According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the Toronto Blue Jays may be showing interest in acquiring Matt Garza from the Chicago Cubs.

One rival executive reports that the Jays are “sniffing all over” Cubs right-hander Matt Garza – a move that would make some sense, considering that Garza is under club control through 2013. But the Jays also have needs in first base and left field, and a long-term question at second base, withKelly Johnson only on a one-year deal.

Rosenthal quite rightly points out that the Blue Jays aren’t exactly one move away from competing, even next year, let alone this year. However, Garza, with an additional year of team control in 2013, would be a more compelling addition than a one year rental given the team’s current position in the AL East.

I’m all for risk when it comes to drafting young players, but a more conservative approach when it comes to trading might be appropriate for a team currently tied for last in its division, no matter how tightly bunched up that division is. Instead of looking to acquire a player that will help you win now, a more prudent approach would be to look at players that will improve your team over the next few years. That probably sounds rather obvious, but given how long its been since this team made the playoffs and the new expanded round this season, I would not be in favour of a move that merely gets the Blue Jays to the Wild Card playoff game.

In my mind, that’s too much of a gamble, and simply not worth it.

While Garza’s extra year of control offers an advantage over other pitchers that will more than likely be available on the trading block, you still have to consider that he’ll be making an increase on the $9.5 million he’s making this season in his final year of arbitration.

What about holding steady, and using the $12-$15 million earmarked for Garza, who will cost you additional assets to acquire, to put toward Zack Greinke on the free agent market. Yes, the terms will be more expensive than a final arbitration year and they’ll certainly last longer, but I can’t escape the feeling that Greinke would be a good fit in Toronto, and a Blue Jays team in desperate need of some top of the rotation consistency.

Given the six year, $127.5 million contract that Matt Cain signed in the early part of this season, the Blue Jays could be players for Greinke with an offer in the five year, $100 million department, a deal that would also lend itself to the team’s policy of not offering free agent contracts beyond five years.

Of course, there are a lot of variables at play, not the least of which is how the Blue Jays perform ahead of the July trade deadline, which will likely sway the team one way or the other between being buyers or sellers. There is a scary thought amidst all of this, and we touched on it in the podcast. As the Blue Jays make up their mind, their division rivals, without having having to make a mid-season trade will be getting back Brett Gardner, Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria.

I wonder if, for the Blue Jays, the iron was already hot, and they merely didn’t strike.

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  1. Yes, getting Garza is exactly what we should do…this should be largely a cash transaction and give them a upside prospect prospect like (gulp) ….Travis Snider Thames, Drabek or dAnrnaud if JPA is the catcher of the future. Gotta start moving some of these pieces, and Garza would be a great addition….wild card ticket puched. Yeah, we’re going to the dance

  2. Perhaps they’ll trade for Grienke and extend him, rather than waiting for the offseason.

    With all due respect to the man of the written word, we kind of are competing – just two games out of the Wildcard (Orioles) – one third through the season.

  3. With Rasmus and Gose here or near, and Jacob Anderson and DJ Davis in the low minors, Jake Marisnick could be a very valuable trade commodity. (if he was healthy)

    I’d part with Alvarez and Marisnick for the right pitcher.

    • Dude DJ was literally only drafted last night. He has not even signed yet. don’t go touting that he’s close to the majors when he was a HS pick.

  4. Does that go with AA’s philosophy? A potential prospect package for one year (and change) of an (almost ) elite pitcher?

    I would tend to agree with Dustin and spend just money to get an even superior pitcher in Greinke and keep our prospects for our own development.

  5. you’d think Jays fans would just roll their eyes at my bullshit by now.

  6. I wonder if Garza’s wearing Chacin cologne. Could explain the sniffing.

    • No to Garza. No to nervous-issues Greinke too. They cost way too much and are mediocre at best. They probably suck vs other AL East teams as well.

      Maybe we don’t make the wildcard this year but giving up on prospects this early without knowing how they are in the majors is stupid.

      To the person who said he would part with Alvarez…shut up

      • I said that. I like Alvarez too, but you have to give something to get something.

      • Greinke and Garza are not mediocre at best, they’re very good pitchers (especially Greinke). They each have a track record of success against the other AL East teams (with the exception of Greinke against NYY) and clearly have the stuff that will play in this division.

