Game Threat: Jays @ Braves

This is your Game Threat! Deal with it!

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  1. Second infield single to third in two days? I thought Lawrie was the “greatest defensive player of all time.” (Cough)

  2. What is so hard about hitting singles in a NL park? Do they tilt the batters back box backward to favor the pitcher when the road team is hitting?

  3. Just a question: How is it that we cant find one LOUSY guy for LF when Atlanta has Prado, Costanza, Bourn, Hayward…(not to mention Andrew Jones, now with the Yankees) …All these guys who can outrun Superman and catch anything within a mile?

  4. Hanson looks like taller Jesse Litsch. nearly as fat too

  5. I wonder if the braves pitching staff gets confused when our 7,8,9 hitters come up.

    They must be thinking that the pitcher is coming up to bat 3 times in a row

  6. I felt embarrassed for rajai there, fuck he sucks, and McCoy is even worse, murderers row at the end of the lineup tonight

  7. At least Boston’s recent shitiness has kept the Jays out of the basement for now.

  8. hey I can do play by play!

    when atlanta bats: “4 pitch walk to ________”

    when jays at bat: “________ swings at the 1st pitch and hits a ground ball to short”

  9. atlanta should just put everyone on the right side when lawrie hits

    • After watching Lawrie play last year, I figured that what teams would do to adjust to his aggression and fierce swing would be throw him a bunch of junk.

      Yet somehow they’ve done the opposite. They’ve got him out with hardstuff on the inner half.

      I never thought he Lawrie would be susceptible to such a mode of attack. Surely his bat speed would be the perfect weapon to combat that approach.

      Well, from what I have seen, Lawrie’s swing is completely different than last year. Whereas before his swing was a blur of shock and awe, this year it has gotten long, loopy, and , dare I say, has a Jeter esque inside / out look to it.

      He is having trouble pulling even mediocre fastballs and until he gets back to last years approach, teams are going to keep pounding him in.

      We can talk all we want about his low walk rates, fact is teams are not going to give him a chance to walk until he hits strikes with authority.

      • Can’t help but wonder if the longer Lawrie’s away from Mottola the worse his swing gets. Sort of like all the other young players on the Jays roster.

      • It’s hard to tell who the real Lawrie is when it comes to hitting. His current MLB numbers really look a lot like A and AA numbers in terms of power and nothing like the mythical figure from his first month last year.

        Obviously going to have to make adjustments of some kind but he’s just an empty singles hitter right now for the most part. Maybe he needs to move off the plate slightly.

      • lawrie actually jumps when he swings. hard to believe but watch in slow mo, his right leg lifts up and pushes off his left. I’m pretty sure you’re never going to hit well with those mechanics, which is why the guy needs to be sent down or maybe try figure skating

        • I find it hilarious really. E very fucking hitter that comes to TO, Jose Bautista aside, loses their swing. HOW is Dwayne Murphy still a part of this organization? It’s hilarious, depressing, annoying, and maddening! sdjhfsjkskj

  10. I hate these morons that pressure a kid to throw the ball back

  11. Thank the baseball gods that Hanson hit Cletus’s bat, eh Always Be Closing?

    • Did you see where that pitch was? right where he swings every time. that will be the last pitch he sees there this series.

      you still dont think rasmus is anything but a sucky hitter do you?

  12. Yep. Game was over, right Manimal?

    • no it’ll just be another 1 run loss to embarass us even further

      • Look, we know at some point the jays will have to tie the game because that is the only way we can suffer a walk off loss with coco doing the honors

    • He’s a night manimal that’s what I know… But he’s a night manimal
      I’ve got to follow….

  13. There we go. Knew the Jays had some runs in them.

    Don’t know if they have enough runs to win the game. That will have to wait.

  14. Wake up call?

  15. Can we call someone up form the minors and actually DL someone for a change instead of what we usually do which is play with a short bench for ten days?

  16. Escobar and Lawrie, two guys that think there is only half of a field in which to hit a ball

  17. God damn, I just can’t get enough this interleague shit. Good stuff.

  18. Remember that game in philly when cito did not know how to do a double switch?

  19. wow farrell talking smack about how good the jays will be in interleague is looking pretty stupid right now.

    • We’d probably look a little better if we weren’t matched up against the NL East this year.

      But then, Farrell knew we would be matched up against the NL East.


      • Jays are going to have to hope they can turn things around against the rest of the NL teams in the 13 games they have left. Will be 2-3 soon enough and they really have no leeway with these teams when the rest of the playoff teams ahead of them have done traditionally well against the NL.

