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First things first…

At Getting Blanked, Parkes talks about the complete fucking idiocy that is the suggestion that baseball may be looking at going to a schedule format that’s even more imbalanced– with teams playing more games within their division– and he doesn’t think the O’s signing Jamie Moyer is going to work out so well.

Chris Schwinden, we hardly Schwind ya: MLBTR passes along the announcement that the some-handed hurler claimed last week from the Mets has been lost again on waivers to the Clevelands, leaving an empty spot on the Jays’ 40-man roster. Vlad Guerrero hasn’t really got his game going yet in Las Vegas, but maybe this spot will stay open in waiting for him.

MLBTR also passes along the fact that Ruben Gotay is no longer a member of the Jays organization, and that Ruben Gotay was, at one point, a member of the Jays organization. He’s been moved to the Braves for cash.

It’s afternoon somewhere. What of it?

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin talks parity in baseball, and wonders what it might mean for the trade deadline. While elsewhere there, Kevin McGran picked up on something that I saw posted somewhere else but that I didn’t bother grabbing a link from: LA Kings Drew Doughty, and now Anze Kopitar, have come out to speak to the media wearing Jays hats.

Elsewhere still from the Star, Mark Zwolinski compiles some photos of players on the current Jays roster, looking at how they were acquired by the team… or something.

At his blog for Sportsnet that used to be Miked Up, Wilner talks about how John Farrell’s wacky lineup shifting sure paid dividends last night for the Jays.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi writes about how the Jays broke their own mold by choosing Marcus Stroman with the 22nd pick on Monday.

Anthony Alford’s high school coach raves about the Jays’ draftee to Chris Toman of

Jose Bautista isn’t quite as close to being back to normal as a lot of people think, says Jose Bautista, according to Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail.

Dave Perkin of Sports Illustrated– and being confused for the ex-Toronto Star and current official-scorer man– rated the Jays’ draft the second best in baseball. Check back right here in five years to see if he was right!

Like ESPN before them, FanGraphs recently did a Franchise Player fantasy draft. In this one Brett Lawrie went 25th. Not ahead-of-McCutchen-are-you-shitting-me?!? 15th, but pretty respectable, even if it was ten picks behind Jay Bruce.

Lastly, there’s been lots of talk about the suppression of money being handed out to draftees this week, which comes in stark contrast to what’s about to happen with Cuban prospect Jorge Soler– the last amateur free agent who’ll be the subject to a bidding war before the rules change in July. We’re keeping an eye on him, as it’s expected that the Jays will say nothing about their interest and then have everyone just assume they’re totally going all-in after him, crushing our hopes and dreams when he inevitably ends up somewhere else. Paul Swydan of FanGraphs has an update.

Comments (11)

  1. Wilner says it’s a COLUMN now, not a Blog. Get it straight.

  2. you missed this one

  3. So, no Edwin again tonight and for some reason, JPA is batting 5th.

  4. No, it’s worse…

    3B Lawrie
    CF Rasmus
    RF Bautista
    C Arencibia
    SS Escobar
    2B Johnson
    1B Gomes
    DH Cooper
    LF Davis

    Farrell’s whacked.

    • Other than Arencebia hitting clean up, I don’t see a whole lot wrong with this lineup, what’s your beef with it?

  5. So I guess Farrell is back to putting guys with an atrocious OBP in the 4-spot.

    • You don’t need OBP in the 4 spot…you need slugging. And JP isn’t great at that….decent, but not great…

      • You want OBP as high up in the lineup as possible. Johnson was the natural choice, I see no reason at all to change it.

  6. I am pretty sure I saw Doughty sport a Jays cap during the Vancouver Olympic Games. Dude is cool with me.

  7. what ever became of beede?

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