I tend to think that the weird insecurity that  Canadians exhibit when they complain about America’s lack of interest in of our nation is bullshit. Oh, they don’t know who our Prime Minister is, they’re all back water rick bags! We’re so hard done by, that their culture is dominant over ours. Woe is us.

The truth is that Canadians are no better than ignorant Americans. I once heard a guy explaining to another guy about how an NHL team in Seattle would have two natural rivals: Vancouver and Washington.

But then something like this happens, and I grow a little less convinced. I mean, c’mon. Yan Jones? Dan Johnson? What, no Gordie Dougie?

Secret Canadian handshake to Dave Worlin for the tip, eh?

Update: As many have notified, this is actually an AP Story that was also used by the Toronto Star (see below).

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  1. That’s not ESPN, that’s the numbnuts AP Chicago bureau White Sox writer who rushed to send in his early summary and failed miserably. Let’s at least direct our vitriol at the proper incompetent here.

    • That stuff should be seen by a news editor before it goes up. It’s not automatic, at least around these parts it’s not, so I can’t imagine ESPN would be less stringent.

      • It’s seen by the AP editor, not ESPN’s. And it IS automatic ally posted to their site when it comes from the wire. Holding the Score’s editorial standards above ESPN’s?



        You need to re-direct your scorn to AP and change the headline.

      • Fair point, but given that it appears to be the early recap, ESPN was probably rushing to get this on their website as soon as possible and probably didn’t give it much thought and trusted the AP to have some standards. You often see these early recaps on the site within a minute or two of the completion of a game.

        At any rate, ESPN has it corrected completely now. As for the Star…

      • I can’t believe he had Mike McCoy’s name right.

    • Espn has to publish it. Something to be said about proof reading

  2. no what’s even funnier, are incompetent Toronto Star has the same Article. http://www.thestar.com/sports/baseball/mlb/bluejays/article/1208013–toronto-blue-jays-fall-to-chicago-white-sox-4-3


  3. funnier they fixed gomes but not johnson yet…

  4. Yeah. Someone send Parkes their copy of sports media 101. He’s either ignorant of how the wire services (and consequently websites operate) or he’s trolling (again) using ESPN as bait.

  5. Now at the Star… a proofreader should have caught that once the pages were printed. No excuse for them.

  6. And they think EE is still E5…

    The Blue Jays (30-27) arrive in Atlanta after getting denied a fourth consecutive victory with Thursday’s 4-3 road loss to the Chicago White Sox.
    Toronto, though, has to feel good about the likely return of Edwin Encarnacion. The third baseman, the team leader with 17 homers and 43 RBIs, has been out since getting hit on the right hand by a pitch on Sunday.

  7. I don’t see a problem with this article

  8. I think Kelly Johnson has earned a bit more respect then this

    • *than

      • do you feel better about yourself?

        • No. I feel ashamed that our education system has failed you.

          • No. I feel ashamed that our education system has failed you.
            You don’t need the word that in your sentence. You already described your emotion. I feel ashamed. Period. Our education system has failed you.
            It appears our education system has failed you… as well?
            Anyone reading his comment, knew what he was saying. Did you really have to correct him?

          • If you don’t correct him you may just lose your asshole status. Good work! It’s intact.

    • Agreed. He should have much more notoriety for all those strike-outs. Come on AP, show some respect!

  9. It was worse after Brandon Morrow’s win earlier in the series. The game didn’t even make the small “Headlines” list on the right side of ESPN’s MLB page (http://espn.go.com/mlb/).

    According to ESPN’s own “Game Score”, Morrow’s had 3 of the top 10 pitched games this year: http://espn.go.com/mlb/stats/topperformers/_/type/pitching/league/al. No other pitcher has even more than 1.

    According to ESPN’s Brandon Morrow Page (http://espn.go.com/mlb/player/_/id/28734/brandon-morrow):
    “From Elias: Brandon Morrow tossed a two-hit shutout to lead Toronto to a 4-0 win over the White Sox on Wednesday night. Morrow has thrown a shutout while allowing three-or-fewer hits in three of his 12 starts this season. Prior to Morrow, the last major-league pitcher with three shutouts with three-or-fewer hits allowed through his first 12 starts of a season was Boston’s Roger Clemens in 1988.” (My note: Clemens had 14 CG and 8 SHO that year!)

    But the game didn’t even make it to the small print of ESPN’s MLB page…

  10. Fucking hilarious to see the progression of this article.

  11. Oh Dustin. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your ongoing ripping on Canada, from the accents to America just being “the better version of Canada”. I have no problem with that, as much as I love Canada, we become America when we can’t laugh at ourselves and take life far to seriously. The shtick is getting a little old though, especially when you consider Canadians would call Northern California, the nicest part of Canada. Some of us view their thoughts towards us, as comical for the simple fact that Americans are not just ignorant to Canada, but the rest of the world. Their lack of knowledge on what is going on in our country, is the same towards the rest of the world. Watching America from a distance is hilarious, from their politicians, to their citizens, to their “news” networks.

