The brooms are out as the Jays take on the White Sox in the final tilt of this three game set from Chicago, and they turn to Henderson Alvarez to get it done, as he looks to reverse the little regression to the mean trend that’s plagued him in his last three starts. But it’s not going to be easy, as the Sox send Jake Peavy to the hill against him, and benefit from the return of Paul Konerko to the lineup.

Miss a bat Henderson, we know you can do it at least a little better than this. In 10 starts last year, the hard-throwing right-hander had 40 strikeouts over 63.2 innings– in 11 starts this year, he has 21 in 72. The fuck!?!


Farrell worked Omar Vizquel and David Cooper into the lineup? HURRAY!!!! LUCKKYYYYYYY!!!!

According to the Jays’ official Twitter feed, McCoy’s assignment in left was a late development, as Rajai Davis was originally slated to play. Did he look like he might have tweaked something while running at some point near the end of last night’s game, or was that just me?

Maybe it was, as Shi Davidi tweets that Davis has a jammed middle finger on his left hand. Davidi also informs us that Sergio Santos is throwing bullpen sessions again, and getting close to facing live hitters, and that Travis Snider has, indeed, landed with Dunedin for the time being.

The Jays also announced that the final spot in the bullpen continues to be occupied by a revolving door. Chad Beck is up, while Robert Coell-who? goes back down to Las Vegas (Note: I like to call it Lost Wages).

Barry Davis tweets that “Farrell says all went well with Edwin today. Will take BP and possibly play 1b tomorrow in Atlanta.”

And for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
K. Johnson DH
D. Cooper 1B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B
M. McCoy LF

H. Alvarez RHP

Chicago White Sox

A. De Aza CF
G. Beckham 2B
A. Dunn 1B
P. Konerko DH
A. Rios RF
A. Pierzynski C
D. Viciedo LF
A. Ramirez SS
O. Hudson 3B

J. Peavy RHP


Image via Cooper Neill/Getty.

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  1. Over/under on Hendu’s strikeouts: 2.5

    I’m taking under.

  2. Grey on Grey unis boys
    Get’er done

    • Show us the pie charts man.

      • @ small potatoes
        I asked the guy how to post the pie chart to DJF.
        All I heard was…
        Take the file and blah,blah,blah …..blah blah blah…ascii text…blah,blah,blah …….binary code ..blah,blah,blah…and then stick your right finger in your left ear…blah,blah,blah and your done.

        After he was done explaining that, I told him to nevermind about the nuclear fusion question.

    • Plethora? I only ever see that word in research journal articles.

      • In grade school i had to write in a journal everyday. I dont remember writing the the word Plethora in my journal.

      • @ karen

        I didn’t think surfeit or superfluity would have conveyed the thought correctly.
        I guess it doesn’t matter,I’m not as pedant as others ( like Wilner).

  3. This looks suspiciously like a concession lineup. Although I’m hearing that McCoy wasn’t the original plan but was inserted due to a last-minute Davis scratch.

  4. I was wondering when Peavy became a lefty as well (per Stoeten), although he’s had so many arm problems I’m sure the thought occurred to him. Looks like he’s still throwing righthanded out there though.

  5. KJ strikes out on changeup down for 187th time in last two weeks.



  7. I like Rasmus and especially how he slows the game down. He must be rooming with Omar, they are both good at slowing the game down.

  8. “His batting average reflects he is comfortable in right”

    Okay there Buck…

    • I liked how Tabby tried to tiptoe around saying he’s too much of a space cadet to play center.

      • like you have to be a knowledgeable genius to play pro sports. i love it when retired players reflect on the games that have some real braincramps playing.its almost like it hurts their ego to know that the retard line is in play.

