Holy shit, is that really the White Sox record? That’s gotta be a typo or something, right? 31-23? The “rebuilding” White Sox? Am I really just asleep at my computer halfway to pick 60 in the draft or something, and this is just some bizarre, oddly-lifelike dream? Have I fallen into a time warp or something? Where’s Harold Baines? WHERE’S HAROLD BAINES AND HOW OLD IS THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!

Man… fuck the AL Central.

But whatever. At least we’re back to actual fucking baseball, rather than staring at names we’ve never heard of popping up on a computer screen, then scrambling to Google as much information on that person as humanly possible in as short a time possible. Because that’s fucking exhausting. At least tonight I can sit back, relax, crack a beer, and watch ol’ Phil Humber get shitcanned.



“I don’t know that it’s real, and the way I reported it, I believe, Stephen, is simply that they are a team that has the ability to go get a Garza, if Garza is traded,” said Ken Rosenthal this afternoon on Prime Time Sports. Kenny Ken Ken is referring, of course, to an article in which he wrote the words, “One rival executive reports that the Jays are ‘sniffing all over’ Cubs right-hander Matt Garza.” Odd.

During the pregame show on the radio, Mike Wilner said that John Farrell told him– or perhaps several reporters, who could remember– that when Edwin Encarnacion comes back tomorrow, he’s going to go back into the cleanup spot, with Kelly Johnson sliding down to fifth, Yunel Escobar staying behind Johnson in sixth, and so on. In other words, it’s Lawrie and Rasmus off the top for a while. Cool. Odd.

At CBS Sports, Dayn Perry looks at the Jays selection of Anthony Alford through the prism of how MLB has colossally fucked up their ability to sign great prospects away from other sports thanks to spending limits in the draft.

And, since I didn’t get around to the Afternoon Snack post in which I was going to put this one, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked, before it gets too stale. Watch it during commercials, why don’tcha?

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
K. Johnson DH
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B
R. Davis LF

R. Romero LHP

Chicago White Sox

A. De Aza CF
G. Beckham 2B
A. Dunn DH
D. Viciedo LF
A. Rios RF
A. Pierzynski C
A. Ramirez SS
O. Hudson 3B
B. Lillibridge 1B

P. Humber RHP


Image via Al Messerschmidt/Getty.

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  1. Jays now 2nd in MLB in HRs, only 2 behind Stanx –

    Party like its 2010

    • Agreed. This team is behaving like the 2010 Jays with solo HR’s.

      Cito must be hiding in the clubhouse.

  2. Can someone remind Rajai Davis that he has the throwing arm of Rajai Davis

  3. The baseball gods like the lineup shuffle. As Adam Lind fades in the rear-view mirror. Ok, way early on the Cooper talk but it still is nice to see him getting some hits.

    • It’s too early to consider Cooper a part of the future of this team but it’s also way too early to consider him a career AAA player like Stoeten apparently does. If he continues to hit in the bigs perhaps he could be turned into trade bait.

      • At worst Cooper shows he can hit even without the power and get on base. That will make him attractive to other teams for sure, especially the sabremetrically inclined ones. That means more value for the Jays if he’s ever used as a trade chip which a lot of people discounted him ever having.

    • But wait, Lind is tearing it up in Vegas……hahaha

    • Objects in the mirror are not in fact closer than they appear.

  4. Agent Cooper close to Canadian border


  5. A little too much AGGRO by Lawrie there?

  6. Prosperity – It’s a good thing Toronto Blue Jays, trust me. Learn to cherish it and not throw it away.

  7. YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW cleeettttttttus

  8. So. Colby Rasmus. Pretty good.

  9. Wow Wo Wow

  10. very Impressive rasmus

  11. Fuck ya Cletus 5 for 5….get a rally going here so he can come up again in the 9th make it 6 for 6

  12. Brett Lawrie career OBP = .600 lol

  13. Man, Cletus is a one man wrecking crew tonight.

    Six runs and eight hits between Lattimer and Cletus.

    That’ll do

  14. Be nice to get those runs back so I don’t have to change my shorts when Coco or Frasor come in to pitch.

  15. Make that seven runs

  16. Metaphorically slap me if I’m suggesting something discussed before and/or stupid, but ya think part of the reason Colby mashing tonight is because he has Bautista behind him and he is getting to see some better pitches?

