Oh man, that’s amazing, Colby Rasmus.

Last night was, for Rasmus, “a career night: a five-for-five performance, one that saw his wOBA rise from .304 to .326, and his wRC+ rise from 89 to 104, on the season,” as our old friend Navin at NotGraphs put it. And, as you might expect, he was all business in doing so, as you can see in a GIF of his home run trot in Navin’s post.

Tonight against the lefty Quintana, though, it’s going to be a little tougher. That creep can roll.

But Rasmus remains in the two spot, with Brett Lawrie still leading off. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it– which apparently is also the Jays’ philosophy when it comes to Edwin Encarnacion’s injury. HEYO! The artist formerly known as E5 remains out.


Speaking of the Colbster (note: huh?), Scott Carson of Sportsnet writes that Rasmus finally looks like he’s finding his comfort zone. “ In fact, Buck Martinez commented that he was playing behind Rasmus’ group at Monday’s Jays Care Foundation golf tournament and he was loose and having a good time with his corporate playing partners, something he’s not shown much of since arriving.”

Mike Cormack of Sportsnet tweets an Andrew Tinnish comment from his spot on the Fan 590 pre-game show, where he says that “Some of the seniors that we’ve taken, we’ve already agreed to terms and signed.” Cormack adds that “he did not provide any names.”

But don’t start thinking that the Jays are the only team with some curiously quick deals supposedly in place. Fox Sports Houston, via the always awesome Baseball Think Factory Newsblog, reports that Houston owner Jim Crane reports that his club has already agreed on a deal with top pick Carlos Correa.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet tweets an update from John Farrell on Edwin Encarnacion. “We didn’t even put a bat in his hand today. There’s still some swelling,” Farrell says, “and we don’t want to re-aggravate things.”

And for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
J. Arencibia C
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Gomes 1B
D. Cooper DH
R. Davis LF

B. Morrow RHP

Chicago White Sox

A. De Aza CF
G. Beckham 2B
A. Dunn DH
D. Viciedo LF
A. Rios RF
A. Pierzynski C
A. Ramirez SS
T. Flowers 1B
O. Hudson 3B

J. Quintana LHP


Image via Jonathan Daniel/Getty.

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  1. Grey on grey Unis tonight.
    Let go get’em.

  2. me thinks farrell is getting too cute with his lineups..behold the worst cleanup hitter on the jays since kevin millar

  3. If hear Rasmus has hit .500 in the 2 spot one more time….

  4. Random Jays stat du jour: Jays have been 3 games over .500 at each of the 15, 25, 35, 45, and 55 game marks. So I guess they’re…um…consistent?

  5. Zoom Zoom Zoom!

  6. No Jays feed on DirecTV tonight. Hawk Harrelson makes me want to eat a gun.

  7. And that’s why Lawrie batting leadoff is a shitty idea.

    • But he’s got ‘energy’ and he ‘makes thing happen’ !!!!

    • Not really, he waited until 2 outs 2 strikes to try to make something happen, what you want from a speedy lead off hitter, he’s on base and was patient

      • Confido is right

      • I would expect a good leadoff hitter to read pitchers a bit better and not to go on the first move.

        Also, given that both Bautista and JPA are basically all-or-nothing hitters at this point, stealing isn’t incredibly useful in that situation.

        Finally, given the number of baserunning blunders Lawrie has made this season, his ass should be stapled to whatever base he’s currently occupying. That’s obviously not an ideal scenario for a leadoff hitter.

        I would hit him seventh or eighth until he rediscovers his power and then move him up to fifth or sixth.

  8. JP leading off next inning, yes!

  9. I have a feeling that there will be a can of woopass opened up tonight..

  10. Damn O-Dawg, why you gotta be like that?

  11. Sure looks like morrow is locking in early. The Sox dont look to have any clue whats coming…

  12. Anyway to get rid of those annoying Mcdonalds banners on Gameday? One on each side cant even see the pitcher and hitter stats, ads cover it up….

