This is your Game Threat!

However… it may be an incomplete one, as I’m just waiting for a phone call, then I’ll be off to the Dome myself, late as ever. Because I’m sure you’re so fascinated to know. My stories are really quite entertaining. I’m quite a catch.



J0hn Lott of the National Post looks at the progress of Vlad Guerrero. “He’s ready for more than the Florida State League,” says manager John Farrell. “Obviously, his timing has become more consistent. A lot of hard contact, and that’s not just because of the four home runs in the short period of time there, but in talking with Mike Redmond, his bat speed is good and his batting practice and everything about his game has been pretty impressive.”

Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation wonders if Edwin Encarnacion might be Jose Bautista 2.0… kinda like Bill Parker did earlier in the week at Getting Blanked. Great minds, eh?

The Globe and Mail uses the social media phenomenon as what appears to be cover for a typical “Where are the fans?” piece. Or… actually… it’s kinda interesting– even if in it a person actually, seriously says: “It used to be people went to watch the games. Now, everything is all about ego. People want to brag and boast that they are at the game, they post pictures of themselves and send tweets. It’s about self-promotion and self-expression as much as it is about the game, which can be slow.” Holy pissing puke.

TV: Sportsnet, MLB Network

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
J. Arencibia C
D. Cooper 1B
R. Davis LF

H. Alvarez RHP

Boston Red Sox

S. Podsednik CF
D. Nava LF
A. Gonzalez 1B
D. Ortiz DH
J. Saltalamacchia C
W. Middlebrooks 3B
R. Sweeney RF
M. Aviles SS
N. Punto 2B

C. Buchholz RHP

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  1. I’m the man in white and so is my wife.

  2. Two most beautiful words in the English language. Catcher’s Interference.

  3. Hendo’s goggles making their first appearance of the season?

  4. Praise the lord, he hath banished Tabby once again

  5. The Massholes must be going crazy–2 ab’s, 2 errors. nice.

  6. For fucks sake, stop being dicks and wait for the umpire to make the call

  7. Is Jose ever going to learn? Seriously, knock that shit off.

  8. Gee…

  9. Wow, that was bad.

  10. Jose man up dude.

  11. 2 errors in one inning and no runs out of it? not good

  12. There are zero good outcomes from walking away before the ump makes his call.

  13. Those blue uniforms look like BP jerseys.

  14. as i sit here and smell my own farts i see pappy’s foot and imagine it smells the same after a game.fuck off umps and jose snit

  15. saw this on mlb trade rumours:

    decent read on possibly moving c.rasmus

    • holy fuck, I BEG you to show me where MLB Trade Rumors cited or linked that piece of shit article – just admit it you are the author or the Gimp of the author of that tripe – fucking trolling for page views here, right?? Right??!! FUCK OFF

      • i agree it was garbage.fuckoff troll

      • While I agree 100% that this was a shit article, badly written to the point of being almost completely incoherent, I feel as though I have to point out…it fucking WAS linked on MLB trade rumours. They are really scraping the bottom of the fucking shit barrel these days.

    • Decent read? The concluding argument bares no resemblence to any reality I have seen. Toss this piece of trash in the garbge and you should be banished

  16. anybody see the pitch placement for jose at bat on the computer location. i bet it caught the strike zone

  17. Oh man thats amazing…. Colby….RRaaa–AA-aaa–AAASS–Musss..

  18. buckholtz looks like the guy from the monkees

  19. They seem determined to self-destruct–hopefully we take advantage this time.

  20. What is it now, three runners on base with no hits or walks?

  21. Real question.

    If youre in s hift, youre betting on the guy at the plate pulling the ball.

    If youre so sure hes going to pull it, why not have the 3B go all in as well and simply play the bunt?

    Why give them the opportunity to lay one down? Make them earn it and push a single that way?

  22. hey zeus and apollo, where is higgins and magnum?

  23. im fucking bored

  24. cmon lawrie entertain us with some fuckin crazy shit or jose giving the finger to somebody.just kiddding i dont like that shit even when im bored.fuck off clay you are slower than frasor

  25. Is is just me but does Clay look about 15 years older than he did last year?

  26. i am liking that guy in left

  27. Damn, he almost got him – just needed to be closer to the plate.

  28. i need some fast food, any suggestions?

  29. FUCK!

  30. Ok time to steal some signs

  31. I have a weird feeling that this series will go the way of the home opener one

  32. The Tigers aren’t doing themselves (or us) any favours, are they.

  33. oh yeah baby and wasnt he trade talk this week?

  34. Yescobar is big boy.

  35. Fucking Yunel! power hitter extraoirdinaire

  36. The man in white is giving spanish signs made special for yunel

  37. so I am listening to the game on the radio and Wilner is calling the 3rd and 4th innings. Why is he citing batting average without any corresponding OBP – he just said “Rajai has brought that average up to .258″ no mention of his .310 OBP

    Here Wilner has a golden opportunity to “educate” the fans, but he falls into standard broadcastese.

