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This is your Game Threat!

However… it may be an incomplete one, as I’m just waiting for a phone call, then I’ll be off to the Dome myself, late as ever. Because I’m sure you’re so fascinated to know. My stories are really quite entertaining. I’m quite a catch.



J0hn Lott of the National Post looks at the progress of Vlad Guerrero. “He’s ready for more than the Florida State League,” says manager John Farrell. “Obviously, his timing has become more consistent. A lot of hard contact, and that’s not just because of the four home runs in the short period of time there, but in talking with Mike Redmond, his bat speed is good and his batting practice and everything about his game has been pretty impressive.”

Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation wonders if Edwin Encarnacion might be Jose Bautista 2.0… kinda like Bill Parker did earlier in the week at Getting Blanked. Great minds, eh?

The Globe and Mail uses the social media phenomenon as what appears to be cover for a typical “Where are the fans?” piece. Or… actually… it’s kinda interesting– even if in it a person actually, seriously says: “It used to be people went to watch the games. Now, everything is all about ego. People want to brag and boast that they are at the game, they post pictures of themselves and send tweets. It’s about self-promotion and self-expression as much as it is about the game, which can be slow.” Holy pissing puke.

TV: Sportsnet, MLB Network

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
J. Arencibia C
D. Cooper 1B
R. Davis LF

H. Alvarez RHP

Boston Red Sox

S. Podsednik CF
D. Nava LF
A. Gonzalez 1B
D. Ortiz DH
J. Saltalamacchia C
W. Middlebrooks 3B
R. Sweeney RF
M. Aviles SS
N. Punto 2B

C. Buchholz RHP

Comments (580)

  1. Man Lawrie can be dumb sometimes (assuming that was his idea to steal).

  2. Lawrie’s run meant nothing. How stupid is this bitch?

  3. What the fuck… This isn’t the first time he’s made a costly baserunning mistake. He deserves to be benched.

    • I can only think its his ego, trying to be the hero.
      A 12 year old playing down at the park would know better than that.
      Lawrie has been a let down this year.

  4. And there’s the exclamation point … right on time

    You could dress up an 8th grade team in Boston Red Sox uniforms and they’d beat the Jays 7 times out of 10.

  5. lawrie has to be a braindead jock. the game comes natural as long as he doesnt have to think. i think farrell has to have a sign for dont even think about it stupid on the basepaths

    • and in the aftermath farrell says its his fault lawrie got tagged at 3rd because he assumed there might be a brain in that canadian head. he now admits lawrie is so fucking dumb on the basepaths that he has to create a sign ssssssssssaying dont even think about the next base you braindead snapping helmet throwing fuck. thank you farrell for finding out in 1 whole year that your star 3rd baseman is a moron who can throw and hit a ball. and cannot control his emotions.can you imagine lawrie in a world series.i bet it would be fuckin embarrassing to be a canadian then

  6. Even though they managed to hang in there, this was an all round shitty outing by the Jays. 3-4 little mistakes cost them this game. They need to treat these games like playoff games but they come out and give a lacklustre effort.

  7. Where is the “Its all over” guy when you need him?

    oH i keep forgetting they are only 3 games out…..whats the guess of how many game out they are at the allstar break?
    IN all seriousness i say they are 7 games out at the break.

    • Maybe react to them being 7 games out when they are actually 7 games out?

      Instead of going ‘I bet they’re going to be 7 games out soon! Argh!’



  9. An abortion of a game.

    • Is it turning into an abortion of a season?

      • I don’t know, probably more of the same. Sometimes play great, sometimes poorly. This team epitomizes mediocrity for a decade plus. I guess that’s how you play .500 over about your last 2000 games.

    • hey at least abortions accomplish something

  10. i dont know if i can stand watching lawrie for 3 years. im sick of jose’s whine and look what hes done. lawrie isnt even close and i dont give a fuck if he s canadian.simmer down lawrie

    • I think Jose’s attitude is starting to poison the clubhouse. Another good reason why he should be traded soon.

      • i dont think thats true at all. i also dont give any credence to clubhouse atmosphere affecting play on the field. baseball is an individual sport performance wise. the only connection is double plays really.

        • This is one of the stupidest things I have ever read. Team chemistry has LOADS to do with the play on the field. Just shut your mouth already.

          If they were going to trade Bautista, this is NOT the time at all, if they were going to move him it would have been when he was on top of the world. Right now he is struggling and while every team in the major leagues would love to have him, the return wouldnt be what it should be,

  11. its all over good night

  12. JPA’s vision didnt work.
    How come AA gets so much leaway? Doest look like his vision is working out either.Oh right i forgot, we have to wait another 5 years to see if the “prospects” turn out.

    • Why don’t you throw your hat in the ring?

      • I havnt seen the job posted yet.
        where would i find the job posting if it comes up?
        Star classifieds, workopolis??

