Game Threat: Jays @ Braves

This is your Game Threat! Deal with it!

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  1. Niiice.

  2. Que?

  3. Might this be the longest 3-2 game ever?

  4. Atlanta has now used four pinch hitters.

    Do we even have four pinch hitters available?

  5. Oh I hope this game goes to extra innings and the Braves are fucked with no pinch hitters and end up having to play a pitcher at a position

  6. EE!

  7. We’re rare bro.

  8. If KJ strikes out here i’m gonna make my sleeping girlfriend eat one of my boogers

  9. Let’s fuck’n fuck these mother fuckers up! Fuck!, C’mon bros! Let’s fuck’n go! Just get me up there boys! I’ll fucking crush a 9 run dinger, fuck! Let’s smack some fuck’n taters!

  10. Small ball

  11. Vegas is against Brian Burres tonight. Remember that guy!?

    Mayor of meatball town

  12. (on the phone) “Give me… whoever isn’t Coco.”

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that this isn’t the real John Farrell as I’m pretty sure he’s never uttered those words…

  13. I Never realized martin lawrence pitched for the jays!

  14. Fuckin Tabby and Buck. I’ve been drinking after every “he knows how to pitch”. I’m almost shitfaced. Pizza and PornHub here I come!

  15. Man… those are big buckets of double bubble.

  16. Solid Single!

  17. Will Rajai steal two bases this inning?

  18. fuck me and these foul offs with a stolen base

  19. Contact bro, contact

  20. Com’on Brett

  21. drive? a routine pop up would do the trick with Rajai

  22. Fuck, give me the bat and I’ll get it done

  23. ah for fuck.
    steal home now, might as well.

  24. That is dissapointing

  25. I keep trying to introduce myself to Brett Lawrie, but he’s so hard to track down…

  26. That canada day jays commercial with the national anthem must really piss Stoeten off.

  27. Hey dudes, let’s just call this a tie and send everybody home happy? Whattya say?

  28. Blow’n it worse than when yer mom was a world famous knob gobbler

  29. Gotta say it’s mildly hilarious that Uggla has not yet had an official at bat yet despite four plate appearances tonight.

  30. Anybody need their fart box tongue punched?

  31. Yes!

  32. Well, I’ll be jiggered.

  33. Wait… an effective inning from one of our relief pitchers? Am I hallucinating from all the toads I licked this afternoon?

  34. brand new game, did the Rt. Hon. Bill McKenzie hang around? We need Stoet to write the words to OH Canada before every threat.

  35. I checked with my mom. She says Blue Jays will win. The dog was less sure, but fuck him. Not butt fuck him… but… ah, you know what I meant.

  36. Calling a Blue Jays HR. Not sure who.


  38. These Atlanta announcers are just brutal. Wouldn’t be surprised if they go down to the showers after the game and blow all the braves players.

  39. Who else is totally surprised by that strikeout?

    • I hate to be “that guy”, but Aaron Hill is now seriously out-producing Kelly Johnson on the season…

      .266/.339/.437/.777 20BB 36K 6HR 19XBH
      .251/.349/.409/.758 30BB 69K 9HR 14XBH

  40. Aaaaaaaaaaand…. boom goes the dynamite!

  41. CoCo time!!

  42. Farrell’s had enough. Time to concede.

  43. Coco, oh yeah, things are just great now. Wellm he knows how to make an agonizing end to any game he’s been in

  44. Well it’s not the ninth inning, so… there’s a chance, right? Tell me there’s a chance!

  45. this is not good

  46. [watching bullpen door open and Coco leap forth] “…ah, son of a cock. Start the car.”

  47. I wish managers would ditch the book and just use their closer here.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a pitcher that could actually get us into a save situation rather than basically guaranteeing us the loss before we get to the “closer”

  48. woot kiss your coco goodbye time.