        • Well … I mean, there shouldn’t be a real, concrete reason why the Jays play poorly against the NL and other AL teams play well.

          It’s got to be random.

  20. Opps that switch didn’t look so hot. Why not just intentionally walk Bourne if he’s been raping Jays pitching?

  21. Is that Mike McDade ushering people behind home plate?

  22. smoke is coming out of farrell’s ears

  23. maybe if tell rascal that the baseball is a skeet he’ll hit better, or maybe possum?

  24. I can do play by play!

    when atlanta pitching “another easy inning by _______. jays go quietly in the 8th”

  25. I like that:
    Zaun explaining how Lawrie has shit the proverbial bed lately. Who knows why he can’t hit a fastball right down the pipe but that’s what he’s doing. I’m guessing he’s swinging too hard and pulling off the ball.

  26. so now when the game is completely out of hand, coco is nowhere to be found

  27. On the bright side, it looks like this won’t be a one run loss!

  28. hey guess who picked 1 spot ahead of simmons?

  29. NL re-introducing Jays to back of the pack. These first two games in Braves series have been unfucking watchable. Pitching and hitting just for shit. Time to try something else. Call Ty Taubenheim.

    • Hutch didn’t pitch all that badly even though there’s been 5 charged against him. Still think there’s too many young guys or players that just aren’t consistent enough for this team to win 7 or 8 in a row. Either that or they just have horrible luck.

      • I agree this team is a bit too young to be really, REALLY good.

        But I do think there’s been some bad luck as well. Just look at the run differential and their record in one run games.

        (Well, bad luck and a few losses because the bullpen has blown a bunch of close late games.)

        Either way. Blah.

    • They have. There are two situations I just don’t watch the Jays, even if I could: series in Tampa, and any series in a NL park. Just no point.

  30. At least Jose seems to be getting back on track. They’re really going to need him to hit like last year in the first half if they’re going to make a serious run at a playoff spot.

  31. I have a contact lens lost in my eye.

  32. festivus for the restuvus!

  33. Ok .500 ball as of tomorrow – just exactly where we fininshed at the end of last year. For all the hype, changes, and talk of upside we are exactly the same. Well done AA you are a better hoodwinker than JP Ricardi cause attendance is up this year over past years. Man what a bunch of dopes BJ Fans are

    • But not you of course…

    • At least we want 4th place more than the Massholes.

    • You fucking damn well better not be a Leaf fan.

    • This team still has a very bright future imo. One real hole – that being the bullpen has cost this team first place. Ideally that should be the easiest part to fix when all is said and done. Does it get fixed in time for it to make a difference? I’m not sure. Starters are still third best in the AL this season so there’s a good base to go forward with. One more starter for depth is still needed for later in the year or for injuries.

      Having continued issues with left field because of poor play and injuries doesn’t help either but that should resolve itself in a week or two as well if Snider makes it back by then and Rajai is recovered.

      It’s possible you see Davis on the DL after today’s game as they really have no choice unless they take the risk and play Gomes there. With JP slumping again and the pitcher hitting having McCoy in the lineup would just conceding too much offense.

      Hopefully Ricky comes with his A game and does what the #1 guy on the staff should do and stop the losing streak. Then again we’re facing a AAA guy tomorrow and we know how well the Jays do against those types. Cy Young in the house for the Braves tomorrow.

      • For a guy who started the post in optimistic mode you ended up painting a pretty bleak picture, but I thank you for the attempt. Manyana.

        • First, I include myself, not only in this group, but as a leading dopes. Optimizium, is like any emotion…it evapourates like steam.

        • Well short-term we have issues with injuries and some slumps, long-term I really like where this club is going.

          Maybe the bit about tomorrow was overly cynical but they just really seem to struggle with guys they should pound at times and maybe the post-game gloom is affecting me too much lol

          • Basically, I’m sticking with the .500 with upside mantra for the team as it stands now.

            Get Santos back, replace one of Coco, Frasor or Carlos with an upgrade and whatever addition AA has up his sleeve for the deadline and we’ll be better off.

  34. I want the BJ’s to win, its just every time you fall in love with this team, the many deficiencies it has show up – big time. Its like when you are drunk and meet this hot chick….next day in the light of day, Ugla

    • Well considering where the team has come from and the fact that it never fell into a pit like Baltimore or one like the Twins have this year while playing in the AL East still says a lot. I’m not sure what’s worse though. As you say it’s a step forward and step back which is probably more frustrating than accepting the fact like Twins fans that your team is total fucking shit and will be for a couple more years.