  13. Can i get a picture of that stupid fucking face pierzynski was making

  14. Feels like it’s going to be one of those frustrating coulda shoulda games.

  15. Buck Martinez`s body odor. Discuss.

  16. just use the game day mini then

  17. Was anyone else quite surprised the team didn’t take McCullers in the draft? I thought he was a lock after Giolito was taken.

    • I was surprised, heard nothing but good things about him…

      that being said i heard good things about literally everyone.

  18. that was pretty slick by hudson, but i bet lawrie makes that same play without having to leave his feet.

  19. O-dog killing em, just killing – nice to see his D just not here, not now

  20. Nice gameday mini….sweet. I never seen that before. thanks.

    • Gameday mini is good … also Gameday Classic is still available by clicking near the top right of the Gameday screen. It dials back the ads but still gives you all the info.

      Damn Morrow is looking OK.

  21. Gregg Zaun just tweeted me. I’m pleased.

  22. Anyone else miss Buerhle – Doc 2 hour matchups?

    Those games are what baseball needs more of.

    • Agreed. Good pitching and defense is always beautiful to see. I’ll cheer for O-Dog’s defense even though I want the Jays to win.

      Comparatively, I hate it when the other team gets a lot of hits!

    • Agree. When Frasor is out there I wish for a pitch clock even if he is a Blue Jay.

  23. Love the shift!

  24. Could Dunn have touched the bag any slower

  25. I’m (pleasantly) surprised Bautista gloved that.

  26. Thats Gregg Zaun, reporting for Kandahar

  27. That Cooper fella that seems to be missin his chin there is quite the baserunner!

  28. That looked like a pretty poor call at second there… Not that you could tell from that replay.

  29. Hmm looked safe to me.

  30. That was the most awkward slide ever

  31. Morrow has the nasty stuff going tonight. He’s hitting his spots so well.

    Cletus also looks dirty. He got jobbed on the play at second – but good for him to smack one with a guy on second.

  32. That Escobar has a cannon for an arm. There’s another guy who could probably convert to pitcher.

  33. That was… crushed…

  34. Damn, that was 50 rows back.

  35. Jesus that was a fast HR.

  36. why is mike mccoy sitting in the stands?

  37. Surprised Hudson didn’t leap 10 feet in the air to rob JP there

  38. Jose!

    JPA hits another low pitch for a base hit.

  39. cooper runs like bert

  40. so why didn’t alex pick up this quintana guy, 23 year old lefty for nothing?

  41. escobar sure grounds into a lot of dps

  42. So, 2 more seasons until Morrow will have 0 walks per 9 innings.

  43. Does anyone know the URL to download Jays Talk every night?

  44. Morrow has broken Sox broadcasters’ will. Nice consolation for having to listen to them.

  45. Red Sox lose

  46. Still only 1 base runner allowed. Wow.

  47. Take out the disaster 0.2 innings in Texas and the Lind-related 5th inning disaster against Tampa Bay, Morrow has only 4 ER in his last 48 innings for a tidy 0.75 ERA. Cherry picking and arbitrary endpoints withstanding, that is tasty.

  48. fuck cooper makes hitting look easy, keep him away from murph

  49. Another hit for Bland Ichiro. He just keeps making contact. His outs yesterday were hard hit balls too.

  50. So, are we buying into Cooper yet?

    • Wilner calls him the new Overbay & bashes fans who hated Overbay in his last few years with the team.

      Wilner forgets that after Overbay hurt his wrist, his power numbers went down. He took too many
      3rd pitch called strikes.

      His defense was still above average, but the Jays were paying him 7 million per year for that.

      If Cooper is Overbay lite at 480K per year, the Jays can spend the extra cash on a starting pitcher.

  51. “Bland Ichiro” has two opposite field home runs already this year, and he turned around that 98 mph fastball pretty nicely.

  52. Rasmus gets hit 0-2 and still pissed haha

  53. Rasmus was really really leaning in there when he got hit by that pitch.

  54. I like to listen to it on the way to work. Anybody helpful here?

  55. I’m laughing at the Plug LOOGY beaking the stud CF

  56. Come on….seriously.

  57. I don’t always hit home runs

    But when I do, I prefer the bases empty

    -Jose Bautista

    • You have the best name of any poster on this site. I giggle every time I see it! Keep up the good work.

