Ahhh, Interleague. Clusterfuck of a schedule-imbalancing dog and pony show; chance to get an up close glimpse of the biggest stars the other league has to offer. Every year, it’s the first thing I check out as soon as the schedule is released, and while I suppose a big part of that is because we know damn well who else the Jays will be playing all year… um… ahh… Bryce Harper!!!

And on Wednesday, Stephen Strasburg.

And… uh… Steve Lombardozzi, Roger Bernadina, and Danny Espinosa.

Interleague baseball!!!


At Getting Blanked, the Common Man asks the hard questions about the Blue Jays that we probably sometimes aren’t quite ready to ask ourselves.

Keeping with that theme, Chris Cwik of RotoGraphs wonders if it’s time to worry about Brett Lawrie, and makes some pretty interesting points in the affirmative.

Interesting tweet from Wilner: “Farrell implies Lind wasn’t in shape when sent down, affected range and bat speed, but also said he did his core strengthening religiously.” Hmmm…

Dirk Hayhurst writes that spitballs and ball doctoring are alive and well in the modern game, with respect to the Jose Valverde nonsense from last night. Jack Moore of FanGraphs– and soon CBS Sports!– goes the other way, tweeting that “In a real shocker, nobody on @AroundTheHorn mentions that the ‘spitball’ was a 94 MPH four-seamer.”

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, it’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF

B. Morrow RHP

Washington Nationals

S. Lombardozzi LF
B. Harper RF
R. Zimmerman 3B
A. LaRoche 1B
T. Moore DH
I. Desmond SS
D. Espinosa 2B
R. Bernadina CF
J. Flores C

E. Jackson RHP


Image via Winslow Townson/Getty.

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  1. I think Bryce Harper is one of those guys that can slow the game down. Just like that movie with whatthefuckishisname kenu reeves.

  2. Very interesting comments regarding Lind. Kind of worrisome from a management prospective that they let him get to that point without shoving a foot up his ass and tell him to get his act together. Maybe that’s one of the reasons for the outright DFA.

    • It wasn’t the first time. They must’ve gotten tired of telling his fat ass to play some winter ball or walk to the corner store at least.

      • That’s what I mean, pretty shocked that after all the previous “issues” we’re hearing about it again.

  3. Is hockey fuckin’ finished yet?

    • Well let’s see…either today, or Wednesday 13 June.

      And then soon after there’s the draft (what oh what will the Leafs do?). Then the free agency period. And then after a lull of a few weeks we’ll head into September, when training camps open! Weeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Must be an emotional day for Edwin Jackson. First time back in T.O. since the trade. He’s probably hanging out with the old clubhouse guys, having lunch at one of his favourite spots…..I miss that guy.

    • I want to see some Scott Pilgrim type effects when Edwin faces Edwin for world domination. Maybe having one of them explode in a shower of loonies and toonies for every strikeout or home run would be awesome.

    • Pfft…Jackson was a Blue Jay for like 2 hours.

      Now Mike Napoli, he was a staple in the clubhouse…

  5. Zaun is looking rather hispanic today.

  6. No Buck? Fuck. Sober night.

  7. We can’t expect Lind to know he has to do core workouts AND do conditioning, right?

    I mean, he’s new to all of this “being an athlete” stuff.

  8. Ashby doing the PBP…. nails.

  9. This is possibly a big week, home stand before BIG roadtrip (9 games vs Milwaukee, Miami and the R SUX). The Nationals are not a good offensive team – 26th in Runs Scored, 17th in HRs, even lower OBP than our hometown heroes, 23rd in OPS. 15 runs scored in Fenway is not a fluke of course, but it is Fenway, where 15 in a game per team is not that outrageous.

    Zimmerman has 2 XBH in last 10 games, LaRoche has 4, Ian Desmond has been hot of lately with bleeps and bloops but Espinosa blows, Ankiel sucks. This has to be a 2 of 3 series win for the Jays at least.

  10. Morrow done for the season

  11. Well thats just great

  12. Welp this isn’t good.

  13. Oh good, time to enter PANIC MODE

  14. Fuck there it goes

  15. fuck! ribcage pull?

  16. Great to see Jose Cruz Jr. Hearing him on commentary, makes it all worth-while that the trade with the Mets… never went down.

  17. So whos available I guess it’s Perez/ beck for at least five or more

  18. No point watching the rest…Morrow was the only hope. On to bigger and better things…..I’m outta here! Furthermore, I won’t be back.

  19. Isn’t that where he morrow wears his insulin pump? Could he have pulled something out? I don’t know much about insulin pumps

  20. “Greg Zaun now, warming up in the bullpen”… yikes!

