Updated again: Vlad tells the Blue Jays that they need to either call him up by 1:30pm or he’s out. Here is exclusive DJF video.

Update: there might be more to this than we first believed.

The prolific Rosensquirrel has the latest on this story, quoting Vlad’s agent Bean Stringfellow. A later tweet suggests a more careful wording, indicating Vlad hasn’t “retired” without saying anything about Vlad’s future with the Blue Jays.

Again: if he wants to come to the big leagues TODAY, the team has little use for him. Is two weeks in the minors going to kill him? Does he feel “ready” after one good night? Hard to say. More on this as it develops, said the blogger with a straight face.

Welp. The great Vlad experiment seems to be over. Various reports began popping up (looks like Halos Heaven had it first, with Wilner confirming above), indicating Vlad’s desire for quick passage to the big leagues doesn’t jibe with the Jays belief that he “can no longer hit” and “doesn’t offer anything to anyone” at this point of his career.

Sources indicate the team told Vlad he wouldn’t be up before the end of interleague, meaning another two weeks or so in the minors (the Jays conclude their NL road schedule on June 24th, after two series in Milwaukee and Miami).

Of course, any guarantees made to Vlad must be contingent on his ability to still hit and hit for power. As much fun as it is to watch a singular player with incredible contact skills, a slugger unable to slug (in the damn PCL of all places) leaves much to be desired. Ben Lindbergh’s great BP piece from yesterday showed the old Vlad Guerrerro willingness to swing at anything. When the bat speed isn’t what it was, sadly he just becomes an old man flailing at pitches in the dirt.

Which isn’t to say Guerrero wouldn’t rediscover his form after another few weeks of conditioning and timing. This move looks to be the decision of the player, all too aware of his own limitations. Patience was never a strong suit of the former Expos star, now it seems (reportedly) he ran out of patience on a return to the big leagues.

Update: Per a Jays team release the Jays have granted Guerrero’s request to release him from his contract with the club. He is once again a free agent, as the Vlad era ends for the Jays in a rather acrimonious way. Shitty deal, given what a good story it seemed like it would be, but… what were they going to do with him through interleague play in NL parks while still fighting to keep their heads in the race? Just waste the roster space because Vlad couldn’t take two extra weeks in Vegas? Pfft. – Stoeten

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  1. jackpot

  2. That is disappointing.

  3. #freesniderswrist

  4. call me crazy – but i think the chances of Vladdy wearing a Jays cap into the hall just took a hit

  5. Who said the quoted material in the post?

    The timing seems odd considering he was 4 for 5 with a triple(!) last night.

  6. This is not disappointing at all. Vlad was singularly focused on getting to 500 homeruns, which is nice and all, but not necessarily the Jays biggest concent. Why clog the path for younger guys (Gomes, Sierra, even Thames/Lind) for a guy that can’t possibly be part of the future.

  7. Yep. Saw this coming a mile away.

    At least AA learned from JPR not to bring Vlad straight to the bigs.

  8. Can we dim the lights, and let’s look back at a highlight reel of Vlad’s tenure as a Blue Jay.

    (A projector plays black&white, slowed-down footage of a Sportsnet anchor announcing that the Jays have signed Vlad, as Green Day’s “Time Of Your Life” plays in the background. A Vlad Guerrero DrunkJaysFan post is slowly zoomed in on. A shot of him hitting a routine grounder in single-A Dunedin action. Fade to black, with the words “VLAD GUERRERO: BLUE JAYS LEGEND. MAY 10, 2012 – JUNE 12, 2012.”)

  9. This must mean that snider/gose/thames/lind/sierra will get called up within the week, no?

  10. jive?