      • Good points. This team must have the lowest standard deviation in wins in the AL East. Other than 2004 , with 67 wins & 2009 with 75 wins, this team manages to win around 80 games every year. It’s not enough to get top draft picks , but AA compensates that with getting as many comp picks as possible.

        I wonder if AA will try for a cheaper bullpen next year & use that money to get a bat or veteran pitcher.

        We are spending a lot of money on frasor, cordero & Oliver. Oliver has been the best so far, but could you replace Oliver’s 20 innings for a cheaper price?

  35. Going dancing fellas, see you tomorrow

  36. Another thing I don’t see many people talk about, and that is platoon splits. The Jays again have become really righthanded heavy, thanks to Lind and Thames sucking, and Snider being injured. Today they had just two lefties in the lineup against a RHP with big splits who kills righties. Not too surprisng they had a tough time of it. At least with the DH you can get EE and Cooper’s bat both into the lineup most times. Not this series though.

    Really need more good lefty bats.

  37. I’m sure it has been mentioned somewhere but I can’t go through a game thread with 500 posts over two days to make sure I am not repeating it

    This is the rough anniversary of Ricky Romero calling out the offense after the piss poor showing in Atlanta where they were swept (Ricky’s 1-0 loss to Tim Hudson was the finale). Hudson was scheduled but now it will be Julio Teheran – the Braves #1 prospect.

    Can’t be 2 years in a row of this shit, can it??

    Lay the blocks to the rook tomorrow, break the losing streak in Atlanta and push back against this fucking bullshit. Friday night was awful, today was even worse somehow

  38. Interesting stats out of Dunedin team – two high profile FSL pitchers Gerrit Cole (he of the 2011 first overall pick, and Scott Boras-negotiated $8 million bonus) and Jameson Taillon (#2 pick in 2010, $6.5 million bonus) have comparable WHIP and ERA to the Jays duo of Sean Nolin and Casey Lawrence

    Nolin – 1.16 WHIP and 2.43 ERA
    Lawrence – 1.11 WHIP and 3.27 ERA
    Cole – 1.11 WHIP and 2.53 ERA
    Taillon – 1.14 WHIP and 3.71 ERA

    Now age has something to do with it, but the age spread between Nolin and Cole is only 8 months. Taillon is the youngest, 20 (14 months younger than Cole) while Lawrence is the oldest of the four, 24.

    Both Nolin and Cole have thrown just over 1 K per inning and Nolin has 2 less BBs in 9 more innings.

    So, the best compliment one can make is that Nolin has performed comparably (stat-wise at least) to Mr. Big Bonus Cole, who is Baseball America’s #7 MLB Prospect (#12 before promotions of Harper, Moore, Trout, Darvish and Montero), and Kevin Goldstein has as the 5th best prospect not yet in the bigs (was #9 before those promotions, minus Darvish who he did not list).

    Nolin, 6’5″ lefty. Keep it up kid.

  39. The Jays have a bright future, but regardless of how many games back they might be, fact is they are done for this season. They are not going to compete for this year. They may come within a couple games of the second wildcard and there might be some interesting baseball in August, but this isnt their year. Too much bullshit still going on, no bull pen.
    They have a ways to go, they have been pissing me off lately, but thats what happens with a young team.

    • Yup.

      In many ways, the best thing for the long term health of the club is probably that they fall out of the race quickly. This will allow them to trade non-returning players like EE, KJ, and some of the bullpen guys like Oliver and Frasor (I’m assuming they’re also throwing Coco out there so much because they’re hoping he’ll get on a hot streak and garner some interest as well).

      Trading all of these, as well as Bautista, would bring back a nice haul of prospects and set them up much better for a more realistic window of 2015-2016.

      Unfortunately, if they hang around 2-3 games out, they might choose to see if the club as constituted can make it, which would likely lead to the worst-case scenario of missing the playoffs and losing all those guys for nothing. With such a small budget the Jays can’t afford to be halfway on anything, they need to be in or out. Best for them to be decisively out within the next 4 weeks or so and start preparing to rebuild again.

      • It is going to take another 4 years to turn this team around? Wowzerz. Endless rebuild.

      • with bautista’s contract i can’t see him being moved. it would gut a farm or two to pry one of the top hitters in baseball from the jays with the amount of control that contract allows.

        • His production is down this year and people are starting to realize the extent of his defensive shittiness. He’s also going to be 32 soon and in some ways being under contract for another 3 years after this (even at a relatively low price) is a potential risk as much as a potential advantage.