  49. I need to hit up that smoke and mirror shop in Cincinnati on the way back to Toronto.

  50. this looks bad

  51. Look, they close the bars early here. We gotta bounce if we gonna get buzzed. Ya follow? Hang on boys, I’ma do how I do.

  52. Young teams can be fun. but they are really frustrating……

  53. welp, at least its 1pm tomorrow!

  54. Even odds that JP lashes out on someone trolling him on Twitter tonight.

  55. 3-11 in 1-run games is sickening. That’s just horrible luck for a team that is only 3 games back in their division.

    • We’ve been walked off on 5 times this year… That’s less “bad luck” than it is “bad bullpen” (or at the very least “poor use of the bullpen”)

    • I know. Last year I thought things had changed, and now we’re back to losing these coin flip games. Fuck it.

  56. Arencibia’s defense is once again the decisive cause of a Jays loss. There’s no way he should have thrown that once he double clutched…you’ve gotta use some sense and just eat it! Umps screwed this one away with the poor Balk call but, once again, this is a game that should have been won.

  57. That curse we put on you in 1992 is working.

    • Ha! so what happened in 93?

      • the actual curse is that no canadian hockey team has won a stanley cup since the Jays won the world series the last time. Until a canadian team wins the cup again and rights the universe the sporting gods are getting shit faced.

  58. 3 – 11 in one run games. That’s nuts.

    Just feels like any game that’s tied late is going to be a loss.

    • Just a symptom of bad bullpen and poor clutch hitting. More the former than the latter but that’s this team in a nutshell.

      • Yeah true. It’s crazy to think how many leads this team blew in the 8th or 9th in the first two or three weeks especially.

  59. Meanwhile Janssen hasn’t pitched since Sunday.

    Fuck Farrell. I would seriously rather have Cito back.

    • That inning was hardly Coco’s fault. Chopper to second, sac bunt, error on JPA.

    • Yeah, fuck Coco for giving up an infield single and letting JP throw it into left.


      • You miss the point.

        1. Is Janssen a better pitcher than Cordero? Yes.

        2. Is there any reason (e.g. fatigue, injury) NOT to use Janssen in this situation? Other than “it’s not a save situation” which is the biggest load of horseshit ever, no.

        3. Ergo, is it a stupid decision to put Cordero in vs. Janssen? Yes.

        I would say the same thing even if Cordero had gone 1-2-3, or even if Janssen had entered and promptly given off a walkoff HR. As a manager, you can’t directly control the outcome but you can put your team in the best position to succeed by making the choices that maximize expected value. Farrell consistently fails to do this; in fact, the vast majority of his choices are sub-optimal. That’s why he needs to go. It has nothing to do with Coco, inherently.

        • Don’t understand if Jannsen is your closer, and he comes in during a tied game, if he holds the Braves, then Jays sacore a run in the next inning, guess who your new closer is

          • Nothing wrong with Janssen going two innings. At least the next night you have a chance to set up your pen and let Perez, Beck or even Oliver do it if you’re in a pinch. That said, not much to really blame Cordero for on that one.

          • New way of managing the pen?…not a chance! when your the closer, you stay the closer. You don’t become the set-up man and burn your arm out for the next 2 games of the series. And then what, oh, ok you are the closer again for the next series. Nobody knows their role.

        • +1.1

  60. Kyle… will you marry me?

  61. “You have to know when to hold ‘em , know when to fold ‘em.”

  62. Oh, and loss is not Cordero’s fault in the slightest. He did absolutely nothing wrong that inning.

    • except let the lead hitter get on.

      • on a groundball chop single. Yeah, that’s called bad luck not the pitchers fault.

      • Where you watching the game or following online? A pitcher wants to induce a weak groundball like that. It was just bad luck.

    • I disagree. Cordero gave up a hit. Wilner continues to defend Cordero. Opposing teams know that Cordero is vulnerable to giving up hits & having Jp Arencibia make stupid mistakes in games so it’s an easy move to try & steal 3rd.

