Holy shit, apparently medical school is a fuckload easier than I’d heard, because there are a lot of doctors out there who were already declaring the Jays’ season over, after Brandon Morrow had to take himself out of the game, nine pitches into tonight’s start against Washington, refusing to even throw a warm-up pitch or two.

Adding to the hysteria was a tweet from Mike Wilner, who explained that when trainer Hap Hudson came out to update John Farrell on Morrow’s condition, Farrell’s reaction was “J**** F***,” or as we like to say around here, “Jesus fuck!”

And sure, Morrow’s loss would be a huge blow to whatever you think the Jays hopes of hanging around long enough to be in the playoff conversation might be. But… when so many of these armchair medics were offering their diagnoses to the world, we actually didn’t know anything close to a goddamn thing, meaning that was as absolutely ridiculous to assume the worst had happened to the Jays’ best starter as it would have been to assume it was nothing and he’d be totally fine.

Which is to say, with nothing resembling anything remotely close to actual information, we’d have no idea what to make of it until the Jays told us… which they just have.

According to Mike Wilner on the Fan 590 broadcast, Morrow has a strained left oblique muscle and is currently day-t0-day.

An oblique, as Wilner and Jerry Howarth went on to discuss after the announcement, isn’t exactly an easy problem for a hard-throwing pitcher to work through, but it sure as fuck is better than there being something wrong with his elbow or his shoulder, amiright?

UPDATE: And it would appear as though Morrow will hit the DL with this injury, so things are not quite as rosy as we’d hoped– or thought when the injury was originally announced.

John Lott of the National Post writes that “manager John Farrell said after the game the injury is ‘probably substantial.’ Morrow, he said, was ‘in considerable pain’ and will undergo more tests on Tuesday.” He adds that “after the game, the Blue Jays sent Chad Beck to Triple-A and recalled starter Aaron Laffey and reliever Evan Crawford. A corresponding roster move will come on Tuesday — likely the assignment of Morrow to the DL.”



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  1. Didn’t Ricky Romero end up on the DL a few years ago for sneezing too much. He had an oblique muscle pulled.

    morrow is our best pitcher , so any DL time would hurt.

    Pitchers are fragile.

    look at Santos. Some minor pain has now gone on for almost 2 months.

    • It’s true. But Santos’ problem was in his shoulder, which is usually much more of warning sign than what Morrow’s got.

  2. Riggs here…I’ll never say anything you disagree with again Stoeten. You are the almighty.

  3. Morrow will be DLed. I don’t know if I’ve heard of a pitcher with that injury who wasn’t.

  4. The best medical advisor on this site, Dr. Bell, has yet to offer his medical opinion. I will wait until his evaluation is offered so that I don’t get upset unnecessarily. Dr. Bell will be pissed at bieng dissed on the front page of DJF

  5. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1193015-mlb-the-most-nagging-yet-debilitating-injuries-in-baseball

    There’s a blurb on oblique strains – point # 5.

    Obviously I am no doctor but if it turns out to be more than day-to-day then we’ve probably seen the last of Morrow until August.

    Erik Bedard is another pitcher that’s had lots of oblique strains over the years none of the stints were all that short if I remember correctly. Here’s me hoping we continue the bullet dodging dance.

    • Can you please seriously fucking stop.

    • “if it turns out to be more than day-to-day then we’ve probably seen the last of Morrow until August.”

      Really none of us have any idea except that it’s an oblique strain and day to day. I don’t know how any of us could make firm guesses like this.

      • I think I said if it turns out to be more than day-to-day didn’t I? I didn’t say it was going to be more than that. That said, if it is, that’s what we’re probably looking at for time away. Just google oblique strains and 6 weeks looks conservative.

        • yes because google is the same thing as having a medical degree

          • Did I make a fucking diagnosis like everyone else did with his leg? All I did was reference previous news stories with similar injuries. Did I not say probably? Probably means definitely does it? Maybe I should just pull a timeline out my ass without looking something up next time.

    • Bleacher Report slideshow=SCIENCE

    • Bleacher Report… now I know that’s where I go for ALL of my medical diagnoses.