  17. Easily the best day for Rasmus in a Jays uniform. One wonders what the future holds for a happy and confident Rasmus.

  18. Romero, Morrow, Garza, Alverez, and Hutch…naw you can’t win the wild card with that linup. Yep, lets stand pat and wait for things to improve in a couple of year. Ohhhh Rickey went down with a torn rotor in 2014, Dr. Bell can we fix him fast.

    • Dempster might be the better option if it’s just for this year. You could probably get him for a mid-tier prospect or a higher upside one that’s in rookie or low A since he’s a free agent next year.

      • I’m all in for the right pitcher, I would just love to see the Jays win again. We have enough pieces on the farm where we can make a move. There is some excitment with this team, the crowds have been getting bigger, we have some personality on the team, and going to a playoff game is so very fucking special. I want to win this year!

        • Totally agree though I think this year might not be it. Personally I’d be really happy with 86-87 wins and a strong push forward in the development of the young starters. If they can do that and add another core piece at the deadline going into the winter should give them more options. But I’m with you, I’d love to see a winner more than anything.

    • I agree with you & Stephen Brunt made the same point to Ken Rosenthal today. The Jays from a business point of view have a growing fan base & tv ratings. If you can make a move o keep the jays in a fringe pennant race into september before hockey begins, the team would be in great shape for 2013.

      Much easier to sell advertising & season ticket packages in 2013 when you have a team that made the playoffs in 2012 or came close in 2012.

      Brunt said the Jays can’t wait for eveything to be perfect because the yankees & red sox won’t be relatively weak for ever.

  19. Cletus .227 to .247 in one game……..

  20. Why bring Romero back? WHY?!

  21. Ricky still out there? Questionable.

  22. I want to believe I in Ricky

  23. Romero struggled a bit in the 7th, why bring him out again for the 8th? he pitched a good game.

  24. Did you know I don’t even like baseball that much?

  25. fuck ricky piches like shit again and gets the win (as long as farrell doesn’t fuck it up)

  26. What kind of blood sacrifice did Ricky have to make to get this kind of run support. Complete opposite of last year.

  27. Really Farrell? You’re guy just a had a very solid outing let him leave with some swagger and make use of the 8 man pen ffs.

  28. 8 man pen, Coco should be option #8

  29. Coco making it interesting as per usual.

  30. Good game. Chalk up another loss to John “Fucking” Farrell.

    Fire his ass and pay Dave Martinez whatever he wants. 10 million/year I don’t give a fuck. Sick of this shit.

  31. Fuck u Jays pen you’re going to make me change my shorts aren’t you? Prosperity you nubs get it a tat with it or something so you remember.

  32. Rios pulls a Lawrie.

  33. Heh. I’d forgotten what an idiot Rios is.

  34. Good ole Rios.

  35. Alex Rios FTW!

  36. Coco Time–an attempt to built a future for him somewhere other than Toronto at the deadline. Let’s hope it works.

  37. Rios made a HUGE mistake

  38. haha, almost snorted my drink through my nose on Rios’ baserunning blunder – THANK YOU THANK YOU KENNY WILLIAMS

  39. OK everybody get who made the tag on that last play??? Mr maple flavoured testosterone himself! Sweet!

  40. Gotta love seeing stupid base running from Rios and being able to cheer about it.

  41. and we wonder why Romero and Farrell wanted him to stay in for the 8th

  42. I don’t think I really care about Romero getting all these wins despite garbage pitching, because we’re winning all these games.

  43. I was pulling for a little bit of a run here, let Colby go for 6.

  44. Question:
    When discussing records, people often say “in the modern era” What year did the “modern era” begin?

  45. Just wondering what the record is for hitting in a game 7-7, 8-8??

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Major_League_Baseball_single-game_records

      I believe no one has ever had more than 7 hits in a 9 inning game.

    • most hits in a 9 inning game is 7, most hits in an extra inning game is 9

    • seeing how slow and boring ballgames can be i am surprised MLB hasnt compiled records and videotape for todays announcers to fill in time. i would like to know the record for hits in a game too. i mean pay a guy to go thru the history books and have it on autopilot so the announcers have something. it would captivate the new kids. gretzky knew all the records as kid before he broke them. i love the history of ball and the playoffs always bring up the records on the american channels.maybe its just rogers being boring

  46. Perez has been good this year, but I don’t like how he seemingly always comes out of the pen and can’t find the zone for awhile. Sometimes it’s only for three pitches (like today) and other times 5-7 or so.