    • Serious question:

      Were you a Blue Jays fan in 2009? The year before AA took over..

      • That’s directed at johnnyballpark by the way.

        Because I honestly don’t know how you could see where the 09 team was in terms of core pieces, salary, farm system, age and just general hope to come close to the playoffs, and not be pleased with where AA has taken the team in 2 1/2 seasons.

        • +1 BILLION

        • How many runs was “our farm system is well regarded” worth on the scoreboard today? I suppose it’s nice to have guys in the pipe, but the major league product is still mediocre. Prospect porn only buys a GM so much good will.

          • “How many runs was “our farm system is well regarded” worth on the scoreboard today?”

            If the farm system of a few years ago wasn’t considered among the worst in baseball, it may have been worth a few.

            I mean, Jesus Christ, would you rather it wasn’t well regarded? At the very least it allows pieces to be moved for ML talent. AA hasn’t really made a move like this yet (except for Santos) but I assume it’s coming as the core of the team gets more experience.

          • Considering that the Vegas lineup would probably win 75 games in the NL central, and today was just one game, I think you need to simmer down a little bit.

    • You mean JPR? BTW that’s rather grandiose dont you think? Calling what JPR ahd a “vision”? At the very best, it was a vague idea to keep him from getting fired.

    • Agreed. AA gets enough rope to see if his prospects work out even though he helped make decisions during the riccardi era.The thing with AA & Farrell is that they are well spoken so they can run circles around the media which is partly owned by Rogers anyway.

      A 5th place showing by the Jays this year would be a blessing in disguise because the Rogers apologists would run out of excuses.

      The Jays would fire Dwayne Murphy or more likely make him a `consultant“. Bring up Chad Mottola & get a bat & a real veteran pitcher.

      • I really don’t get your media/Rogers apologist thing.

        Have you listened to 90% of the hosts on The Fan 590? Brady is always down on the Jays. Brunt, Blair, Grange and McCown all think the Jays made a huge mistake not spending money this offseason. Zaun is constantly shitting on the team.

        Who are the Rogers media apologists?

        I’m all for calling out the broadcaster if they don’t seem objective, but I see zero evidence they’re being told to give positive spins on Jays things.

        I know Wilner was fine with not spending money, but that’s one guy out of literally about 15, and he’s entitled to an opinion without being necessarily an apologist.

        • um, wilner and stoeten, to name two. plus pretty much every sub-mental jackass on this forum that calls educated insights and evaluations ‘trolling’.


          it’ll be nice when baseball fans in toronto don’t have to endure any more of the “bautista is the best player in baseball” and “AA is a ninja” bullshit.

        • In the offseason, Mccowan & Blair had plenty of opportunity to grill Beeston for his , ” one player won’t make a difference” i.e Fielder or Darvish & in the next sentence saying “we can beat the other teams in the AL East”.

          The team should stop pretending it can compete in the AL East with a $75 million payroll.

          They will always play mediocre baseball of 78-84 wins.

    • Oh shut the fuck up. Go get some tissues and wipe those tears.

      Look at the team a few years ago. Shitbirds on the field apart from Wells and Halladay with the odd bright spot. The system was a barren wasteland completely void of prospects.

      Right now, the team has LOADS of prospects and the team on the field is VASTLY superior to the team prior to AA taking over.

      • you’re another one of those guys that’ll come around in a couple years and claim they knew all along AA was in over his head. typical fan boys.

  13. I didnt see farells reaction to LAwries steal during the game, just seen on replay, he looked pissed, hopefully he gives him shit. straighten that shit out.

  14. I don’t know the number, but Toronto’s career OPS vs. Acevez must be microscopic. It’s not the blood bath of June 10-12, 2011, but it has been equally difficult to watch. Thanks for fucking nothing, Toronto. Agree with Don above on the need for playoff intensity. I’m sure they’re trying hard, but it just looks mailed in.

    • Laurie’s bonehead attempted steal is a product of his intensity–discretion is the better part of valour.

      • Maybe they should take away Lawrie’s green light for a while.

        That steal attempt of 3rd with 2 outs was nearly as bad as the steal of home attempt. Maybe worse in a way, because if he succeeded it probably doesn’t make the Jays any closer to scoring a run (unlike the home attempt). He would have scored on just about any single from 2nd anyway.

  15. Jays are last in bullpen ERA now. As much as people want to slag the offense it’s the pitching that’s costing them games just like last year. From blown saves, to not holding the games close, the pen has been the real killer this season. Not sure what he can do about it at this point but the money spent on Frasor and Coco sure looks pretty bad when they could have had a decent veteran starter for that money. People wonder why Farrell elects to constantly run his guys out in the 7th well I would say the pen’s performance is answer enough. Other than Janssen, there’s not another right-hander I don’t look at with severe skepticism every time they are brought in . If they are ever going to take a step forward as a contender that needs to get fixed.