      • It was just the simplest graphic to post quickly. Here’s a couple more. The USA Today article is pretty good on timing issues and wow it even quotes a Dodger’s trainer and even one from the Jay’s trainer.



        • I’ve had oblique and intercostal strains and although they hurt like hell (I spent pretty much an entire evening lying on my kitchen floor trying not to breathe or move because both were causing blinding pain), there’s no guarantee that it’s a long-term injury. The 15-day DL is probably prudent to ensure there are no underlying issues, such as hip flexor/extensor issues as the Cressey article you posted touch on. It’s silly to just pull a date out of your ass when we don’t really know the severity, though.

        • Quit while you are way the fuck behind.

          Anyone who starts a post with a link to the Bleacher Report is gonna get shit around here. You should know this.

  6. Farrell should reserve his Jesus Fuck for JPA . awful at times.

  7. yes

  8. I knew he’d be ok!

  9. I won’t believe anything I hear until Brett Lawrie tweets something like : tuff nite 4 @2morrow23 gotta get MENDED upppp until then we keep BEASTIN #yaabuuddyayyyyyy

  10. Weird, I can see my comments on my phone but not on the website. I hope every one of them doesn’t show up, how embarrassing LOL.

  11. lawrie is probably thinking, “harper you’re so stupid getting thrown out at third”

  12. Strained oblique….day to day

  13. Where’s that guy who said Brandon Morrow was out for the season after getting drilled in the leg?

    I must know his diagnosis!

    But, yea, oblique strains are shitty injuries and he very well could be out a while which sucks.

  14. I think it’s safe to say oblique is WAY better than anything elbow/shoulder, and probably better than hearing any back problems.. but its still pretty shit news.

  15. Farrell calls the oblique strain “substantial.”

    So, yeah…DL.

  16. boooooooo Stoeten you suck!!! stop crying everytime a jays player gets booed, it happens in every city, toronto isnt any different, accept and move on….

  17. According to ESPN’s injury analyst, Stephania Bell, the average missed time for an oblique strain suffered by a pitcher is 34 days. Take that as you will.

  18. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/2008-07-01-oblique_N.htm

    Posted that link before but my post was under moderation lol

  19. If Farrell says the injury is substantial, that is not a good sign. The oblique starin got worse after the game ended according to Wilner.

    Apparently, laffey might get called up for the start on Sunday.

    The red sox & yankees & rays have had substantial injuries & are still competing, so I wonder if the Jays can still compete without Morrow.

    I suppose the Jays will have an oppurtunity to give some of their prospects a chance to stay with the team longer.

    We might even see Brett Cecil !

    Bad night to be a Jays fan….

    • Unfortunately, starting pitching depth was the our weakest link. Ever since Cecil, Jenkins and McGuire started to shit the bed the depth evaporated. We’ve been walking the razor’s edge since the start of the season in that regard. Tonight we slipped and fell.

      Tampa and even the Sox to a certain extent had plenty of starting depth in their system. The Jays have it in spades but it’s all in A ball and it’s 2 years away at best.

      Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 but AA’s decision (to be fair, maybe he tried) not to bring in a veteran free agent or not to acquire one via trade looks like it’s going to haunt this team in 2012 or so it seems.

      Then again who knows. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for Drabek to get back to his good form earlier in the year nor for Alvarez and Hutchison to remain solid performers or for Romero to get back to his 2010 or 2011 form. Not many teams are blessed with 5 solid starters like the Jays had before Morrow’s injury. Maybe that realization wakes up some of the lollygaggers in the Jays pen and they start pulling their weight.

      • Agreed. We don’t have the depth we would like . I doubt Rogers would let AA get a veteran replacement this year.

        Can the bats step up, or will the team fall apart now?

        • Nah they’re not going to fall apart. I can’t see Rogers NOT letting AA make a move. People are going to be inclined to blow this team up but it’s a very young team overall, especially in the starting staff and some of the position players. The pen can be fixed fairly easily after the trade deadline if the can jettison some of the mediocre guys there.

          Guys like Rasmus, Jose, Lawrie, EE (resign him already) Escobar are a good group to build around. Jose is the only one that’s over 30 and he’s only 31.