        I’d be happy with either one of them on this team going forward, but I’m not sure now is the time to be trading future assets to acquire them.

      • Greinke’s social anxiety issue appears to make him very focused on the mound. He would be great in Toronto.

      • Yes lets continue to wait, perhaps for another indefinite period of time. Lets watch the fruit spoil on the tree, while we discount all veteran pitchers what could help as to expensive and mediocre. Lets wait till we get an inexpensive ace, plenty of those avialable in todays MLB market

      • Greinke mediocre? You’re off your rocker!!!!

      • “Mediocre at best” … “probably suck vs other AL East teams”.
        Someone likes to talk without doing their research. Wrong on both counts.

      • I can’t believe the lack of people pointing out how ridiculous it is that this person suggested you can’t give up Alvarez and that Greinke and Garza are mediocre. Because that’s laughable.

        • What’s even more ridiculous is that people think we can get a top pitcher with guys like Alvarez, JP, Thames, etc. I don’t think many of the people that want to ‘trade’ our way up realize it would probably take something like: Syndergaard, Nicolino and Gose to get a Greinke…and we would quite possibly only have him for one plus year.

          • Ummm.. JP has a shit tonne of value. He’s still pre-arb with power and passable defense. Those aren’t dime-a-dozen.

            Alvarez is kind of on the same boat, though he probably has less value because he only has 2 pitches. But the fact that he too is pre-arb amd is only 21-22 makes him a valuable commodity.

            They won’t get you an elite pitcher by their lonesome in a trade, but they are nice pieces.

            Thames you are correct about.

        • Don’t give up Alverex, assuming the contract of Garza and a prospect where we have depth already works

          • I really just think that the Cubs, focusing on rebuilding, are going to want more than just salary relief in order to give him up (i.e. a prospect package the like of the Gio or Latos ones)

  7. As much as I like Garza as a pitcher and would love to see him as a Jay, I’m going to have to reluctantly agree. The time to trade for Garza would have been last offseason in concert with the acquisition of a 1B in an attempt to contend this season. Doing so now would almost entirely be for next season (as I don’t see the Jays being better than TB, NYY, and BOS), thereby reducing his utility to this team.

    That said, if come July AA really believes this team can contend this season (and makes other moves to solidify spots like 1B and LF), it would make some sense.

      • The Jays brass may well be surprized at how the overall AL East is performing and recognize now they have a legimate shot – for the fist time in years and year. Must we be in a state of perpetual disappointment for the DJF to be satisfied. Have you no idea of what it is like to win. The time is now to step forward. You don’t have to sell the farm – teams are starting to look at shedding payroll. Are you guys afaid of winning?

        • This team has too many holes to realistically compete this season. If they didn’t, I’d love to see it. But they didn’t fill them as they should have in the offseason and I certainly can’t see them filling them now.

          • All teams in the AL east have giant holes. So I don’t get your point here.

            I think one pitcher to replace Drabek, production from LF (Snider maybe), and a bounce back for the pen (maybe adding Stroman). This team can make the playoffs. It wouldn’t hurt to add a 1B as well ie: Morneau if they don’t think Vladdy will add enough. Don’t forget the Jays have the best run differential in the division.

          • My point is that TB, NYY, and BOS are all significantly better teams and that Matt Garza won’t do enough to change that. I thought that was pretty obvious.

          • How so?

            Yanks have 1 ace, 2 40 year olds (Pettitte, Kuroda) and 2 below average young pitchers (Hughes and Nova) I’ll take the Jays staff, now add Garza and take out Drabek and they aren’t even close. Not to mention Jays have a much better D

            Jays beat Red Sox in Bullpen, Starters, and D. But lose in offence.

            The only team I think is actually better then the Jays are the Rays.

            So I don’t see your argument as it seems the Yanks and Red Sox holes are much more glaring.

          • You tell em Stanley, we’ll drag em kicking and screamin all the way to the playoffs. Can’t you hear the DJF’s then, they’d be tellin you that gettin Garza was their idea

  8. Why would Greinke want to come to Toronto as a free-agent?

    The Jays are on a list of teams he cannot be traded to, so he must not like Toronto or something.

    • Yeah…I think I’d read/heard something that said he didn’t want to pitch in Toronto.

