The ol’ pendulum keeps swinging, it would seem. As usual, just as the Jays appeared to maybe, finally, possibly, perhaps building some momentum, they’ve run into a wall– this time in the form of the Atlanta Braves. I say “seem,” of course, because… the game yesterday wasn’t at 7 PM, huh? Coulda sworn it was supposed to be at seven– and by then, I’d have been about ready for it, and no longer muttering drunk about wasted fucking chances and goddamn Denmark. Ahhh, but it was done by the time I looked, which, given the outcome, was probably for the best anyway. Ugh.

Anywho, today the Jays turn to Ricky Romero to try and and be their “stopper,” or whatever bullshit people want to invent about a guy who can just win a damn game for the club– not that a little bit of offence wouldn’t fucking hurt. And perhaps today it will come from the bat of their left fielder… Edwin Encarnacion!



Obviously Rajai Davis is still hurting, with Encarnacion getting the start tonight in left. Fingers crossed!

At Sportsnet, Mike Wilner talks about how free passes have been hurting the Jays this year– like the big one Drew Hutchison issued with two outs to Brian McCann yesterday, prior to Dan Uggla’s third inning blast.

MLBTR passes along the news that the A’s have claimed Danny Farquhar off of waivers.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun points out that the last Jays pitcher to win in Atlanta was Ty effing Taubenheim.

On the Braves side of things, as you can see below, Chipper Jones is back into the lineup. Great.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion LF
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
J. Arencibia C
R. Romero LHP

Atlanta Braves

M. Bourn CF
M. Prado LF
C. Jones 3B
D. Uggla 2B
M. Diaz RF
F. Freeman 1B
D. Ross C
A. Simmons SS
J. Teheran RHP


Image via Hannah Foslien/Getty.

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  1. you will break the losing streak, winning 5-4. you will have 3 homeruns to atlanta’s 2. kj and rasmus will be hot, lawrie not.

  2. Nice preamble,Stoeten
    Thanks for the game threat. My computer was overheating trying to refresh.
    Had to throw some icewater on it.

  3. Looks like a good chance of a rainout. Probably better a rainout than the site of EE in LF.

  4. Blue on Grey unis, thank you.

  5. Easiest way to follow the schedule is to subscribe to the blue jays online ICS calendar file with your phone, , whenever a game time is changed it will automatically update on your phone, plus show you the final score after the game is over, just make sure to subscribe and not to download the ics file and your all set.

  6. and the whiny jose appears on a strike

    • So what do people think of Farrel’s latest announcement on Dustin McGowan ( more pain in his shoulder. Santos’s is also experiencing more tightness.

      Looks like Dustin may not be back till September & Santos may not be available till July.

      Hopefully, Farrell doesn’t use this as an excuse to put Cordero into more high leverage situations.

  7. Clumsy Cletus.

  8. Oh Cletus.

  9. rasmus will have butter fingers, jose will watch balls sail by and romero will throw many gloves and hit many batters.hopefully rain will wash away this game as the braves will have the 5 runs.jays back 5,ughhhhhhhhh

  10. Another hot mess in Hotlanta. Love this inter-league stuff.

  11. Buck and Tabby salivating over giving yourself up… sigh

  12. Casey Stengel said it best: “Doesn’t anybody here know how to play this game?”

  13. A rainout would have been nice today, seeing as the Jays don’t seem to have a hope in hell against Atlanta.

  14. I guess our best hope is they don’t get through 5?

  15. Ricky tossing slop today.

  16. today?

  17. Tank nation time let’s throw the season and trade everyone for prospects in 2015 to win

  18. …this team is not tall, it’s not lean, & it is definitely not shtroong.

  19. Trainwrecks are painful to watch, yet I can’t look away.

  20. Trade Romero now while he still has some value

  21. & with that last walk the Jays pitching staff has walked a league leading 1194 batters….wow.

  22. I’m the ace of the staff.

  23. I know Buck and Tabby are morons but I’m constantly surprised just how ignorant they are: as mentioned above, they are full of praise for bunting a player from 2nd to 3rd and then they said that the Nationals called up Bryce Harper when Werth got injured himself when in fact Harper had been with the team for more than a week. These are really simple things to look up and yet these fucktards whose job it is to talk about these things just keep farting out their pie-holes.