  47. doin a favour for the cleveland racists tonight

  48. Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeee Blue jays win, the blue jays win Thhheee Blue Jays win!

  49. “they went where the players weren’t”
    Colby Rasmus

  50. Like Lazarus arising from the ashes, Colby Rasmus emerges……

  51. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak. I see what folks call him Cleatus

  52. Well was a very nice win all around. Decent start by Ricky and great job by the hitters overall. Be nice if they can catch Chicago coming down off their hot streak and score a sweep.

    • I was thinking that. Sometimes it’s kind of nice to catch a team just after they’ve been playing over their heads for a while.

  53. Jesus is zaun even paying attention to the crap coming out of his mouth?

  54. and next round (tomorrow night) we got quintana
    a pederast, but the creep can roll

  55. going to make me sick hearing wilner brag about how he was right about rascal

    • take it and like it grouchy.you have been venomous towards cletus and he has been hot the last 2 weeks.every time i see your print i sense the smell of sex in the room. anal sex i think, smells shitty or 1 nasty puss

  56. Need a call from Steve in Phenix City

  57. HAVE to keep Lawrie/Rasmus/Bautista at top of order at least for tomorrow. Jose Quintana, being so young and with not much of a track record, does not qualify as a “tough lefty”. Dude only has 26 starts in American baseball in 3 seasons, in Double A last 2 years (including 11 this year alone; 9 with Southern League affiliate and only 2 MLB starts). He only has 215 innings pitched from 2010 to present.

    • Indeed. Why screw with the order? Nine runs I like.

      • Not to say I dont like the order, but I think tonight’s result might have had more to do with who was pitching than some magic alchemy produced by juxtaposition of players in a lineup.

  58. The Lawrie Rasmus one two is awesome. Speed, Speed Speed. The team seems way more exciting to watch when these two are at the top of the order. Lawrie Rasmus Bautista Encarnation is a very exciting top four. I realize that “exciting” is not an empiraclly measurable stat, but whatever. It just seems right. Makes us seem like a team on the rise. Fan boy bullshit? Who fucking cares? What is the point of liking and following millionaires play a fucking kids’ game if you can’t get excitied about it? The internet makes people way too fucking cynical and all the assholes try to take the fun out of the game. So this is a fun lineup. I hope they stick with it.

  59. Love the new lineup. Hope they stick with this for a while. I would bat EE 5th. I know sabes show that lineup construction doesn’t matter much, but this feels like a more balanced and tougher lineup to face.

  60. Fairly informative interview w Kevin Goldstein by WIlner:


  61. 2 things I picked up from this game:

    1. Cleatus is an alright ball player
    2. Hawk Harrelson is still a piece of shit announcer.

  62. Anyone wanna think about Yan Gomes at LF? If he’s up this week I say give him a try there, who knows, at least till Snider is healthy again. Not like Rajai Davis is THAT much b

    • He’s still better than Thames but that throw on the run to 1B was a bit scary. Nice snag of Cooper’s btw!

  63. I like Lawrie at lead-off; to me, it makes perfect sense to have the guy who has the most to say out there – not necessarily in a completely literal sense, you understand – out front and center, coming to bat right off the top and then most often. Wouldn’t have thought about Rasmus batting second but in a related vein, I recall reading a poster here a year or so ago (I.R.) saying Yunel would make more sense further down in the order for all the reasons that Farrell is saying he’s been thinking of … for a year (!!). (The exclamation marks in parenthesis denote a bit of ‘wtf?!’ at how slow baseball guys – like JF – often are at getting around to trying those things that they think make sense. Not a criticism. It’s actually consistent — remarkably so — with baseball itself and the way things happen … or change. Like, very slowwwwlllyy. And again, not a criticism.)

    But (getting back to Lawrie) watching him chug around first to second last night in that replay that I’ve seen a few times now, well … to me it says a whole lot about whatever you wanna know about Brett Lawrie.

    Was exciting to see the lineup even before the game started and they delivered the shit out of it. Let’s do it again.

  64. Let me be a downer and say those errors were really annoying yesterday.

    Let’s go Blue Yays.

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