playing the anthem at an internal event like the Olympics or Euro Soccer cup etc

        • it wasnt that long ago the anthem was played at the movie theatre. nothin like a little brain manipulation.teach the clock in school so you know when to go to different

      • Would you feel the same way if instead of hearing the national anthems, the cavernous Rogers Centre would be filled with drinking songs?

      • I find it mildly amusing that anytime anyone mentions something that has a Canadian connection,it drives you nuts and into a ridicule rant. It borders on paranoia.What ever caused you to have a phobia about anything Canadian is curious indeed,especially knowing your fervent support of Dutch national soccer and the nationalist pride shown for it.
        People tend to cheer a bit more when they can identify, in some way, with the athlete regardless of how small the connection is.
        You have your opinion about the national anthem being played at the Jays game.I get it.
        But is it really that offensive to you, so much so, that you find it repugnant?
        I don’t really mind if they do or don’t play the anthems at the Jays games. I just don’t think it’s that big of a thing to get offended about.

        Nobody is asking you to “swallow down with a smile every lump of patriotic gruel that’s fed to me.”.But is it neccessary to remind us constantly, your disdain for it.
        I find it ironic, since the people of Holland have a reverence for Canadians.

        It’s not baseball related and I’m not trying to start a flame war.
        You are entitled to your opinion but i do find your reactions a bit over the top.

        • I am super patriotic. I love this country. But, I too have been saying for years that I don’t see any connection to having the national anthemns at the start of sporting events. When is the last time you saw any of the players singing them? And when I am in the stands, I sing, and people look at me like I am an alien, and I am in tune. For international compititions like the olympics, it makes sense, but not for sports we watch all the time.

      • That line about the Edmonton Cracker-Cats is my favourite sentence of the day

  12. IDK what’s going on with the bullpen, but what’s not to like about the rest of the news. Lind is off the 40-man … yes, Lind and Hill are GONE the fulfillment of a dream … Aaron Laffey is playing for the Las Vegas 51s and not the Toronto Blue Jays and that’s the way uh huh uh huh I like it … and while he may be down in Florida right now drinking drinks with little umbrellas, Vladdy Daddy is a Blue Jay !!!


  13. It is possible that Coello had a June 1st call-up deadline and not honouring it would’ve allowed him to request his release?

    Or, from the realm of extremes, that one of Alvarez/Drabek are about to be traded and Chavez/Coello are here to cover their innings?

    Obviously reaching. But that’s what the Coello call-up seems like, too…

    • For a team short on starters I dont see a Drabek or Alvarez trade. Not even for an experienced arm because that would be selling low. I just think AA is feeling the effects from that extra innings Texas loss and doesnt want to get caught again. I also think that he wants to see these guys 1st hand so he knows what he has before he makes any decisions. Dont forget the draft is next week.

  14. Just an extra arm in case the Sox series turns into a complete gaggle fuck, as they do from time to time. June 10-12, 2011, aggregate score 35-6, for example.

    Nothing to see here.

    • I remember that series well. It went to Friday game & saw Romero blow up. Mccoy had to pitch in the second game. I hope the Jays are not waiving the white flag early.

      • That Friday game they only lost 5-1, which is a pretty normal baseball score. The other two games were ridiculous though.

  15. Danny Knobler nailed this. He’s based out of New York. I wonder who in New York has a big fat mouth… who could it be… God this is so hard to think of… who might love spilling something about the Jays…

  16. Looking ahead, that Phillies rivalry series looks like a downer. No Doc, and the Phillies are struggling. I guess I better get ready for the Jays to get swept…

    September has only two games that are not against division opponents. I think that should be cause enough to get a balanced schedule. How boring!

    I am actually getting more and more repulsed seeing the division teams just due to frequency of playing them.

  17. robert coello was the original inventor of a jiggly dessert called coello! This was short for cocaine hello! however his recipe was stolen before he could patent it. The thief didn’t want to give credit to robert of course but found out that the fda would not approve cocaine in food so he replaced it with jalepeno peppers and called it jalepeno hello! the marketing team didn’t think that name would sell so shortened it to jello! later additional flavors were added.

  18. This is a disturbing move, and shows AA is all but packing it in. The kids are pitcing in another critical series and management has no confidence in them to get out of the 3rd inning, so yeah, lets have 8 guys in the pen cause we’re gonna get shelled

    • I am baffled by this move. Why can’t Vladdy come up & play at home against the Red Sox. He has very good career numbers at the Rogers Centre. I would have liked to see a Dominican battle between David Ortiz vs Vladdy & Bautista.

      • I wish I could be as optimistic as you are Oak, but sadly Vlady will not be able to help the Jays in a way that will make us a contender. The O’s knew it, and let Vlad go. He was a talent in his day, but those days are gone

        • As an ex montrealer & die hard expos fan, I can’t wait to see Vladdy in a Jays uniform . He is the last Expos that has a chance at the hall of Fame, so it’s a bit emotional.

