Game Threat: Jays @ Braves

This is your Game Threat! Deal with it!

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  1. Nice intro!

  2. more insight than the tv broadcasters and less bullshit “facts”

  3. anyone have a link to an online stream?

  4. runs are going to be hard to come by.
    no cooper
    davis in right
    auto out pitcher

    i wish somehow cooper or EE could play LF.

    meanwhile, the braves are channeling larusa with their pitcher hitting 8th.

  5. Game threat if necessary, not necessarily a game threat

  6. “What are you looking at Zaun!” Seriously, shut the fuck up about shit you dont know and cant be bothered to learn.

  7. Andrew you should do a post about Eric Thames calling Wilner… he calls the Blue Jays players selfish.

    • Seriously?

      • It actually could be him, it sounds a lot like him. More then likely though it’s not.
        Give it a listen after last nights ball game.
        It really, I mean really sounds like Eric the Pipes Thames.

  8. Kyle has to pitch better, but he’s also had some terrible match-ups. As the #4 starter, he’s faced Darvish twice, CJ Wilson, and now Beachy. Tough slate. At least his next matchupc an’t possibly be as….crap, Strasburg.

  9. I hate interleague play. Stupid gimmick which costs Toronto 3 or 4 games in standings annually.

  10. Otis Nixon looks better now than he looked when he was playing… Weird

  11. Do they still do the Tomahawk Chop? FFS I beg you Atlanta, please don’t still do that sh.

  12. Whats the over/under on How many strikes will Kyle throw tonite?

  13. Is there a (yawn) hockey game tonight? I hope my bar keeps to its one hockey tv \ one baseball tv policy.

  14. and, how about this draft news if it holds up – Jays in any average draft, any given year should expect to get 3 of the top 90 players. According to Baseball America rankings, the Jays may have 3 of the top 25, 5 of the top 45 and 7 of the top 101.

    Now, it is supposedly not a great “talent” year, but still lots of lotto tickets there for the Jays – FY.

  15. for fuck sakes. not on tv again.fuckoff rogers

  16. Here we go, the roller coaster that is Kyle Drabek. WHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  17. Get the bullpen warmed up. Get Drabek off the fucking mound.

  18. Game’s on Peachtree TV (channel 47 in Toronto)…sweet.

  19. Although unfortunately it means no Buck.

  20. That was a “Drabek” 1-2-3 inning

  21. Beachy career high in Ks is last year vs Toronto. 11 in 6 innings. Excellent.

  22. Listen here boys

    Y’all complain about Buck & Patty pat. These Bravos guys are probably the worst in the bigs, I don’t think they’ve pronounced anyone’s name correctly on this Blue Jay squad. Not to mention they are boring and don’t talk much.


  23. Good karma would have Drabek get an RBI here lol

  24. The fuck? Great pitch!

  25. i love that he’s hackin. If he could throw strikes he’d be my favorite player.

  26. Finally, Rajai using a protective mitt while on the bases – (same as used by Jemile Weeks and Posednik) – he was out of yesterday’s game because of a jammed finger –

    protect your hands players

  27. Helluva wild pitch

  28. I don’t think it would have taken that much effort to strike out Rajai Patterson. Does Atlanta not have scouting reports?

  29. Ive got a drinking game y’all
    Crush a tall boy each time Beachy throws a wild pitch
    har har har

  30. Tabby and his man crushes.

  31. Hinske is looking old…

  32. Wikipedia on John Smoltz’s commentary career: “Smoltz also tells a joke once a game on Peachtree.”

  33. Does that count as a wild pitch for the purposes of the drinking game?

  34. throw fucing strikes please

  35. Holy shit Drabek. What the FUCK.

  36. Holy cocksuckingfuck Drabek… Try getting a ball somewhere NEAR the zone so they’re at least TEMPTED to swing at it…

  37. I won’t be subjected to this anymore. It’s the same every time he pitches! I’m done!

  38. Wow, this butthead Smoltz sure likes to hear himself talk.

  39. You’d think that ever once and a while Kyle would make a mistake and throw a strike. But no…

  40. With how shitty his command is i wonder how long it will be before Drabek gets sent back down to the minors.

  41. John smoltz just provided more insight in the last three minutes, than tabby has in the last ten years

  42. John Smoltz seemed alright to me.

    • He just didn’t know that Drabek wasnt “not giving in”

      He just doesn’t know where he’s throwing it

  43. Bases loaded walk feels like game over. Fucking inter league. Nice that disaster fuck started by lucky hit by pitcher.

  44. Well I guess 1 run is all Beachy will need tonight lol

  45. Wow, hard on Drabek here. He’s just barely missing every pitch, which is a difficult thing to do. I actually thought the umpire could have given him a couple of those pitches.

    Brandon Beachy is fantastic, this is my first time watching him pitch.

  46. Well shit. It’s just not kosher.

  47. lol their pitchers better than our hitters

  48. Beachy gets a double against Drabek!.

    Tabby said Beachy was good looking. Lock our doors Beachy. Tabbyis on the prowl.

