The ol’ pendulum keeps swinging, it would seem. As usual, just as the Jays appeared to maybe, finally, possibly, perhaps building some momentum, they’ve run into a wall– this time in the form of the Atlanta Braves. I say “seem,” of course, because… the game yesterday wasn’t at 7 PM, huh? Coulda sworn it was supposed to be at seven– and by then, I’d have been about ready for it, and no longer muttering drunk about wasted fucking chances and goddamn Denmark. Ahhh, but it was done by the time I looked, which, given the outcome, was probably for the best anyway. Ugh.

Anywho, today the Jays turn to Ricky Romero to try and and be their “stopper,” or whatever bullshit people want to invent about a guy who can just win a damn game for the club– not that a little bit of offence wouldn’t fucking hurt. And perhaps today it will come from the bat of their left fielder… Edwin Encarnacion!



Obviously Rajai Davis is still hurting, with Encarnacion getting the start tonight in left. Fingers crossed!

At Sportsnet, Mike Wilner talks about how free passes have been hurting the Jays this year– like the big one Drew Hutchison issued with two outs to Brian McCann yesterday, prior to Dan Uggla’s third inning blast.

MLBTR passes along the news that the A’s have claimed Danny Farquhar off of waivers.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun points out that the last Jays pitcher to win in Atlanta was Ty effing Taubenheim.

On the Braves side of things, as you can see below, Chipper Jones is back into the lineup. Great.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion LF
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
J. Arencibia C
R. Romero LHP

Atlanta Braves

M. Bourn CF
M. Prado LF
C. Jones 3B
D. Uggla 2B
M. Diaz RF
F. Freeman 1B
D. Ross C
A. Simmons SS
J. Teheran RHP


Image via Hannah Foslien/Getty.

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  1. I hate hockey. When will it fucking end?

    • Dont hate hockey but yeah the playoffs are way too long and the sports shows spend way too much of the programming on it this late in the year imo. I mean Zaun looks so very appealing next to thosr guys lol

      • Regular season and post season combined, hockey is about a month or so longer than MLB and NBA. Maybe 2 1/2 weeks longer than the NBA.

        Regardless, it feels a month too long. If the Stanley Cup finals were in early May, I think that’d be perfect.

        In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine watching a hockey game tomorrow, unless it was wildly compelling or was the Leafs going for the Cup. We’re well into June!

        • It’s essentially the equivalent of baseball going into December.

          • Pretty much. It’d be like if they added another full month of playoffs, and the last game of the World Series was Nov 28th or something.

    • Hockey’s over. No way it’s STILL going. I refuse to believe that.

      • Living in Ottawa you’d hear it constantly. All Jays radio broadcasts are preempted by any hockey game junior B or above. I think I heard my cousin’s peewee game called instead of the Yankees series last month.
        Fucking Ottawa.

    • my sentiments exactly

  2. ok so 3-3 isn’t so bad on the road and having to play in Atlanta. I am pretty sure JF is prolly happy enough.. but man these guys need to tighten up the defence, walk and errors are going to kill them.. and its kinda surprising they are only 4 games back.

  3. At least Snider is raking in A ball today 3 for 3 lol

    At least he’s hitting again hope he keeps it up so we get a chance to see if he’s turned the corner.

    • Make that 4 for 4 now.

      • Won’t be long before the “Free Travis Snider!” bandwaggon starts rolling…for the fifteenth time…

        • lol so true. Haven’t been a huge Snider fan in the past but I’m actually quite interested to see how he does this time around. Would be great if got up a couple of weeks before the all-star game even it’s just as a platoon with Davis.

  4. wow, after listening to Jays Talk today and the retard (yes Sarah Palin, I like and use the word) arguing about Stroman-Tim Collins and something about Alford, I looked up Timmy’s numbers. Fucking guy is dealing this year for the Royals

    29 innings, 43 Ks, only 9 BBs, WHIP 1.00, already a 1.0 WAR

    22 years old. Nice. Good for him.

    • I was trying to figure out what that joker was talking about. Something about not liking Stroman because he’s 5’9, but then something about trading Tim Collins away (??)

    • Yeah he’s really cut down on the walks this year and the K/9 is off the charts.

  5. I knew they’d come back

    • I actually wasn’t able to watch the game today but if I had, I would surely have been out of there early!

  6. Looks like Lansing and Dunedin are set up for playoff spots this year – 1st half of the season ends after this week and both teams have sufficient leads to lock up those spots. Nice, then the promotions can be next so guys like Nolin, and maybe Sanchegaardilino move up the ladder.

    McDade is doing well in the Eastern League, he is the youngest in top 10 in OPS (7th overall) by a few years, and tied for 4th in HRs

    • Sorry to break it to you dm but the Lansing four are in Lansing for the full year.
      They are on a strict innnings and pitch count limit.
      The idea is to stretch them out gradually so they’ll get experience in the playoffs and have that experience when and if they hit the Show.
      Schedule from the begining of the year.
      3 innings per game for first 8 games.
      4 for the next 8.
      5 for the rest of the year
      Then playoffs.

  7. Sucks for McDade right now there’s no place for him to go at AAA.

    • Who’s the DH in Vegas? Maybe McDade and Lind can flip-flop until Lind is DFA’d.

      • Vlad I guess when he’s healthy again. Lind is hitting over .400 after today. I think they’ll leave Lind there until they can’t deny his AAA numbers any more and Cooper has show cased himself enough.

        Cooper might not be the future at first base but at least he’s showing other teams he’s just not a AAA scrub entirely. I honestly think his numbers will translate better than a lot of the other successful guys who were successful in the PCL simply because of his superior BB/K rate. There’s no denying he’s got a pretty good swing. A period of good success at the major league level only has to enhance his trade value whether it’s by himself or as part of a package.

        Here’s hoping he has another 150 successful AB’s or so this year.

  8. I think people are forgetting a very important aspect of this game that portends good things for the future.

    Edwin played a damn solid LF.

    I know it was only one game, but you can tell when a guy is at least passable out there with just a few chances.

    It’s clear he is better than Thames. We know he’s got a strong arm, just doesnt necessarily know where it is going.

    He takes good enough routes.

    and dare I say this..EDWIN IS PRETTY FAST

    yup..I said it. All season I’ve noticed that he is much much quicker than in previous years and he might actually be faster than the average player.

    If we can put this guy in RF and then have cooper play first..we can still get Vlad to DH and let travis develop.

    this is also something Edwin would want to be able to prove he can do as it makes him a much more attractive free agent commodity.

    • I’d have no problem with him playing LF until he shows he can’t especially if Cooper keeps hitting. When you’re comparing his outfield play to Thames you don’t have to do much to look favourable. As you said he’s got some ok speed and seems to be a pretty good athlete overall.

      That said, I bet Snider is up by next week if he has no further setbacks. I think a combo of Davis, Cooper and EE is the best you’re going to get right now until Snider is ready. Gomes is a decent enough bat off the bench and can fill in as needed in quite a few spots. Looking like Vlad is going to be a couple or more weeks. The Manny experiment isn’t exactly working out for the A’s right now.

  9. I mean put him in LF.

    • if lind can get his stroke back, just put lind in left. after all he did play there before. but then there’s little problem called travis

      • As the original “it’s all over”, I would never make a comment as dumb as this one.

        • I thought you weren’t coming back

          • It’s all over for Lind. All over. If he hits .450 in Vegas then trade him for something, anything … although you may notice that other teams are controlling their excitement.

          • It’s all over for Lind. All over. If he hits .450 in Vegas then trade him for something, anything … although you may notice that other teams are controlling their excitement.

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