      It’s a bit of a pipedream, anyway, to think the Jays/Rogers will offer enough money to get an elite FA pitcher in the offseason.

      • Depends BFF,if the new CBA has kicked in and the Jays aren’t recieving the dollars from MLB.They just may start to spend.The gravy train has stopped and it may be time for them to put on their big boy pants.

      • Great… it’s fucking June and we’re already hearing the “Rogers is fucking cheap” bitching… Slow…Fucking…Clap

        • Sorry Paul, it isn’t beacause they are cheap.The Jays produce shit loads of cash.Beacuse they’ve understated revenue,they’ve been able to reap 20 to 30 million per year in equalization payments from MLB.
          Under the new CBA,they are no longer a “small market team” and won’t get shit.It was rumoured that the Yanks and Sox got pissed and had it changed in the new CBA.
          It’s been a business decision up until now.

          • Sorry RADAR, that was directed at BFF. I actually agree with your point. Now that it is no longer advantageous for the team to spend less, they will likely spend more, with their spending growing with fan interest and revenues organically, as opposed to illogically.

        • Anybody that’s followed the Jays (and their one-above average payroll) for the last 12 years since Rogers bought the team should know exactly what that corporation is no matter what month is.

          • Why buy a pitcher for free agent money when you can develop them for 10cents on the dollar.

            Sanchez, Nicolino, Hutchinson, Syndergaard, Norris, Drabek (if he can get his mechanics in line), Alvarez (teach him a third pitch), Stroman, Smoral, etc.

            If not these are all pieces to be used to trade for a pitcher when the next Mat Latos comes available (Can you say Brett Anderson LHP Oakland A’s)

    • Players put teams on no trade lists for a variety of reasons, but often for leverage in future negotiations. Why do you think the Yankees and Red Sox keep showing up on these lists?

      • I believe that they were put on the no-trade list when he was still dealing with severe anxiety issues, and thus trying to avoid having to pitch in the AL East markets consistently. I am pretty sure the Jays were actually waived from said list when he was traded (having largely found ways to deal with said issues)

        • Pretty sure the Jays were never waived or taken off the list. He wanted to go to mid-west or Florida area team.

          The Jays were rumoured to be offering Snider and Drabek as a package for Zach, but the offer never got any where because Zach would not go to Toronto.

    • Yes, I thought before Zack got traded Toronto was on his No Trade list? So why would he go to Toronto if he’d be getting similar offers to 5/$100?

  9. It’d be worth trading for Garza just so JF didn’t feel he needed 8 relievers on the roster to make it through the back end of the rotation.

  10. Its funny because you think Greinke will actually come here when he has shown no interest before. Also Im going to scream if I keep hearing about “building for the future”. That philosophy only gives you a perpetually developing team who’s players that actually pan out end up getting poached by the big boys. Gillick was succesful because he gathered prospects for big trades and then filled in the pieces. AA needs to have his alomar, carter moment to be succesfull here.

    • you know they called him “Stand” Pat Gillick because of his reluctance to make a trade just for the sake of it right?

    • You do realize that Gillick didn’t make a trade or major free agents signing for over three years in the 80s in order to build the prospect pool that allowed him to contend, whereas AA has been one of the most active GMs in the league since being hired, right?

      Oh yeah, the team is BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE!!!!!!!

      (just wanted to see if I could hear you scream from Ottawa)

  11. So, since we’re hearing about it, we can go ahead and assume it’s not happening, right?

  12. can’t live another day if the jays don’t get greinke. don’t even care if they compete, i just want to see my favourite player on a team i don’t hate.

  13. Wow, doing a great job of painting the picture to make your point Parkes. Yes the Jays are in last place, 3 games out of 1st and 2 games out of a wildcard with 100 games to play. They should probably just sell high now and give up all hope, especially after starting to pack the Dome.
    Depending on cost I’m up for Garza. Though AA’s ninja skills lead me to believe they aren’t involved.
    I would also be interested in the cheapish option of Morneau, basically he’d only cost you money and a fringe prospect at this point I would assume.
    Should be interesting anyway

    • I don’t know about ‘packing’ the Dome. The Red Sox series was good for business and they are averaging an additional ~6000/game this year but packing might be a stretch.

