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The Twitterverse is abuzz with word from on high that the Jays have signed several draft picks– all official-like.

Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Sportsnet appears to be the first to have passed along this news about the Rogers-owned Jays…


So… it would appear as though their draft strategy is kinda working. Hot damn!

I’m not sure it’s a sustainable year-to-year strategy, as more teams will surely look to emulate it– plus, it will sure be a lot tougher to retry without nearly as many supplemental round picks next year– but who the fuck needs to worry about that now? It sure looks like the Jays gamed the system as well as just about anyone, and that’s a little fucking outstanding.

No, Matt Smoral isn’t included among these signees, but when last we heard it sounded like it was pretty close to a formality. Maybe something’s changed– we heard rumours last year about a pre-draft deal with Tyler Beede that, obviously, didn’t exist– but even still, things are looking good, as he and Marcus Stroman remain the last of the big picks to not have already inked, and Stroman wasn’t expected to be as tough as sign as, say, Alford, so things are looking good.

Jim Callis of Baseball America adds some bonus details via Twitter…



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  1. I know nothing about any of these young guys, but BA had 4 of the Jays draftees in the top 36 of their BA 500. (Davis, Stroman, Smoral, Alford). That seems pretty strong to me. Almost like they got 4 drafts in one.

    • Don’t forget about Tyler Gonzales at #45, which makes five of the top 45 in the BA top 500.

  2. Also Goldstein tweeted that the odds of the Jays signing Smoral and Stroman are ‘excellent and outstanding’.

  3. Cool. The pick im most excited about is stroman. The jays pen needs help badly and if he could give them a boost later this year that would be great.

    • did you say he could help ‘later this year’????

      • I believe Keith Law said he thought Stroman could pitch in the majors later this season.

        • Law and others. It seems to be the industry consensus that whoever picked him would be doing it from help this year.

          • They all say he’s got major- league-ready stuff. All except for Dirk Hayhurst, who isnt so sure.

      • Yes. He is an advanced college pitching prospect. Think Chris Sale or Houston Street. Guys that are experienced, phyiscally evolved, and have enough stuff to compete in the show.

  4. Most excited about Smoral for sure.

    • Smoral is definitely an exciting addition. Too bad his return to the diamond doesn’t seem imminent.

  5. Too lazy to sit down and figure it all out but does anyone know how much $ is left to sign Smoral and Stroman?

    • if smoral signed at 2mm as has been rumoured…and Dr Jong signs at slot, they’re more than $700K over already by my calculations (seriously take those for what they’re worth – nothing). it looks like the jays might be in danger of losing their 1st rounder next year. maybe de jong or stroman is going to take a 200-300K haircut, or, maybe klaw was wrong (shock!) on the smoral amount.

      • nm…i carried a decimal in the wrong spot. 70K over…oops

        • Two things:
          1) AA will have all that stuff figured out before we hear about it and/or can calculate it.
          2) The universe will implode before he ever gives up his 1st round choice.

          • I don’t agree, AA would be willing to give up a 1st rounder next yr if he believed that other teams understanding would allow for a lot of first round talent to fall to him, essentially for one yr he could sign 5 first round talents for one first round pick next yr!

        • Thanks

      • Eh? How do you figure they’re 70K over?

        Davis is apparently signing for 250K below slot + all the collage senoir savings 1.2Mish) and if they sign everyone in the top 10 they have the 5% cushion 450K-ish = 1.9M-ish to play with…

        Smoral -1M
        Alfords: -400Kish
        Nay: -150K

        Assmuming everyone else signs at slot they should be 350K under right now… although I think DeJong will get overslot and eat a fair chunk of that.

        Kind of concerning that Stroman hasn’t signed yet. I very much doubt that he’d get anywhere close to what he’s getting offered if he were to re-enter as a senoir next year so I imagine he’ll sign but I wonder what the holdup is.

        • it just said nay signed for 1M. while alfords slot was around 440K they were reportedly willing to give him double to sign…and smoral was rumored to be in the 2M range.

          also de jong is on record as saying he has been assured he’s going to get 1st rd. comp money.

          stroman is probably playing hardball for those last few pennies…even if its 80-100k thats big money for a kid. if im him i play the game and try and milk every last penny out of it.

        • ah maybe i read your post wrong…if so nm.

  6. Good to hear. Looks like they really wanted that Nay kid too going over slot like that.

    • They must. But they’ve also signed most of those college seniors for under $10,000. So they’ve saved a ton.

  7. “I’m not sure it’s a sustainable year-to-year strategy, as more teams will surely look to emulate it– plus, it will sure be a lot tougher to retry without nearly as many supplemental round picks next year…”

    Well at this point in the AA legend (that is still being written btw), wouldn’t it naturally follow he’s already got a strategy figured out for next year? The thing no one -even the haters- can deny is he’s constantly surprising us.

