Holy shit, is that really the White Sox record? That’s gotta be a typo or something, right? 31-23? The “rebuilding” White Sox? Am I really just asleep at my computer halfway to pick 60 in the draft or something, and this is just some bizarre, oddly-lifelike dream? Have I fallen into a time warp or something? Where’s Harold Baines? WHERE’S HAROLD BAINES AND HOW OLD IS THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!

Man… fuck the AL Central.

But whatever. At least we’re back to actual fucking baseball, rather than staring at names we’ve never heard of popping up on a computer screen, then scrambling to Google as much information on that person as humanly possible in as short a time possible. Because that’s fucking exhausting. At least tonight I can sit back, relax, crack a beer, and watch ol’ Phil Humber get shitcanned.



“I don’t know that it’s real, and the way I reported it, I believe, Stephen, is simply that they are a team that has the ability to go get a Garza, if Garza is traded,” said Ken Rosenthal this afternoon on Prime Time Sports. Kenny Ken Ken is referring, of course, to an article in which he wrote the words, “One rival executive reports that the Jays are ‘sniffing all over’ Cubs right-hander Matt Garza.” Odd.

During the pregame show on the radio, Mike Wilner said that John Farrell told him– or perhaps several reporters, who could remember– that when Edwin Encarnacion comes back tomorrow, he’s going to go back into the cleanup spot, with Kelly Johnson sliding down to fifth, Yunel Escobar staying behind Johnson in sixth, and so on. In other words, it’s Lawrie and Rasmus off the top for a while. Cool. Odd.

At CBS Sports, Dayn Perry looks at the Jays selection of Anthony Alford through the prism of how MLB has colossally fucked up their ability to sign great prospects away from other sports thanks to spending limits in the draft.

And, since I didn’t get around to the Afternoon Snack post in which I was going to put this one, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked, before it gets too stale. Watch it during commercials, why don’tcha?

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
K. Johnson DH
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B
R. Davis LF

R. Romero LHP

Chicago White Sox

A. De Aza CF
G. Beckham 2B
A. Dunn DH
D. Viciedo LF
A. Rios RF
A. Pierzynski C
A. Ramirez SS
O. Hudson 3B
B. Lillibridge 1B

P. Humber RHP


Image via Al Messerschmidt/Getty.

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  1. To hell with OPS and xFip.
    Grey on grey unis tonight.
    we gotta a shot.

    • thanks for the tip yesterday Radar, my eggs turned out pretty good

    • Radar, WTF Amex won’t issue me a new card….who is Lulu?

      • Lulu is now Boudreau’s fiance.
        He blames me for talking him into it, I just suggested they get a room with all the dances you were paying for.
        About the Amex thing. I’m trying to talk Stoeten into writing a clever and witty post to generate extra pageviews revenue.To help with the bill.
        He’s says he’s never written anything clever or witty but he’ll give it a shot.
        We’re not payin for Boudreau’s stuff though.It’s his future wife, he can pay for her shit.

        • Listen, plane tickets for a family of twenty from Russia are apparently not cheap. I have been assured that they will be bringing some really good vodka though. And she has sisters.
          Any contributions would be appreciated.
          Oh, and was there anything on that bill about a dog? Because I woke up with a dog as well as a future wife (not the same thing)

  2. Jays catch a break with Konerko out?

    nice PB AJ, way to hustle to the backstop

  3. Okay Bland Ichiro! Do some damage here.

  4. With all this Garza talk people have to look at a couple of deals from this winter. On one hand the Gio Gonzalez deal is certainly paying good dividends in the short-term. Then there’s the Cahill and Latos deal which don’t look nearly so good. The thing is all 3 of those pitchers had a few years of control left where Garza has one and a bit. For all those thinking we should be giving up 3-4 prospects for him just look at what the other deals cost. That’s way too much.

  5. Tabby is even worse as a broadcaster than he was as a player. It pains me to listen to this…

    • I’m fairly sure they’re contractually obligated to be positive about everything the Jays do, no matter what. Not that they know better, it would seem.

  6. Humber looks wild enough to struggle through four or five poor innings but not wild enough to injure our players left and right. The best of both worlds.

  7. cmon Cooper Scooper – damage time (or get a walk)

    hmm, pentascreen display by SN on the broadcast – trial run for a full time Lawrie-cam running in the upper right corner??

  8. FUCK YEAH COOPER, the bases loaded walk

  9. Nice AB Bland Ichiro!

  10. Nice job Coop!

  11. Bat on the shoulder time.

  12. Humber lookin like a shitballin Drabek! I dig it!

  13. Are all MLB starters afraid of the Jays suddenly? First Bard, now this.

  14. aroused but not to completion – what do we call that ?? – Blue Jays baseball

  15. can we go back to April when at least they could get a hit or two when it mattered

  16. Send 7 guys to the plate, score one… Good inning.

  17. This is where Rmoero needs to have a quick inning. Need to get Humber back on the hill.

  18. Was hoping for some of that JPA “production.” Got the .265 OBP instead.

  19. Its unfathomable how stupid Buck is.

  20. Davis got owned on that play. Now it’s up to Romero to pitch his way out of this one.

  21. aw fuck thames is back. aw thames wouldnt have done that bad on that fuckin worm burner

  22. Love that left field D!

  23. anyone want to look up how many runs LF defense has cost us this season?

