Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

At Getting Blanked, Parkes says the correct words about the setbacks of Sergio Santos and Dustin McGowan.

Jays Journal looks at the problems one of the pair of the Jays’ “piggybacking” prospect starters at Lansing are having, as Noah Syndergaard has been spectacular when starting piggybacked games, and awful when coming in mid-game, while the reverse has been true for Anthony DiScalfani. “It’s kind of frustrating, but at the same time, I know there’s a goal, there’s a plan that the Blue Jays have for me,” Syndergaard told Curt Rallo of “I’m OK with it, but I definitely feel more comfortable starting. I still haven’t figured out the relieving role. It would be a lot easier to acclimate to my routine if I was a starter every five days. ” also tells us that, with a little help from a rehabbing Travis Snider, the Dunedin Blue Jays secured the first half title in the Florida State League’s North Division.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels sums up the drafts of the teams in the AL East, telling his readers to “never, ever underestimate the Blue Jays,” as “the new system didn’t stop them from drawing in talent.”

Power Rankings? An essay? A rant? An AL, NL, and minor league roundup? Birthdays? This week in MLB history? Five fucking thousand words! Holy shit, this is Richard Griffin’s Bullpen.

In the National Post, John Lott primes us for the upcoming series against Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, and whatever the hell team it is they play for.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun writes about the impostor posing as ex-Jays coach John Sullivan– for a second time!– during the Braves’ alumni weekend.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi talks to David Cooper, who is making the conscious effort to play to his strengths.

Have you heard? The Blue Jays have been really bad in interleague play over the years. Or so says an infographic from Bluebird Banter. Of course, what the interleague struggles of completely different players from 1997 to, say, 2009 have to do with this set of players, I have no fucking clue.

On Friday, Dirk Hayhurst tweeted that he’ll be co-hosting Baseball Central on the Fan 590. And on his own blog, he tempers expectations for those believing the notion that Marcus Stroman may find himself in the Majors before the end of the season.

The Tao of Stieb professes some kind of love for Eric Hinske, while The Org Guy talks around a notion I put forward this winter and got shit on by morons for: that the Jays are probably a better team this year than they were last, even if they may not necessarily finish with a better record.

Better late than never, Gregor Chisholm has a bunch of post-draft comments from Andrew Tinnish at his North of the Border blog. Late for me, that is. Gregor had it up in a completely timely manner, of course.

At FanGraphs, Marc Hulet includes Deck McGuire in a recent prospect stock watch post, and… um… his stock isn’t exactly rising. “McGuire, 23, doesn’t have the most dynamic stuff and projects to develop into a No. 3 starter at best, but things are looking bleak even for that outlook,” he writes. “This is definitely not the type of return that you hope for from a top college pitcher who was handed more than $2 million to go pro.” Ugh.

The Jays TwitPic a picture of some lady Jays helping out @foodbankscanada. OK, so who’s who?

Lastly, elsewhere at FanGraphs, Eric Seidman looks at the Phillies as potential sellers at the trade deadline. Speaking of, Guy Spurrier of the National Post looks at Roy Halladay’s admission that age and injury are slowing his fastball.

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  1. Interesting note on the Phillies. Since the Jays will need pitching help for a potential playoff push, what do you think of a Halladay/Drabek trade?


  2. Can someone , perferably without being an asshole, give me directions to walk from Union station to the Skydome? Skywalk or street?

    • Skywalk’s no longer an option until they’re done building the aquarium. Go into the downstairs area of Union GO, then follow the signs directing you to the Air Canada Centre. Then when you get to the galleria area take a right and follow Bremner up to the Rogers Centre.

      • Wait…we’re getting an aquarium? Skywalk is closed? How long have I been asleep, what year is this?

      • Skywalk’s totally an option, you just can’t exit at the same place.

      • Sky walk is still open, but you just have to get in and out at the convention centre. But the sky walk has always taken longer, so only take it if it is raining.

        If the weather is fine, take either Front street or Bremner street, pending on your gate.

    • I honestly can’t answer this without being an asshole.

    • Look for the pointy thing in the sky. Walk to that.

    • Walk west along front st about 2 minutes. There’s a walk way by the Baton Rouge restaurant, or you could walk to Blue Jays way. You’ll see it at that point! If you’re not used to the city, the Skydome is really close to Union.

    • Or walk along Front St. towards the CN, take a left on Blue Jays way

    • walk directly south on yonge until you get to the lake. Then drown yourself.

  3. It’s a nice day…just walk Front Street westbound until you hit the Dome. And there are bars along the way in case you need a pint to cool down.

  4. “Of course, what the interleague struggles of completely different players from 1997 to, say, 2009 have to do with this set of players, I have no fucking clue.”

    This sentence sums up the stupidity inherent in about 86% of all sports “journalism”.

  5. Funny I was just saying the same thing about McGuire and Jenkins the other day lol

  6. My favourite part of the Sickels article was this:

    Ryan Kellogg (LHP, Canada HS, 12th round)

    He went to Canada’s High School, you guys.