  11. You know there’s at least one guy with a brand new “GUERERRO” jersey kicking himself.

  12. Travis Snider, COME ON DOWN!!

  13. It’s too bad they couldn’t bring him up even just for 1 AB, maybe when rosters expanded. There’s actually a whole legion of Montreal baseball fans coming into Toronto for a game/Expos/Montreal baseball rally in September, so that would have been cool if Vlad was there. And of course it would only be fitting that he end his career with the last Canadian club (though we all know if things were right in this world he’d be ending it in Montreal at their new park). I guess the only question now is does he go into Cooperstown as an Expo or an Angel. You look at the numbers with both and it’s actually a really, really close call. Let’s hope they choose the Expos for him.

    Regardless, having half my family in Montreal gave me the chance to go to quite a few games during those final dark years at Stade Olympique, and I still shake my head thinking about what that guy could do in those years. That arm, the 502-foot HR, the speed…he was the best in baseball. He could do everything. It’s a shame that concrete ruined his legs just like Dawson, or else who knows how much better he could have been. It was a pleasure and a privilege to watch you Vlad, and it’s too bad you had to go out like this. See you in Cooperstown.

    • As much as I’d lofve to see Vlad go into the HOF as an Expo, his MVP year in 2004 and three AL West titles tip the balance. The All-Star face of a dying franchise doesn’t compare with being an absolute rock star on a championship team.

      • Yeah, but honestly when you look at the numbers it is a lot closer than you’d think. More years in Montreal too. Maybe he’ll ask they give him no cap like Catfish Hunter did because he felt the same about the A’s and Yankees. And don’t forget they put an Expos cap on Dawson even though he wanted the Cubs. Ah who knows

        • I thought Dawson got a Cubs cap, while Gary Carter got “stuck” with an Expos cap despite his desire to go in as a Met.

          • No, Dawson got the Expos cap because it was very clear his best years were as an Expo despite his 1987 MVP. Carter originally only wanted to go in as an Expo, and was even involved in the ballpark drive there when Loria first bought the team, but I think he changed his tune after Loria left and everyone knew the Expos were gone. The difference is, Carter embraced it and even spoke a few paragraphs in French at his induction ceremony, Dawson is likely still bitter about it.

          • Thanks Sharkey. Learn something new every day, and yeah, I’ll bet Dawson is still bitter about it.

    • I went to a shit tonne of Expos games in 2002-2003. Too many Vlad highlights to run through them all. Hitting for le cycle in September of ’03 is one of my all-time fave baseball moments ever. It’s gotta be second on my list after the Carter homerun.

  14. That’s kind of too bad.

  15. who gets the call next for the position players?

    • Another 2 HRs and a double for Lind last night, raising his PCL OPS over 1.1, suggests that he might be bit too good for AAA.

      Yesterday’s criticism of his fitness wasn’t great timing. Seems to me there’s a good chance that poor fitness wasn’t the correct diagnosis, but rather a lack of confidence which may already be fixed.

  16. Now back to business…is Travis healthy yet?

    • Yes. Absolutely. Let’s get this Travis bullshit started immediately. Let’s get him up here for tonight’s game. LF. Bat 5th. Every fucking day until he dies or quits. Lefties, righties, knuckleballers, underhanders, hardball, softball, slow-pitch. All Travis all the time. If Travis had started the season with the big team we’d be undefeated. Who cares that a future HOF has called it quits. Let’s get back to Travis. Travis, Travis, Travis.

      • I may have been being sarcastic as well, but thank you for your input

        • Good to know and sorry. In case you can’t tell I’m getting a tad tired of everything leading back to Travis. I don’t hate Travis. I hate those who keep choking him with their expectations.

          • Agreed. I just feel bad for him that he’s been jerked around though. At some point you have to either give him a shot or trade him to a team who will give him that shot. It’s not fair to him. I would imagine they are trying to put him in a package for something.

          • And I’d almost rather they trade him, for his own sake. He has a better chance to salvage a career elsewhere. The ironic thing is, if Snider was languishing like this on another team AA would be trying to orchestrate a 5 team deal to get him

  17. Would have been nice to see him play but this is probably the right move for all involved. He was an amazing player to watch in his day but the time had come.