      You know the braves would have got a sacrifice fly anyway to win.

      Jamie Campbell defended fans who ae furious at Cordero.

      I am sure the rest of team freaks out when he is on the mound.

      • “I disagree. Cordero gave up a hit.”

        Seriously? An infield chopper? Where Heyward was safe by about .01 seconds? You’re blaming Cordero for that?

        • I don’t like seeing him come into the game either, but it’s literally nuts to put the loss on him. Blame the offense. The bullpen was good tonight.

        • Was following online at that point. Didn’t realize it was a chopper. I’ll take that one back then.

          • Ah, I wondered. Only because if you saw it, it was really just one of those choppers that bounced too high.

            Ah well.

        • Yes, I do blame Cordero. He is supposed to get the first batter out.

          NL teams know how sacrifice bunt runners to second.

  63. The thing that sucks about this game is that 3 of their runs came on a bases loaded walk, a terrible balk call, and an error. The Braves were essentially given three runs. Man..

    • Yep, if the umps weren’t idiots (nobody could overrule that call?) it wouldn’t even have gotten to extras…

  64. JP probably figured COCO is going to fuck this up anyways, might as well get this over with now.

  65. The real life Ginger Campbell provokes the trolls by shitting on Coco. Disappointing.

  66. I don’t enjoy seeing Cordero come in the game any more than you guys do, but blaming that loss on him is really absurd.

  67. What a hot mess that game was.

  68. 3-11 in one run games.

    • It’s amazing that if the Jays were simply 7-7 in these one run games nobody would know the difference. Their run differential is solid and there was all that hype from the great spring training.

      It could be 34-24 so easily and nobody would know the difference. Sigh.

  69. Did Zaun just suggest moving baseball into the 20th century? I thought he was one of those “baseball purists”.

  70. Hey saving Janssen for the save is the important thing right? When he actually gets that rare chance at least he’ll be ready.

    As for Coco, he still let the lead off runner in an extra inning game on. While it’s true he’s been better the last 10 outings or so the guy still lets too many runners get on, same as Frasor.

    Braves pen: 5 IP 3 runners Jays Pen 4.1 IP 6 runners.

    • Agreed. You knew the game was over when he stepped onto the mound. Once a runner got on , it was over for sure. I posted on the blue jays board that it would be a crazy hit or JP throwing the ball into the field.

    • Yeah my bad on Coco letting him get on. Cheap chopper.

  71. JP new coco would FUCK it up.

  72. This is classic Blue Jays baseball….stick around the 500 mark, start to show promise, get only a couple games back, get peoples hopes up…then lose a bunch, then win again…then lose and finally shit the bed for good on the season.
    Its too bad because this is a good year to compete with the other teamsin the AL east faltering as well.
    ah well.

    • Mm. They’re still a couple games back.

      They’ve had a ton of ball kicking losses this year, but its a long season. And I would say they still haven’t REALLY clicked yet, or played way over their heads as a team.

      But… yeah. Tonight was annoying.

      • Just imagine where this team would be with a league average pen.

        Reliever WHIP an AL worst 1.44 before tonight. 28th out 30 combined leagues.

        • “Just imagine where this team would be with a league average pen. ”

          I know. It’s upsetting to think about. All those blown saves in April.

          It’s genuinely amazing the Jays are still right there in the East. All 5 teams have had serious issues at some point or another.

  73. I can just put Coco down if you want.

  74. I blame Farrell for trying to nurse the 6th out of Drabek. Thank Kyle for his effort and start a fresh arm. Only guy in pen to give up a run was Cordero.

  75. I tell ya what. You promise to never play that piece of shit in leverage situations again and we’ll just all go home for good. Deal?


      • …you’re probably right. It is the cheapest tuition in North America after all… and it’s only a $325 increase… alright, pack it in garcons!