  7. I will always hate frasor for having that hot a wife.

    • Hot looking athlete wives seems to be more common than not.

    • “I will always hate frasor for having that hot a wife.”

      Well, at least Frasor seems like a really nice guy and not a huge douchebag.

  8. I have no faith in tinnish if he felt that mcguire was a better pick than the number 6 ranked sale.

    • Yeah, because the MLB draft is so easy to predict. Cmon.

      • no dipshit, if he followed the rankings then sale would be a blue jay

        • what rankings? LOL.

          i’m pretty confident that if sale were higher on the jays internal draft board they would have popped him.

        • The scouting director, who employs a huge team of his own scouts, is an idiot for not following the BA rankings?

          • Drafts aren’t an exact science, and there are tons of variables that go into drafting a certain player. Albert Pujols was drafted in the 13th round. I hope every scouting director (including the one that actually signed him) was fired for passing on him 12 times.

    • Dude makes one questionable pick and you bust his balls, How would you run your department Mr.. Scouting director?

  9. I have a feeling we’ve seen the last of Sergio Santos for a while. I also think the shoulder injury was worse than they let on. No one misses two months or more with a “minor issue”. He never looked good even when he was pitching. This trade is starting to wreak of the “Curse of Sirotka”.

  10. the leftmost one has GOT to be Lady Vizquel

  11. Griff’s awesome. Loved this gem:

    “Chapman proved he’s not a true closer by leaving the ballpark before the media was allowed in the clubhouse. Chapman’s interpreter had no comment. The best closers in history have all been standup guys. Dennis Eckersley after Robbie Alomar’s home run, after Kirk Gibson’s home run. Tom Henke, Sergio Santos? They may not always do the job but they’re always there answering questions in front of their locker after blowing a save. They use it as therapy, closure.”

  12. lawrie’s 5 wenches were not allowed in the food drive for fear of bringing in some disease.

    • What the fuck is your problem? Do you think Brett Fucking Lawrie needs to date trash. Pick of the litter for that kid.

      How many idiotic comments can one person make on one blog post?

      • Why are you vehemently defending Brett Lawries ability to pick up hot chicks? Strike me as, well, a bit gay…

      • This is the same fruitcake troll that posts as Ginger Campbell. Life’s shit in a gimpcart. He has to decide every day whether he should just motor out into traffic and end it all. In the meantime he runs down the Jays, hoping that someone will have their opinion affected by his shit.

  13. “In the National Post, John Lott primes us for the upcoming series against Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, and whatever the hell team it is they play for.”

    The Expos, obviously

  14. No Quentin….. The only way is if EE is playing the field full-time (and I’m not sure I want that)… Quentin has zero range – he would make Thames look like a gold glover.

  15. Jon Lott tweets that the Jays have signed all of their first 10 round picks but Smoral and Stroman.

    • My guess is the talks with Stroman are hung up on whether his dad will sign on to play 1B

      • I think his dad will settle on being the new Blue Jays Ballboy .Carrying those loads of balls to the ump and picking up bats is strenuous on the arms. Fortunately it won’t be a problem for this beefcake.

  16. How worrisome is Deck McGuire having a bad half-season in AA?

    Definitely a setback, but seriously, we have very little information to evaluate what is going wrong for him. He may have been asked to work on a particular pitch or a particular pitch in certain situations. Similar to how Anthony Gose was restricted from bunting and allowed not to have a two-strike approach last season. We just don’t know.

    I don’t think there is much to worry about here yet. For example, Ricky Romero’s 2008 line (his 2nd year in AA) in 21 games started was 5.77 K/9, 4.07/ BB/9 and a 4.96 ERA. McGuire’s ERA is more bloated due to a high HR rate, but he is only 12 starts into the season.

    • That’s why we look to the opinions of guys who actually follow these guys for a living, though, and when we do, obviously things don’t look great.

  17. What kind of lineup is farrell sending out these days? Escobar hitting 6th? WTF. Need more power in that spot. No way this team makes the playoffs with this lineup construction. Got to say, Im pretty convinced this is another .500 team which is disappointing but not entirely surprising when fucking rogers refuses to spend money.

    • Snore.

    • Did they not just score 12 runs for fuck sakes?

      • They can do that once in a while but not on a consistent basis with this lineup. And I dont mean every game because no team does that but the good teams do it more often.

    • seriously? where are you going to hit him?


      you would say ‘but he’s not very fast and we need a guy up there who can steal bases and go first to third”


      you would say “but he hits so many grounders that he’s a set up for a big double play every time there’s a man on and less than two out.

      third, fourth, fifth: not even worth discussing.

      6th: see above

      bottom third:

      but he’s too good for 7th, 8th, or 9th!!

      • With an OPS of .646 and wOBA of .286 even ninth would be generous. He would be hitting in a minor-league spot were it not that his replacement is reputed to be even worse with the stick.

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