  38. Jose doesn’t seem to like that call….

  39. Remember when Vernon hurt himself, and everyone applauded him for it, but still everyone said everyone would have been better off with him sitting out for a while?

    Thats how I feel about Johnson right now.

  40. Jose BauKisKa

  41. None may challenge Serpentor! This, I command!

  42. We are so going to be screwed all night with calls, real or perceived. Lock it up Jose!

  43. Bulletin–Jose’s not happy, and he wants everyone to know. Stay tuned for future developments.

  44. No way jose.

  45. fuckoff jose that pitch was a strike

  46. Jose had the good May, but these last 4-5 games he seems to have lost it again. Just saying.

  47. Good to see a reasonable umpire.

  48. I am getting the better of Jose tonight!

  49. Rasmus is studly

  50. Lawrie changed up his walk up song – Levels is out, Country Grammar is in??

  51. oh, I mixed up my Nelly songs – Batter Up is Lawrie’s choice

  52. So how long before we start talking about Lawrie’s “soft” average, or is he far to Canadian for that?

    • I dont think Lawrie gets any special treatement for being canadian, if anything I see him getting his balls busted more because he is canadaian, especially on here.
      I mean i think Parkes hates him just because he is canadian.

  53. Is bobble-Yunel checking out those girls?

  54. WTF – baseballs hate the Blue Jays pitchers???

  55. Again? WHAT THE FUCK?

  56. Why doesnt Farell chat with Jose tell him to stop this shit..Can a team fine its own players like they do in other leagues for doing stupid things?
    Players really dont seem to be disciplined like they are in other sports. No benchings etc..

  57. Well this isn’t good.

  58. Paging Dr. Bell

  59. That needs to stop happening.

  60. the umps are getting their revenge by implanting laser-guided chips designed for impact with Jays pitchers shinbones

  61. Ouch, that looked like it hit him on the ankle. Not a good sign for the Jays, especially with the offense making Buchholz actually look good through four innings.

  62. Wow really? Twice in two games? Shin guards boys, shin guards, I tell ya.

  63. Fuck sakes…got home, turned on the Tv, and Alvares was hit an instant later. I’m outta here! I’m clearly bad luck…


  65. Looks like Alvarez will get a needed breather. Good stuff.

  66. Like those tits on hey zeus’ mom, the best things come in toos! Holy fuck!!

    • hey jobu your sense of humour is lacking. it reminds me of high school.a little more refinement is neccesary and my mom has 3 tits

  67. Cooper gonna Coop

  68. There’s our white Ichiro.

  69. Nice Coop.

  70. all i read today was coopers lack of power

  71. we got a runner

  72. I am a doubles machine!

  73. sounds like buck got some medical lessons from Dr. Bell

  74. Alright, no excuse for not scoring in this inning, stop letting the worst fucking starter in the AL off the hook

  75. for the love of god, no double play. pleaseeeeeee

  76. Be nice to end this tradition of striking out with runners on 1st and 2nd and no out.

  77. Pitching to KJ is like pitching to the computer in Ken Griffey Baseball, same pitch in the same spot everytime and he’ll always swing and miss

    • you are dead on in that one.if the league did that he is in trouble.he bites hard on that every time

  78. Johnson really looked bad in that at bat

  79. And…yeah.

  80. fuck my mother’s best friend’s dog!

  81. This is frustrating.

    Bunting with Johnson was the right move, especially with how poorly hes swung the bat recently.

  82. Im starting to like the idea of mini cooper leading off
    better than kj

  83. If there’s one thing lamer than the 10th streaker of the year, it’s the 10th fucking streaker too much of a fucking wuss to take his fucking pants off. When did ‘streaker-lite’ become acceptable? Tosser.

  84. Ugh come on boys don’t let shitty clay get away with that. Twice runners on nobody out and you can’t score?? Puke.

  85. 1st & 5th very frustrating with K then DP. Way to bear fucking down, Jays.

  86. What a sweet pitcher alverz is he’s really sweet

  87. wow isn’t that typical. Jays squander chances in bottom half opposing team does them in the next half.

  88. These guys aren’t near as annoying without pedroia youk and papelboner in the lineup, I still hate them and everything, but Papi has to be the least hate able of the long term sox.

  89. Fuck. That was hit hard enough to go to the plate.

  90. Alvarez’s leg was surely not the problem there. Missed opportunities galore in this game.

  91. Well….that coulda been worse.

  92. Let’s see how this one goes…..

  93. Howdy, Quaid!

  94. I can see why this team would be completely unlikeable if you werent from Toronto.

  95. JoKe BauKisKa

  96. Bautista and the Jays in general have got to stop making a fuss about pitches that are actually strikes. Come on guys – I realize Lawrie got screwed over that one time, but a lot of these pitches are legit strikes and sometimes our hitters are pissing and moaning like 4th graders.

  97. Jose you’re swagger is awesome dude. Can’t you tell how much the umps love it.

  98. Buchholz was pure gold in that inning. Great pitching. This isn’t looking good.

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