  58. Anybody got that Cooper kid’s number? I gotta warn him that number won base is hardder then it loocks. Do yer krunchees.

  59. “I hate Canada”

    -Random Guy in crowd

  60. Memo to Farrell:
    If you’re thinking of yanking Morrow, DO NOT put in Coco.

  61. wow by tomorrow the jays could be 1 back

  62. Every day I say this, but why does it feel like the jays break 3 times as many bats as any other team?

  63. fuck u rios hahaha

  64. Whoo, Rios!

  65. That’s the dumdum Rios I remember.

  66. I love Rios (as long as he’s not on my team)

  67. “and Rios drops it again” —- priceless.

  68. Oh good I was worried there wouldn’t be a runner to strand this inning.

  69. Alex ” who gives a fuck” rios!!

  70. what a stud JPA is…from the knees!!

  71. the ball was helicoptering toward rios, give him a break

  72. the sox got 3 of our players, maybe they’ll take lind off our hands too

  73. good that flowers kid is big, he mighta got beat up in school

  74. Yup, he’s coming back out for the ninth.

  75. just have to mention it again for my humour. state farm is still fucking me over on my lost income benefits. and either them or TD insurance had an investigator represent themselves asmy lawyers firm in a private phone call with me. they had alot of information that they shouldnt have.dirty play even by skank standards.buyer beware when choosing your insurance.they lost a billion last year and are not paying out legitimate claims and my car ins went up 40% in a yr

    • Piss poor neighbours , I’d say…..

      • no my neighbours dont even see me.they had divorce court info, private phone #, name change info. they were seeking income and if i was working on the side. representing my lawyers interferes with my communicating with them. filed a complaint with state farm and informed them of the damage coming from posting online on MLB and every north american newspaper board every day. fuck em all.dirty bastards

        • HEY Zeus you missed that….state farm….”like a good neighbour”…except they’re not…

          • sorry, im on percs. and i thought you had experience with insurance.they are known for getting investigators to question neighbours.my family has had alot of crippling accidents.4 of us have been hit by trucks and my sister got hit by 3 at once

        • I think he was referring to State Farm being your neighbor, because of their catchy “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” ad campaign. But, maybe I’m wrong…

      • haha none of the accidents were our fault. in one yr the family had 12 accidents and 2 houses burnt down. my girlfriends daughters had 4 themselves. all innocent and everyone is afraid to go out.only 1 dead though.

  76. The Toronto Blue Jays is the best 4th Place team in baseball, period.

  77. So two hits tonight against lefties.

  78. Cooper just keeps on doing it. And against what looks like good pitching too.

  79. so much for vlad

  80. imagine what the jays record would be with the sox arms

  81. fuck santiago works as slow as frasor…

  82. In Canada a base hit will soon be called a Cooper.

  83. Rajai “Babe” Davis.

  84. Fucking Rajai drills it

  85. What an AB!

  86. Shit, Davis will be useless for a couple of weeks now.

  87. “Reminds me of Rickey Henerson”- Gregg Zaun.

  88. Rajai!

  89. WTF is up with Davis this year? Lol

  90. Rajai Davis

    Who is this man?

  91. Rajai Davis, power hitter

  92. rajai has half the hr of pujols. amazing

  93. I don’t always hit home runs

    But when I do, I do it in thoroughly improbable fashion

    - Rajai Davis

  94. Man you have to wonder why a team like the White Sox didn’t take a shot at Lind seeing as who they’ve had play first since Konerko has been out.

  95. Laffey is getting warmed up in the pen… in vegas

  96. I didn’t think Rajai would be a bigger homerun threat than Lawrie.

  97. Hey, can I tongue punch your mom’s fart box?

  98. Turn away for a sucking and Rajai parks one. Cooper/Rajai =Mantle/Maris

  99. espn game threat has 2300 posts!

  100. Add one healthy Rajai + Murphy effect = Jose light!! Quite tasty too lol

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