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This is your Game Threat!

However… it may be an incomplete one, as I’m just waiting for a phone call, then I’ll be off to the Dome myself, late as ever. Because I’m sure you’re so fascinated to know. My stories are really quite entertaining. I’m quite a catch.



J0hn Lott of the National Post looks at the progress of Vlad Guerrero. “He’s ready for more than the Florida State League,” says manager John Farrell. “Obviously, his timing has become more consistent. A lot of hard contact, and that’s not just because of the four home runs in the short period of time there, but in talking with Mike Redmond, his bat speed is good and his batting practice and everything about his game has been pretty impressive.”

Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation wonders if Edwin Encarnacion might be Jose Bautista 2.0… kinda like Bill Parker did earlier in the week at Getting Blanked. Great minds, eh?

The Globe and Mail uses the social media phenomenon as what appears to be cover for a typical “Where are the fans?” piece. Or… actually… it’s kinda interesting– even if in it a person actually, seriously says: “It used to be people went to watch the games. Now, everything is all about ego. People want to brag and boast that they are at the game, they post pictures of themselves and send tweets. It’s about self-promotion and self-expression as much as it is about the game, which can be slow.” Holy pissing puke.

TV: Sportsnet, MLB Network

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
J. Arencibia C
D. Cooper 1B
R. Davis LF

H. Alvarez RHP

Boston Red Sox

S. Podsednik CF
D. Nava LF
A. Gonzalez 1B
D. Ortiz DH
J. Saltalamacchia C
W. Middlebrooks 3B
R. Sweeney RF
M. Aviles SS
N. Punto 2B

C. Buchholz RHP

Comments (580)

  1. This will all be worth it when the Jays bat around in the 8th and put up 6 just in time.

  2. Nice inning there, boy. The Jays are the chicken soup for the soul of Bucholz’ ERA.

    • His and any other pitcher than seems to be in a funk it seems. Pitching well? Then the Jays will take you out.

  3. Jose used to exhibit class. He used to telegraph that he was above the fray. I miss that Jose.

  4. The problem with Bautista recently I think is the problem of the guy that goes from being a journeyman to being a star. The attitude changes from one of adversity to one of entitlement. Frustration sets in when things don’t go perfectly. That’s the problem.

    • One of the delights of watching Bautista has been that he understands all sides of an issue. He’s been up, he’s been down. He’s been overlooked, made to feel like a pawn in a game not of his choosing, he’s soared like an eagle in a turkey shoot. He’s the last player I’d called entitled.

      • So, and not to be argumentative, but how would you characterize his histrionics when a perfectly good strike catches him napping? When he first got here he didnt do that.

  5. There’s the oh so rare Alvarez K. More scarce than the ivory billed woodpecker.

  6. Sad performance so far offensively by the Jays. Led by Jose’s piss-poor performance. Jose needs to figure out what leadership is all about. Some things you just can’t teach, I guess

  7. Wow. Exceptionally awful call in the Jays favour.

  8. I can D the fuck out of this game too!

  9. Nice arm; though he was actually safe, it’s nice to see something go our way.

  10. Yes, leadership IS at the very heart of this matter. But it’s not mine that’s inadequate, Jose Bautista, it is YOURS! Your ego driven stupidity has converted victory into catastrophe FOR THE LAST TIME!

  11. According to Kevin Goldstein, D’Arnaud has been taking groundballs at first base this week? This is news to me.


    If true, I hope it’s not with an eye to any sort of permanent change.

    • So is the strategy to turn every minor leaguer into a utility man, or can AA not engineer a trade

      • Nothing wrong in your players having flexibility. I’d rather see that over the short-term than trading away prospects I can potentially keep. Besides if he’s bat is truly legit and it’s just not the PCL bat fairies helping him out then like other teams, you’d want to keep his bat in the lineup as much as possible even on his off catching days. Playing 1st is a great way to do that.