  24. Fuck White Sox. They ripped us off in the Santos deal. They knew something was wrong with him. His ERA in the month of September was over 10 and they shipped him out of town. Nobody is that stupid to trade a lights out controllable closer for a pitching prospect.

    • That deal did sound too good to be true when it was made. Everyone couldn’t believe AA had acquired a good closer with a cheap contract for a prospect . It looks like The white sox got even for the Jays sending them Rios.

      • They’re up one on us…It was that fucker Williams who dealt Sirotka. You’d think we’d learn.

    • You’re a fucking moron

  25. Wow I go out for some lunch and hope to come back and find us ahead, silly rabbit. Jays batters struggling with a AAA pitcher, go figure. I think I might have mentioned that yesterday lol

    Anyway Ricky battling Drabek and Hutch for worst numbers on the starting staff. Who would have figured? Have to say I am honestly surprised by that. Is he having location problems or is it the more concerning velocity problems?

    Sounding like Williams Sirotka’d the Jays once again with Santos which is pretty disheartening as he his badly needed.

  26. Hey ho, hey ho, back to .500 we go, again

  27. Fuck ,Harper’s out because of his back?
    I’m going to the game tuesday.
    Fucking shit.

  28. When the Jays make it to the Workd Series, I hope they don’t have to face the Braves

  29. Nice at bat, Gomes.

  30. Why isn’t Tip O’neil, the Canadian with the highest batting average ever recorded in a season and still holds records for hits and RBI’s, in the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown? Seriously?

  31. chippy chippy

  32. Man how come my Blue Jays is stinkin’ up da joint like this? They don’t even like baseball in atlanta! They is all watching wrassling. Romero need to suck it up and pitch like a real man or we can trade him fo’ a hot prospect. Les go Jays…..

  33. Ok tie game…lets put those fuckers and their tomahawks away..

  34. Well i’ll say this for Rasmus, he’s generally pretty good at making up for his on field fuck ups at the plate

  35. Amazing what happens when not everybody is going to the plate looking to crush the ball 800ft

  36. I wanted to enjoy this Braves implosion on Peachtree with Chip Caray and those other turds as they try and spin – of course, not on today.

    FUck Yeah EE

  37. when was the last time the jays had an inning like this?

  38. when was the last time the Jays had a blow out inning like this? Feels like months.

  39. a little off prediction of 5-4. but it did happen

  40. Holy shit, did I ever not see this inning coming.

  41. I’m so glad I couldn’t look away from the train wreck, because this is really amazing. We do know how to play this game! Now pile it on big time.

  42. Could you imagine Livan Hernandez pitching in the AL still?

  43. Would love to see these runners brought home … get a nice cushiony lead.

  44. this is why I love baseball

  45. Wow I leave for half an hour and the offense comes alive. Guess I’m bad luck.

  46. Ricky’s going to end up winning 20 games with an ERA of 5

  47. The jays actually punishing a shitballer like livan?

    I must be dreaming.

  48. Lol how many saw that inning coming? Now can the shitty pen lockdown a two run lead?

  49. It hasn’t sunk in yet that this game went from completely unwinnable to up-by-two in fifteen minutes. I just wish Lawrie mocked the tomahawk chop.

  50. Big moment here with a runner on 2nd and 2 out. I think it would give Atlanta a lot momentum to get one right back.

  51. Dicy, but EE did it. Cool.

  52. EE is already better than Thames in LF!

  53. ….and yet he’s still more graceful out there than Thames

  54. white knuckle ridge on that fly out to EE, attaboy Edwin

  55. Guess we are assured of seeing Janssen he has only pitched one inning in the last few days.

  56. That fucker ump Molina fucked us again….

  57. I love CV

  58. OK maple dicks!

  59. pretty sure most of us could hit this version of Hernandez

  60. Maple boner time, folks.


    lookin like Alice Cooper with the dripping eyeblack

  62. Wow! Just Wow!!!

  63. Cletus!!!!!! Kill those Bubbas!!

  64. Interesting graphic on the telecast regarding the the results after 59 games. Runs per game down very slightly which is kind of bad considering no Nix or Patterson. ERA up a bit is a little surprising considering how good the starters have been overall but that just shows how brutal pen has been. Results = same record. Go figure.