          I realize Vladdy is past his prime, but if he hit 290 for the orioles last year, he could hit 270 for the Jays & still have one of the highest batting averages on the team.

          • Love the Expos, saw Gary Carter as a rookie at Jarry Park.

          • Growing up in Montreal in the 1970′s watching Carter,Valentine, Cromartie, Spaceman Bill Leee, Steve Rogers, Ron Le Flore, Tim Raines, Pete Rose for part of a year, Andre “hawk” Dawson, Woody Fryman etc.. good times..

            Can’t wait for Jonah Keri’s book on the history of the Expos.

          • Most memorable live moment for me was the 1980 next to last game of the season against Philly…a rainey Saturday 3 hour delay to start. They ran out of beer, and everyone was hammered. Mike Schmidt’s extra inning homer landed 10 rows in front of me. Sad ending to a great game and wonderful season.

    • The Jays are running pretty thin with the bench. Surprised the move wasn’t for someone like an outfielder like Sierra (I know he is not scorching the ball in AAA). Having Mike McCoy as your backup outfielder (and infielder) is troublesome.

      • Agreed. I suppose the Jays are expecting exra inning games where pitching is at a premium.

        Vladdy cannot be used for interleague play on the road. Hopefully we see him by the end of June?

  19. The disturbing move was leaving the first base situation as it was during the offseason. Thank goodness Hutch has been sericeable because the team didn’t get another number two pitcher like they should have.

    Everyone knows what this team needs. Alex needs to find a way to get it done (we’ll give him a pass for the last week and the next because of the draft. It’ s all about team direction this year though- buy or sell but do something to get better this year or going forward.

    • Give him a pass? Not me, the disturbing move you identified occured in 2011, oh no sorry it started in 2010. Lind hasn’t hit since then, so he isn’t the problem – never was. This team was not designed to win, just to compete – you know stay close

  20. So no Mathis 2.0 anytime soon?

  21. This move doesn’t really mean anything. I’m pretty sure Lind will still be back up at some point and some other guy will be taken off the 40 man when he is back.

    If the objective was to kick Lind off the team for good he would have been released or traded with the Jays eating 50 – 90% of his contract.

    • Please don’t take offense, but I see the Jays as being kind to Lind, He can hang around the dimond in AAA as long as he produces a little. You maybe right, but his history over the past 2+ years paints a different future for Adam.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I hope the Jays eat as much money as it takes to move Lind to another team or release him if necessary. I just doubt it happens without Lind getting another shot with the Jays.

        I don’t really care if Lind manages to be a servicable baseball player for another team.

        What will annoy me is to see this team continually giving Lind chances in hopes he regains his pre-2010 form or that he plays well enough to have positive trade value.

        Fuck it. This team is too close to keep fucking around at easy to fill positions.

        I’m all for “spending when the time is right” and “not putting the cart before the horse” to a certain degree; but I don’t see why it’s considered acceptable for pro sports franchises to just punt seasons in favour of the big picture when there is a fair chance to contend.

        • You highlight the deliema Jays fans have in your last sentence. The ugly truth is….we arn’t that close. You can’t build around our vets – Bautista, Romero, Morrow, Jansen, Frazor. There just isn’t enough here. EE and KJ are FA’s and will be gone by August. Our piching kiddy corps. can’t do it and the revolving door at 1st and LF keeps spinning. Spending when the time is right, and we will make the playoffs 2 or 3 times in the next 5 years, are code phrases for …not this year (or next).

  22. Very good. Lind now has to hit .500 to get back to the bigs im thinking…and maybe come back looking more in shape. That would be the only way I would take him back.

    • It doesn’t really matter what he hits down there. If he hasn’t shown that he’s working harder at his conditioning and fixing parts of his game it won’t matter.

      He was sent down there as a last chance to show them he takes his job seriously enough to work at it. I don’t like his chances.

  23. AA has got to be thinking of the upcoming trade deadlines at this point (draft plans are already set). AA has to get a young 2nd baseman next, he has the peices to trade to a contending team as it is unlikey he will re-sign either or both (EE and or KJ).

  24. Draft Draft Draft!!!!

    right around the corner on Monday.

    BA mock has the Jays lookiing at high school outfielders David Dahl or DJ Davis, power hitting corner infielder Joey Gallo or middle infielder Tanner Rahler. The pitcher possibilities are Nick Travieso, Lance McCullers Jr and if they are feeling particular lucky taking a gamble on Lucas Giolito, he of the 100 mph fastball/projected #1 pick prior to his elbow injury this spring.

    Of course the All-Name Picks would be OF/C Stryker Trahan and P Zach (Efron) Eflin with 17 and 21.

    Draft Draft Draft!!!

  25. I hate that the draft is looking more exciting than the big league club right now.

    Just scrolling through Cot’s Contracts and noticed that since that Lind deal with all those buyouts, GM AA has sure stopped that doing that. They are all 0.5-1.0 million buyouts only on one season.