    • Your reading skills may have deserted you. Pretty sure Parkes wasn’t advocating selling or giving up, merely that it will be difficult to contend and he doesn’t believe that just making it into the dice game that is the Play In is enough. He also personalized these opinions by using “I” language, as opposed to trying to present them as fact, and actually made the second half of the piece into something of an explanation of his philosophy towards the development of the team.
      And I think you’re dreaming when you think Morneau is only worth a fringe prospect. But, then, I don’t know what you consider to be a fringe prospect, so I could be wrong.

  14. There sure is a lot of Alverez love—I can’t see how his throwing motion can stand up long-term. That + low K rate makes him a favourable target (in my eyes) to trade away if the return nets the Jays a big piece.

  15. On another note, Jon Morosi is an idiot now + always.

  16. Well written Parkes.

    • Hey Radar, I have you seen my wallet?

      • Ummmm.
        Did you drop it somewhere?
        Maybe Bodreau has it.He was buying drinks for the house last night.I got drunk and can’t remember a thing.
        I plead the fifth.

        • Don’t call Boudreau.
          I found it. It was in my sock with the Amex receipt.
          $13,000 with a $2000 tip.
          You were generous last night.
          Thanks again,it was a great time.

  17. “Given the six year, $127.5 million contract that Matt Cain signed in the early part of this season, the Blue Jays could be players for Greinke with an offer in the five year, $100 million department, a deal that would also lend itself to the team’s policy of not offering free agent contracts beyond five years.”

    Huh? You just showed a comp SP who signed BEFORE free agency for 1/27.5 more than the suggested offer for Greinke. I don’t think Greinke even considers coming to Canada unless the offer blows the others out of the water, and there’s little reason to think that 5/100 will be anywhere close to that.

    If the Jays don’t want to pay market value (or top it) for FAs, they have to be willing to improve the team via trade.

    • Agreed. Considering he didn’t even want to get traded here before going to The Brewers, there would be no incentive to come with a below market offer from the Jays.

  18. Speaking of the Cubs…

    Starlin Castro on ‘last straw’ alert after forgetting outs

    Could be the type of player that AA goes after, and would be an upgrade over YEscobar (at least offensively speaking…)

  19. I just ignore all these rumours. The Cubs want to move Garza since they are rebuilding. AA is known to inquire about players he likes constantly. Inquiring about the current price isn’t news.

    And yes, Garza doesn’t put us over the top and turn us into a contender next season. AA would need to make additional moves to shore up 1B.

    • …..shore up 1st base, left field, bullpen, replace 2nd, dh, in addition to a starter.

      that isn’t simply tweaking. There is a lot of pieces to add (like 30% of the team). If we had added a starter and a left fielder last year we’d be in good shape for a run this year. I don’t think we are that close. Think rangers series.

  20. Greinke will want more than a five year deal, and the team has a policy against signing players to contracts beyond that length, therefore the team will have no interest in signing him. :)

    Trading for Garza just doesn’t make sense to me, why would the Jays give up a boat load of prospect for a pitcher with a short period of control when they aren’t ready to compete? I doubt there is much truth to this one.

    • One possibility is that AA thinks after 2013 he’ll have a few more kids ready from the farm and wont need Garza anymore. It could be that he just wants Garza from right now til trade deadline 2013.

  21. We could probably get Morneau and Garza and still be under the payroll we had under JPR. Both players are signed through next year right? And both players could potentially be offered the 12.5M and leave, getting us compensation picks down the road, right?

    If above is true I am all for Garza and Morneau. We spend some money now but aren’t committed and can let them go for draft picks and use the money some other way while replacing them with upcoming talent we already have.

    In the end we are talking about spending some money that isn’t otherwise being spent right now and only puts us where we were years ago, and trading away some talent that we can partially replace with draft picks when these guys leave.

    • Actually, with Morneau making 14 next season, and Garza likely in line for 12-15 through arb, a number of players currently on the squad due raises via arbitration or moving into their arbitration years from renewal years, it’s likely that the payroll, with just those two additions, would end up in the 110-115 range, above any year of Ricciardi’s tenure. Not that arbitrary numbers like team payroll matter to anyone but the accountants, but, well, there’s that.


    • Why are you yelling Chad Kroeger?

      wow caps suck. reading that comment hurts my brain.