    With the draft on Monday, maybe you might see the Jays look at drafting a bunch of arms suited for the pen they can get to the majors quickly. Outside of Carreno and Beck there doesn’t seem a lot at AA or AAA that are capable of being shut down relievers in the majors. Have to say that for all AA’s successes so far, building a major league pen isn’t one of them.

    • I agree with you. The Jays bullpen has blown 7 games which is about 3 too many. Last week was a perfect example when we send out Igarashi & Frasor against the Rangers in the extra innings game.

      It is interesting that in the offseason everyone was excited about the `shut down `bullpen that AA built to help the young starters.

      The `piece de resistance`was santos who was last seen on April 21, & blew the home opener.

      Santos & McGowan should be back when the Jays are safely eliminated from playoff contention.

    • you mean like chris sale?

  16. “With the draft on Monday, maybe you might see the Jays look at drafting a bunch of arms suited for the pen they can get to the majors quickly.”

    That would be one of the worst strategies possible. Just take the best talent available that fits within your draft spending. A lot of the starters they’ll take will end up relievers anyways. Regardless of the current needs of the MLB team, you can’t limit yourself to “close to MLB” guys who likely also have lower relative ceilings.

    • If the rest of the team is decent and with high ceiling starting pitching on the way, getting a major league ready pen guy or two like Houston Street or Chris Sale is hardly a bad option. I’m not saying throw the whole draft away on them as we’ve seen what that did with JPR but some of those sandwich picks might be best used there. I also say that with the understanding that his team is looking to be a contender in the next year or two. Therefore there are certain needs now. JPR’s strategy was more about having sure things to fill roster spots on the cheap. Drafting those kinds of arms is hardly that.

      People also have to realize that arms like Syndergaard, Sanchez and Norris aren’t going to be here before the end of 2013 at the earliest and maybe another year or so after that before they are offering viable contributions. That’s 2 years away from now. I certainly hope you’re not suggesting nothing be done in the meantime and that we should wait for 2 years. That would certainly make Beeston’s magical promise of 3 playoff appearances in the next 5 years pretty hard to achieve when 3 of them are spent waiting on the high ceiling talent we’ve drafted. There has to be mixture or we’ll be waiting for ever and always hoping that the good pitching prospects line up with the good position players.

      • Beeston seems to have disappeared.I wonder if Farrell decides to walk after next year & go back to the Red Sox.

        If the Jays had similar DL issues to the Red Sox, they wouldn`t win any games. Once again the Jays get beaten at home by the red sox B squad.

        • That just shows you the depth $170 million in payroll will buy you and what a recent record of winning will attract in good players. Unfortunately, the Jays have little room for error and having self induced problems created by Rogers cheap ways during JPR’s tenure leaves them with digging still to do.

        • farrell is not leaving for the sox.he loves managing and he will stay here as long as he can.these gigs are rare

  17. 1st star of the game to the 10 year old Jr. Jays PA Announcer girl who introduced Cletus as “my boyfriend, Colby Rasmus”

  18. Okay, does anyone else perhaps want a replacement of the hitting coach? This team continually has a low OBP every single year. What’s worse, a lot of players seem to regress after coming here, especially walk and OBP-wise. With this year’s team you could argue only Encarnacion has exceeded expectations. KJ is probably where you’d expect. Everyone else is worse. It seems the approach of the team is terrible, too. So much hacking, swinging for the fences. Yeah they’ll hit homeruns, but with low avg/obp they’ll be solo shots.

    • I’ll take a new pitching coach first before I take a new hitting coach. At least in runs scored, which is what matters at the end of the day, they are better than league average and have been for a couple of years now.

      While you do have a point regarding OBP maybe it’s more of an issue regarding the players they’re acquiring and how the young ones are being taught in the minors. Some guys like Rasmus have numbers that are lower because of bad luck.

      At the end of the day if you’re going to win games you need to score more runs than you’re allowing obviously. At the pace the Jays pitching is allowing runs you’re going to need a Boston or Texas type offense to keep your head above water over the long-term. Thankfully our offense at 4.83 runs per game has been ahead of the 4.42 per game we’re allowing. Unfortunately, that runs per game allowed has been creeping higher and higher every week.

      • Yeah, the runs/game is good this year, the problem is I think it’s unsustainable. They’re scoring a decent number of runs because they’ve been crazy good with RISP. That regresses over time. In the raw component stats, like avg/obp/slg, the Jays are not good. They won’t be able to keep scoring the runs they do without an improvement in the overall hitting.

      • The pitching could be improved as well, of course. Unless they hit better though that 4.83 runs/game they’re scoring will decrease. Guaranteed. I can tell you I’d bet a lot of money right now that the Jays won’t finish 3rd in the AL in runs scored. Not if their obp and slg remain 11th and 6th in the AL.