  76. How can Wilner consistently harp about sample size with callers (chastising anyone who doesn’t understand it) while at the same time believing that the even smaller sample of his tweet world and retards who call in to talk radio are indicative of the “fanbase”? RIDICULOUS. He just said “sooo many so-called Blue Jays fans were rooting for the Jays to lose so they could say “see, Cordero sucks”. I am guessing what 2 or 3 morons do this, now Wilner can harp on this for the entire season. FUCK OFF.

    • There’s a difference between wanting the Jays to lose so they can say “Cordero sucks” and expecting the Jays to lose BECAUSE Cordero sucks…

      • well, it wasn’t really his fault tonight.

        but it was his fault last night.

        and several other painful, agonizing nights earlier in the season….

    • Yes Wilner I spend a couple hours every night or day during the summer hoping my team will lose close games like this.

  77. Way to throw the game away dick nutz

  78. My muff stinks. That could be it.

  79. Lawrie also should have been at third base to cover the bag, that’s why Jp double clutched in the first place. Jp should have ate it after that though ’twas a shitty throw.

  80. the fact is so many other teams have power arms in their bullpen, we have nibblers. until we get a kimbrel, jim johnson types who can just mow down hitters at will, the bullpen will never succeed. time for alex to trade some of these prospects and get one of those relievers ala santos

    • Your just grouchy

    • Well hopefully within a month we’ll have em with Santos and Stroman in the pen. Beck throws hard too. However, power arms or not, it’s just the sheer number of runners getting on base that’s the real killer because Cordero and Frasor both throw hard. A WHIP of 1.44 is brutal for a relief corps.

      Unfortunately, that’s another month of close games that could get potentially squandered.

  81. Lose two coin flip games on the road and now the sky is falling. Settle down everyone, the Braves best starter was on the hill (leads the majors in ERA+ I believe), and the guy who’s been (arguably) the worst starter for the Blue Jays. And the Blue Jays lost by one run on a cheap walkoff where they didn’t get the ball out of the infield, and had a crucial bad call go against them.

    Mind you, the Blue Jays were only in the game because Atlanta was absolutely horrible with RISP, but still, this was actually a fairly impressive performance by the pitching, and the hitting did about as well as was expected.

    • I don’t know. The Jays just never hit in NL parks. I mean you could throw Jo-Jo Reyes, followed by Kevin Gregg, followed by Cordero at the Jays lineup in a NL park and they’d have trouble.

      It seems 3 runs is about their limit per game. And they have to scratch and claw for that.

      About the only exception was that series they played in Arizona a few years ago where Edwin was hitting bombs at will.

  82. I hope Farrell gets penis cancer and his penis schrivels up and falls off

  83. Step 1: Sign Stroman to a deal below slot with the promise that he gets called up to the majors and starts accruing service time TOMORROW and gets to stay on the ML squad until the all star break unless he completely implodes.

    Step 2: DFA Francisco Cordero

    Money saved. Team improved.

    • It’s just a pity they blew $8-9 mil on Coco and Frasor this year when Beck and Carreno were set to go. Should be interesting to see what they’ll do because they have to make room for Santos for sure but that will probably cost Beck his spot. Unless they ship out one of Frasor or Coco there’s not spot for Stroman.

      That said, with innings limits on Hutch and probably Alvarez and the lack of a decent fill in option I wonder if they keep him stretched out and let him finish the season as a starter.

      • Frasor was fine. Cordero would have been Uehera if AA had his way. He presumably had $5 mill left in the 2012 ML budget and I guess he wanted a deep ‘pen because of the young starters.

        I didn’t like signing Cordero per se, but the notion of having a deep bullpen made sense.

  84. Utterly baffling that the manager and pitcher are being blamed for an inning that went: weak chopper-bunt-stolen base+error.

    Also baffled by the people who are apparently unaware that a full month has elapsed since Coco last completely shit the bed in the Oakland debacle. He was an unmitigated disaster until Oakland, but he’s been fine for the full month since then. Perhaps Janssen should be out there ahead of him, but quite frankly, you’re an idiot if you think running Coco out there is akin to waving a white flag.