    • That is disappointing… But to be a blatant optimist here..

      If there’s a silver lining to that – it’s that the Jays have the same record as last year with a shit ton of guys under performing. Certainly far more than are overperforming.

    • You can pretty much pin the entire difference on Bautista 2012 vs Bautista 2011. If Bautista was remotely close to his 2011 production, the team’s numbers this season would look much better. That’s not to say Bautista sucks or anything like that, he was just having one of the best seasons in MLB history in the first couple months of the season last year, and that’s bound to skew team stats when doing a comparison.

      • That’s a good point. Was going to add that before my phone died which is why I believe there’s good upside in place. The RPG started to drop for the 2011 Jays right at the All-Star break. This team has a good chance to improve on their numbers.

  65. Bout fucking time they stopped taking those hanging curves for strikes and punished some shitty pitches. Hanson was throwing this slop out there all game yesterday and the jays were standing there with their dicks in their hands.

    looks like they threw another one right into Cletus’ happy spot

    • ABC–whether Cletus is hitting pitches or they’re hitting his bat, the result is making me happy. Different perspectives, same outcome. I choose to credit Rasmus.

  66. Fredi jays fans everywhere thank you for multiple innings of Livian.

  67. Ill take credit folks for this game as the Jays MVP

    yup, it was me who pulled out the young stud who had only allowed one run to score and then gave up a couple drop in singles.

    It was me who then went to perhaps the shittiest pitcher this side of CoCo Cordero.

    Thank you for your support

  68. Yes carlos we really do like the excitement please put more om base.

    Shitty bullpen fan.

  69. CV is Brett cecil’s smarter brother.

  70. ….i retract my last commentary…this team is tall, it’s lean, an’ itsh shtroong afterall.

    Oh, an’ really shtroong hands too…..& the forearms, them is shtroong too….

  71. BALK!!!!!

  72. Wait, that’s a balk!

  73. Wait, fake third look at first, isn’t that a balk? Huh? Guys? Umps?

  74. You get a hit! You get a hit! Everybody gets a hit!

  75. balk, balk, balk…..Baaaalk!

  76. Took those bats long enough to wake up.

  77. and farrell said last week that scoring was coming late in the game so lets try a different 1 , 2 order to rectify that early innings drought. so now what does he do?

  78. I take a drink every time I hear Buck say “little looper”.

    Buck just said “Darren Oliver nerver misses a trick.” Discuss.

  79. Buck thinks there are a lot of really good lucking ball players.

  80. f there has ever been an argument to both abolish 1) the NL rules and implement a sport wide DH rule, and 2) long spring training, it’s watching interleague play. Watching pitchers try to hit is only entertaining by the morbid laugh of ineptitude.
    How can they justify 2 months of spring training “to get the hitter’s timing ready for the season” then ask a pitcher, who hasn’t taken a swing since t-ball, to hit?

  81. Good ol shitty John rauch rears his head an added bonus for today’s jay game

  82. He served up that home run to get Russel Martin to twist his knee on home plate. Did you see Rauch pitch in Montreal and Toronto? He’s as anit-Canadian as Stoeten

  83. Cletus WHAT was that sign you made??? Beautiful!

  84. I love that defense. To quote my girlfriend, “nationals heros.”

  85. Watched “Intentional Talk” for some reason. It’s painful. But they claim that Joey Votto, in his career, has pulled a ball foul once. One pulled foul ball, in his CAREER. That has got to be impossible.

  86. i wonder if zaun will have something to say about those ‘dives’. what an ass

    • if i ever met zaun or glen healy i would kick them in the nuts before i said hello. both arrogant assholes and only one has teeth

  87. Mitch Nay

  88. 58 pick was for Rauch, it was Nay

  89. colby is a triple away from the cycle

  90. Only the Red Sox lose in the division today.

  91. What is with Jerry on the radio? He’s cracking up.

  92. How nice is it to see the Red Sox fall back to 2 under .500 after they creeped ahead of the Jays a week ago, and looked like they were turning in around?