    Canadians are ignorant about hockey and carrying over that same mentality to other sports? Painfully bad. A very large percentage of Americans are ignorant to such things as, believing their president is actually a practicing Muslim, the fact that they’re the only country in the world who still question evolution, that 90% of their states don’t allow gay marriage, that half the country actually believes in what these Republicans are saying and that their economy is still in shambles it will never recover from, they still find the need to sing God Bless America along with their National anthem and shove their patriotism down everyone’s throat, worse then any “maple boner”

  12. 2 points to the toronto sun for writing there own article http://www.torontosun.com/sports/baseball

    and 1 point for tsn and the globe and mail for using AP but fixing the errors.

    2 points to sportsnet as well http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/2012/06/07/blue_jays_white_sox_june_7/

    • The paper edition of the Globe & Mail for today has only one of the names right. They correctle identified Kelly Johnson, but Yan Jones was still in there. So half a point deduction for that…

  13. It is the AP morons, almost every publication uses the Associated Press’ stories. This was also published by the National Post and likely every print publication in every small town in Canada.

    It is not an ESPN thing, by any means.

    I noticed the Yan Jones and many other errors while reading it on line this morning.

    Chill out and smoke a big cannon.

  14. apparently DJF now has comments moderated before posting…

    • This is categorically untrue. Did you include links? Because sometimes our spam filters will pull out posts with multiple links.

    • It’s a glitch in the system. If you post more than one link in a comment it gets automatically sent for moderation.
      Sometimes It’ll freeze out comments ( dunno why) and say your blocked. If thats the case , close the browser and reopen.

      • Correct, but it’s not really a glitch. Over 95% of comments with more than one link in them are indeed spam.

        • Ya. Glitch was the wrong choice of word there.
          I was trying to beat you and I lost.

          Anyways,the internet is rife with these types of errors .Diction,syntax,spelling,verbiage,typo errors are found on all reputable sites.
          I just take it for granted and try to understand the content without being pedant.

  15. I love how someone so obsessed with shitting on every narrative has to dedicate 2 out of 3 paragraphs to supporting the lame narrative that is the “insecure, woe is me Canadian.” Really? Just present the AP foolishness without all the drivel.

    • Holy fucking humourless.

      • He probably didn’t have to be a dick about it, but he has a point.

        Maybe it’s nothing more than a little irony, but he’s not out of line for pointing it out.

      • There’s something to be said for brevity. Know how all of those shows with a lot of dialogue that people thought were funny for a while fizzled out because people got annoyed? Yeah…

        I still love you.

  16. As first I was like: it’s because Gomes is a rookie, not because he plays for a canadian team

    And then I was like: Dan johnson Whaaa? http://i.imgur.com/QPTB8.jpg

  17. I’m surprised Parkes didn’t find a way to turn this into an article about how he thinks Lawrie is over-rated.

  18. Jays now 3-10 in 1 run games, lets get back to talking about the team.

  19. Can the category of this be changed to ‘No, you’re a slow news day’?

  20. To argue for no reason:
    In the baseball postseason last year specifically, this site liked to mock “mainstream media” for writing stories that fit their narrative. Everyday during the playoffs. It got old. Anyway, how is this any different than what “mainstream media” does with their own narrative? You thinking Americans don’t pay attention to Canada. Aren’t the names and content covering Blue Jay games accurate 99% of the time?

    But that wouldn’t fit “The Narrative” I guess?

    • You are taking this far too seriously.

    • you will be a little uptight today. start your day with lots of fibre in your diet. you will read something today that will plug your colon temporarily until a massive expulsion of air releases and then you will cramp. you will have a very climatic bowel movement that will reaggravate those huge hemmorrhoids. they will flare up like automobile airbags in an accident. and to finish your day you will sit on your nuts while watching the braves beat farrell. your lucky numbers are 6, 11, 23, 31, 36, 47

  21. I didn’t expect to see that kind of weak coverage from the Star, pulling the story from the AP wire. The TORONTO Star (wishing I could put that in bold as well as underlined) can’t get someone to write up a simple game recap for a Toronto-based sports team? Do the Maple Leafs get the AP-treatment as well? Are the Raptors subject to this second-fiddle status like the Jays?

  22. New Headline: “Associated Press article has two typos”

    Sounds like something from the Onion.

  23. Why does this matter? And why is there is an unrealistic desire for Toronto to be liked by Americans? Americans are very patriotic, they love the good old USA, God Bless America, and all that other bullshit. But if you ask most Americans, they don’t know shit about own damn country, nevermind Canada.

    Having lived in both Canada and the US, I can assure you that there are idiots and assholes on both sides of the border. And I have met genuinely nice people in the US who know more about Canada than most Canadians.

    One irratating trend is seeing the USA USA chants while the Jays are on the road. Now that doesn’t make any fucking sense.

  24. I’ve read before that a lot of game summaries are actually computer generated, hence some errors about players names and syntax.

  25. That original ESPN screengrab doesn’t even say Yan Jones. Look closely. It says Nate Jones. Fail.

  26. Accuracy in reporting by the press is getting worse, as there are so many mediums competing to be first. Add the intellectual saavy of the American Journalist to the mix and Viola…you’ve got Eric Gomeruns, from Ontatio Canada hitting a fly puck.

  27. DJF was running low on page hits. That’s it. Nothing to read here.

  28. MLB is taking away draft picks from the Blue Jays for having 2 players play in last nights game who were not on their 40 man roster….

  29. Is that Frank Viola?


  30. The article was obviously written by Scarborough’s baseball god.

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