  12. Blue Jays looking every bit of the team that makes outs at the 11th highest rate in the AL.

  13. Amazing what can happen when you’re not trying to pull everything out of the ball park.

    How long until Murphy fucks up Cooper’s opposite field swing?

  14. hmmm, not good.
    where is the its all over guy when u need him?

  15. 35 to 6, here we come!

  16. Im ready for a new crop of talent.

  17. They were lucky to get that third out (at first base). Total blowout inning.

  18. lol here we go again, June, Boston hitting ass raping Toronto pitching.

  19. good night irene, good night irene i’ll see you in my dreams.the jays suck against the sox again. oh well tomorrow.and jose get an attitude adjustment fuckin baby.

    • hay zeus–Leadbelly actually wrote “I’ll git you in my dreams.’ I’m waiting for the day when the Jays actually “git” the Massholes somewhere else than their dreams.


  21. Sweet white Ichiro!

  22. I don’t like seeing Cooper hit the ball the other way like that. Gotta learn to pull it like a man.

  23. When I’m through with Coop he’ll be a good hitter guys, don’t worry

  24. Cooper is the only guy trying to
    Play this game tonight ?

    Bautista hissy fits are starting to get really annoying and bummering

  25. And the comeback begins!

  26. So Cooper and Escobar have home runs, and rajai davis has two walks. Weird night.

  27. You can move heavy pots, shit rocks! ..and much more.

  28. PCL numbers, bitch!

  29. Well Jays, things are really looking up for you after tonight. That’s right, you’re looking up from the bottom of the standings at the rest of the division lol.

  30. Now you can see the wisdom of managements 8 man pen. The shit show series is just starting, and this, on paper was the best shot at a win this weekend.

    • Guess that’s management’s way of saying they don’t have a ton of confidence in the pitchers this weekend.

      • If I’m Boston coming in and I see an 8 man pen, I might be thinking, ‘yeah my batting average is going up this weekend’. Yep, standing room only in the pen – like pigs going for slaughter

  31. Santana with a no no thru 8 now.

  32. What will not be written about after the game is Farrell’s stupidity as he sends out Alvarez to start the 7th inning despite all signs pointing to Alvarez flirting with disaster in previous innings, add to that his injured leg.

    So Alvarez starts the 7th inning and promptly gives up a double.

    Sure perez came in and started off unlucky with that infield hit..but who knows what would have happened had he started the inning with noone on and noone out and a lefty at the plate.

    • Have to say I probably agree you with on that one though Perez is the one that cost the runs. If you’re going with an 8 man pen might as well make use of it. I know Drabek is pitching tomorrow and all but it’s Ricky’s side day he could pitch in a pinch.

    • When a team gets 6 hits in an innings its not really the problem of the guy who gave up 1 hit and struck out one batter.

      • Results based analysis rather than process based analysis will leave you in the dark ages. Perez inability to get the third out is not the issue. Farrell has shown repeated tendency to send pitchers out there for one inning too many time after time.

        Perez was also quite unlucky and should have been out of the inning save for a well placed infield single.

        • And 1 hit and 1K is pretty much what Alvarez had done every single inning of the game. He was actually pulled earlier than most starters have been this year.

          Farrell is not to blame for this loss, if you start blaming him for every team failure then you lessen the claim of negligence that actually applies when he does make grievous errors of judgement.

          • Im not blaming him for the loss. the fucking team was down 3-1 in the 7th inning and a solid 3 to 1 dog to win before the stupid move in sending out alvarez.

            im pointing out the fact that he sends gassed starting pitchers out for one too many innings time and time again..and it has to stop.

          • George that’s a good point. Where the hell have the Jack Morris’s gone in this world. jack was great, just wanted the ‘W’ and would stay in the game till he got it. We need more of that not less. Sadly, pitchers will soon only have to pitch 3 innings for a win. BTW can we move the fences in again?