  18. That was a good “Breaking:”. Sad, but good.

  19. Looked like we picked the wrong old guy. Matsui hit a HR for Tampa when he came up May 29.

  20. What the hell is this now?

    Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal
    Vlad’s agent, Bean Stringellow, on talk of Vlad retiring: “Nothing further from the truth. He is hitting, running very well.” MORE #BlueJays


  22. Or not. Since then he’s got a .160 BA with .160 obp.


  23. Okies, now on to beating the dying fuck out of Washing for two games. The Jays need to exhume the bats from their anal cavities and hit more. more hits=more runs=more wins.

  24. apparently drew doesn’t read the boxscores, he went 4/5 last night so obviously I doubt his skills have eroded. he’s probably pissed seeing gomes and cooper get called up but not him


      • why are you yelling? you said vlad decided to leave. why? after getting 4 hits?

        • I think he kind of covered it when he said…

          “As much fun as it is to watch a singular player with incredible contact skills, a slugger unable to slug (in the damn PCL of all places) leaves much to be desired”

          As in, he is making contact but will be paid to slug, not just make contact.

      • Nice snark Drew.
        Don’t blame you for passing along the info and drawing conclusions.
        But if you’re gonna mock somebody about one game success being inconclusive, you can’t say anything about 2 weeks either.

        You can’t have ” small sample size ” for one side of the discussion and not the other.

        • Seems like Vlade had the great game, demanded a callup, was met with resistance and threw a tantrum. I bet he backs down, but I still think its stupid of AA to refuse to even give him a chance when Yan Gomes and the Senior Citizen are still taking up roster spots.

        • Plus all last season. You know, the stats and visual evidence that kept a single big league team from offering him full time work?

          • Don’t disagree with the performance over that time.
            But there’s a reason why he’s in AAA ,seeing if there’s anything in the tank.
            grouchy presenting a counterpoint is the essense of this blog.
            While I appreciate all these respected baseball people presenting their “inside scoop” I’m becoming more than a bit cynical,that’s why I enjoy listening to an opposing opinion.
            Rumours of where Soler is going,who’s got Darvish,can Vlad make it,etc. make for interesting conversation and speculation.
            But I’m noticing how often these gurus of baseball are dead wrong.

          • That’s grouchy.

            There’s a lot more like him and some that are the opposite ilk.

            Next time you enter the comment section be prepared for a wild ride.(Try disagreeing with Stoeten)

    • His line in Vegas is .214/.233/.286.

      He had one good game.


      • Jesus Ty.
        Not trying to defend Vlad,maybe he’s done.
        But there are already conflicting reports.
        And if this is the start of him raking for two weeks , what do you say then?
        The reason for him being in Vegas is to see if he can get his timing down.Maybe this is the beginning, maybe it’s an outlier against shitty pitching.

        • He demanded a call up and didn’t get it. F him. He would bring nothing to this team that Snider or maybe even Sierra cant.

  25. Good , Had no intrest in seeing Vlad this year. This team is not contending and we already have tons fo swing and miss potential. Save the at bats fopr someone with a future

  26. He needs the cash money: TMZ released this story on the weekend.

    Guerrero to reveal his finances — and turns out he has 8 children with 5 different women … and shells out $25,621 a month in child support.

    Here’s how it breaks down:

    Baby Mama #1 (1 kid): $5,237
    Baby Mama #2 (1 kid): $3,214
    Baby Mama #3 (2 kids):$1,655
    Baby Mama #4 (2 kids): $3,465
    Heidy as listed in the suit (2 kids): $12,050

  27. I wonder if LInd is considering offering him half of his 2012 salary to go away and retire…


  29. Of course it would be preposterous to call up Vlade too soon. That would take away a roster spot from Mike McCoy, Yan Gomes and Omar FUCKING Vizquel. Really AA? There was NO room for Vlade on the roster? I just watched Chad Beck pitch for 4 innings…

  30. Call me an old sentimentalist – Vladdy’s always been one of my favourite players and the Jays are my favourite team – I really still want to see him in a Jay’s uniform, even for a little while, even for just a few at-bats in an 8-0 game. I hope this happens.