  9. Cooper’s hot right now. No doot aboot it.

  10. Attaboy Olerud 2.0

  11. If Cooper could only run…

  12. Okay chance Yunel gidp here? 80%?

  13. Please no gidp here yunel

  14. lol that ball barely got to the outfield grass

  15. Peavy does not look that great tonight. Just looks hittable.

  16. “Peavey keeps the ball down…”

    “oh… uhhh… yeah… but he’s smart… so…”

  17. So, the question here is, does McCoy GDP or get out some other way that doesn’t result in a run?

  18. OK Omar makes Peavy look like an ace. But just for now.

  19. There’s no fucking way the Jays are winning today with this terrible lineup.

  20. Nice McCoy!!

  21. Haha! McCoy is the king!

    • Interesting that the exact same play was an error on Lawrie but not on Hudson? I’d have said errors on both…

  22. Sox are good at returning the favour on errors

  23. Rough night for the hot corner.

  24. Ill admit it. I did not see that coming.

  25. McCoy batting 1.000! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  26. Real McCoy!!!! keep this playa UP in the Maja’s

  27. hot shot from McCoy to….the O-dawg!!!

    anyhoo, nice bounce there for Mikey…


  29. HAHA… Take out slide FTW!

  30. Nasty slide McCoy. Ha.

  31. And then he takes Beckham!! I love this guy!

  32. Lol mike McCoy big hit at the plate big hit running the bases.. I have seen it all

  33. Mike McCoy, MLB ball player.

  34. Gotta love that scrappy little honkey.

  35. fun inning here….

    • Agreed. Thought it was over when I saw Visquel poop a three pitch SO. Bottom of the order has been doing good work lately.

  36. Sure is nice having that slugger in our lineup!

  37. Good lord, it’s nice to see the opposing team fucking up so much and lengthening an inning.

  38. Okay Peavy’s thrown 50 pitches already and we’re still in the 2nd.

  39. aggressive running teams will cause opposing team to shit themselves in the infield. please bring wipes to the game and a noseplug. go jays

  40. The old blue jays from previous years would folded like origami after the visquel strikeout. Good to see them continue to hit well with runners in scoring position, even if this is rhe worst batting lineup that we have put on the field all year, hands down.

  41. Alvarez has a tight chinstrap. Gotta wonder : does one feel immensely douchey while grooming a chinstrap such as that? The constant maintenance and such? Like…looking at yourself in the mirror while trimming it and saying “Fuck yeah. Look at you being the baddest ass in the world with this facial hair. Fuck strikeouts.”.

    Just curious…

    • I have to really hope there’s a cultural difference going on there… Him and Edwin have those things and they look terrible… I think Edwin’s might be to hide a double chin, though…

  42. An Alvarez K and an Aaron Cibia walk in the same inning. Gentlemen, we have entered the twilight zone.

  43. Funny Valentine gets a laugh – likely won’t hear too much “reporting” on the grumblings inside the Sux clubhouse from Curt Schilling while he deals with his business problems

    Bobby V’s restaurant didn’t need any state-backed loan guarantees to bring the world “The Wrap” sandwich. All his employees have been paid.

    Shut up Bloody Sock, pay your bills.

  44. I like to call it ‘ lost wages’!!!!!

  45. ‘just a second Mr. man, are you even Asian?’

  46. Another peripheral baseball story from today involves the first hints that some charges of insider trading may be coming for some retired baseball players, including one “well-known” player. Of course Dykstra is the first name that comes to mind, but maybe not.

  47. Cmon lawrie.. nice little gapper here, I wanna see JP chug

  48. buck will be more nasally tonight. mute button is applicable to level of enjoyment of game

  49. Please never refer to yourself as Uncle Buck again :(:(

  50. Gotta say am pleasantly surprised to see Alvarez outdueling Peavy so far.

  51. One quirky observation about Brandon Morrow’s last 10 starts, look at the Earned Runs, its like a Dharma Initiative code:

    0 1 6 0 6 1 0 0 1 6

    Twilight Zone-y

    • haha weird. For as ugly as those 6′s look, I’ll take 3 of em if the other 7 are 0′s and 1′s.