    • The entire AL amazingly even.

      The Twins, Royals, As and Mariners suck. Nobody else REALLY looks that far apart at this point.

      • That alone should give Jays fans some comfort, small as it is. 4 games out from the division lead and 3 from a WC spot. Pity about that pen but if you’re looking for a silver lining you have to know with an average pen we’re probably tied for 1st or have the outright lead.

  93. No tome is Coco as far as I’m concerned, but an eight-run lead in the 9th would have been the least bad place. Instead we’ve got Janssen, who might actually be some use in a tight situation.

  94. No time is Coco time that is…

  95. Jose Cruz Jr? Are they kidding?

  96. This road trip was like this whole season so far in a nutshell. Record wise it was fine, but felt disappointing because it so easily could have been better.

    • Yep. And they ended up outscoring Atlanta in that series.

      • Yeah, that’s been a theme too. Dominant win, dominant win, loss in a game that could go either way, loss in a game that could do either way.

        Surely they’ll start winning some of these close games soon.

      • I take your point, but a 1 for 3 series after a win like today leaves me feeling infinitely better than I felt 2.5 hrs. ago. Even ‘optimistic you’ was reduced to hoping for a rain out. The likely sweep would have felt catastrophic and season-defining. In short, not so disappointing.

        • Should be interesting to see if the Jays can take the momentum and run with it for a few games.

  97. Zaun is taking a vacation to drink, and being replaced by Jose Cruz Jr

    • That’ll be interesting. I give credit to Sportsnet for actually hiring some analysts. Now Zaun, Cruz, Hayhurst. It’s ALMOST like they’re taking it 1/5 as seriously as hockey now.

      • Hayhurst is going to be fun. Tells it like it is. Hoping we get some good insight from a player who can express what the game is all about from their perspective.

        • Yeah, I’m actually looking forward to that show. Love listening to baseball podcasts. When I’ve heard Hayhurst interviewed, he sounds like he could probably be a pretty good analyst right off the bat.

  98. If Zaun is taking the day off, they should give Colby the day off too. Have him sit in the booth. He’s the best.

  99. Well I’m not afraid to tip the cap to those I’ve criticized and I’ve been on the bullpen pretty good of late so here’s a well done to you – 5 IP 4H 2BB 0 ER. You managed to knock 0.12 off the old ERA with this game and depending on what the Tigers do tonight at least you’re temporarily not the worst pen in the AL. Cheers

    As for today’s win, I’d say it was a pretty big momentum shift going into the next series with Morrow going tomorrow. Good chance to take 2 from the Nats before having to face Strasburg.

    • You may not be afraid to tip your cap, but your second sentence is the very definition of damning with faint praise! (Best case scenario–you’re not the very worst.) Your admiration for the pen has a ways to go, I’d say. (And deservedly so, let me add.) The only direction is up. Cheers.

      • Not sure I was damning them so much as i was surprised when i ran the updated pen era after the game and found out they were not last. Obviously still not a fan of this bullpen especially when i thought it would show some improvement over last year. I also see comments about Santos’ health and i am very bummed about that going forward.

  100. Was out for most of the game, and obviously missed the entire game threat, but fuck is it funny to read how many posters here hate this team, believe firmly that it will lose if it gives up a single run, is willing to give up on it, hate every player not named Brett Lawrie, the pitching rotation, the bullpen, the lineup the defense, the manager, the management, and yet call themselves fans.
    What do you cheer for? The fucking grey on grey unis?
    Fuck people, get some fucking perspective.

    • Don’t try to tell me how to be a fan. If I feel like giving up and quitting for the year if the Jays give up a single in the first then I’ll do so and encourage others to join me!

    • hopefully you will sit on your nuts twice today. you will act arrogantly toward others. tread carefully as an accident may occur.