  21. Does Ricky get called on today?

  22. Open the roof and wait for rain

  23. Okay this game really couldn’t have started any worse.

  24. This could get ugly and the bullpen and rotation gets fucked for a week easily

  25. Well was going to type this prior to the Morrow injury – that is fuckin shitty. Anyways, I don’t know why everyone is so excited to see Harper and Strasburg come to town? I actually called in to the Jeff…(LOL) Sammet show today, or however the fuck you say his name. I hope Harper goes 0-4 tonight (which he clearly won’t now) and I hope Strasburg gets rocked! Why do people want to see these guys come in to Toronto and perform? Fuck that!

    • Who wouldn’t want to get a look at these young potential superstars when they are in town? Harper, Strasburg, these guys are something special already and are off of their prime.

      If they perform fine, if they don’t, even better. It’s good to see elite talent however, no matter whom they play for.

      • Fuck that, I’m a Jays fan first and MLB fan second. If stars come to town I want them to fail. I am not “fine” with them performing well here. If I want to see them succeed I’ll go to Washington to watch a game or buy mlb.tv. At least we know where your priorities are though ;D

        • As a sports fan and fan of the game, I will always cheer for the Jays first. If however, something magical happens for the opposition I will not enjoy the game any less.

          Watching a young stud like Harper, or power-pitcher like Strasburg, you know they are going to have pretty special careers.

          • Unless it’s a history making event, ie Verlander, you will have plenty of other opportunities to see them perform. When Bryce Harper just drove in the first run of the game, I certainly did NOT enjoy seeing it. When crossed home plate for the second run, I did NOT enjoy seeing it. If you did…please go frequent another site LOL. Simple as that. If Strasburg shuts out the Jays on Wednesday will you enjoy it? If you would, than you’re not welcome here.

        • I would enjoy it. Fortunately for me, the opinion of MartinRiggs means jack shit all.

    • I assume it’s for the same reason people go to Leaf games to watch Crosby, Ovechkin, or whoever … they want to see good hockey/baseball, and the home team doesn’t provide that most of the time.

  26. 9 years and 30 million for Soler with opt out clause at arb time….

    Glad the Jays didn’t outbid that. I’m sure there are more strategic areas the team could put resources in.

    • Not really, with the new draft rules and the scarcity of premium free agents reaching the open market this is a pretty great move by Chicago. Essentially just bought themselves a top 5 draft pick. If it fails, they’ve lost a pretty minor amount of money for a big market team, and if it works they’ve got control over a potential star until he is 29.

      • Seriously. $3M a year? Chump change for the Cubs. And if you spread it out evenly over the 9 years, present value is only about $25M. It’s really not terrible—although apparently there’s a player opt-out after a certain point, so that takes away some of the upside potential.

  27. Tomorrow: “get ready for roster changes”…9 men bullpen.

  28. Anyone think JP should have tried blocking the plate on the 1st run?

    He came out to get the ball sooner, but left the plate wide open.

    • The base runner was behind J.P. as he was receiving the ball. The only way he would have gotten an out would be if he received the ball a fraction of a second sooner. Better he avoid the potential injury bug in the first inning, especially after what just transpired with Morrow.

  29. What is the deal with Beck? does he throw anything besides four seem fastballs?

    • GULP..after watching him throw a few secondary pitches, I see why he is so fastball heavy

  30. typical brand morrow bullshit. I’ve said it before trade this guy while his value is high and get a boat load of prospects

  31. farrell looks like he shit his pants

    • To be fair, he pretty much always looks like that.

    • I would as well knowing whats at AA and AAA right now not to mention how my pen is going to get ass raped once again at the start of a big series.

  32. At least morrows injury is not a arm/ shoulder/ leg/ if laffey gets called up and starts I will shoot myself

  33. Where did I leave that panic button?

  34. Good for Cletus.

  35. Colby SMASH!

  36. God bless u Cletus.

  37. I’d let Rasmus do real weird southern stuff to me.

  38. Rasmus vs. Jackson

    I declare we have officially won the trade.

  39. Hey look, I hit a dinger.

  40. swagger sleeve in effect!

  41. to all the colby haters….. fuck off and you to grouchy

  42. Rasmus swing; is just sick!

  43. Good for Colby, but he needs to lose the Eric Hinske chin hair.

  44. Bob Bannerman…here i come for a discount

    • Not sure you deserve a discount, given you insist that pitchers are hitting Colby’s bat. (Or are you coming around?)