        Really, honestly speaking this team doesn’t hit particularly well or pitch particularly well. Both have to improve.

      • fuck I’m sick and tired of hearing your bad luck excuse. rasmus is a shitty hitter plain and simple

        • no…. he isnt

          • are you serious? you’re like wilner; defending vernon wells, then lind, and now rasmus claiming they are all “better than their numbers indicate”… sigh. it’s laughable, you silly fan boys.

            there’s nothing wrong with cheering your team, and having high expectations; but obstinately refusing to see things for what they really are is pretty much the stupidest way to go through life. i feel sorry for you.

    • you think its the coaches fault KJ swings at every inside sinker. he cant tell that pitch ever.colby is close on that pitch too and if i remember correctly lind bit on that pitch alot too.they choose to swing

      • I said KJ is one of the few hitters hitting like I’d expect. Almost everyone else is underachieving.

        The problem I have is they’re bad in the most important offensive stat, and that’s been going on all the time Murphy’s been here. And he has been on the record as saying OBP isn’t all that important, he wants hitters to pull the ball, hit dingers, etc. It just all adds up to something not very good. It could be they just don’t have the players to do any better, but at this point a change in the voice talking to them every day might be in order. I just think this team can and should do better.

        • I think a lot of that has to do with roster construction as well. AA has tried to bring in guys with good OBP like Escobar and Johnson but a lot of what he was left with from JPR’s tenure weren’t stellar in the OBP department to begin with. To me it’s all the more reason you resign guys like EE and KJ because what’s in the minors is going to be far worse in that department with players like Hechavvaria.

          You also have to remember, overall runs per game in the majors have been going down the last couple of years. Jays have managed to maintain or rise in that department with a lot of young guys and a cheap roster. Pitching on the other hand has defied that trend and has got worse. Pitching is going to make or break this club like it does every other team.

          Great graphic from today’s telecast about Boston’s success the last 23 games. Their ERA over that period was something like 3.43, down from over 5 from the first part of the season.

          • If EE and KJ keep haveing decent years, then they will be priced out of AA’s reach. His problem will be to get the pick of the “litter” out of the discards from other teams. AA is rumaging through the MLB trash heap now for the 2013 team

          • I think they need a new approach at the plate. Stop the grip & rip approach to solo HR`s get some people on base. Productive outs etc..The bullpen ERA is ranked 14th. Saves are ranked 14. AA deserves some heat for the bullpen mess.

          • Although I agree with both bluejayway and night_manimal, I think bluejayway hit the nail on the head. The hitting is a bigger concern because the run scored is in large part due to a RISP which is masking what the hitters are actually doing which is hacking and not taking pitches and not having enough on base.

            Apart from KJ and EE everyone is simply not hitting. But what is worrying is young hitters have really regressed – Snider, Lawrie, Thames are all examples of hitters who have taken lots of steps back.

            The OBP is also a very valid concern. Colby Rasmus has always shown good discipline with high BB% and his BB% is the lower this year than it was last year! Lawrie had a 7-9% BB rate and now its 4% in 2012. Eric Thames who although i I don’t think is a very good hitter had a 10% BB rate in Vegas had a 5% BB rate in the majors. On the other end Aaron Hill had a 6% and 7% BB rate in 2010 and 11 and now has a 9% walk rate and his OBP is back in range of career numbers. So at some point this needs to be addressed i.e. who is at fault? I think Murphy plays at least a significant role in these problems. His strategy has not worked on many of the hitters except Jose Bautista.

            The pitching was expected to be around this level and although I think that needs to be addressed too the first priority is the hitting. To me it makes no sense for BB% to drop so much. Yes they are facing better pitching but that kind of fall suggests that their approach to hitting has also changed.

    • I’ve been posting this for months. People just laugh and say “Dwayne Murphy isn’t taking the at-bats!”

  19. haha union station still stinks like shit and they are saying it is totally sanitized. if it smells like shit, there is still shit there.hahaha put the bathroom fan on

  20. where is the simmer down guy when you need him. fuckin simmer down fans.enjoy the game for what it is…simmer up too 43000 at the game. money is coming

  21. So Lawrie just tweeted that he legged it to get out of the Eaton Centre after the shooting just now before the place went into lockdown.

    Where the hell was that speed on his steal attempt?!

    • The shooting is serious. 6 people shot at the food court. One dead. Subay is shut down.

      • thank god the police are hiding out behind stop signs giving tickets to those dangerous offenders who roll through. gun toting maniacs? that would require the police to actually get out of their car. not happening

        • Catching a guy doing 10 over or rolling through a stop sign makes $100+ profit…..catching a real criminal actually costs money.
          But why would Lawrie tweet about this? why draw attention to yourself and link yourself to this event? Its a distraction.
          Better to just leave and go home and not draw attention to yourself, dont you think?

