Um… wait, what’s that scoop on the Rogers-owned Blue Jays you’ve got there, Barry Davis, of the Rogers-owned Sportsnet?

Holy smokes, eh? Not that I’m opposed to Kelly Johnson hitting with more guys on, Colby Rasmus hitting higher, or Brett Lawrie being shamed into no longer hitting just singles, but… that’s a rather interesting looking lineup as the Jays send Ricky Romero to the hill in Chicago to face Phil Humber of the White Sox, huh?

Davis adds that Lawrie can’t ever recall hitting lead-off, as far back as high school, while @theScoreTicker adds that Lawrie will become tonight the Jays’ youngest leadoff hitter since Felipe Lopez in 2001.

I can’t say I entirely get it, with Yunel Escobar having been back to his old on-base-getting self all through May, putting up a .342 OBP after a dismal .257 in April– and having been on base four times in three games in June, with no strikeouts. Especially since Lawrie’s numbers, except in the power department, took a hit in the season’s second month, with his strikeout rate up, and his walk rate and on-base percentage down.

But hey… John Farrell, everyone! And who knows, maybe it will work. It’s not like lineup construction matters that much, as long as players are relatively decent and not giant, Adam Lind-shaped, sucking black holes.

What does kind of sound more ominous, however, is what Davis adds about Edwin Encarnacion, who made the trip with the club, was expected to play tonight according to an Alex Anthopoulos radio hit over the weekend, and now says he’s had a lot of pain in his hand over the last two days. “Better today,” he tells Davis, but he “hasn’t swung a bat since” the incident on Sunday when he was hit by a pitch from the now-demoted Dan Bard.  Still, he “hopes he can play tomorrow,” we’re told.

Get well, Edwin! Let us never see this wacky lineup again!


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  1. Good be just me, but feels like one of those day game giveaway lineups. Hope I’m wrong.

  2. Funny, I suggested that Lawrie leading off and Rasmus hitting second was a good idea last week sometime.

    • The Jays Management and Coaches must have read your posts then, good work let see how it works out!

      • LOL +1

      • If they are taking comments from message boards I think we are in trouble. Just saying, its pretty funny that what I thought was a little ‘outside the box thinking’ happens to go legit within a week. Also, I was called a bunch of names and got condescended to like crazy for suggesting the Jays could realistically pick up Colby Rasmus…… nothing, its all just a big fucking cooincidence, but can I get a Stone Cold stlye ‘Hell Yeah’ for saying the Jays shoud get Paul Goldschmidt? Because, obviously, that is now going to happen.

    • lawrie leading off makes no sense when yunel escobar gets on base better and strikes out less than he does.

      I like lawrie, and he will one day be a good player.. but as of right now I have a hard time not batting him ninth.

      • I disagree. Lawire is hitting well below where you assume he would as far as OBP and AVG goes, so why not give him a shot? He’s fast, he has power, should get a lot of doubles and runs out grounders like a fiend resulting in tons of infiled hits. I say – sabremetrics aside (though those will no doubt work in his favor eventually) – he is a prototypical leadoff hitter: a fast player who can get on base in a variety of ways. Plus, this gives him at least one extra ab per game. I say, no downside.

  3. Is this a Joe Maddon/Carlos Pena thing?!

  4. Who cares about the batting order when the bench for tonight’s game is McCoy & Mathis? Terrible roster management to go with an 8 man bullpen fresh off 2 off days.

    • Surprised they didn’t ditch the 8th pen guy. Who knows maybe they are waiting on Gomes but it’s not like Sierra wasn’t available either.

    • It’d be a problem if it was going to last, but obviously it isn’t. Really stupid, though, I agree.

    • Plus we’ll need Mathis to get a hold when we’re up 1 in the 8th.

      • I love when non-pitchers pitch. Of course I missed the game when Mathis pitched (well, stopped watching)… I remember seeing Boggs pitch once…. I wonder who has the most IP for a non-pitcher?

  5. If they actually click tonight, holy fuck you know what tomorrows line up will be.

  6. I liked the thought of Johnson hitting ever since they sent Lind down. He’s certainly got the power to hit there and it could allow Farrell to keep his precious lefty, righty order intact.

    As for Lawrie I really don’t care where he hits long as he stops being such a singles hitter. He’s only hit a handful or so balls really hard for homers or into the gaps all year. Quite a big difference from last year when nearly everything he hit he hit hard.

    Just hope EE’s hand injury doesn’t send him into a big funk with the really hard stretch of games coming up.

  7. OBP, shmo-BP. Lawrie is FAST.


  8. Buck and Pat drinking game keywords for tonight:

    - “sets the tone”
    - “energy at the top of the lineup”
    - “fires up his teammates”
    - “natural fit”
    - “leadoff mentality”

    So, I’ll be wasted by the second pitch Philip Humber throws.

    • +1.34519672
      serious lol on this one.
      Although you forgot “hustles out ground balls”
      and “breaking up double plays”

      • And for Zaun:
        – “git back in the truck”
        – “his command of his fastball…”
        – “establish the strikezone early”
        – “git me another rye and diet, Ginger”

        • I’m more than a little crestfallen that I haven’t heard Buck talk about “fisting balls” as much this year.

    • I swear to god I heard a bunch of those phrases already…

      • +1 to matt2pt0 and Malcolm each. Those are great. You should have added “good athlete” to Buck/Tabby’s list.

        -1.34519672 to Paul Boudreau. This is my schtick; get your own.

  9. I agree that Escobar and Lawrie flipped makes a helluva lot more sense. But if its just a short-term thing until Edwin’s healthy, then fuck it, lets see how it goes.

