Alright! It’s time for our regular Friday trip around baseball to talk about the interesting topics (TM), with a little Jaysturbation (or not), cooking tips, heresy, trains (?), car noises, and even more depressing realizations about just how ridiculously out-of-whack MLB’s alignment is thrown in for good measure (or not): it’s a brand new episode of the Getting Blanked Podcast!

This week it’s our amateur draft spectacular, as we have two outstanding guests to talk all things Rule 4. In one segment Parkes talks to the real @ProfessorParks (aka Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus!), and in another, Drew chats with @keithlaw (aka Keith Law of ESPN!).

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We’re figuring out the Mintmusical Interlude stuff. For the time being, we’re just gonna keep on using the wrong four letters… no matter how much it fucking kills us.

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  1. Am I the only one having problems with the audio podcast pages on itunes for Getting Blanked and DJF? For me, they take friggin forever to load. They’re much slower than the pages of other podcasts.

  2. The dudes awkward laugh after the “i’m parkes ur parks” joke made even me uncomfortable.

    • Lol, so true.. the whole interview was pretty uncomfortable especially Parkes’ giggling

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