  33. We need to get bautista out of the 3 hole

  34. News Flash–”I might be wrong.” (Greg Zahn)

    • Its better for him to admit that he might be wrong rather than carry on with bullshit arguments to try adn prove u might be right like Wilner does.
      Wilner is probably saying Lind is having a decent year still.

  35. Two men on? Time to strike out!

  36. How the fuck can this red sox team score so many runs running out daniel nava, scott podsednick, mike aviles, mike sweeney

  37. fuck me colby! at least according to gamecast that pitch was right down the middle at 88 mph


  39. The Sux lead the league in X-base hits, are 1st in doubles and 6th in HRs, some of that is definitely Green Monster related but lesson to Jays – who are 27th in doubles, but 10th in X-base hits due their HRs. We have seen it tonight, Jays are not a great hitting team – they are grip and rippers – HRs or bust, baby!!

    • I agree that the jays approach to hitting in general is flawed. the team cant score a run unless its a dinger..and those have mostly been of the solo variety..

      BUT, if there is one guy who needs to pull the ball more and start earlier ..its brett lawrie

    • You know sometimes that double can be more effective than a HR. You have that runner dancing off second getting in the pitcher’s head. With a HR, you just score and no one is on base to provide that assist for the next batter.

      • Unless it’s a catcher, it which case the strikeout can be even better than both. You don’t want a slow guy clogging up the bases or not having enough time to get his pads on.

    • Pitching (8th overall) still seems to be the larger issue whether it’s the pen (12th in the AL) or starters (5th and sinking). With the Jays quick strike offense having a lock down pen like Texas would make a huge difference. Tonight is a fine example of that. We could be easily going into the 9th just down a run instead of 5.

  40. well, I did it with the Ks so here you go, for the outfield assists:

    jOse bAutOstA

  41. hmm, what if Robert Coello came in to start the 6th

  42. actually it should be jOsA bOtistA

  43. So depressing losing to the Red Sox and watching the Blue Jays nestle into that just-above-.500 spot they find so comfortable

    • It’s 1 game. After sweeping a divisional rival that was in first place. Losing still leaves them 2 games above .500 and 3 games out of the division lead. Not suicide time.

      • the way the season goes, they will lose a few in a row.

        we are into fucking june and the number of times the jays have alternated a loss/win or win/loss is TWICE

  44. What kind of hotdogs does the rogers dome have?


    (that is my new swear word)

  46. Oh well at least we got Kyle tomorrow! WOot!

    • Don’t tell me–this is a good news/bad news kinda thing, right? See you tomorrow.

      • Yes you’ll get your money’s worth in pitches thrown without a doubt. After that I’m not promising anything.

        • Just back and wanted to respond to your earlier post on D’Arnaud at first. I like the utility flexibility you sugested, but that guy exists in Gomes. Appears that D’Arnaud will challenge for the starting catcher position – thats what he should be focused on – not first. Let JPA and D’Arnaud duke it out. Competion will breed success

  47. Didn’t really pitch or hit worth a shit tonight and top 4 for Sox just 10 for 18. Back at it tomorrow.

  48. Man, I find Bautista to be so fucking annoying now. I honestly wish the umps would start tossing him, maybe he’d get the point then. It’s just so fucking embarrassing. He acts like he is Bonds out there LOL. Maybe start putting up some numbers and THEN you can get a little sooky if a call doesn’t go your way. But please, you’re hitting .223 with a .332 OBP…just walk back to the fucking dugout like the failure that you are.

    I’ll be back on his cock when he starts hitting again.

    • “just put up some numbers”

      Oh, you mean like the last two years when he was the best hitter in the game?

      • The last 2 years? Why are you talking about that now? Fuck it lets just sign Bonds because he had awesome numbers 10 years ago! Haha fail.