  24. Thing I noticed about the WSux lineup – 5 guys with above .800 OPS (thankfully Konerko is out, he’s at 1.092). DeAza has a .380 OBP.

    And, even Rios is at .781, which would be good for 3rd on the Jays (instead of 6th among Sox regulars)

  25. fuckin nice ricky.that was nasty

  26. oh fuck off Rasmus

  27. Cletus….da fuck. Was he blowing a bubble?

  28. that was ugly.hold it together riccky not your fault

  29. ok who is holding the spliff. rajai or cletus? dont be passsing it to jose for fuck sakes

  30. and buck doesnt realize its the second inning. are they all drunk in chicago

  31. no shift on AJ Fuckface??

  32. WOW – great play by Lawrie, just GREAT.

  33. Hey, it’s O-Dawg! Pimpin’…

  34. a strike to 1st and got Ramirez by a few steps – that was a gem

  35. STOOOOOOOPID AJ, Straight up stupid

  36. Are the McDonalds banners on MLB Gameday overlapping with the player info for anyone else? This is friggin annoying.

  37. Can Bautista get an AB where he does’t go 0-2 on the count

  38. Shields has been “below average” in 4 of his last 5 starts: about 6 innings each with at least 4 ERs vs WSox,Bal and ATL. Stanx get him for 7 runs (5 earned) in 5 tonight. His only decent start of the last 5: 7.1 innings vs Jays, 2 ERs (3 runs total).

  39. On the bright side Humber is up to about 70 pitches in 3 innings.

  40. Dammit.

  41. Ugh so many runners left already. Probably going to cost us especially when they’re scoring off of cheesy errors.

  42. Ok, I’ve grown tired of the grinder games the Jays like to play every night. Humber is a puke and its time for the Jays to prove they want to win. Go get it Jays – NOW

  43. Would have been nice if he had done that last time.

  44. Wilner is saying that Bautista may have tweaked something on that catch. Good thing we have Mike McCoy on the bench.

  45. DAMMIT! What terrible luck today.

  46. way to give the guy a 6 pitch inning jays

  47. Rajai looked safe to me. Defensive clinic by the ChiSox infield in any event.

  48. Wow.
    I’m cheering for the Jays, but DAMN that’s good defense.

  49. Well that inning sucked.

  50. Quick, whats the best bar in Montreal to watch the Jays game???

  51. Did Farrell drink some Red Bull before that interview?

  52. thats some good shpeed for the top of the lineup

  53. Oh good another runner to strand.

  54. Lawrie’s face when he’s running is fucking gold.

  55. U go Brett something other than a single or GB!

  56. Oh cool. Not sure that was going.

  57. well that erases the error


  59. Oooooooooo Weeeee!

  60. Attaboy, Colby!
    Credit to Lawrie for getting on base ahead of him too.

  61. If Rios had caught that I would’ve fuckin turned this game off.

  62. “Oh Yeah? I can hit it higher!”

    - Jose

  63. Oh Cletus me love u long time!

  64. Colby!!! Beyond the reach of the unlamented Alex Rios too.

  65. I am sure Stoeten is changing his underwear right about now with that shot by Rasmus lol

  66. Bland Ichiro!

  67. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooopa!

  68. Cooper. Whoa.

  69. Some drive to left.

  70. Cooper really is a good oppo hitter.

  71. Tarnation I’m gonna have to eat crow about Cooper. Guy is turning into a power hitter.

  72. You could say that pitch was ‘hangin with david cooper’

  73. Hey Zach Stewart! Nice to see ya.

  74. Yes Cooper clearly has no power. Just a Nancy singles hitter.

  75. It’s nice to see the Rasmus trade starting to work out for the Jays. I think his bat is good enough that he doesn’t even have to play a premium position like centre field to make it worthwhile for him to be in the lineup. Hopefully he can avoid prolonged hitting slumps in the future.

    • That’s why I find it ridiculous for those that continue to say he’s not part of the core group going forward for the Jays. He still deserves a full season to show what he’s got just like Escobar got when he came over from Atlanta.

      • He’s still got a long way to go in terms of consistency, but at least he’s moving in the right direction for the last few weeks. But he’s got to get that OPS back up near .850 by the end of the year and stop making these mental mistakes in the field if he’s going to be a legitimate part of the core of contending team.