    He must really hate that contract and all the promise he thought would come of it.

  26. correction: Jays have #17 and #22 in the first round, not 21

  27. I hope the team goes balls out and hopes the best talent available will sign- no more Coopers, Jenkins, Adams, etc.

    I’d rather see guys like Wilson or Jackson bust than see guys like Russ Adams struggle to make a career.

    • “I’d rather see guys like Wilson or Jackson bust than see guys like Russ Adams struggle to make a career.”

      That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard. You’d rather pay tens of millions/season to a guy struggling, than someone on a rookie deal? Jesus (wo)man, give your head a real hard shake. If the Jays had Lackey they would be handcuffed. Instead they have Drabek and still have flexibility.

  28. Hey Adam Lind, If you’re gonna hit like crap and fail to produce, at least become a switch hitter!

  29. You can see that Beeston’s mentoring is having an impact on AA – he’s put on at least 25 lbs. since assuming office

  30. in other off day nonsense, I did a quick check of likely free agents after this season on likely seller teams, so more than likely it is monetary relief, so should not cost much if anything in prospects:


    Rockies – Jason Giambi (laugh not, last 3 yrs OBP .378, .355 and currently .440 – albeit very limited number of games)
    Padres – Carlos Quentin (who just started his 2012 season),
    Astros – Carlos Lee


    Twins: Francisco Liriano, Carl Pavano, Matt Capps,
    Royals: The Jonathans Broxton and Sanchez
    Rockies: Rafael Betancourt (reliever who has good numbers in Coors), Jorge de la Rosa (who had good numbers last year, and seems to be rehabbing this year so far) and Jeremy Guthrie
    Pirates: Erik Bedard (just bathe in the maple syrup), and little used but somewhat effective reliever Jason Grilli
    Cubs: Ryan Dempster (another maple bath candidate) and Paul Maholm (who actually has a $500K buyout for his 2013 option so is included here)
    Astros: expensive option Brett Myers (big money this year and $3 million to buyout 2013)
    and Brandon Lyon (who is pitching well this year and did also in 2010)
    Douchebacks – Joe Saunders and JJ Putz ($1.5 million buyout for 2013)

    • There is not one player on that last that I would want on my team, except maybe Putz, who would probably come at some stupidly inflated price because, you know, SAVES.

  31. As I noted in the above comment, because of his age signing out of Japan as a free agent, he does not fall under team control, and thus has no minor league options. I would also suspect that, even if my cba inerpretation is incorrect, the mets would likely have used his options up during the three seasons he was with them. Thanks for coming out though. Please continue to be jealous of the yankees for pillaging our cast-offs like the pinstriped garbage eaters they are.

  32. From the GM AA interview, he said going through waivers didn’t mean much.

    A team could claim him and he would be theirs. I would say that means something. I am actually surprised that no other GM (especially in the NL) wouldn’t take a chance that Lind could rake again.
    The AL East has created AAAAA players. Major league quality players but that can’t make it in the AL East because of the competition. Even the players recognize it: I remember Kelly Johnson said something like that when he came to the Jays, they said welcome to the big leagues.

    • Can’t remember if the claiming team has to pick up Lind’s salary or not. If they do, I think I know why nobody claimed him

      • as far as I know, they only have to take on his salary if they claim him on waivers the first time through. once he has cleared and outrighted, he is a free agent that can negotiate any deal he can get with a club. meanwhile, the jays still have to be honoring his original contract.

        • Lind was on outright waivers, not unconditional release waivers. They are two totally different things. You’re referring to unconditional release waivers, where a player’s contract must be terminated upon clearing waivers with the team on the hook for the remainder of the entire contract. BJ Ryan was an instance of unconditional release waivers. If the Jays wanted to release Lind, they’d have to pass him through unconditional release waivers. If someone claims him on unconditional release waivers, the claiming team is on the hook for this full contract.

  33. They would have to take the salary, birddawg. However, it’s amazing what a move to the NL can do for hitters and pitchers.

  34. Aaron Hill since going to the NL has basically hit as well as at any time with the Jays.

    He has almost 3 WAR since being traded. If I were an NL GM (AL Central too!), I would be snapping up anything that AL East teams were discarding because there is probably value in it.


    Here’s more evidence of how the fielding metrics under-rated Jays’ fielders. As soon as a player leaves, their fielding suddenly becomes outstanding. I know it’s not three years of data, but there is a pattern of it happening.

    • What’s more likely, a 30 year old 2nd baseman, who in the past was very good but in recent years had been much closer to average defensively, gets traded and all of a sudden returns to his old defensive excellence, or the small sample size of just 400 innings skews the metrics?

  36. What’s worse? Lind being out-righted to Triple A, or that he cleared waivers and nobody wanted him? Hmmm………

  37. Still want to know who the fug this guy is….

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