  49. So Gose has gone 4/4 tonight at Vegas. Since May 1st (including tonight’s game) he’s had the following line:

    .384 avg, .446 OBP, .576 SLG, 1.033 OPS

    125 AB, 48 hits, 7 2b, 4 3b, 3 hr, 23 k, 13 bb, 16 sb, 2 cs

    The average is pretty nice even for Vegas. More importantly, he’s dropped his K rate down to 16.1% for the month.

  50. Really? An article about bad attendance now?


    They’re 20th out of 30th in the league, and way up from the last two years. This is noteworthy?


  52. Unrelated question on the Impaler: does he get Cecil’s #27? I would assume he does considering he has been reassigned. Time to suit up a jersey…

  53. Hmmm, Nava does make outs. Who knew?

  54. Drabek’f stuff looks good tonight, im excited

  55. Game over

  56. Yet again, kickin’ our ass with 2 outs.

  57. I have less faith in Drabek to pitch a good game than any other pitcher on this team.

  58. Drabel looks upset and seems like he’s going to unravel. He could be really good if he could just get his head screwed on straight. It goes without saying that this one’s all over! I see I’m not the first to jump ship.

  59. collllllllllllllllllllby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the jays are an annoying team to watch right now

  60. Once again, managements foresight in the 8 man pen proves their keen insight…maybe we will need 9 before the series is done

  61. of course the freak fly ball has to come with 2 RISP

  62. I need to start drinking.

  63. Sigh. Well fuck this showing, better off enjoying the good weather.

  64. Boston loves Ontario in early June.

  65. Ugh. Man. So disheartening giving up 4 runs right off the top of the game like that.

    You feel like the game’s already won.

  66. Drebek strikes out the side! Looks like the compass and the topi-graphical map of home plate I mailed him helped.

  67. Jitterbug



  68. Colby doubles down the stellar outfield play with the 3 pitch K. Nice!

  69. woot laura fraser! there is now something worth watching in this game

  70. Is that F@cker Drabek EVER going to get his shit together????????????????

  71. I knew Frasor’s wife was a babe, but damn!

  72. I would rather see Frasor’s wife than drabek pitch… Buck is in love

  73. fuck the blue jays I want to watch the lady jays now

  74. one thing I have noticed with this Jays team. They can beat the bad teams, which is good….i.e sweep Kansas, sweep baltimore, but they cannot compete with the good teams.
    They get beat badly by the good teams so people start getting worried, pissed off, but then they will come back and sweep a shitty team and people start to think that things are OK again.
    Until they can start competing with the good teams, there is no shot at all for playoffs, doesnt matter how far back they are or what their record is.

    • That’s a pretty accurate condensed history of the Blue Jays, 1994-present.

      • Pretty much true. It’s time for the June swoon.Wilner was annoying last night as he kept telling callers to be positive because they are only 3 games out of a second wildcard. He said it didn’t matter that the Jays were tied for last place. Of course , Wilner forgets that at best only 3 teams from the AL east can make the playoffs.

    • Welll…

      Most teams beat bad teams and struggle against good teams. Good teams lose fewer games.

      But also – I’m not totally sure that’s right if you look back through the sched. 2/3 from Bos in April, 2/3 from Texas, 2/2 from NYY, 2/4 from LAA.

    • If they win the extra inning games versus tampa and texas, they would’ve been 3-3 on that road trip, which I’d say is “competing” against the good teams. But hey let’s all jump on the panic button instead, because we all know the standings in june are going to be the final standings.

  75. We have the Red Sox exactly where they want us. Sole possession of last place is squarely in our sights and we won’t be denied. Watershed game here for 2012, we will not be ahead of Boston again

    • Last place means nothing when you’re still 2 1/2 out of the playoffs.

      • We peceive this differently James. You now have another team to pass. Look how long its taken the Red Sox. We can’t keep played like this and gaining ground

        • That’s because the red sox were like 10 – 19 or something! Not because they were in 5th when all 5 teams were within about 2 games of each other.

          At this stage of the season, you really just don’t want to fall too far back of that 2nd WC.