  10. HOLY righty-lefty fascination….is that what dictated this lineup overhaul?

  11. So Goldstein was just saying on Twitter he thinks it’s going to take a lot more than $1.5 million to sign Smoral. His draft slot was $1 million so the Jays are really going to have to skim from the rest of the draft to get this guy. I really hate the new draft rules. Next year is going to be much worse for teams like the Jays too.

    • especially as the lack of compensation picks is going to cut both the number of picks and bonus pools, thus limiting flexibility

    • They just took 7 college seniors with no leverage from rounds 4-10. There’s going to be a lot of extra money to disperse on guys taken in rounds 1-3 and from 11 on.

    • My bad also for the 5% overage they can spend without draft pick loss which equals $441,540 so I’d say they need to skim about another $0.5-$1.0 million more for Smorals.

      Just can’t help but think Bedee is kicking himself in the nuts for turning down that
      $2 mil+ now. He’ll have to go top 15 in future drafts for sure but he’ll also have next to no leverage as well.

      Personally I think a lot of these kids got rocks in their heads turning that kind of cash down. $2 million in the bank at a 5% return after taxes is $100k a year for life. Add to that the risks of injury or outright failure, never mind increased competition and the chance to get to the majors quicker and make the major league minimum of $480k. Then again that’s just me.

      • Yeah I know? If they value education (as I think they should) they’ve already got a college degree or they just bank the money and go to school when they’ve given the whole sport thing a shot.

        • I think the reason a lot of them go for the (free) education – probably worth upwards of $100,000 in the US – is that there are no guarantees in baseball. If your baseball career flames out your education is the next best thing to have. Of course, a player could always go back to school if his career doesn’t work out, so it could all be moot.

    • Or they can promise him big-league service time money for this year yet.

  12. Playing the W Sux always brings to mind two of the most loathsome characters in baseball:

    This guy:

    and this guy:

    • The Whitesox are only drawing 20k a game with a first place team.

      Maybe they need to relocate to Venezuela?

  13. Playing the WSux always brings to mind two of the most loathsome characters in baseball:

    This guy:

  14. who came up with these new rules, anyways? I fail to see how they benefit either the team owners or the players union…and they should have instituted some sort of (albeit limited) draft pick trading rules as well.

    • The were done primarily for cheap ass owners like the White Sox owner who hates spending money in the draft. As for the players it works out well for the current ones (present day union members) since they got their cake and probably will get to eat it too as more teams are forced to go back to paying for free agents to shore up their holes.

      I can see some advantages but we’ll have to see how it plays it. IMO mid-tier teams are going to get it the worst.

      The high end teams like the Sox and Yanks will continue to spend as needed but at least they probably won’t have the wealth of prospects to trade for guys at the trading deadline for a couple of reasons. One being that high end guys that have dropped for signability reasons probably won’t be picked up in large numbers by those teams. That will certainly hurt down the stretch for a lot of teams and will also make those teams think twice about moving organizational depth.

      As for trading picks there will be a handful of draft picks that will be assigned to a bunch of small market teams starting next year that can be traded. I am not sure about all the details but I hear some stupid things like the Cardinals getting picks assigned to them because of their market or revenue size.

  15. The great thing about this video is you see that the tough talking Cowley is actually Hobbit-sized and Ass Jack Pierogski douches as much as you think he would.

  16. can we talk about this Twitter guy: NotReallyBrettLawrie ‏@HelmetTosser13, he’s really killing it these days:

    NotReallyBrettLawrie ‏@HelmetTosser13
    THIS GUY FUCKING GETS IT. RT @ryan_piatt: @HelmetTosser13 Grip. Rip. Repeat. #MottoFNotReallyBrettLawrie ‏@HelmetTosser13


    NotReallyBrettLawrie ‏@HelmetTosser13

    NotReallyBrettLawrie ‏@HelmetTosser13

    NotReallyBrettLawrie ‏@HelmetTosser13

    NotReallyBrettLawrie ‏@HelmetTosser13

    NotReallyBrettLawrie ‏@HelmetTosser13
    THERE ARE NO “BAD DECISIONS” ON THE BASEBALL FIELD, JUST BLOWN CALLS BY IDIOT UMPS RT @sporkless: Really bad decision there, @HelmetTosser13

    • No one cares about your fake Twitter account.

      • I dunno JonhG.
        You may be a little harsh.
        That’s some of the funniest shit I’ve read.
        Like, how are you not pissing yourself with joy.
        The first tweet. Now that is comedy GOLD.Gold I tell you.
        Took me 1/2 an hour just to type this, I was laughing so hard.
        Can’t wait to get me smore.

        Maybe it was the stuff I just smoked.

      • You forgot the word “terrible” in your description of the twitter account.

      • Oh fuck off, it’s funny.

        • +1 to JohnG and allisauce each. That account is horrible.

          +1 to Dave because he’s probably a nice guy and just genuinely wants to have a good time.

          +0.5 RADAR for being able to type that out whilst being intoxicated.

          -1.5 to dyckie for horrible acts against blog discussions. Who quotes tweets in this fashion? The answer is no one.

  17. Non-signed picks still are compensated in the following year, right? (Except the Beede comp pick, of course)

    If this were the case, could it be possible that the Jays took a guy like Smoral in the off chance that he actually does sign, and if he doesn’t they get a comp pick in next year’s draft which is likely to contain more talent than this years (which by all accounts was low on high end players)? Having more picks means increasing the bonus pool in next year’s draft, more money to spend on draft picks, etc.

    Just a thought.

  18. It could be Jeff Mathis leading off, I hear he’s fast…

  19. Lets fucking rock these pricks. For some odd reason, I am hating this guys right now more than the Yanks and the Red Sock.

    Id like to see Robin charge the mound just one more time to see whats left in him.

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