  52. Hendo looking good but let’s get some more runs.

  53. @ Grammar police(Paul) the punctuation marks I used in my comment you dissected showed, that I do have a sense of humor.
    Paul you should know this right you’re the Grammar Nazi……Nein?
    I made fun of you and myself in that comment but I guess you’re not as godly as you thought you were…Nein?
    If your going to call yourself the Grammar Police or Nazi then make sure your Grammar is perfect.
    Fuck you … all of you. ¡

  54. and if you add the two earliest starts the last two numbers of the code are:

    4 0

  55. The Tabby-Cat shuffle, We’re in a heap of trouble, Doin’ the Tabby-Cat shuffle, yes sir!

  56. That’s a compliment Coop. welcome to the Bigs

  57. That was the Lawrie AGGRO that was missing the other night on the cut in front of Escobar

  58. O-Dawg – God findin’ the gaps for him since ’02

  59. Is it just me or De Aza a skinny CoCo???? Or one of CoCo’s bastard sons?

  60. HOLY FUCKBALLS! They travel with TWO WHOLE LAPTOPS?!

  61. I would like the Jays to sweep the Sox, I would like the Jays to get another Starter, I would like the Jays to get another big Bat in the order, I would like the Jays to win the wild card. AA get movin, stop the excuses and get it done. We have waited long enough, so get Mohamed on side cause he don’t know. You does.


  63. Come on JP, no reason that gets through

  64. Fuck. Totally balls.

  65. That looked like 2011 JP. Trying to catch it instead of blocking it.

  66. Fucker Rios got lucky…..

    If Mccoy was 3 inches taller…..

  67. The long ball has in some respects made baseball less exciting. Moving the fences in has all but eliminted triples – one of the most exiciting plays in baseball. Gone to is the relay man, to the cut-off man play. Sad really

  68. JESSE, do you have any idea what you’re doing??? You IMBECILE.

    If you were even ONE, ONE INCH taller, you would have had that. Instead, were sitting here in a pile, a PILE of our own excrement.

    Tied… Tied with these, these….. these CRETINS.

    But you don’t don’t have any idea do you? Can your mind even process the SCIENCE necessary to jump to a certain height.

    I don’t even know why I try.

  69. Alvarez just got read the riot act.

  70. What were Alvarez and Arencibia arguing about?

  71. God damn it Lawrie, wait for the fucking call before taking off

  72. Wilner… trying to explain WAR.

    Ayayai that was painful.

  73. Wilner on WAR: “uhh..its calculated 2 different ways and uhhh…..I’m out of time!!! Back to you Jerry!!”

  74. WoW–He does it ev-ERY–day No Rassin>> Give me that Swager Sleeeeve On his Left-Arm>> Ya Ya Ya Ya.. Wow Wow.. YaYa YA-YA-YA

  75. Bring me mah legs

  76. Escobar with 2 monster contact hits tonight

  77. Nice start, Yunel

  78. Did Escobar actually hustle there?

  79. It’s almost like there’s a plan.

  80. Why does the weakest part of the order have to always be up

  81. If we score here we can still get Alvarez the win.

  82. Oh good lets try the safety squeeze that hasn’t ever worked for them

    • Sadly I’d rather try the suicide squeeze rather than let Vizquel swing away, given that it’s Vizquel we’re talking about here.

      • Swinging away the worst he’s going to do is get himself out. We’ve already seen the squeeze attempt cost us the lead runner twice this season.

  83. wouldnt have wanted to pinch hit in that key point would ya farrell

  84. Ok boys, need it now – Gomes run

  85. Aye Carumba!

  86. So Gomes stuck in left for rest of game now?

  87. WTF Hudson?

  88. Ugh

  89. Why not leave Oliver in? Its tied

  90. Well a much better start by Alvarez, probably his best in over a month, just the one mistake to Rios. Still not sure how the first run charged to Alvarez is earned though. Lawrie’s error resulted in the run. A normal grounder wouldn’t have resulted in the run.

    As for the rest of the game, not getting a great vibe from Frasor.

  91. The Swan has sung his last final lament.

  92. Quite happy Konerko is no longer in the game, to be hones.

  93. Kelly Johnson struck out.


  94. anyone know the record for strikeouts by a 2nd baseman?

  95. Have the Jays had an inning this series where they haven’t stranded someone in scoring position?

  96. geez this stranding runners thing is getting a bit old

  97. Farrell putting Coco in to get the game over with. Good move. They have a plane to catch and there’s no point wasting the bullpen. I think the offense has signaled pretty clearly that it has no intention of scoring any more runs tonight.

  98. Aw man, Co-Co…

  99. Farrell waves the white flag

  100. STFU Tabby

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