        • Macleans did an article a few months ago on police effectiveness. The crime rate is down & many police officers do spend their day giving out traffic tickets. It helps generate revenues to pay their salaries which are quite high relative to USA jurisdictions.

        • Are you fucking serious, grouchy? Perhaps you should command the Toronto police force.

  22. alex claims schwinden future now looks bright

  23. What’s better new name for the Jays?

    -Toronto Payroll Parameters
    -Toronto Dumpster Divers
    -Toronto Five Hundreders

    Vote now!

    • Toronto

      Spring training swaggers

      Base on Ballers

      5 year planners

      1st pitch hackers

      Beeston Boys of Bummer

    • All 3 are fine, but I think bringing up Vladdy will help. The lineup needs one more hacker.

      Let’s see how the Jays do during the June swoon before we become tank nation.

      Is it me or is there not as much coverage of the MLB draft this year? It’s supposed to be on tv Monday.

      • Things look fairly shitty at the moment – but every team in the AL (other than the Rangers) have had a period of looking like shit this season at different points. The teams have been oddly even.

        So – lets see what happens and if they can bounce back from this poor play. Just scanning through the batting averages in this lineup, and ERAs in the pen I’d say there’s room for some natural improvement.

        It’s such a long season.

        • Good points!. If the Jays stayed close, September would be wild since they play the AL East almost every game.

  24. It’s time to be realistic and admit that it’s time to pack it in for the season! Turn over the roster and get whatever you can for anyone who other teams will take. Even Stoeten can’t be bothered to make a Game Threat…,I agree…what’s the point? I’m done for the year…I won’t be back!

    • Apparently Stoeten was too hung over to bother making one. I wasn’t aware people still drink alcohol but apparently they do.

    • Are we back to the Tank Nation scenario? haha

      Which Toronto team will win a championship first?
      Leafs or Jays?
      It doesnt matter none of us will be around to see it.

    • Lucky they’re not 4 games out….

      • “Lucky they’re not 4 games out….”


        This is true. 3 games out of first – trade all assets and shoot for 2017.

        4 games out of first – make plans for relocation of franchise

        5 games – mass suicide?

    • “Im done for the year…I won’t be back!’

      Aw man!! Really?

  25. wow, Lawrie being credited with “breaking” the Eaton Centre shooting, at least shifts the talk away from allowing a run to score by not backing up throw from Bautista to 2nd and his bad Caught Stealing of 3rd



  26. Fasano on Mcdade “I think he’s the best defensive 1st baseman in the organization, I’ve seen him for two years, so maybe I’m a bit partial.”


    • a good defensive first baseman is like a good puck handling goaltender. it won’t mean much to this sorry franchise!

  27. Can’t help but think watching the Ranger Angels game how nice it would have been to snag either one of those guys.

  28. Moises Sierra is en fuego

    after hitting three homers yesterday, he hits another one today and is 4/4 with a walk as of the 10th inning. thats four dingers in two days.

  29. Sigh. Why can’t the Jays do something like win 9 out of 11. Or something like 12 our of 15. It’s not like I’m asking them to win 25 in a row or anything.

  30. Can you imagine Brett Lawrie leading the charge sprinting out of the Eaton Centre after this shots were fired? I bet he knocked over a crew of old ladies out for their mall walk. I’m also sorta surprised he didn’t jump over 4 sets of tables and disarm the shooter by throwing his helmet at him.

  31. Even Jose Bautista isn’t Jose Bautista. He’s back down to earth with a bump, today’s hr notwithstanding. EE is a good journeyman. I’m afraid Rogers et al are gonna have to spend some money to make this team into a contender because I don’t think they are going to contend anytime shortly with what they have right now. No reason to blow the bank, but they can’t continue much longer with this make-do-and-mend approach.

    • Steve Simmons’ article in today’s Sun — “Bautista must lead by example” — says some of what a lot of us (I’d guess) have been thinking: Bautista’s daily pouting at the umps, his obvious and constant frustration and his body language that blatantly conveys it all are not helping the team one bit.

      If it makes his teammates squirm uncomfortably half as much as it does me, it’s little surprise they’re not winning. He’s really getting to be a pain-in-the-ass to watch.

      If he’s as smart as I thought he was, he’ll figure it out. But really, I’m starting to wonder. I’m hoping the light turns on before it’s too late for this season … cuz he might be hurting us more than he’s helping right now.

      • He’s having a bad season so far and I understand that he’s frustrated. However it’s his example, I believe, that had the others huffing and puffing at the umps as well and earning us a lot of ill-will. If Bautista is their natural leader he’s done them a big disservice with all the petulance and tantrums. He **really** needs to straighten up and fly right.

      • after writing “he might be hurting us more than helping right now” and hitting post … I thought, “hmm, that might be a bit over the top … maybe the ole reverse-jinx’ll play today”. So, you’re welcome.