        • “”We can’t keep played like this and gaining ground”

          That I totally agree with. It really doesn’t feel like they’ve clicked yet.

          On one hand it’s incredibly frustrating to watch. On the other, it does give me some optimism that if they Jays are only a game or two out when they look to be underperforming (at least the offense), maybe they could make some real headway when they click or even play over their heads.

          • I with you, that’s my wish. The reality I see is that the real conbtenders TB, Boston are the teams we need to beat and can’t. You know the recent math and a loss today is a 1-5 reacord in the last 6 against these 2 teams. All the wishful thinking disappears fast when you watch the BJ’s in must win games.

          • the question is to what degree is the offense under performing and to what degree is it just not good enough?

          • The problem is if the Jays are not in the wildcard spot by the trade deadline, Rogers won’t let AA try to get another bat or starting pitcher. Wilner & the Sportsnet crew will be ordered to tell the fans that 2012 & 2013 will be rebuilding years.

            We will be told to look forward to seeing Sants & Dustin McGowan being healthy for 2013!.

            New bullpen for 2013 coming as well:))

          • @birddog … I know what you’re saying, but they haven’t really had a must win game yet. It’s June and they’re a couple out of the playoffs.

  76. taking 5 pitches, with a k and a lazy pop fly in 2 abs. way to redeem yourself colby!

  77. Ugh. Just when it looked like we might crawl back in it, I feel like it’s going to be 6 or 7 to 1 by the bottom of this inning.

  78. The problem with creating these narratives (can’t beat the good teams, will never be ahead of Boston again, etc.) is people then insist on investing in them, to the exclusion of common sense or even facts. Sweeping a first place team doesn’t fit the narrative, so they are labelled bad.

  79. Hey spud, it is extemely kind of you to lable the Orioles a first place team. Yes, they were, but their fall from this lofty position wasn’t a surprize to anyone. You know the O’s weren’t a contender, so the claim that the Jays sweept a first place team is an agrandizment of distorted proportins

    • Eh, a trifle melodramatic, but instructive… Nemesis Enforcer, take him away…

    • This is exactly what I mean. After 50 games they were in 1st, but because of the OriLOLes narrative so beloved by so many, you claim that I am distorting facts. I don’t expect them to be in 1st place at the conclusion of the season, but would like to enjoy the sweep and see it as an accomplishment, not a given against low hanging fruit.

      • The facts you have given are true. The sweep was an accomplishment that was unexceptional, and did not define this years BJ’s in any meaningful way. Being swept by Texas, and losing series to the Rays and Sox, both of which had substantial injuries, and critical implications to the Jays future is not only a telling sign, but puts them in a position (last place) that they will dwell in for some time. The only escape from this horrific fate will be that the O’s (that first place team you talk of) fall faster in the stadings than we do.

  80. Battle will be between the Jays and Orioles for last place by the all star break.

  81. If there was a better option in the minors I’d say send Drabek down. Even though he’s had 7 good starts to 3 bad ones he just seems on a total downward spiral right now that was similar to last years progression where he started off reasonably well but started to fall apart in late May and June. Unfortunately, the cupboard is pretty bare right now in terms of starting prospects ready to pitch at the MLB level. Not sure what the Jays are going to do but not skipping those starts when they could is starting to look like a very bad decision.

    Obviously the D let him down a bit in this game but he’s hardly been in control either.

  82. Attaboy JBau!

  83. Nice of Jose to take a short break from being a whiny fucktard.

  84. Love how Buck starts a sentence pointing out that E5 was credited with a base hit due to a scoring change, and ends the same sentence reporting that he’s 0 for 1.

  85. Is that kid from Life Goes On the official scorer for this game?

    Rasmus drops a fucking flyball and its a double.

    cooper hits a ball off the pitchers glove and its an error.

    • Even Corky Thatcher is smart enough to have not attempted that particular ruse.