    Aroldis Chapman isn’t walking through that bullpen door, people.

    • May 28th 0.2 IP 4H 2R. Cost him nearly a full run on his ERA.

      The leverage of situation called for Janssen imo but you’re right in saying it’s crazy to call it a white flag situation.

    • Hey idiot, how many of the games over the last month have been high leverage? He was shit in high leverage situations early in the year, and he continues to be with the last two nights. Farrell will never learn I guess.

      • I hope Farrell puts Casey in all relief situations for the rest of the year. He’ll end up with a solid 300+ IP and we’ll be the best team in the world.

    • Jeez Man! If there is one situation in MLB that you take small samples to is that.

      There I finally got to use the word ‘sample’ without talking to a cop.

    • coco has been pitching mostly in blowouts. in close games he sucks

  85. Didn’t know that Mat Camp is still playing in the majors. Gave up the walk off single to Wellingham tonight. LOL.

  86. I fear this team will lose many 1 run games this year. Will lose many games they should have won. Eventually it will ctach up with them and make it so they are too far back to mount a serious run. Until they are too far back people will say these games they lose are not the end of the world so dont get so worried about them. Or when they get too far back that the season is a write off, the same people will say we have good developmental talent and were not supposed to compete this year anyways, we are aiming for years down the road. Win or lose it seems this Jays team has teflon from the fans for the forseeable future.

  87. time to send lawrie down. the guy is 22 and has been hitting like shit. everything is ground ball away. if he wasn’t white and cdn he’d be down long time ago.

    • His defence has made his bat passable so far… There’s no one in the system that could’ve done a better job than him. He’ll come around at the plate.

  88. The fact that the Jays have lost 2 straight one run games with Janssen not pitching a single inning in either game and with Cordero pitching 2 innings in high leverage situations is absolutely poor management of the bullpen by Farrell. Plus, the fact that Janssen, closer, is the only arm left sitting in the bullpen at the end of the game is also poot bullpen management.

    I like Farrell as a manager but I think his bullpen management is absolutely brutal and has a significant contributor to the Jays going 3 and 11 in one run games (that record is horrendous).

    If I see Cordero in another key situation like the last 2 nights again I think I’m going to completely lose it.

    Also, this team seems to have to many brain cramps for my liking. JPA should never have thrown the ball in the 10th. Johnson should never get caught at third base when a ball is hit in front of him.

    • Nothing to be said about bunting with Escobar to set up Arencibia, Davis and the pitcher’s spot?

      Personally, I think that was a worse move than putting Cordero in, but neither were moves that I supported in the least…

      • That’s just that strategic National League baseball we’ve been hearing so much about.

      • I hate bunts but at least I can kind of understand the reasoning by Farrell. Escobar leads the Jays in hitting into double plays so Farrell wanted to avoid the double play and move the runners over. Personally I don’t believe in sacrifice bunts butI can understand his reasoning in this situation (btw, the fact that the pitchers slot was coming up in a few batters is meaningless as I believe that Cooper would have pinch hit if needed).

        To me the big issue from this game is still poor bullpen management.

  89. I’m a creepy twitter broad who tells opposing players to shut up and thinks every questionable calls goes against my Blue Jays, boys that can do no wrong.

    I coined the term Dominican Dynamic Duo and I tweet it 100 times a day just so everyone thinks I’m witty.

    If anyone cares, come check out my blog where I talk about how cute Colby is and how the entire MLB umpiring system has it in for my Jays.

    I’m also quite fond of tweeting “Ew” and “Ump that was not a strike” even if it was.