  32. For todays game I think the Jays should go with the anarchist approach, complete mayheim is the goal. Argue with all the umpires, not just the guy behind home plate. swing at everything, Hutch to set the record for hit batters (by a rookie)…ah hell set the MLB record, a bench clearing brawl, plenty of ejections. Once this is done, regardless of the outcome, we will have a team chemistry like never before…go Jays!

  33. Rogers needs to spend a ton of cash if they want to make this team any good.
    its nice to have prospects but what prospects are coming up next year that will have immediate impact? none, they have some nice prospects but they are still years away from making major impact, plus prospects are always a question mark. Look at Drabek, i had high hopes for him a couple years ago and now it would be nice if he could settle in as a decent fourth.
    AA did a good job of stringing the fans along.
    in MLB you either spend money or you dont win.

    James, after today when people are complaining, please remind them that the Jays are only 5 games out. then next week 6 games etc…..

    • No they don’t need to spend a ton of cash Johnny, the team that spent the most cash hasn’t won the WS in over 10 years. We could have gotten to the post season with another good pitcher, #2 starter and a bat big enough to protect Jose (please don’t ask for fuckin names cause you know them as well as I do). How big a problem is it to get these American guys to come here anyway….there otta be a law!

      • Somewhere beteen a ton of cash, the most cash and spending more cash is where the Jays should be for a legit shot at the wild card. $92 K

  34. You dont have to spend the most cash, but you have to spend more cash that what Rogers has.
    Another good pitcher? that was all cash…..if they wanted him they would have had him.
    Making the fake play for darvish irritated me.

    • I can see from AA’s point going into spring training they thought they had a reasonable amount of dept at starting pitcher. Unfortunately, Cecil shit the bed, McGowan got injured, and McGuire and Jenkins also shit the bed. Having said that, it was still relatively risky when he knew about McGowan’s history of injuries, Cecil’s prior shitiness, and the fact that neither McGuire or Jenkins had that much time above AA and were limited in ceiling.

      The only thing saving the season from disaster has been the relatively decent performance from Alvarez, Drabek and Hutchison. If those 3 had shit the bed completely I’d hate to think how bad we’d be.

      Going forward I’d say the situation is still dangerous because the youngsters in the rotation haven’t been nearly as good of late overall. If one or two of them started to shit the bed on a regular basis there’s nothing in the minors worth mentioning as a viable replacement imo.

      As for the rest, I think AA has done a nice job in upgrading the roster the last couple of years with the Escobar, Johnson and Rasmus acquisitions. However, there’s obvious holes in left and at first still to fix, and possibly 2nd and DH if he doesn’t break out the wallet before long.

      The interesting thing is that he could legitimately say he still had to wait on seeing if Lind, Snider and Thames worked out. With the exception of Snider who we still don’t know about in a positive way, the other two have been busts. Where does he go from here in filling those spots?

  35. It seems like they are fast tracking Gose. There is no other reason for them to start getting him reps in left field otherwise. Left field has been nothing but a hole on the Jays roster since Frank the Cat left (and it wasn’t great then either).

    year after year we have had crap production from theoretically one of the easiest filled positions in the game.

    Our options this year have been snider, thames, rajai davis. snider was injured so take him out. thames and rajai SUCK. im quite sure there are people sitting at home without a contract that are better than these jokers.

  36. And to complete my point, Gose is nowhere near ready to play at this level from a hitting standpoint. he needs a full year at AAA and like at least another half year next year before they even THINK of bringing him up. the guy is a couple years removed from middling performances in A ball for God’s sake.

    • Which is why I think they need to spend some money. Having continual stop-gaps/vacancies at LF and 1st base is not the way to field a contending team. 1st base in particular has been a completely neglected position for a horribly long time.

  37. ok, good start, 2 walks, let’s have a laugher at Sux expense, 5 spot in the 1st then keep on trucking

  38. bases loaded and EE homer?

  39. oh jose yeah baby

  40. finally with runners

  41. I guess it was a no doubter. =)

  42. “Juuuuuust a bit outside.”

    I’m growing to enjoy Ashby more and more.

    • Combined with “To those people who don’t like homers, that’s three quick runs.” Which I take as a hit on the “small ball” people. Good stuff.

  43. pound bard for 8

  44. Where’s Tabby?

  45. dammit coop why swing when the guy cant throw a strike

  46. Really? None of these fucks can get out of bed for 2 days to post a new threat? Back to BlueBirdBanter then.

    • Stoeten’s probably taken the weekend off.Dunno what Parkes’ excuse is, he’s been posting at GB.Funny he has no problem tolling here or shilling for pageviews for GB but can’t take 10 min to put up a game threat.
      Once the post goes above 300 or 400 comments is does take longer to load.