    • Drabek. And also yeah… what’s with the all-caps?



  23. I really don’t think its going to take THAT much to get Garza. There was a blog, either here or elsewhere, that I read a few months back about how over-valued prospects are in trades these days. I think the same would hold true for Garza and I’m willing, as a Jays fan, to see a top prospect + 1 or 2 fringe prospects go for a guy who’s proven he can pitch in this division.

    Not a fan of Greinke in the AL East at all. Seeing this calibre of competition that often will eat the kid alive.

    • Yeah, but their system is severely depleted and in need of a shot in the arm, and Theo Epstein is no Dave Williams

    • Can we please give the Zack Greinke is a scared child meme a fucking rest.

      • There’s probably a lot of BS in the “Greinke can’t handle pressure” narrative.

        And there surely is a lot of BS whenever fans/media try to get into the heads of professional athletes from their Lazyboy.

        However, a lot of anonymous “rival executives” have questioned whether or not Greinke can pitch in, for example, Yankee stadium in a playoff game.

        I feel pretty confident that “rival executives” do extra due diligence on Greinke based on his issues in the past. And they should. Even though fans repeating these sentiments constantly makes my eyes roll back.

        • Yankee Stadium is a bloated shithole filled to bursting with the worst collection of human beings you could possibly curate in North America. The right field fence being 260 feet out would have more to do with it than an anxiety problem Greinke had about a million years ago.

          (I know you’re not making these arguments, Jays2010. Seeing how it is possible to be the executive of a major league baseball team and not use e-mail, their collective opinions about the mental makeup of a guy like Grienke are worthless and without a modicum of value.)

  24. Parkes I thought the blue jays policy was 5 years for position players and 3 years for pitchers.
    Ricky Romero’s 5 year contract was an exception to the rule only because they were getting him signed in his pre-arbitration years or something like that.

    • To believe that stuff, you have to believe that the Jays actually have a real policy that they wouldn’t selectively break for the right player.

      • I think the policy is a joke because it seems to me that AA finds every way he can to get around it by including options like he did in the Bautista contract or making a compelling enough argument to Beeston like the Romero contract.
        I just wanted to clarify what the policy actually is.

  25. I hate how people talk like everything is a forgone conclusion. The Jays can most definatley compete for the division this year. Why? Because they have a good team. Also, its about time they traded some of their prospects. Someone said to wait till theyre closer to see what you have……but that works the opposite way too; exhibit A: what youda got for Snider 2 years ago vs what youd get for him now. Bottom line is that , basement or not, the Jays owe their fans the chance at the playoffs.

    • Your bottom line is exactly why they should operate smartly, and not just blindly start trading prospects on the off chance they can make the playoffs this year. It’s more complicated than that.

      • Youre probably right. However, I dont advocate going crazy or anything and just trading for the sake of it, but its not like they would have to completly blow up the farm to get guys. I think the Rasmus trade is the kind of thing they should be thinking – not trading away for one or two year guys (unless theyre pitchers, b/c long term projections and pitchers are useless). What about a guy like Goldschmidt for first base? Arizona appearently doesnt wanna play him, hes young, controllable and could be a long term solution. Once we have Santoes, Lawrie, Snider and Bautista all contributing more, I like our chances this year, so why not add a pitcher, get a guy like Paul S and see what happens?

  26. I laugh when people say 1 player wont help us. do people not realize that if we had even a decent bullpen we prob have 2-3 more wins? and if we had a 1b who could actually hit we might have had another 1-2 wins? and how bout even a non laughable bench? the jays could easily be in 1st place with a little tinkering.

  27. I think bff is going to set the record for fewest rbi’s in a season. he’s still at 0. teahan is trembling

  28. Can I just say that, skill aside, Garza being geographically closer to me makes me physically uncomfortable?

  29. you say last in the division, I say 1.5 games out of a playoff spot…..or 3 games out of the division lead….but the angels are doing so much better because they are in second place in their division that they should make such a risky move … we trash average and wins as meaningless stats but place in the division means more than how many games they are actually out of it?

