Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Programming Note: It’s your non-draft links– or mostly non-draft links– for Monday, June 3rd!

In his mock draft for FanGraphs, Marc Hulet has the Jays taking both Lance McCullers (at 17) and Lucas Giolito. Interesting…

Gregor Chisholm of tells us that Brandon Morrow threw a bullpen over the weekend and is fine for his next start.

Dirk Hayhurst muses on the fact that the Jays found themselves alone in the AL East basement over the weekend.

A team release over the weekend announced that the Jays had picked up RHP Chris Schwinden on waivers from the Mets, D’ing FA Dan Farquhar in order to clear room on the 40-man.

The Jays drop a spot in Jonah Keri’s MLB power rankings at Grantland. I’d complain, but… it’s not like the Jays have done much to counter the perception that they’re kinda mediocre, no matter how much I believe their true talent is probably higher than that.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun wonders what the hell happened to Adam Lind and Aaron Hill, among other various curiosities– like his (presumed) buddy Tim Wilken being voted as the best scout in the business by Baseball America, Buck Showalter’s praise for Brian Butterfield, and more.

Elsewhere at the Sun, Ken Fidlin wonders if the Jays will swoon in June– which rhymes!

After, I’m pretty sure, trying to not raise alarm bells over Henderson Alvarez’s inability to get strikeouts, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star raises alarm bells over Henderson Alvarez’s inability to get strikeouts.

At Getting Blanked, Travis Reitsma looks at Red Sox starter Daniel Bard, who you may have noticed didn’t pitch so well against the Jays on Sunday.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi writes about Jays pitcher Dan Norris, who may be the last of his kind– a later round selection who slipped for signability, but was still drafted and given first round money– and he talks to Carlos Villanueva, the Jays’ union rep, about changes to the CBA, and specifically how it impacts guys who’ll be drafted tonight and tomorrow. He also wonders who Ricky Romero is, which you’d think a guy covering the Jays would know by now. HEYO!

At Fox Sports, Jon Morosi makes the case for some deserved, but lesser known, players to be part of this year’s All-Star Game, including Edwin Encarnacion. “In the midst of his renaissance from part-time player to 50-homer slugger, I asked Bautista to give me the name of another player capable of a similar transformation,” he writes. “His answer: Edwin Encarnacion. In 2012, that has come to pass.”

And lastly, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked, for your viewing pleasure!

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  1. I havent seen any mention or MLBTR’s rumour of Morneau coming to the Jays at the deadline. Stoeten is passing on a chance to call people maple dicks with maple boners, thats nuts

  2. Lol @ Hulet’s mock draft, the Jays would end up going WAAAAAAY overslot even if they signed one of Giolito or McCullers.

  3. Here’s a snack to chew on -

    Mike Newman ‏@ScoutingtheSAL
    Had an interesting convo with a scout about how the #BlueJays would be a great landing spot for #Mariners Felix Hernandez.

    Mike Newman ‏@ScoutingtheSAL
    We wound up agreeing JP Arencibia, Anthony Gose, Henderson Alvarez and Noah Syndergaard for Felix Hernandez would help both franchises.

    • Do it!!

      (No chance the Mariners do that deal).

      • I think they’d do it

        I mean thats a young cheap fulltime catcher with a pretty high ceiling as long as he can keep catching..

        a young high ceiling cf

        a young mid rotation pitcher

        a young top of the rotation starter in syndergaard.

        thats 4 everyday players

        • See my post about King Felix’s velocity in a post below (which was meant to be a reply in this thread):

          Because of declining velocity, weight and back issues, a massive contract, and the team generally sucking, I’d be shocked if it wasn’t priority #1 for the Mariners to deal Hernandez this season.

        • Isn’t 2 major league players plus 2 elite prospects for 2 years of Felix Hernandez excessive?

          i assume at the very minimum you would have to negotiate a contract extension.

  4. It’s June 4 mother fucker.

  5. Keith Law just said in his chat that if given a clean bill of health by his doctors (which his second hand information leans towards) he would take Lucas Giolito #1 overall.

  6. His velocity chart (link below) scares me. I don’t think it’s a co-incidence that King Felix has been getting rocked on the road this season:

  7. The Bill Elliot link is missing (the one article that comes up there is Jonah Keri’s article).

  8. Seeing a lot of chatter (read, mostly Twitter BS) about the Jays taking a loot at Matt Garza, which… hmmmm…

  9. The link for the Toronto Sun article goes to the Grantland power rankings

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