  90. Georgia always gives me ghosty feelings. I had a brother-in-law once, who was from back woods, Georgia. His views on things – and related experiences as a boy that he implausibly still loved to reminisce about – were not, shall we say, of the politically correct variety. Creeped me out something fierce. Prior to that, as a kid, driving through the State of Georgia in the middle of the night with a buddy and a learners driving permit, I got pulled over by a Georgia State Police Officer. Big, crewcut, not nearly as friendly as a Canadian boy might like. Apparently I was speeding (I strongly contended I was not) and the fine had to be paid on-the-spot, which ate into the not-as-much-dough as we thought we had in our collective pockets, considerably. The impulsively decided upon drive to Florida over coffee at Frans on St. Clair near Yonge St late one Saturday night / early Sunday morning had not been as fun to that point as we had told ourselves it would be. So now, very long stretches of highway in Georgia, which back in those days were narrow and not nearly as smooth or lit with (even) reflectors as they are today, spooked us both on that dark night. We didn’t talk much or even listen to the radio for those next hours as we continued driving.

    That trip did get better – considerably – but it only started to feel that way once we crossed the state line, into FLA, as the sun was rising.

    Skip ahead a lot of years, watching the beloved and amazing Blue Jays playing the first game of the World Series in Atlanta on a Saturday night, the first World Series game to be contested by a team from outside of the U.S. of A. We lost that first game, but the jagged memory that cut into my brain is one that others have their own version of, and it happened the next day, before the start of the second game.

    I went to school in New York as a young kid – grade three – for a while and the whole God Bless America thing and the Stars and Stripes in every classroom, not to mention the large portrait of the current POTUS, made its impression and it stuck … so I later found myself defending all-things-USA pretty much from that point, on. Which, back in Montreal a bit later, for the rest of my schooling, was more often than one might think.

    You probably know where I’m going with this. The U.S. Marine Color Guard had our Canadian Flag upside-down during the pre-game ceremony. Having cousins who served in the Marines, I knew one thing for as near-a-certainty as it could possibly be: It was no accident. To some, it may not have meant all that much … I don’t know. To me, it was the rudest bitch-slap of an insult that I could have imagined. ‘Horrified’ doesn’t quite get there. But we won the World Series. And got to do it after seeing Jane Fonda fervently praying to her American God that we wouldn’t. Which made the whole thing extra satisfying in its way, but still. That jagged and uncomfortable memory stayed put.

    Last night, seeing the unquestionably bogus balk-call on Chad Beck that tied the game in the bottom of the sixth inning, with the approving roar of the Atlanta crowd ringing loudly out of my tv speakers (even knowing they might not be as aware of the rules as our announcers were), brought it back. Those ghosty memories. I won’t say I don’t care for Atlanta Braves fans … or even Georgia for that matter; I’m sure it’s a fine place to live. But that slightly creepy feeling about that particular south/east section of our continent … apparently lingers.

    Go Jays.

    • An enjoyable read.
      I want to watch the 92′ W.S. dvd now.

    • I lived in southern GA for awhile during the George W. Bush years (and post 9-11 era). Very different world down there. Lots of fine folks but many take the bible, the American Civil War and high school football far too seriously. Your story regarding the local police is very accurate. For awhile, I still had Canadian tags for on my car. Fucking county police would pull me over for no apparent reason. Crewcuts are cheap Ray-bans form part of their uniforms.

      Life down there is more simple. In some towns, its literally like the 1960′s. Kids like to hang out and run over armadillos in their pickup trucks. Many live their whole lives and seemingly never leave their counties, for whatever reason. Thus, their level of wordly knowledge is non-existent, except for what they see on TV. Many do join the military. When I was there, many high school graduates were signing up to join. Uncle Sam doesn’t need to spend much on marketing down there.

      I can understand why Colby Rasmus can seem odd to many. He’s a good kid but is not unlike many in the south who are reserved. Most kids from down there who go north to work or whatever get labelled as backward hicks thanks in large part to their laid-back attitude and their southern twangy accents. Knew a few really fine and smart kids who went to school up north only to come back to the south as they couldn’t handle how the Yankees (not the ball club but the northern Americans) dealt with them.