    • I mentioned it at the beginning of the year but nobody seemed to gve a shit.Dave Perkins,the official scorer for the Jays, was interviewed at the beginning of the season.He said the rule changes made this year will make it difficult and will change some stats for players. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but for stats geeks and player agents it will. Even the appeal process has changed,player agents can now request an appeal of a scoring decision.It may cause some official scorers to quit.
      One rule changed, for example, a catchable ball falls in between two outfielders,one of them will be charged an error.Pick one.

      • I used to think that in order for an error to be charged, a player actually has to have touched the ball.
        Obviously this is not the case, i just wonder where i got that from.

      • so what do the “new rules’ have to do with giving a double on a ball that rasmus flat out dropped?

        • MLB dictates what is a hit and what is an error.That’s what the official scorer goes by.

          So did Drabek have a decent outing or a shitty outing?Depends whether Rasmus committed an error or not.

      • in that situation why hasnt MLB changed how they charge errors to a half .5 error to 2 players or put the 2 players numbers together like E0708 or something to that effect

        • Yes like the NFL gives half credits on a sack….

        • @ Hay zeus

          How in the fuck would I know why MLB does what it does?Ya think I’m a fucking mind reader?

          Whew, sorry about that, had a DJF momment there.

          To answer your querry.
          I dunno.

    • Dave Perkins is the official scorer.

  86. George Bell, Life Goes on…..

  87. What’s great about that rasmus error is how bad it makes Drabek’s pitching day look, when really this has been one of his better starts in a while. 6IP/5H/2BB/4K and only 89 pitches. take away that “hit” by nava, and it’s a 4H, 3ER game so far over 6IP. Not bad for a 4th starter.

  88. 2 outs and for some stupid reason we’re obsessed with the runner on first. So retarded. Pitching coaches need to stamp out this nonsense.

  89. : Mabey this is why, i dont know….

    From wiki:

    A more subtle, though more significant objection to the error, as sabermetricians have noted, is more conceptual. In order for a fielder to be charged with an error, he must have done something right by being in the correct place to be able to attempt the play. A poor fielder may “avoid” many errors simply by being unable to reach batted or thrown balls that a better fielder could successfully reach. Thus, it is possible that a poor fielder will have fewer errors than an otherwise better fielder.

    In recent times, official scorers have made some attempt to take a fielder’s supposed “extraordinary” effort or positioning into account when judging whether the play should have been successful given ordinary effort. However, this still leaves statistics, such as fielding percentage, that are based on errors as a dubious way to compare the defensive abilities of players.

  90. HIGH AND LEFT JOSE BAUTISTA !!!!!!!! flies out to the warning track

  91. Nice of Farrell to concede by putting Coco in. We were only down 2, we probably still had around a 5% chance of coming back.

  92. Coco…
    would be more pissed if the Jays were ahead here or tied…

    game set match…

  93. For fuck’s sake. Why is Coco in?

    • U might as well put him in when more than likely you are going to lsoe anyway, rather than put him in when you are ahead so you can lose that game too…

      • Hutch vs. Bard tomorrow … highly unlikely we will be ahead at any point during that game.

  94. hey just face the facts that the sox hitters are really hot right now and stop being so down on the jays.we know there is room for improvement on the jays and there are alot of good teams taking a 3-7 turn this year. this division gets alot of wins against teams outsidee the division and slug the shit out of each other when they meet.and boston just has the mojo against the jays.they just believe they win every time and they do.

  95. Aren’t we so glad that Coco came into pad the lead for Boston? This might be a threat!

  96. Thanks Ryan Sweeney.

  97. WHAT IN THE FUCK … why are we stealing 3rd with two outs?

    If that was Lawrie’s decision, sit him down for a week.

  98. what the fuck goes on between them canadian ears

  99. WTF??
    we are down 2……tying run at the plate?
    Talk about Corky Thatcher…
    fucking lawrie always trying to be the hero.

    Parkes will love that play.

  100. Lawrie is fucking liability

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