    • ya its a tough draft strategy to emulate b/c you need a ton of high end picks to have a draft like this…something which wont happen under the new cba

      and even if it does nobody can forecast what talent will fall to you and what those player demands will be. way to many variables to worry that somehow others have learned from what you’ve done and as such you’ll be less effective at procuring the same results going forward.

      bobbycock i say!

      great draft though. especially for a team that wasn’t on the clock until the 17th pick.

  8. Well, I’m thinking that part of the strategy for next year will be to offer both Johnson and Encarncion one year,12 million dollar contracts in order to get a compensation pick if they sign a multi-year deal somewhere else.

    • Hot bat this year or not I doubt anyone spends 12M+ on EE next year (to say nothing of sacrificing a 1st round pick in the process) . Johnson maybe but not EE.

      • I think no one will offer him 12 million a year on average, but they may offer him a multi-year deal where the total dollars is far more than 12 million (maybe 3 years 20 million or more). Same with KJ.

      • ya the 1 yr. 12 m offer makes sense because edwin will probably want the security of a multi-year deal coming off what will very likely be a career year for him.

        he may not be inclined to roll the dice a la rod tidwell and instead look to take less money at more years. if he manages to hit .265 with 30+ 90+…very obtainable numbers…somebody will offer him a 3-4 year deal at close to 10M per.

        just ask ryan madson if he’d like a do over…

        • Even if that’s the case and he decides to opt for longer term over greater short-term dollars I still have doubts that someone will pony up significant enough dough, significant enough term, and a first round pick just to sign him. More likely the Jays end up paying the qualifying offer.

    • I still think this is a crazy idea imo. The Jays need above average major league ready players now. There’s no way Hech is going to get on base at the same clip as Johnson does and this team lacks OBP guys as it is.

      As for EE I really find it truly amazing people are ready to give up on him and see him walk after the turnaround we’ve witnessed.

      The team is going to have plenty of extra money kicking around after you factor in the steep drop in spending we’re going to see in the Amateur and International areas. Unless the Jays totally shit the bed and drop precipitously in the standings they’ll probably have less than $5 million to spend on the draft in 2013 on their rounds 1-10 picks.

      People have to remember that as exciting as these upside picks are, there’s a pretty long lag in them producing anything of value for the organization. Guys like Sanchez, Syndergaard, Norris are 2 to 3 years from helping and that’s being aggressive. This year’s picks are probably along the lines of being 4-5 years away. While that bodes well for the long-term future it does next to nothing for the immediate. People often complain we don’t spend enough? Ok, so why ship out 2 good very productive players that won’t cost you an arm and leg when the plan is to make the playoffs in the short-term?

      The only way all these draft picks help you in the short-term is via trade and while they make a great currency, why spend them and money to fill a hole you could have filled with just money alone?

      • Well, I don’t think they’re going to offer them 12 million with the hope (necessarily) that they leave. I think they offer them 12 million so that if they DO leave (as in the bidding goes beyond the money they want to pay for them), they get something for it. They might take the offer and stay. Or the Jays might offer them (especially Johnson) a multi-year deal also.

        • i have a hunch kj will be dealt at the deadline. for what i dont know to whom no clue…just a hunch…but i dont think alex would hesitate to move him and he’ll look real good to someone looking for some pop at the 2bag position.

      • Don’t look now, but there’s a 2B that has better numbers than Kelly Johnson that we probably all know pretty well…

        Aaron Hill.

        Demonstrably better numbers than Johnson this year…

        Johnson really isn’t that good and I don’t know why people keep making him out as a great 2B…

        If we could get ANYTHING decent for him at the trade deadline, I’d be ALL OVER that.

    • Great point, either outcome is acceptable

  9. I had no idea they would get things done this fast. I guess the new rules have given players incentive to sign as fast as possible. if you don’t act fast, their may not be any money left for you by the deadline.

    I am still amazed that Alford signed so quickly. But kudos to him, always take the guaranteed money, especially when you also play a violent sport like football.

    Looks like nobody wants to be this year’s Jake Eliopolous

    • It’s great because now most of them can get into rookie ball. Having Smoral (if he does sign) and Norris together would be pretty neat.

  10. I think the holdup with stroman is probably that his agent wants the jays to put him on the 40 man right now and so the jays would want a discount for that. just a hunch

    • His “advisor” not his agent, its just one friend doing another friend a favour to maximize their money in a completely friendshipy way

    • I can’t really think of a reason why the Jays wouldn’t want to do that…

      Clear some dead weight off the 40 man and add him… Get a discount because you’re offering him MLB salary right away… He couldn’t possibly be worse than Cordero and he would probably be a reasonable upgrade over Laffey and a couple of other middling relievers we have…

      I don’t expect him to come in and post a .050 WHIP and a 150 ERA+ or anything, but I expect him to be as good as Frasor (a good comparable, frankly) right off the bat…

  11. If, as appears will be the case, the Jays sign all of their top picks, I estimate they will have had the 2nd best draft haul in MLB. The top haul going to the #1-draft-slot Astros. If, however, the Astros fail to sign 2-3 of their top picks, it’s Jays FTW.

  12. Do we have a list of all 22 yet? Contracts would be great, but I’d just like to know the names of the 22…

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