    • you have to bear in mind how many teams you’d have to leapfrong…so yeah, the jays are just a few games back, but there are enough teams in front of them – either the same # of games back or less) that they’d have to pass. given the quality of competition in their division, the stars would have to align pretty fucking tightly for that to happen. if you’re in 2nd place in the division & 3 games back, well, that’s manageable, ’cause there’s no one between you & the 1st place team. 5th & 3 games back? different story.

  30. I would think under the new CBA prospects are far more valuable than they used to be. You can’t turn a franchise around using the draft anymore. It is going to take a long time to accumulate a deep farm. For this reason, I can’t see 4 prospects for a starter trades being done anymore.

    That being said, we’ve got 3 cf’s here and on the way, 2 catchers, 2 ss, lots of AAAA players, and a ton of pitching. They can’t play all of them.

  31. I can’t believe people get all hot and bothered about the potential of playing in the wild card. Has anyone bothered to look at the record we have against teams in our division. There is a reason they are all ahead of us, even though we had a pretty easy schedule in April and there are injuries on the other 3 teams that matter.

    So were trade 3 or 4 of our top 10 prospects for the thrill of losing to the Rays or NY in the wild card. What then? I guess we can says the playoff drought is over. Sweet

    • Keeping in mind the fans will only accept this latest ‘rebuild’ for so long.

    • Besides loving the game of baseball, the reason I follow the Blue Jays is to be entertained. By your logic, where winning the WS is the only goal, I’m not being sufficiently entertained until the clinch the Series.

      I want meaningful late-season baseball. The Jays in the mid to late 80s had many such years before winning it all. I think that is enough for the immediate present. (Note that I don’t want AA to sell the future just to do this for one year.)

      • No I agree with you. The point I’m making is not to blow up the farm for a pitcher when you are several pieces away. If you don’t have to give up too much, then go ahead (Rasmus, Escobar). I think they could be extremely competitive for several years with what they have and with some FA/international signings. Based on what AA has done and not done in the past, I sense he’s on top of it.

        It was painful to watch when the Expos went all in for Langston and Colon for no reason. The Esteban Loaiza is any one that comes to mind. To watch the player line on the Langston and Colon trades is truly amazing.

  32. The Jays should try to get Jarrod Parker from Oakland. Killer starting pitcher who’s under team control at a lot cheaper than most elite pitchers. Oakland’s going to be selling at the trade deadline. And knowing AA he could probably get him for a lot less than what I’m imagining

    • Parker is the exact type of pitcher the A’s always trade for, not away.. young and controllable. They won’t trade him for another 2-3 years once his trade value is higher and they have eaten a few of his arb years.

  33. Any trade scares me at the present. It’s taken so long to work our way back into contention that I just can’t stand the thought of renting players, even for a year and a half. I know that not all of the minor league prospects are going to make it, but I’d at least like to make sure the Jays have the right plan going forward. The Tigers traded John Smoltz, Ken Hill and Chris Hoiles in the late 80′s for Doyle Alexander, Fred Lynn and Mike Heath and spent the next 15 years in a baseball wilderness.

    Living down here in central Ohio, I had the contract with the Columbus Clippers (AAA affiliate of the Yankees at the time) to transport the visiting teams to and from Cooper stadium. I remember back in 1997 there were three players they just raved about, Brian Rose and Carl Pavano of the Red Sox, who combined won 35 games between them for Pawtucket in 1997 and Tom Evans,a 3rd baseman for the Syracuse Chiefs. Rose was eventually traded for Mike Lansing and never really made it. You guys know all about Pavano. Evans was of course, a Blue Jays prospect. Scouts used to say to me “You’re a Blue Jays fan?. Oh you’ll love Tom Evans, he’s way better than Kelly Gruber and Ed Sprague combined” Evans wound up having brief stints with the Jays and Rangers before getting suspended in 2005 for a PED violation while kicking around class AA. I guess my point in all this is that scouts are full of shit. They hype players the scouted and signed to make themselves look good or to make themselves sound competent. I figure out of all the blue chip prospects the Jays have at the present, only a couple will be impact players. I want a better idea of which two before they go dumping people. One Michael Young trade is enough .