      Good barbecue down there though. And they will fry pretty much anything that is edible. And Georgia peaches are amongst the finest ladies you will ever want to meet.

      With the influx of retiring snowbirds now taking residence in places like Georgia and northern Florida, the landscape is shifting a little. But the south will always remain the south.

  91. I copied and pasted this from the comment section for Bob Eliot’s piece today on the Alford signing. It’s pure fucking gold. Funnier than a Jays talk caller. And here I thought that all of the local inbreeders were only Leaf fans:

    “Four years and Little Alex has failed to produce a single position player for the Jays.
    JP behind the plate was here before Little A and the rest of the starting lineup last night was all players from other teams.

    There’s isn’t another team in baseball with a lineup that has only one home grown player.

    Last night reminded us that Little Alex hasn’t produced a single relief pitcher in four years either.
    Nothing but washed up arms in the bullpen that Little A picks up cheap.

    So in four years Little Alex has come up with two starting pitchers and that’s all.
    That’s why he’s the lowest paid GM in baseball.

    The shills in the Toronto sports media spend so much time trying to convince fans that the Jays have nothing but stars in the minors because Rogers runs this team on the cheap and that means no big free agents will ever come to Toronto.

    So the scam is to convince the fans Little Alex has loaded up the minors and one of these years all these guys will be all stars.

    So far Little Alex doesn’t have much to show for 4 years.

    In October Little Alex will borrow a page from the JP Riccardi playbook and announce a second 5 year plan to get the Jays in the playoffs.

    You see despite the fact other teams in baseball, hockey, and basketball can turn around in a year or two, Toronto teams need 5 years to make the playoffs.

    Anyone who buys this crap is a fool.”

  92. wow

  93. I’m guessing with Holland losing earlier we probably don’t get a new game threat.

    • This is probably the only game threat for the series.

    • Glad Deutschland got a result today, but not thrilled we have to face Stoeten’s team with a chip on their shoulder. Hopefully, Lahm and Schweinsteiger will show up next match.

  94. Arbitrary endpoint statistics: in his last five starts, Hutchison has given up more than one run only once.

  95. Holland losing gave me schadenfreude.
    It’d be better if they were Parkes’ team though.

  96. So what we have here is a lineup that dies after the 6th hitter. 1/3 of the lineup will be hardpressed to reach base even once.

    what will make it even tougher to score is that the top of the order has gone to shit with lawrie now a non walking singles hitter and rasmus 5 hit game seemingly a year ago.

    its going to be up to Jose and EE to get any runs.

  97. And this one is done. Sad to see interleague messing this team up once again.

    • Yep, obviously. No doubt about it. No team has ever overcome a three run lead ever in the history of organized sports. Well done, good analysis, 4+. Wanna be Prime Minister?

    • I mean, the games obviously not out of reach … but yeah, as soon as I saw the homerun I thought ‘well I guess this is over’.

      Dreary couple games.

      • Something about playing these NL games. The Jays just rarely look good.

        I guess it’s just fucking random. But … would be nice for that to even out soon.

      • Yes obviously not. That said it’s just the feeling I’m getting from the hitters more than anything. They’ve just gone into one of those little funks and they don’t have the one guy that was hot coming into this series in Cooper. But I love the extra points I got from idiot. PM’s office here I come.

  98. Somehow, I get the feeling that should’ve felt inevitable.

    At least this means the Jays will start scoring some runs.

  99. dont know what the fuck they were doing that at bat to uggla. the guy was clearly behind any fastball middle in and up so they throw him a fastball on the outside of the plate where he can catch up to it.

    mathis sucks in so many ways.

  100. I think I figured out the deal with rasmus. He swings his bat in the same spot everytime and once in a while the ball actually courses throught the area where he swings.

    now his swing is mechanically sweet and true. its a nice, level, smooth swing..but its no actually adjusted to where the ball is. that is why a guy with such a nice looking swing as rasmus can look so awful at the plate.

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