It probably doesn’t make it a whole hell of a lot less painful, but after the initial x-rays on Edwin Encarnaion’s hand came back inconclusive, the Jays got the news that we all wanted to hear…

I don’t think anyone should expect that this means that Edwin is going to be back swinging the bat when the Jays resume play against the White Sox in Chicago on Tuesday, but evidently the club doesn’t feel they’ll be playing with a short bench for too long. Given how important he’s been to the club’s offence, he can’t be back soon enough.

They’re still struggling just to keep their heads above water, and didn’t make the most of an opportunity to lay the hurt on Boston this weekend, but the dodging of this bullet, in addition to good news on scary-looking plays featuring Brandon Morrow and Henderson Alvarez this week… these are the kinds of breaks the Jays need if they’re to have any kind of hope this season.

Side note: Apologies for the lack of Game Threats this weekend, I had one ready today, thought I published it, but missed a step that’s now mandatory before any of our posts go live, and walked away from the computer without realizing this. Brutal!


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  1. let me be the first to say, “no probs stoeten”…….

  2. no probs, Stoeten!

  3. Wording of the post title seems…uh…poorly chosen in light of recent, real world events.

    I actually thought the first figurative bullet dodged alluded to Brett Lawrie’s Eaton Centre trip. Just probably doesn’t seem all that necessary to headline your site with this particular wording, you know, the day after.

    • Didn’t even think of that. Holy shit.

    • Oh fuck off. It clearly refers to the fact that both Morrow and Alvarez were drilled on the leg with line drives and Escobar had a scare earlier in today’s game.

      But yes Never Forget 6/2 Eaton Centre, We Stand As One

  4. noob! hehe.. seriously though I am surprised that big leaguers don’t wear padded mitts like they do in cricket.

  5. Yeah that’s 4 injuries the Jays have now dodged the last few games with the two leg injuries to the pitchers and the 2 hand injuries to EE and Escobar. Can’t imagine how bad it would have been if all 4 had been serious.

  6. I love how news reports that Brett Lawrie was at the shooting. Like when it comes down to it he’s any fucking more special than any other human being. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me.

    Back to baseball, hopefully EE makes it back real soon! Good news though because at first I thought the season was over. Weird, who would have ever thought losing EE would cement that thought into my head.

    • He’s more loved in Toronto than Votto who is FROM Toronto…..and won a MVP award.

      so umm yeah. nobody is saying he’s special that we HAD to know he was okay but do you know how man joe schmoes who war eat the mall got press over the shooting. Calm down buddy.

    • That’s just the media for you. City Pulse was making a big stink over the fact that it was being picked up by CNN and places in Europe. Yeah something to be really proud about.

    • In case you hadn’t noticed, famous people being somehow involved in newsworthy events tends to become a newsworthy event in itself.

    • The story is still #5 under top stories on the front page of So let’s not turn this into some sort of a Canadian ball-washing thing.

      • I’ve posted to the wrong reply before, but you were on the wrong fucking page…how the hell did you do that?

        • I second that. Inquiring minds would like to know…

        • I was doubling down on my DJF and had this post and the Game Threat open in different tabs on my browser. Opened to double-check what I had seen on a new tab, and when I went back to write my post, I flipped back to the wrong tab. Stupid mistake.

    • Based on lawrie’s comments today he was very close to the shooting. He said he was in the food court 10 seconds before it happened. With the number of innocent bystanders hurt, it is posible that Lawriec ould have been shot.

  7. Idiots worry about idioms.

  8. I have to say that I’m really disappointed in the lack of draft hype this year. I know the top picks are a letdown but it doesn’ t mean the 25 teams picking after have to be ignored.

    After all, good old Dad was drafted 25th overall!

    • Just so hard to gauge what might happen with the Jays, since they’re picking so deep into the draft. It always kind of seems like a waste of time to me to get too worked up about anyone until we see how the chips fall. Not real interested in creating false hope for one guy who we don’t really know at all, and false outrage when they pass on him or he gets picked by someone ahead of the Jays.

      • I mean, even isn’t hyping it up.

        The draft is probably the most important days of the year for a team’s front office. The big spenders have free agency but that’s spread over months. The trade deadline is important too, but the impact is usually for a few months for the adding team. The sellers get the better comparison to draft day.

        Imagine the trade deadline just passing with a couple articles about some guys that might be traded.

        • I see your point, but I think there’s a couple things at play.
          1) Unlike other pro sports, the MLB Draft takes place in season. To promote it and build it up would take away from the games being played, and cost resources directed at promoting a season which, long as it is, is already difficult enough to convince many fans to stay focused on.
          2) The MLB Draft is really, really long and, due to issues like signability (i.e. unlike football or basketball, where a kid has to make a decision before the draft about whether he’s staying amateur or going pro, or hockey, where a kid’s rights belong to you no matter what, there are no guarantees that a top talent will actually sign/play with a team that drafts him- how’s that working out for you Tyler Beede?) talent drops all over the board, with no guarantees that they’ll even sign, making both trite and pithy draft coverage like you see with other sports and accessibility to the casual fan problematic.
          3) The length of time and difficult path of making it through the massive and deep MLB development process mean that it can take years for most prospects to make an impact at the major league level, often with a different organization from the one who drafted them. This makes it difficult for the casual fan who’s not into prospect porn to really get invested in the process, as the majority of players take so long to actually play for a team that they can follow and watch.

          All that being said, ESPN (among other US media, especially baseball focused outlets) has been hyping the draft basically since the end of their NFL Draftt coverage. So its out there, just not here. We get to talk about who the leafs might sign as a goalie in a month or which American team is going to win the Stanley Cup.

  9. Oh, and what the fuck has gotten into Jays fans showing up in large numbers to games ;)

    When was the last time the Jays did back-to-back games with 40,000 fans? Anyone?

    • Don’t be thinking that with these large crowds that AA now has the money to spend on veteran players…he had to pay for all those bobbleheads. No trades, not FA signings yet

  10. Were the back-to-back ones last year the “home games” in Philadelphia or was that two years ago?

  11. Then what happened last year when the Jays broke 40 thousand+ in consecutive games? Bobblehead and Alomar’s Hall of Fame day?

  12. Only thing broken here is Stoeten’s streak of Game Threats (that’s only if you count the half-assed and the quarter-assed ones.

  13. is lawrie a fucking teenager? wtf is he doing hanging out in the food court after a ML game? I don’t think jeter hangs out at the arcade after a game.

  14. I remember last year the x-rays on Brett Lawrie’s hand said that nothing was broken…and then they re-x-rayed (that’s not a word) him two days later, and found a break.

    I’ll never trust an x-ray done on the same day as the injury again!


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