  34. Who says Greinke even wants to go to Toronto anyways! Lets enjoy this season and see how things turn out. There is still a lot of ball left to be played, at least as of now we are in the hunt. Personally I would love to see a top of the rotation guy end up on TO but they are hard to get, be mindful of that people!!!

    go jays fuck the worlddd

  35. We would be foolish to trade away top prospects for a year and a half of Garza.

  36. Jays Value Pick of the Day:

    Anthony Alfrod, of with #101 was 36th on Baseball America list

  37. BREAKING: either moises sierra to be called up today or yan gomes tomorrow, reliever sent down

    • how about no more davis in lf, that rattlesssss me!

    • Given they’re in an NL park starting Friday and that he’s eligible to come back tomorrow, it really seems like Gomes is going to come back up. If it were me, I’d bring both Sierra and Gomes up for the Atlanta series at the very least, and send Coello and McCoy down.

  38. Well, I guess it all depends on what the Cubs would require for Garza.

    I mean, the Jays are absolutely not the kind of team that is going to cruise into the playoffs. But could they sneak into that 2nd WC spot with 87 or 88 wins (or whatever)? Sure.

    You don’t want to mortgage your future for a one game playoff, but at the same time, you really don’t know what will happen once you’re in (see St Louis last year). You’d also feel pretty good about a 2013 rotation of Romero, Morrow, Garza, Hutchinson, Drabek/Alvarez/etc.

    It’s a tough call. Ultimately I think it would depend on how steep the price is. Like Parkes, I would rather just sign Greinke too, but anything can happen in free agency. And with AA being obsessed with value, I’m skeptical they’d outbid the other 29 teams for him at this point.

    • The Cubs are going to look to restock their farm. They are going to want Noah, Gose, D’Arnaud, etc. It simply isn’t worth it.

      If we’re looking at a pitcher with multiple years of control, it’s a different story.

  39. interesting news about sierra or gomes – really true?

    also, Anthony Alford pick may be a throwaway (for next year?? is that still in effect). Alford is a quarterback and has scholarship to Southern Mississippi for with lots of connections to that school. Seems unlikely to buy him out, but hey who knows.

  40. Garza would be ok if he came pretty cheap, i.e a middling prospect with the idea of providing the Cubs salary relief. Other than that he hasn’t been nearly as good as last year where he supposedly turned the corner by throwing his slider more. That narrative seems to have bit the dust rather quickly. Instead he’s back to the same high 3 low 4 era type pitcher he was before going to the Cubs. Of course it’s only June so that could change. However, as others have said, he’s not the final piece of the puzzle and it’s probably far too soon to be trading for anything at this stage without knowing what direction you’re going to go in.

    I will admit that they do need another pitcher simply for depth and for later on in the year when Alvarez and Hucthison reach their innings limit. I’m just betting that AA is more likely to do the type of deals he made with Chicago in getting Santos, where he gets more than a year and a bit of control. At the end of the day this team still has holes at first, left, starter and bullpen. If Vlad works out at DH for the 2nd half and you sign EE to an extension (please hurry up with this AA!) that leaves left, starter and pen for this season. The pen situation could possibly fix itself with Santos coming back and Stroman’s rapid promotion.

  41. What about a blockbuster? Cubs have Rizzo mashing in AAA but pretty 1B by LaHair…

    What about Syndergaard, Gose, Nicholino, and Hutch for Rizzo and Garza?

    Or some other package of similar value.

    • U must be a cubs fan to offer that.

    • Given that LaHair is 29 and Rizzo is 22, and that the Cubs are re-building, LaHair is probably the more likely of the two to be dealt if they’re looking to deal one of their first basemen.

  42. I hate this Azrag Garza, Haren Devil lookin dickweed. Always have always will, even when he was with T.B there is a lot to be concerned about his character. I will not be a hypocrite and like him if he joins my Jays, not my type of player for this organization

  43. I’d say the only report out there that has any fucking legs is the Morneau one. Kenny Rosenthal may be a smarmy prick, but he’s a smarmy prick who knows who is going where first. I’d bet the Jays get Morneau. Just sayin.

    • i agree that AA is sniffing morneau.fits his profile to a tee. a player not doing his ceiling, a hole at first, controllable and a hype machine as he is canadian to get more ass in the seats. its money in the bank and AA has his excuse if morneau doesnt bounce back. we took a risk on a past star who couldnt overcome a brain injury. the gamble was worthy. i would trade some prospects for garza as we really need another starter to replace a rookie and we know garza is quality and the odds are prospects dont pan out often enough.