          The starting pitching average age is only freaking 24.2 years old ffs.

          You’ve got potential improvements in catcher and left on the way and even the bench if you install Hech as your utility guy. He could really turn into a super utility type player for a year to get his feet wet.

          I see a lot of similarities to the early 1980′s Jays. Lots of young talent coming together that just needs the right pieces to push them over the top. Obviously the landscape has changed but you could get a similar result in the next year or so.

          • I feel better. Thanks.

            What I do like about baseball is we have 162 gameto play.

            There are so many players to watch.

            I must say I am very sad about Morrow. I bought a Morrow T shirt a couple of weeks ago.

            He should recover.

            I am impressed by Colby’s turnaround.

            The season is not lost if we get to see Vladdy, D’Arnaud, & the return of Travis Snider.

        • what the hell makes you doubt rogers would LET AA make a move?

          • I am talking about making a move to get the Jays to the playoffs in 2012.

            If the team is more than 5 games out by the all star break, I doubt he will be a “buyer” at the deadline.

            The Jays could still get another “Colby type player” for 1B.

      • All Time Favourite Quotes….Bull Durham:

        Skip: You guys. You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? Larry!
        Larry: Lollygaggers!
        Skip: Lollygaggers.

    • Fuck guys I already said that cecil was coming up, we’re fucked! go JAYS!

  20. wow, this really gives me confidence

    cordero .966 ops vs rh

    crawford 1.876 ops vs rh

    stupid move to send beck down. he’d only miss 1-2 games, now he’s gone for 10. now you replace him with crawford who can’t get righties out.

  21. I was at the game tonight and I have to say it did not look good. Every fucking year around this time they play themselves out of the division. I sat in my seat watching the people leave and I thought the following.

    1) They need a true first basemen. Cooper was a joke on the field tonight. He should be buying dinner for Jose for saving his ass by throwing out Harper at third.

    2) Kelly Johnson is decent at second, but he is not your long term solution. He strikes out way too much and his range in the field is average.

    3) Does everyone remember Willie Mays Hayes from the film Major League? He had to do push ups every time he did not put the ball on the ground. Rajai Davis needs to watch that film and study it hard.

    4) Left field is a huge hole to fill. We need a big bat out their and beef up the line up. Please, not Travis Snider, he is not the answer.

    5) CoCo needs to be released tonight. Take away his uniform, escort him out of the Rogers Centre, burn his uniform. He sucks! Period!

    That is all and good night.

  22. Looks like all the Jays need is a big bat and a pitcher…


  23. Scoring question here – Can anyone explain why Morrow got the loss in this game when he was only charged for 1 ER and the final score was 6-3? Shouldn’t the pitcher who gave up the 4th run (Beck) get the loss?

    • Jays never tied it or took the lead. Since they were losing the entire game, Morrow gets the loss. Just another reason it’s such a shitty stat.

  24. The title of this post makes me cringe

  25. Morrow gave up the first run. The Jays never tied it. This makes Morrow pitcher of record.

  26. Very good article on the Jays by Michael Grange, covers a lot of ground and worth a read imo.


    • Ugh. Yeah, it’s easy to get caught up in moments and say ‘this could be the season right here’, when you’re really overstating it.

      But – I think this does have the potential to derail any hopes of pushing for that 2nd Wild Card, if the injury is bad.

      Anything can happen though. Even if the news sucks. Cecil might replace Morrow and go 3-2 in the missed starts, while Morrow might have gone 4-1. You just never fucking know with baseball.

      Either way … I really hope he’s not out too long.

  27. So we signed most if those draftees right? Can any of they start in 6 days?

  28. Fuck me, the Dodgers are starting to spend like a big boy now. Supposedly extended Either to a 5 year $85 million dollar deal. $17 million a year! Didn’t realize his career OPS was that good. Still based on his WAR, it looks like a pretty good overpay. Sign of things to come with Dodgers ownership?

    Seeing as EE has been putting up similar if not better numbers for the last year now – and is a year younger, I seriously wonder how much longer the Jays can wait to resign him before the market pushes him into a spot where AA won’t see value. If this team wants to be really productive at the plate the next year or two they can’t let his bat go imo.