  76. Watchin rasmus run is a thing of beauty, watchin cooper run not so much o_O

  77. Check out my power tool.

  78. I’ve always believed in Colby…but COOPER?

  79. Figured it Rasmus would break out mid June. Just something different about him, present compared to the beginning of the year.

  80. Seriously…can we get Vlad or EE to play LF? If we do, Cooper just might be able to allow us to get rid of the hole that is LF.

    Im not sure if Vlad is going to be a better option than Cooper at DH the way Coops is going.

    • Vlad said he wants to play some outfield. So… yeah.

    • Too early to pencil Cooper in for the rest of the year, but a Cooper/Vlad platoon with Cooper at 1B and EE at DH against RHP may not be the worst thing ever.

    • I think you’re going to see a lot of Vlad in the outfield until his knees give out especially if Cooper and EE both continue to hit well. Continued success by Cooper also gives them the luxury of getting Lind right if that’s possible.

    • As spectacularly awful as our LF defence has been thus far, the only way I can see it getting any worse would be to try EE or Vlad out there. Either one would have to hit remarkably well daily to justify it.

      • Vlad has a plus arm at least which Davis and Thames certainly don’t. Also while he’s probably slow the routes to the ball will likely be much better and won’t get turned around like Thames used to do.

        • Guy has 1 career game at LF and has played less than 20 games in the field in the last 2 seasons, hard to say really what he has anymore and how it will play.

          • Very true of course. I am just basing what I’ve heard through the media about his legs being “rejuvenated” this spring. Obviously time will tell but I don’t think a lack of experience in left will be a big deal when he’s played a corner spot all his life. If he can move out there decently it’s got to be a huge upgrade over what Thames brought to left and he can always be switched out later in the game for defensive purposes.

  81. BTW, is the entire MLB.com website not working? the scores havent updated for a long time and I cannot log into the games.

  82. beating up on Stewart later would be nice

  83. Very small sample size but in 81 AB’s going back to his 2nd time around in 2011 he’s got 9 doubles and 2 home runs and slugged over .525. How many would take a .270+ average, 45+ doubles and 15+ hrs from their first baseman?

    • we had that and +D from Overbay for years and very few people were happy with it

      • Overbay had 2 decent seasons wrapped around 2 bad ones. That broken hand he had in June of 07 ruined him imo. He was off to a great start that year with 15 doubles an 8 hr’s through the end of May. Once he came back he never had the same pop. Also at that point (2007) most people looked at homers and rbi’s to see how good a player was. He had an OPS of .880 that first year which was pretty damn impressive.

        I wonder if Cooper actually gets extended playing time and puts up an 850 ish ops what people will say.

      • OK, but we aren’t paying Cooper 6 million a year or Lind 5 million a year.

        If the Jays are unwilling to get a real slugger like Votto, Fielder, Gonzalez or Teixera at 20 milion per year, Cooper is a viable opion.

        You could use the savings on other roster spots.

  84. EE AT LF???? Don’t agree IMO given his defence. Like Davis at LF now. Bit of a traffic jam with Cooper and Gomes and apparently (gulp!)I Lind who is almost ready to come back up at 1st. Like EE at 1st.

  85. Cletus–4 for 4

  86. Did Cletus get some moonshine into him tonight? Good stuff.

  87. Bautista might get an RBI with a popout here!

  88. For once Jose’s balsa wood bats pay off

  89. Okay maybe the Jays should keep this lineup.

  90. How long till Lawrie bites his tongue off while running?

  91. Lineup switch is working like a charm.

  92. why isn’t cletus on 3rd?

  93. I like how this lineup is working, the Jays have been dangerous all game. Lawrie is solid candidate for lead off given that he’s so fast and has shown average but not power thus far this year. Mixing in Snider or Vlad, and putting EE back in the 4 spot when he’s back could make a pretty dangerous lineup.

    • Hate to pull the “small sample size” cliche but yes, they might as well try it out for a bit and see what happens.

  94. I like this lineup.

  95. Oh if only we could play an AL Central schedule.

    • I’ve wanted them to move to the Central for years. Better chance of the playoffs and convenient road trips/rivalries with Cleveland and Detroit.

      Rogers isn’t giving up those Red Sox and Yankees games though.

      • That’s a good point. From a geographic point , we are closer to Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago than we are to Tampa Bay & baltimore.

        The increased attendance from being permanently in a playoff race for the division would offset the loss of attendance from Yankees & Red Sox Fans from 18 games.

        Beeston & Rogers have to acknowledge that they refuse to spend money like the rd sox & yankees, so they should move to the kiddies table in the AL central.

  96. Pitching coach’s message for Zach Stewart: ” Suck it up kid we’re losing this one and we need at least 2 innings out of you.”

  97. It’s not the line up.
    It’s the grey on grey uniforms.
    Told you so.




  99. for once we have to congratulate mcfarrell for actually having the balls to be creative with the lineup

    • hey there you are. how about cletus’ hittting tonight?and i like fareeell s ability to change

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