  44. Everytime people mention not wanting to empty out the prospect cupboards I can’t help but think about Yu Darvish. Didn’t have to trade anything away, just a buttload of cash. At the time of posting the money was steep, but hindsight is starting to affect my memory. But then I think, how many prospects can $50M buy?

    • Darvish or Wilson have looked great as a Jay this year, especially Wilson who was a lot cheaper.

      • Yeah, it’s true.

        I actually thought the Wilson signing was terrible at the time. Still might be, but he looks pretty good so far.

  45. Not a Garza fan. I vote no. Bad memories of his Blue Jays ownership while with TB. Strangely and somewhat hypocritically, I would welcome David Price in a heartbeat.

  46. Does the guy they drafted last night – a cf whose speedy – mean they like Rasmus and would trade Gose? Or is a guy drafted too far away to consider something like that? Also, what about Goldshmidt for first base? Unrealistic?

  47. Sick em’ Greek Geek, sick em!!!!!!!!!!

  48. this I know for sure. if AA doesnt do anything til trade deadline its all over but the crying. he is overdue by a month by my count. when the jays are playing their best i can see them pulling a 2011 st louis act. i know they are too inconsistent right now but a streaky team reminds me of that crazy colorado team a few years ago who went cold waiting for the if 2 of 3 positions ( LF/1B or starter) were filled up with quality i can see them putting the hammer down. the priority to me is a starter so they can move alvarez/drabek to the pen and bring up that strikeout machine kid they just drafted. i really dont see a downside to AA making some so called risky moves. eventually he has to be bold and state here we go and with the weakness of the yanks/sox and baltimore skidding out now is sports inactivity is a championship killer and st louis picked their pieces off the jays. the kings are an example in hockey.make a move alex

    • Overdue by a month? Pray tell O baseball genius, what kind of move could he have made back at the beginning of May? Keep in mind that the kind of moves that get made around that time are of the thrill-seeking, spell binding cash-or-player-to-be-named-for-Fred Lewis variety. Also, can we allow Stroman to decide if he wants to sign here or not before we call him up to the big league bullpen? AA is a bold GM, who makes risky moves all the time. They may not be the kind of risky moves you would make, but thank goodness you’re not in charge.

      The only two significant players that I could find that were involved in a trade so far this season were Marlon Byrd from the Cubs to the Red Sox and Ernesto Frieri from the Padres to the Angels. It looks like the Angels picked the Padres pockets with Frieri, but as you can see, significant trades up until the June draft are basically non-existent. Mid-June through the July deadline is a different story altogether and we’ll have to see what happens once the draft is out of the way. You may not like it, but if nobody else is wheelin’ and dealin’, it’s very hard to get shit done.

      • what im saying is the recognized problems from spring training are still the problems that the jays have now.and being an arrogant smart ass about the new draftee is classless on your part. you can keep your namecalling blowhard attitude to yourself or another board. i love it when a man of your quality comes on to namecall and criticize an opinion on an opinion board and suggest nothing ,but reference my desire to be a GM of the jays instead of being an interested fan. i do believe your id is stooped. i still cant figure out if i am an apple or appealing. could you make a childish answer to this worldly and utterly important matter for me please? then fuck off

        • …And I’m saying no other team has dealt with their recognized problems either, so the Jays are no further behind the eight ball. The type of player that will be a significant upgrade at a position of need won’t be available until mid-June at the earliest, possibly later due to the extra wildcard. It’s the same thing every year. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

          Apologies for my prickly post. Fans demanding that the local GM make a trade when no trades are being made (and therefore nobody of value is available) by anyone is just one of my pet peeves I guess.

  49. Man, it’s amazing what an unattributed quote by an anonymous exec can inspire among high strung Jays fans… this is precisely why we’re known as some of the craziest online fans in baseball… if only we could bring this energy to the park (without the Rogers’ fun police stepping in)

  50. You don’t keep every prospect you ever draft… 90% if not more are not going to make it so you trade them while they still have upside and before they lose their trade value. The trick is knowing your talent and trading off those who aren’t going to make your club for MLB talent that the big club needs to win. Gimme garza any day of the week at the right price. You can always flip him next year if he won’t sign a new deal for more talent

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