          I think if they got as good (or maybe slightly worse) a package for Bautista as they did for Halladay, that would be fair. Doc was better for longer, Bautista is cheaper, similar ages at the time of the potential deal. 3 top 10 prospects is a price I think some teams would be willing to pay, and it wouldn’t clean out their systems entirely (the Phillies got to hold on to Dom Brown, and many others).

          I also think the Jays would be nuts not to take that deal if they’re also dealing EE and KJ, which effectively closes the book on 2012 and probably 2013. By 2014-2015 it’s a lot harder to see how good Jose would still be, and whether he’d really still be able to help the team. This way you ensure you get as much value as you can, and bring back some guys who are the same ages as the ones coming up through the system now.

      • I assume this is sarcasm. This team might not win 100 games, but you’re being a little bit extreme. Or a lot extreme.

        • Not sarcasm at all. I assume you’d prefer to play out the rest of the season and then lose KJ and EE for nothing? Because the Jays have no intention of paying those guys market value.

          • I doubt EE’s going anywhere. It’s a stretch from trading KJ to “they’ll compete sometime around the end of a hypothetical first Romney administration.”

            It’s three shitty games. Bautista’s hitting better. Morrow’s become an actual ace. Rasmus is starting to hit like he was supposed to. If there’s one thing I think we can say for certain about AA is that he won’t panic one way or another.

  40. Exactly, trying to go for it with a team that isnt ready and then trading prospects to get vetrans to try help immediately is recipe for disaster. I think people call it the Toronto Maple Leaf Model.
    Although 15 or 16 is a bit oo far away for me, i think 14 could be the year.

    • Remember in 2010 when everyone was saying 2012 will be the year?

      It’s a game played by Beeston and Rogers of prospect porn to appease the masses. We all know what happens to the majority of prospects so root on the never ending cycle I guess.

      Go ahead call me a dumb fuck for being tired with 19 years of no playoff appearances, I really don’t give a shit.

      2006 was the last time the team came into the year expecting to compete, at least on paper anyway. Underwhelming performances and injuries scrapped that and ever since it’s been wait for year X and any dissent from that mindset has been met with ridicule and name calling.

      I guess the Stoetens and the Parkes of the world are simply more evolved than the rest of the unwashed massed wanting and expecting a little more immediate gratification, but this wait till year X shit is simply bullshit tiring.

      • The next 4 weeks will be fascinating to watch. If the Jays fall out of contention,
        will AA trade KJ, Oliver, Fraser etc?

        Will AA try to resign Edwin?

        The Rogers marketing machine which is firing on all cylinders isn’t ready for another rebuild till 2015.

        There aren’t enough “prospect fans” to fill the Rogers Centre.

  41. no actually the future doesn’t look bright. half the lineup will be 30 or older next year. there is no young core. JPA will always be a low obp catcher and likely traded. rasmus is a shithead who will never hit well. lawrie suddenly can’t hit a fastball. 2 of the better hitters are free agents. the only masher we can count on is jose.

    then there’s the bullpen. the entire pen is old. no core whatsoever. nothing to build on there. no power arm in the minors to call up.

    alex has had 3 years to get an arm and the only guy he can find is santos? and you know why we can’t beat NL teams? simple. no bench. every year it’s a bunch of no name stiffs. so it’s really 8 against 9. no wonder we lose every year.

    • you’re not very bright.

    • I wonder if AA will try a kiddie corps bullpen for 2013.?

      He can’t collect picks for the reliever anymore.

      They could bring up Cecil ,Litsch, put Drabek there if he falters etc.

      They could use the money to resign Edwin.

      • Cecil and Litsch are both done. Neither will pitch for the Jays again. McGowan as well, unfortunately.

        They’ll continue to have enough holes in the rotation that I think Drabek will stick there. With McGuire and Jenkins being busts and Rogers’ unwillingness to spend on a starter, I think the rotation has to stay as is. There are no other options save a true shitbag like Laffey.

        Assuming Oliver and Frasor don’t completely shit the bed over the next 5 weeks, they should have some value at the deadline (not as much as before with comp picks). I think AA will, and probably should, continue to employ this method to build a new pen every year. It allows him the flexibility to sell those guys for prospects if the team is out of contention, or keep them if we’re in the race. And it keeps the contracts short so if you have a Coco-esque blowup and the guy loses all his value, it’s not devastating to the team.