    If teams like the Dodgers are going to start setting the market with their crazy TV money chances are it’s going to make things that much more difficult to sign free agents here.

    • Well, if a team out there is going to start spending huge, I’d rather they be in the NL West!

      • There is that small silver lining at least.

        • Honestly, other teams spending big doesn’t really worry me like it used to.

          I’m not trying to parrot Stoeten etc, but huge deals really do hinder the team far more than it helps. Especially after a year or two.

          Spending like mad definitely worked for the Yanks and BoSox of the 2000s. They made some huge investments that worked out really well (Jeter, Manny, Pedro etc). But I think those guys are exceptions to the rule.

          I’m actually pretty glad the Yanks are stuck with ARod and Tex for years. And the BoSox with Lackey etc. If they make enough, you can’t bench or trade them if they start to suck.

  29. Adam Lind says fuck your conditioning Farrell as he goes 3 for 5 with 6 rbi’s and is now hitting .417. The twinkie and ho-ho diet is the way to go.

  30. This sucks. I was pretty relieved when I heard Day to Day.

    Those are some ominous quotes from Farrel. From what he says, sure looks like he’ll be DLed. Hopefully it’ll be something small, in the 2 – 5 start range.

    Drabek and Alvarez have cooled off after nice starts, and Romero has been off. Maybe those guys can step it up a bit in Morrow’s absence.

    But yeah, this fucking sucks. He’s probably one of the toughest 2 or 3 guys on the whole team to lose for an extended period.

  31. This is all Morrow’s fault for hiring Adam Lind to be his offseason personal trainer.

    Seriously though forks, pitching is a very aggressive motion and I have a lot of respect for pitchers that miss few starts and have good longevity

  32. just awesome…:(

  33. Who gets the start on Sunday?

    • Thursday is an off day, so you could skip a spot and have Alvarez on Sunday.

      Then again, apparently Brett Cecil is also slated to pitch that day, so they could call him up.

  34. Jeff Mathis should get the start. He does have an ERA of 0.00, but a terrible K:BB rate.

    I hope the Jays don’t panic and make a bad trade because of this. I didn’t think that would happen anyway, but if they were sitting 5 or 6 games above .500, they might be thinking about filling the void with a player on another team, and might rush into something they wouldn’t otherwise do.

  35. Time to make a deal for Ryan Dempster. Have him hold down the fort as the number 2 and when you get Morrow back you can take out one of Drabek/Alvarez/Hutch or rotate thru them as they are likely to reach their innings limits at some point this year.

  36. According to wilner’s twitter: It appears as though the rumours are true. Apparently Vladimir Guerrero has decided to give up the comeback.

  37. Wilner has apparently confirmed that Vladdy has left Vegas, will opt out of his contract and retire because he feels he is not getting an opportunity to make the ML roster.

  38. More reason for a Garza trade. And where he may have been a (very) nice-to-have piece before, he may actually be needed now if the Jays hope to compete until the end. Obviously we have no idea what’s going on behind the cloak of secrecy that is the Jays’ front office, but if there is/was a deal on the table that AA was uncomfortable with, this could potentially be what pushes the deal over the edge. That said, still not worth over-paying for him; though over-paying, by definition, is never a good thing.

  39. A couple years ago Aaron Laffey strained his oblique as a member of the Indians and missed more than two months. Franklin Guttierrez of the Mariners strained an oblique last year and was placed on the 60 day DL I’m not trying to rain on anyones parade, but this isn’t good.

    • I think it might be a good time to write off Morrow (and Santos while we’re at it) at this point and accept the fact that we weren’t going to the playoffs this year anyway, and instead just enjoy stress-free baseball the rest of the year.

      • Write them off? As Blue Jays? Or do you mean just accept that they are injured and not currently contributing to the club, accept that that fact hurts our playoff chances, and enjoy watching baseball?
        As long as you mean the second part, I’m with you, because obsessing over what might have been is going to leave everyone continuing to pine over players on other teams rosters like ex-girlfriends who ran off with your best friend.

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