  47. way to go davis.swinging when bard cant hit the plate .blank

  48. Please don’t let this POS off the hook.

  49. Predicted results after the game:

    Jays Loss: Fire AA!!! Fire Farrell!!! Trade everyone!!!

    Jays Win: PLAYOFFS!!!!1

  50. anyone have a link to a stream for todays game?

  51. About time Bard got yanked. He was going to injure our entire lineup.

  52. When did we trade Drabek to the Sox?

  53. Sweet merciful crap, Bard is a TERRIBLE pitcher. I’m glad they got him out of there before he killed someone. He should stick to writing.

  54. sup T-dot we in yo’ dome smacking yo’ bitches.

  55. Hey Cooper, back to Vegas with you.

  56. Thanx for the weekend game day threats Stoeten… lazy ass!!

    • holy fuck man.can a guy have a weekend.fuckin losers complaining about the band leader missing and cant play any music.what do you want him to print?the jays lost 2 stinkers the enemy.there a game threat assholes

      • So hay zeus,what.s wrong with Parkes or Drew taking 10 min to put up a game threat?Stoeten took 2 weeks off and game threats were still posted.Doesn’t even have to be lengthy.Here’s your game threat boom, done.

        • I’m with RADAR. Five minutes by one of 3-4 people, doesn’t need to have content but it still provides a clean venue for comments and encourages loyalty to the site.

      • Do you ever shut the fuck up. Not sure how you yap so much with Stoeten’s cock in your mouth or your tongue in his ass.

        This is Stoeten’s JOB douchebag. He is PAID to write this blog and PAID to give us game threats and so on. Not getting game threats pisses readers off.

        Dude will write 9000000 posts when he is pissed off about something but he will take a series with the red sox with no game threats.

        • Please don’t conflate his homosexuality with his incompetence.

        • hey just because mommes tit left your mouth doesnt mean you get to shoot off homosexual thoughts.fuck off loser and go find a friend

  57. The fuck? Shoppach might as well have dove into that pitch. He didn’t even make it LOOK like he was trying to get out of the way.

  58. If I am Hutchison / JP / Farrell Im putting a heater right in the middle of shoppach’s lower back next at bat, no question about it.

  59. Had to step out, what happened? Karma? huh?

  60. I’m glad that Bautista hit that homerun.

    Because now that we are obviously out of the playoff race (a game and a half out in early June), it will get us more value back for moving him.

  61. Good thing Bard couldn’t throw a strike because the Jays bats look like they’re not going to be awake today.

  62. OK, xethicx, hit the fucker now. He’s starting to really piss me off.

  63. Yikes. Well here’s the Red Sox chance to get back in this…

  64. Right now, I trust Hutchinson out there more than Alvarez and Drabek. Maybe even Ricky… (short term).

    He just has looked awfully composed and been giving great starts.

  65. “I didn’t fucking do that on purpose, Come on!”


    You can tell that JP was hoping he would try something.

  67. 1. That was awesome

    2. NO ONE throws at someone at 0-2

    3. I love how the umpire warned the benches after the Red Sox player was hit and not after wildthing Bard hit everything but the fucking strike zone this afternoon

    4. Should have been Shoppach.

  68. Youkilis is the best target for all retaliations. Why? Because he’s actually a good player and it’s hilarious when he spazzes all the time. Any time you need to retaliate vs the Red Sox, it should be Youkilis for the comedy factor. He’s bound to snap at some point.

  69. If EE is out for any length of time i say bring up Hech Johnson has no range with that hammy. He can dh for the time being. I’d rather have Hech’s glove over Vlad’s bat right now especially with a largely groundball pitching staff.

  70. Also i doubt Thames makes that catch 2 runs would have likely scored.

  71. Id like to point out that when he is hitting Rajai Davis just flat out fucking rules. Dude is a machine in the field, steals bags and when he is hitting, he’s great in the line up. That being said, when he’s not hitting, Id like to see him somewhere else.

    • Thats real insightful douchebag. Thanks for describing every MLBer ever.

      • Wow that username hurts man,,, truly,, like in the depths of my soul, Im now just a shell of a man because of you! ohhhhhh noooooo my life is over. lol

        My point was, hes like Jekyl and Hyde. Anyways, go back to eating glue and crayons man, sorry to disturb.

  72. Hard to believe Atchison is only 36 years old. He looks older than old man Moyer.

    • if you live up north in the bush it explains everything.lack of a quality education and people to socialize with to go with the urge to fuck wild game. cabin fever set in yet. go hump a moose or bear, sasquatch

  73. Hey Yo

  74. Coco’s a badass!

  75. Guy on WEEI: “For some reason Toronto fans are booing Youklis for having the gall to get hit by a pitch” Then a huge WHOA at that up and in pitch from Cordero.

