Podcast the Tenth!

And now a little something to kill time on a Thursday afternoon, and to fill you with rage over Dustin Parkes’ hating-on of Eric Thames Adam Lind the Toronto Blue Jays’ chances: it’s the latest episode of the DJF podcast!

This week Drew, Parkes and I talked Man In White, trade scenarios, Brandon Morrow, the upcoming series with Boston, and a whole bunch more! Including more ramblings from hammered listeners, and a little bit of explanation of what happens to the poor, desperate souls who make the terrible decision to run onto the field.

We’ll be be back again on Monday, and we want to hear from you, too! Call us (hammered) at 1-855-FOUL-TIP, or email us (hammered) at GettingBlanked@theScore.com with whatever is sticking in your craw, and on Thursday we’ll dissect the best the Monkey Army has to offer!

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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site.

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  1. Morosi made a valid point about the options (as trade assests) the jays have at cf/c/ss, i just think that the article is about 365 too early.

  2. The dumbest thing about the Man-In-White is that it’s not like Bluejays players are Bluejays for life, where they keep their mouths shut about the cheatin’ or they get driven out to the corner of Bullet-In-Back-Of-The-Head Avenue and Can’t-Hear-You-Scream Boulevard. For fuck’s sakes every player passing through here would have to know about it and somebody is bound to squeal.

  3. Drew – “You were trolling though” Made me laugh out loud.

  4. So much unprovoked Saskatchewan hate! The watermelon helmet-hate was the most hurtful…

  5. Great rant at the end Drew. And kudos for keeping it real vis-a-vis Parkes. He was trolling.

  6. Good citation of that DJF guide. If it does anything (apart from being hilarious in retrospect), it shows how much Parkes’ perspective on baseball has changed.

    I also think it’s ridiculous to say Yunel Escobar wouldn’t bring back something good in a trade. Since 2008, the guy is 6th among major league SS in fWAR. His contract is also incredibly team-friendly with those two cheap options after 2013. Considering his track record, it’s hard to see why a team in need of a good SS (and there are many of them) would be scared off by a poor offensive start.

    Of course, Yunel’s value and contract are exactly the reasons that the team shouldn’t move him to make room for an unproven prospect at SS. It would take a lot for the Jays to part with Yunel, I’m sure, as it should.

  7. Frankly, I think it’s worse that Mr Parkes doesn’t know that he is trolling. As much as Damien Cox is a tool, I think he is aware of what he is doing. It is his career after all. He should be able to gauge the response of his readers beforehand.

    I’m quite sure Steve Simmons knows well before the first comment that his hack style invites hundreds of comments telling him he is trolling. If Mr Parkes does not have this foresight, he is not as talented as I thought he was.

  8. Regarding the man in white.. Drew interviewed Brett Gardner the other day, During the interview, Brett stated the outfield will essentially move around depending on the pitch. I assume the infield does as well. How much do you think these shifts tip pitches to players?

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