        It’s so much easier to build a bullpen than a rotation (even though our results recently suggest otherwise) that I’m not sure AA would take on the task of trying to build both internally. Of the guys who can’t immediately hack it as starters in MLB, he’d rather ship them back and have them start in AA or AAA hoping that eventually they’ll figure their shit out. Knowing that he currently has maybe 2.5 good starters at best and he needs to get 5 within the next few years, he can’t afford to use his prospects to fill holes he could otherwise fill on a 1-year contract for reasonable dollars.

  42. So, Vlade got pulled from the game in vegas.

    He was playing LF

    Rajai is out with a blister.

    Is vlade coming to Atlanta?

    • I hope not. Hitting .220 in the PCL (and in Vlad’s case he doesn’t walk so using AVG vs OBP doesn’t matter) doesn’t sound to me like someone who can come up and immediately help this team, particularly not in an NL park. It sounds to me more like a guy who is done.

      People got way too excited about what Vladdy could bring; the reality is he may never even get called up (particularly not if there’s a financial disincentive to call him up), and even if he does, he’s unlikely to be substantially better offensively than what Thames or Davis could give us.

    • Vladdy got hurt. His hand was hit , that’s why he was pulled from the game.

  43. Hey guys, I have many child soldiers that I am sure could play a better left field than any of the jokers you have been running out there.

    In fact, I also have both right and left handed child soliders that are better than CoCo and Carlos in what you refer to as a “bullpen”

  44. This is one of those series where Jose hits homeruns and everyone else goes on holiday.

  45. The AL East is still there for the pickings, but it can’t last forever. It’s unfortunate the Jays can’t get on an eight or nine game win streak going to take advantage.

    I sense a trade is coming down the pipeline.

    I’m going to guess any trade bait would be so-called ‘prospects’ with like a Jeff Mathis as a throw in. However – I can’t see anyone off the current roster going.

    haha – that said, now watch AA pull something out of the air that no-one woiuld have ever dreamed of….

    • Justin Upton’s having a down year.

    • A trade to get what? Who should they acquire and what do you think that would accomplish? I just don’t see a trade out there that doesn’t seriously impoverish the club over the long term.

      • Again, you’re being melodramatic. While it’s ridiculous to make up hypothetical, lopsided trades on the internet and pretend they’re real, remember that Rasmus, Escobar, and Lawrie cost a total of a #3 soft-tossing righty, a glove-first SS having a career year, and some bullpen chum. Who knows what will actually happen.

        • throw Kelly Johnson in there, too.

        • You forgot Zach Stewart, who was originally supposed to be the prize of the Rolen trade. He doesn’t seem to be amounting to much, but was still considered a reasonable prospect. Also, Collins and Pastornicky to Atlanta, same scenario. Future trades will also cost such prospects and maybe these ones turn out.

      • “I just don’t see a trade out there that doesn’t seriously impoverish the club over the long term.”

        And that is why you are NOT a GM. Whose to say the jays dont trade a young pitcher for an equally young, projectable outfielder?

        I can see the jays trading someone like Alvarez (before the league figures out he pretty much sucks) and landing something nice in return and then plugging in the hole left by alvarez with someone like cecil, chavez, villanueva, perez..

        • Funny that in the same comment you trash armchair GMs and then go on to say that maybe we can trade Alvarez before the real GMs figure out that he sucks. Somehow I’m guessing that if random fans on the Internet have already figured that out, people who do this for a living have as well.

          By suggesting we trade Alvarez or KJ you’re actually making my point for me, which is that any trade made using MLB roster pieces just robs Peter to pay Paul. You get a young OF but now you have no second baseman, or no “#3″ starter. We don’t have enough depth at any position to trade anyone without opening up holes as bad or worse than the current holes.

          What’s left is to trade prospects for proven talent, which would be a legitimate option if we were on the cusp of making the playoffs. Since we’re not, it just makes us that much less likely to compete in 3 years or whenever said prospects would be making MLB contributions.

          The final option is to do the opposite and trade proven talent for prospects, which will not weaken our short term playoff chances (already 0) but will substantially strengthen our long term hopes.

          • The excellent breaks down playoff chances on a daily basis. While not exactly ’0′ – Jays are certainly starting to trend in that direction.

          • I think he meant throw Johnson in with the high-end guys acquired low for major league-average or worse guys. I didn’t include him because he’s so much older, but it’s true.

  46. Get ready for some shennanigans boys and girls, EE. Is manning left field

  47. My computer’s like me.
    Old and slow.
    It takes a while to refresh 500 comments.

    • i really don’t like the mobile version on my ipad when there are 500 comments, and for some reason when you select desktop version is keeps reverting back to mobile. On top of that the mobile version doesn’t display the replys correctly.

  48. New game threat up.

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