  76. Lets see some power brett

  77. Lol silly cooper base running blunders are for brett.

    • fuckin cooper is as bad or worse than lawrie on the bases. nice seeing a few games without a complete fuckup in left field

  78. lawrie talking about the shooting at 1st

  79. pow pow pow . . . and I go the fuck out of the there

    Lawrie to Gonzalez – nice convo in the 8th

  80. Getting concerned there’s been no news on EE.

  81. I know the educated baseball fan around here doesn’t believe in the capital C closer but what do you do with Santos when he comes back an Janssen keeps pitching the way he has?

    • As far as I’ve heard we shouldn’t expect Santos back anytime soon, so fortunately we don’t have to worry about that.

      Given the state of the bullpen though, I can’t see Santos being anything less than 8th inning set-up the very day he gets back.

      • i am sure farrell is going to throw santos right into the fire in the closer role.i dont approve of this but farrell will show confidence immediately instead of wavering and getting questioned when the move will happen.if he can throw he will close and if santos blows up they just say he wasnt ready yet.built for excuses the jays management are.lots of practise from AA and his ability to deflect or not respond at all. im tired of farrell dictating media session after game. he does his soliloquy and i dont see him take direct questions. but i was surprised at the hint of anger about lawries dumb steal attempt at 3rd yesterday.

  82. Huge starrt for Hutchison today. He really gave hem a chance to get things back on track going into Chicago.

  83. It’s funny … it’s felt like things have taken a real turn for the worst after the Mets series, basically since those games in TBay last week.

    But, if you actually look at their record from the beginning of that series to now, they’re 5 – 7. Against Tampa, Texas, Baltimore, and Boston that’s really not THAT bad. Not good, but not a disaster. At least considering they’ve had some truly terrible games in that stretch. I know that’s basically thanks to the sweep of Baltimore, but still.

    I have a feeling that if they keep playing like they have the last couple weeks it will catch up with them, but if they can turn it around, at least they have been able to tread water at a time when both the pitching and bats haven’t been great.

    • Looking at the sched though, it’s going to be tough: White Sox, Braves, Nats, Phillies, Brewers, Miami, Boston.

      • Yeah the schedule is kind of ridiculous when you look at it especially considering how strong the NL East is this year. It makes such a joke out of any supposed fairness when it comes to the additional playoff spots when you look at the Tigers, Cleveland or even any of the AL West’s schedules.

    • Its a little bit like shadow boxing here. . The reason things felt like they took a turn for the worse its because they did, and the 5-7 record is the proof. There are many portents forming now that justify why some would count the Jays out now.

      • If the result of things ‘taking a turn for the worst’ is a 5 – 7 record, that’s really not all that bad.

        If they keep playing poorly – I’m sure that will catch up with them. If they’re able to turn it around soon though (as every team has ups and downs many times each year), they’re fortunate to not have sunk themselves with the last couple weeks.

        That’s all I’m saying.

  84. EE’s hand is fine. Day to day.

    Got lucky again!

    • Has this been confirmed by Dr. Bell?

      • hehe still at it birddawg!

        • It is out of respect, Dr. Bell is the official DHF medical advisor. I trust him implicitly

          • i read the xrays so of course its confirmed

          • oh, oh….but x-rays don’t mean jack, right doc?

          • i cant reply to the comment below so ill do it here.

            xrays are not as sensitive for detection of fractures as MRI or CT. Sure most times ..the vast majority of the times, Xrays do detect fractures, but not always.

            MRI can show subtle fracture lines that Xray does not..and MRI can also show stress fractures that xray cannot.

            CT is between the two in effectiveness.

            Problem with MRI is that it takes longer and is not as readily accessible as the other two modalities.

            but if you want to poke fun go ahead, im a board certified physician and I know what im talking about.

            • You must not be practiing in Ontario, the CPSO doesn’t use ” board certified” terminology. Are you in the US?


    • Source?

  85. Blue Jays twitter says X-rays negative, EE day to day.

  86. Unlike Alvarez, Hutchison can actually miss bats and strike some people out. And unlike Drabek he actually throws strikes fairly consistently. He’s like the better aspects of those two pitchers combined.

    • And he has found another gear in his last 2 starts. He has hit 95 in both starts deep into games and is now averaging 92.8 and 92.5 over his last 2 starts which is a 2 mile increase in his fastball.

  87. why do we play AT fucking atlanta every time we play them?

  88. we are 0-6 at atlanta the last two times we’ve played them.

    in fact, we usually get swept on the road in interleague..and before you go wilner on me…its true..i checked out the stats.

  89. The story is still #5 under top stories on the front page of ESPN.com. So let’s not turn this into some sort of a Canadian ball-washing thing.

  90. Reason Atlanta doesn’t play games here – its obvious isn’t it – Chipper Jones.

    Of course that is ridiculous, and it would have been awesome to send him off into retirement with a nice tour of the islands, a visit to the Eaton Centre food court and ending the evening with dancing at El Convento Rico.

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