Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

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Travis Snider WristWatch at– no, no, there’s no timepieces for sale, Gregor Chisholm updates us on the status of leftfielder’s wrist, which at the moment… is not good.

At Getting Blanked, Craig Robinson knocks it out of the park with the latest of his fortnightly infographic adventures, breaking down the headers for all 30 clubs, and how they’ve changed over the last two years.

And elsewhere there, Matt Klassen takes another look at the Jason Hammel nonsense.

Speaking of last night, I don’t know why you’d want to watch it again, but has the video of Brandon Morrow’s heart-in-your-throat moment from last night. Morrow, as we all know by now, will be fine.

Jeff Pearlman has a Q&A with ex-Jay Shawn Green that’s definitely worth a read– for the Tim Johnson question alone, as well as some interesting Jose Canseco remembrances, and a few other nuggets from his time with the Jays. No Cito dirt, though.

Brett Lawrie went 15th overall in ESPN’s silly Franchise Player Draft, which I otherwise couldn’t give two shits about. Ahead of Andrew McCutchen!

The Blue Jay Hunter seems to have spotted the Man in White. (Not pictured: Jason Hammel in the seat next to him.)

Touch ‘Em All gets Pitch F/X-y on the Man In White stuff from last night.

At the Toronto Sun, Steve Buffery talks to Mike McCoy, who hopes to stick with the Jays this time (um… good luck with that), while Caitlyn Holroyd looks at how the Jays are adjusting and counter-adjusting to baseball’s newest fad: the shift. Also, they bring us video of some Buffalo Bills taking batting practice at Rogers Centre. For some reason.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi talks with the Jays brass about their plans for the upcoming draft… y’know… vaguely.

In a mock draft at FanGraphs, Marc Hulet has the Jays going after a high school third baseman, and a college arm with their two first round picks.

Lastly, JP Arencibia pulls no punches on lame-ass Jason Hammel in this post-game tweet from last night…

Comments (14)

  1. That JP tweet is baller

  2. Sad thing is if one of our wild pitchers bonks a batter next game against the O’s it will be an automatic 24 year suspension.

  3. hammels is now complaing that JP didn’t give him a star

  4. Travis Snider should go up to the plate, run the bases and play the outfield with a wristguard on. Seriously this guy’s wrist is the wonkiest of wonky.

  5. When I click ‘BACK’ from a story on the mobile site, it navigates to the non-mobile version…to an article featuring gigantic headshot of Eric Thames that is half cut off.

  6. Told you that wrist was fucked, man.

  7. I watched a clip of Lawrie’s HR to center. There were about 6 men in white shirts…Jason Hammel is onto us

  8. I like the pick of Jeff Samardzja at 26 by Rick Sutcliffe .. you think this hilights the stupidity of this excercise?

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