    • I don’t believe that it’s fair to call so many of us haters, especially if you didn’t experience those first few innings (and then parse them together with the last few games.) The feeling of doom and gloom seemed to be as obvious on the field as it was in your reading of the game threat. And then…Yan Gomes had a nice at bat, culminating in a hit, and all of a sudden the entire team played follow-the-leader. The dark cloud immediately disappeared on the interweb; harmony was restored, ‘good times’ was again the order of the day.
      We’re not haters, we just react too quickly for your liking. In the moment we react in haste, later we reach for some perspective. We have some fucking perspective. We just don’t always feel we have to show it. Just as we would occasionally love to be able to make some (any) point without someone else feeling the need to invoke the dreaded ‘small sample size.’ (Of course, I’m not telling you anything that you don’t know.)

      • Well said. Griping is a long way from hating.

      • I don’t think he’s referring to you.

        Some here totally reasonably gripe, because playing badly is frustrating. Others totally irrationally write off years of the future because of a few bad games.

        That said – I guess if that how you like to be a fan, then that’s how you like to be a fan!

      • Agreed. Since when doe a fan have to applaud bad plays by the Jays? It is that type of acceptance of mediocrity that has allowed Toronto Sports team owners to take advantage of fans accepting crappy teams on the field.

        I think it is outrageous that the sports media has not blasted Farrell for letting Coco Cordero pitch in high leverage games this weekend while letting Casey Janssen stay on the bench till today when he was not needed.

        The Jays ramped up the advertising this year with a slogan saying they are ready. Well they are not ready & should be held accountable for a poor approach at the plate. What’s with these 1 pitch at bats today through the first 4 innings???

        What is annoying this year is that the team as a whole is batting below career averages of the roster.

        Farell has to smarten up. Stop making dumb bullpen moves & leaving guys like Drabek in 1 extra inning.

    • …..spare us you holier than thou sermon douchebag.

    • It’s true. I heard someone say on TV or radio recently (don’t remember where) that Toronto fans seemed really eager to be the first to jump off the bandwagon.

      IE the moment something looks shaky – ‘i told you guys this team wasn’t good enough. Same of Jays/Leafs/Raptors etc.’

      I definitely see a lot of that here.

      • That’s more what I was getting at. I’m not saying the first innings were easy (when I said I was out for most of the game I meant away from my computer, hence not posting or reading the thread) Griping about a bad game is one thing, but so much of what I see here is just straight up negativity about the team, players and organization, day in, and day out. I really just don’t get it? Why call yourself a fan of the team if you’re not willing to support them, at least to an extent. The people doing what I would consider hating today are the same ones who were bitching about not signing Fielder, or Yu, or trading away the farm for an innings eater for the back of the rotation. I understand being disappointed, but it’s really more like people are unwilling to give the team a chance.

        But, anyways, 102 games left to play, a lot of beer left to drink, and a lot of game threats to argue this point in over the course of the rest of the season.

        2 games out of last place in he division, 3.5 games out of the wild card, 4 games out of the division.

        • Well there may be 102 games left but unless the Jays are in the playoff race by the All Star Break, Rogers won’t let AA make any moves to help the team this year.

          • as noted above, how is being 3.5 games out of a playoff berth not in the playoff race. There is currently no team in the American League with a record more than 4 wins better than he Blue Jays.
            They are currently in playoff contention, even if that is as much because every team has been scuffling more than hey should rather than them dominating. It’s been a weird year, but what the fuck, they’re still in it.
            You gotta be lucky to be good and good to be lucky.

          • They’ve made moves in each other the last two seasons that have helped the team (Gonzalez for Escobar, Zep/Stewart for Rasmus).

            But I’m guessing you mean spend money.

        • hey man, i am not fond of the mind police syndrome you have. people invest their time to watch ,then they have the right to speak their mind. if they arent telling the truth then criticize. the jays org. would be happy to have many unhappy fans eyes glued to the tube or at the game . and the win 5 lose 5 is a terrible trend for even the most tempered fan to endure/

          • Fair enough. I apologize for having offended all the true blue Blue Jays fans out there. I am clearly way off base. I look forward to drinking with all of you at a victory parade none of you believe will ever take place at some point in the (hopefully near) future. I’ll even help sneak the booze past the Rogers fun police. Until then, you keep on bitching, I’ll keep cheering, and (in all seriousness, with no sarcasm intended.. and I actually mean that, although it’s impossible to convey sincerity in a comments section) we’ll all keep on being fans in our own ways.


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