  49. Beachy’s stuff doesn’t impress me as that amazing. Lot of it looks pretty straight. I guess he’s changing speeds well.

  50. seriously, the braves should be up by ten runs

  51. The hitters need to something and put up some runs.

  52. I take it Game Threats aren’t part of Stoeten’s employment conditions…

  53. I can’t help but get the feeling Beachy can’t keep this up. There’s no way he gets a shutout tonight.

  54. This feels like a classic Jays game in a National League park.

    Always seems to be a low scoring loss.

    Hopefully they can get to Beachy. At least he has a high pitch count I guess?

  55. All things considered, Kyle doesn’t look too bad up there

  56. Jays are amazingly good tonight at getting that two-out walk.

  57. As usual Jays left the bats in the AL

  58. Good eye KJ. Let’s have a big inning here.

  59. Please. Please DO NOT BUNT HERE.

    • Play for one run… Get one run…

      Good thing our bullpen is good enough to hold a one run lead…

  60. While I’m more comfortable with a one-run lead than a one-run deficit, I’m still not comfortable.

  61. Go Canadia!

  62. Hmm… Didn’t even need to get into the pen to lose the lead.

  63. Hey Kyle, looking forward to seeing you soon! I think we’re meant to be together for a long, long time.

  64. And there goes the lead lol

  65. That commercial must make butthead Stoeten puke!

  66. Somewhere, watching Soccer, Stoeten just pooped himself and doesn’t know why. But I know why. I’m why.

  67. Along with Heyward, Uggla should have pointed to home plate ump. Thanks for squeezing him, ump!

  68. All right Luis. You’re supposed to be an innings-eater. Eat some.

  69. Anyone remember when giving up two runs over six innings was considered a great start that should net a win if the team behind them had even average run support?

    • Great start or lucky it’s not worse? Hard to say at times with Drabek. I know if the Jays had 10 runners in 5 and whatever innings with only 2 runs to show for it people would be pissed for the most part.

  70. Drabek has walked 6 of the 14 batters he’s faced in 7th inning this year.

  71. Hey, uh do you guys know how to pitch? Anybody got any pointers? Are we supposed to stop them from scoring runs or… nobody? Alright, fuck it. Let’s just toss ‘em in there boys! Woooo!

  72. Holy shit! Chad Beck looks just like John Farrell did back in the day!

  73. Talk about throwing the kid right into the fire. Good luck Beck!

  74. Time for the racist indian song!

  75. The only reason to visit Atlanta is to go to the bridal store in the hit show “Say Yes To The Dress”. That and peaches.

  76. Nous Sommes Fucked.

  77. Idiots keeping the count on the screen dont fucking know the difference between a ball and a strike

  78. How much of the Braves bench is left after that pinch-hitting fun?

  79. ugh what a crap way to allow a run

  80. Are they enforcing the fake to third as a balk already?

  81. You’re fucking welcome.

  82. Best part of the Jays Pen is……It allows me the opportunity to drink heavily and not talk to my wife! Go Jays BP….Hey I just thought of something Bull Pen and Batting Practice=BP(For the other team)


  84. I don’t even know who I am.

  85. Hey man, we’re trying. I dunno. I’ve read the rule book like eight times, okay? Just… you know what? Fuck you.

  86. Seriously? “Can’t argue a balk call” is a rule?

    Not only are replays not allowed, but you’re not even allowed to QUESTION that horrible call?

    • I understand the reason, because the managers would be out every single balk call, but it kind of sucks that you can’t go out there and point out “Ummm….that was a third to first move.”

  87. Well at least Lawrie had a couple of walks tonight. Some small successes.

  88. Down 3-2 on a bases loaded walk and a bad balk call. Cool.

  89. The Boss says this one is over. Chalk it up!

  90. Geez they’ve got some nice ladies in Georgia

  91. (out of breath) Hey… sorry… I was running behind… Am I too late?

  92. For all the fangraph lovers out there… what was the WPA of the balk call? I have a suspicion that the ump might be the MVP of this game so far.

  93. Later, dudes! I’m out!

  94. I find of difficult ot get too upset with the umpire when our batters only have three hits the entire night. Atlanta pitching is tough.

  95. Word.

  96. The Tomahawk Chop is the most co-ordination seen amongst a group of brainless zombies since the ‘Thriller’ video.

  97. I know it’s not the best long term, but once in a blue moon, is a five and fly such a bad thing? Drabek got through 5, wild as shit, somehow with a lead. Let’s double down on that wildness in the 6th. Jeezus, Farrell, think outside the fucking box sometimes.

    • With Drabek leading off the next inning I really think he wanted to get Drabek out there so he wouldn’t burn an extra player when they pinch hit for him.

      Doesn’t really matter anyway. This bullpen is a joke right now.

  98. Three walks already, so why not throw him 4 balls in a row?

  99. You guys want anything from Vegas?

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