  45. Someone needs to tell Joey bats, “that singles are fine”.

  46. That At bat from Jose was vintage 2011. Not only that, he hit about three balls in atlanta that would have been out of nearly every other park. Me feels a hot streak coming on.

  47. Not a very impressive dinger, Colby. It didn’t even make it to the 3rd deck.

    Hit the showers, boy. You ain’t finishing this game.

    • Fuck you asshole. He would be hitting 190 right now if not for my instruction. Go get another DUI you lawyer scum

  48. Odds that Johnson swings and misses at a changeup ?

  49. Yikes. I didn’t see the injury, but from what I’ve read it looks like it didn’t have anything to do with his arm. Or something like a ball hitting him and breaking something. So that’s a positive in some respects.

    I mean … we’re looking at something like a pulled muscle?

    • Yeah, it was either an oblque or intercostal muscle.

      the good news is it was not arm related

      the bad news..this is the jays training staff. a staff that didnt realize adam lind needed to do sit up.

      a staff that said they really didn’t even really need to disable Santos..and yet now its looking like he’ll be out for three months.

      so im guessing we’ve seen brandon for the last time till post all star break

      • “so im guessing we’ve seen brandon for the last time till post all star break”

        Well … i mean we really have no fucking idea.

        After Morrow got hit in the shin it looked like he’d be done for the year, and it was a bruise.

        Lets hope it’s something not too bad.

    • That’s what it looked like, anyway.

      Who actually knows.

      Wilner says Farrell’s reaction after speaking with the trainer was “Jesus Fuck”, …. so there’s that.

  50. I thought you said you were not coming back?

  51. KJ is fixin’ to strike out here I bet…

  52. Are you seeing that somewhere or just saying that?

  53. At this rate we’re in for a 4 hour game.

  54. Please go away as you said you were doing in your previous post.

  55. Holy flaming shit am I ever tired of hearing about Bryce Harper, OK we get it, he’s good and people outside of Washington and the ever growing fairweather bandwagon also known as fans of the nationals outside of washington hate this guy.

    I dunno, I think Id be down with Harper if he wasnt such a douchebag. But I guess if I was a guy his age having my tires pumped 24-7-265 since I was like 12 years old I might have an ego too lol.

    Anyways,,,, to the game, the Morrow injury blows, the Rasmus homerun was awesome, Chad Beck throws harder than I thought and Im predicting a bunch of homeruns tonight.

  56. Hopefully Beck can go maybe one more inning, then Perez for 3, and that gets us through 6. Then the regular types after that.

  57. Another reason why the 8-man bullpen through the Boston series and part of the White Sox series was utterly baffling: Jesse Chavez can’t come back up for another 5 days. I’m guessing Laffey comes up tomorrow.

  58. I’m gonna say it: Thoroughly enjoy “its all over”.

  59. This might be totally off, but whatever this pull/strain/whatever is – I wonder if that’s what was bothering him in that Texas start?

    That was just so crazy out of character for him, in how he’s pitched this year, and even with the 6 runs it was still kind of an early hook.

  60. Espinoza looks like Raiders of the Lost Arc era Harrison Ford

  61. WOW….. they called that an error…. who’s the scorer Scott Rolen? jesus fuck

  62. Was at work for the beginning of the game? What did they say about Adam Lind?

  63. Farrell doesn’t look pleased with the news from the trainer. Come tomorrow; Morrow could be Midas baby… bringing that golden touch.
    Pure gold…Ya dig.
    Hopefully, it turns out to just be a minor setback.

  64. hey brandon, next time try stretching

  65. Are we like the only team that has the opposite of home town scoring in our parks?

    rasmus drops a fly ball..they give boston a double

    cooper drills one of the pitchers glove and legs it out…ERROR

    JP drills a short hopper off the 3b mans glove..ERROR

    dave perkins is a fucking moron

  66. A guy that’s never played at the hot corner calls that an error… that a boy Tabs

  67. Tabby has had full on wood since Harper walked in the building. He’s going to be slobbering ALL OVER Harper’s knob for this whole series, just watch. Everyone start a drinking game now and you have to drink every time Tabby calls a player ” big and strong “

  68. What was I saying about Beck’s secondary pitches?

  69. Sorry for making your comments out of context, folks, but I deleted the one from the fucking moron who said Morrow’s out for the season like he had a source or something.

  70. Could we just forfeit at this point so that we don’t have to play the rest of this abomination and completely burn out the pen? That would be the best way to go.

    Alternatively, put Mike McCoy in for a couple of innings, he’ll do just as good a job as any of the other bedshitters in the pen.

