Oh man, that’s amazing, Colby Rasmus.

Last night was, for Rasmus, “a career night: a five-for-five performance, one that saw his wOBA rise from .304 to .326, and his wRC+ rise from 89 to 104, on the season,” as our old friend Navin at NotGraphs put it. And, as you might expect, he was all business in doing so, as you can see in a GIF of his home run trot in Navin’s post.

Tonight against the lefty Quintana, though, it’s going to be a little tougher. That creep can roll.

But Rasmus remains in the two spot, with Brett Lawrie still leading off. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it– which apparently is also the Jays’ philosophy when it comes to Edwin Encarnacion’s injury. HEYO! The artist formerly known as E5 remains out.


Speaking of the Colbster (note: huh?), Scott Carson of Sportsnet writes that Rasmus finally looks like he’s finding his comfort zone. “ In fact, Buck Martinez commented that he was playing behind Rasmus’ group at Monday’s Jays Care Foundation golf tournament and he was loose and having a good time with his corporate playing partners, something he’s not shown much of since arriving.”

Mike Cormack of Sportsnet tweets an Andrew Tinnish comment from his spot on the Fan 590 pre-game show, where he says that “Some of the seniors that we’ve taken, we’ve already agreed to terms and signed.” Cormack adds that “he did not provide any names.”

But don’t start thinking that the Jays are the only team with some curiously quick deals supposedly in place. Fox Sports Houston, via the always awesome Baseball Think Factory Newsblog, reports that Houston owner Jim Crane reports that his club has already agreed on a deal with top pick Carlos Correa.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet tweets an update from John Farrell on Edwin Encarnacion. “We didn’t even put a bat in his hand today. There’s still some swelling,” Farrell says, “and we don’t want to re-aggravate things.”

And for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
J. Arencibia C
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Gomes 1B
D. Cooper DH
R. Davis LF

B. Morrow RHP

Chicago White Sox

A. De Aza CF
G. Beckham 2B
A. Dunn DH
D. Viciedo LF
A. Rios RF
A. Pierzynski C
A. Ramirez SS
T. Flowers 1B
O. Hudson 3B

J. Quintana LHP


Image via Jonathan Daniel/Getty.

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  1. Last night top of the order was 8 for 10, tonight bottom of order goes 6 for 8.

  2. Hope the long break didn’t hurt Morrow

  3. Dammit my vipbox stream just died. Probably was coming from a pissed CWS fan.

  4. On his way to a perfect game vs the Sox minus AJ

  5. Grey on Grey unis.
    Told ya

  6. Wooooo!

  7. Leads the league in CGs and SOs

  8. So that’s 3 CG shutouts for Morrow this year. All 3 hits or less. 3 walks total in 27 innings. Pretty dominating stuff.

  9. Might be winning the Morrow-League trade.

  10. Can we play the Chicago White Sox more? Throw the Cubs in there too, for good measure.

  11. We’re fortunate to be catching them at the end of their super hot streak. Those are the kind of breaks you need throughout a season. Hopefully we can rough up a very good pitcher in Peavy tomorrow.

    • I interpreted the situation as “the Jays ENDED the White Soxs hot streak.” =)

      • Silly man. Don’t you know that all good Blue Jays results and performances against “better” teams come from circumstances that rendered the other team, on the day/days concerned, unable to lay on the Blue Jays the brutal beatdown they otherwise could easily have managed?

        Jays make the postseason and win the Wild Card game, this season. I’m calling it.

        When that doesn’t happen, I owe Mr. Parkes and all you other realists a beer (each).

        • Keep your wallet in your pants Killer, I want what you want. (and Parkes drinks Daiquiris.)

          • I thought Dustin likes Singapore Slings:))

            A playoff game in Toronto in October would be wild!

            I want Morrow to pitch in a 1 game playoff. Sorry Ricky.

    • yeah, beating up on he royals and twins must take a lot out of them

  12. And of course, Zaun gushing over Rajai because it fits his biased narrative. Rasmus went 5 for 5 last night but Zaunie still didn’t give him as much love.

  13. All these intelligent commenters on this web site and yet only idiots call in to wilner’s show?

    the FIRST caller wants us to vote Morrow into the all star game


  14. Morrow really looks like a different guy this year. It’s pretty exciting.

    When the Jays get good starts from Romero and Morrow, it’s easy to feel optimistic about the team. Fun series so far.

    • I will be convinced this team has turned it around for good when the next time they lose..they only lose one game in a row before winning.

      can you believe they have only done that ONCE this year? every other time they have lost, they have gone on to lose two or more?

      • That’s not surprising considering the starting pitchers.

        Alvarez has had more rough innings this year than anyone would’ve liked, and Drabek is fucking terrifying. Hutchison is looking composed and relatively dominant, all things considered, so I don’t mind him as a starter at the moment.

        This Blue Jays offense is not performing well enough to win many games when the team’s starting pitching is inconsistent, bad, or mediocre. That simple. The Blue Jays need at least one better starting pitcher than they have in the rotation (Drabek for… anyone better than Drabek) to compete in the AL East.

  15. I can- the anchor of .500 weighs on this franchise. I just hope this is the year the team can break 90 wins.

    • The team cannot get to 90 wins if they keep doing this win two ..lose two..win three..lose four…crap.

      as stated above, this will not change unless they can upgrade alvarez or drabek to a legit MLB pitcher…al East level decent MLB pitcher.

      if you could have Garza for Syndegaard..would you do it?

  16. I think it depends on what kind of extension you could work out.

    • no extension guaranteed….would you make the deal knowing you have him for this year, next year and the CHANCE to extend him?

      if not ..what about Nicolino? Sanchez?

      Ive never actually seen any of these guys pitch, but based on what I’ve read, Sanchez is the guy I would not let go. Nicolino or syndergaard? Id think about it…one.not both

  17. Adam Lind is actually on the All Star ballot?
    Lets all vote for him.
    Be hilarious if he got selected.
    Would increase his trade value too.
    Adam Lind 2012 All Star

  18. I like this team. And I’m a lot more optimistic about it because some of the young guys are starting to look like big leaguers (especially Rasmus). I think AA’s strategy so far of figure out what your needs are in the first 40 games, see if you can fill those needs internally in the next 30 or so, is a good one. They need to see if they can solve 1b and LF internally before they go and and try to acquire something at the deadline. Let’s hope Cooper can keep it up, and that some combination of Snider/Sierra/Gose and Davis can work for the Jays in left. I think the bullpen is going to be solid, especially once Santos returns. And I like Beck a lot as a right handed one inning guy (once they finally ditch/trade/release Cordero). So really, they need a starter. As much as I would love Greinke, and would like Garza, the guy I’m really hoping for would be Halladay. If Philly falls out of it by the deadline, and Doc comes back healthy, I’m wondering what it would take to get him back here. (And if Cooper can’t handle the job, then you try to get Morneau.) But all that is assuming the Jays are within striking distance still nearer to the deadline.

  19. (Trading Doc would free up money for Philly to resign Cole Hamels.)

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