  71. I dont know if I can watch this series if it’s going to be a Tabby jerk fest pumping the Nats tires the whole series. Someone should let him know which team he’s doing play by play for.

  72. That weed killer commercial makes me change the channel for 10 mintues every time.

    So. Fucking. Annoying

  73. Alvarez could always pitch.

  74. What the hell Beck: every scouting report I remember reading, said fast ball, hard slider.
    You throw a breaking ball… what.
    I don’t think JP calls a very good game. There always seem’s to be a ton of runs givin up. Other then Morrow; who calls his own ptiches… I’m guessing?

  75. RT @BlueJays: Morrow Update: left game with a left oblique strain and is day-to-day

    • Isn’t that pretty much automatic DL?

      • The Jays like to say someone is day to day for awhile and cocktease us with the possibility that the guy isn’t hurt that bad while playing with a short bench for no real reason. Then after a week the guy goes on the DL and ends up missing 3 months. It’s a well-established practice.

  76. It’s funny. I’m watching the Nats broadcast and they’re throwing down the Lawrie-Harper comps… young, exciting, hustlers

    • That’s what I’ve been trying to tell all of you douchebags! Lawrie’s the shit…. fuck you Marcum

  77. Per Wilner on the radio, left oblique muscle strain.

  78. Bunting (albeit for a base hit) in a game where we’re down a bunch and you just cranked one into the second deck last at-bat? Not Colby’s greatest strategic decision.

    • And if you believe for even one second that HE made the call to bunt, youre as retarded as I think you might be.

      • Normally I wouldn’t believe that any manager would be retarded enough to call for a bunt in that situation, but this is Farrell we’re talking about. Still, I highly doubt it. What kind of message does that send to someone who gets shit on as much as Rasmus? “Hey, nice second-deck shot last time, but no chance you’ll do THAT again, so why don’t you lay one down?”

      • disagree

      • LOL. It was entirely Colby’s call. He saw the 3b playing deep and tried to take advantage.

        No manager is calling for his #2 hitter, who just hit a HR, and has a 7/11 record against the pitcher to bunt.

    • disagree completely. its the third inning. first and second with your three and four hitters up and none out is a pretty sweet place to be

  79. Have to say, Ashby doing PBP is awesome. He really should do it all the time.

  80. If I turn on the radio, I can usually determine the approximate score of the Jays game, without the hosts telling me. If I read this blog, and have no other information, I have no idea what the score is, or who’s ahead. I get all of other info, but nothing relevant to the game….amazing

    • Man!!! Beck seems to love pitching that way! Ugh! Woo!!!

    • if you have the ability to get to this blog, you have the ability to find out the score pretty easily. this blog is about reacting to the game, not report what’s happening in it

    • Perez acerca de subir en el partido de béisbol, tarjeta de cuenta lee 4-1 a favor del Nacional. El día siguiente tuvo que dejar el juego temprano, no conocido si es grave. El solo del éxito de Rasmus herido para el único corre, para los Jays.

  81. Beck’s done an OK job overall. He’s obviously not a guy with enough arsenal to go more than an inning or two.

  82. Is there something effed up going on with the order of posts in this threat or is it just me?

  83. posts are coming in all in the wrong order

  84. I just love it up here. It’s damn cold, but the Jays announcers really love me. Yep, they really seem to enjoy pumping my tires.

  85. Can somebody say Nevermind Him?

  86. I’m just saying that.

  87. Oh god we’re in some kind of crazy time warp. Someone call Christopher Lloyd.

  88. I hope this Nationals team also has a Livan Hernandez on it.

  89. If anyone else is tired of watching the usual .500 shit show, you can tune into much more and watch the top 80 pf the 80′s with me. Right now it’s Glass Tiger ‘ Don’t Forget Me’. Then maybe we could hook up fir a soda or some damn thing! Any takers? Guys?

  90. Woo wee! I wonder if Tabby noticed that fancy catch I just nabbed. All worship and adore me here.

  91. got the ;little pr*ck!!!

  92. Schooled!!!

  93. Hehe Harper

  94. Bryce Harper, meet Jose Bautista

  95. Sorry JB wasnt aiming at his head…oh well…

  96. Who thinks Buck should look for a new job?

    • All in favour, say I
      I do prefer Ashby and Tabby then Buck. It might just be his voice… not quite sure.

  97. Bad, bad bad, JP.

  98. Arencibia kinda sucks.

  99. Dont worry boys, we are just setting them up for our 6 run inning like yesterday…
    the meeker we can look …the easier it will be to fool them

  100. Can we put Davis on the DL for shittiness on breaking balls?

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