  31. It’s a floater comment put out there by his agent, trying to move things along. Of course he wants to be up in the bigs, and this is a way of poking at the Jays to see if they’ll do it sooner than later.

    Which team is going to be dying to trade for Vlad? He can’t field, so there goes the NL. Who needs a DH? Not to mention that I’m pretty sure the other GMs might be aware that he’ll request a release if not brought up soon, so they can just wait and sign him in July or whenever if they really want him.

  32. New reporting from Enrique Rojas of ESPN suggests that this may be a kind of ultimatum scenario. His reports is based on sources who say Guerrero has left the 51s and gone home to Anaheim awaiting word on whether or not the Blue Jays will call him up.



    • See-ya Vlad, time to call up Sierra and move on.

      • What makes you think Sierra won’t be terrible?

        • He’s shiny and new, I assume.

        • Jesus, where did I ever said Sierra was going to be anything special. I have no illusions of Sierra being anything other than a serviceable 4th OF. He seems to be the closest thing the brass views to a ML 4th OF (Snider, Gose, and apparently Thames seem to be viewed in higher esteem and aren’t going to be called up to ride the pine in Toronto). Until Francisco is ready, what the team needs for now is a serviceable 4th OF so that we aren’t forced to witness EE, Gomes or McCoy in LF. Sierra would seem to be that.

        • He can Play Defense… It’s a start.

  33. Wow, so he now says a 1:30 PM deadline to call him up or he resigns. Well, talk about putting a club in an awkward position. I’m sure the Jays will call his bluff here.

    • Haha. Jeez Vlad.

      Jays will not bow down to his deadline.

    • Agreed. No way AA calls him up, even if he was wasting more roster spots than he already is.

      • I mean I love watching him, he’s a shell of his former self but he’s still a future Hall of Famer and a baseball legend in Canada. But does he think he’s 25 again? Does he even realize how much damage that Olympic Stadium turf did to him?

        What team is going to sign him as a one-dimensional DH if he leaves the Jays? I’m sure he wants a chance to win, and no team in their right minds will let him even glance in the direction of a baseball glove even if he thinks he can still field, so I really wonder who he thinks has a spot for him now.

  34. I also demand the Jays call me up by 1:30, or I’m out!

  35. Why are people talking about Snider/Thames/and the LF spot?? This has no bearing at all on Snider or who plays LF. Guerrero would occupy some of Cooper’s playing time and the roster spot that is Yan Gomes. Snider if/when he is called up would supplant Davis as the left fielder and occupy the roster spot that is Mike McCoy.

    Snider and Guerrero are 2 separate roster spot/playing time issues people. Fans of David Cooper and Yan Gomes (and possibly Adam Lind down the road) are the ones who should be happy, not Travis Snider fans.

    • Actually, it’s EE’s DH time that Vlad conflicts with the most. If Vlad doesn’t rake, then he’s detrimental to the team.

      • No, because EE plays first if he’s not DHing, so it’s Cooper who’s impacted. EE plays every day regardless.

        • Lind is probably be relieved too.

          If Vlad and EE had been killing it up here I’m not sure where he would’ve played if he gets a callup.

  36. So did Parkes actually stop posting here, because DJF and Getting Blanked are both running this story with different (albeit similar) content.

    • You should be so lucky.

      He’s sick today, so we had no communication on this. But it’s probably a big enough story MLB-wide to have in both places– he has stuff on Morrow up there as well, y’know.

  37. Vlad must not have a thing for showgirls.

  38. After legging out a triple last night, Vlad has decided he is only doing that again if it’s on the big stage. I can’t imagine how painfull that triple must’ve looked.

  39. Maybe Vlad has interest from another MLB club? Is that possible?

    How awesome would it be if the Nationals signed Vlad for one game this series AND they put on their old Expos jerseys. Would probably get the fans out in Toronto.

  40. This is a very bad 24 hours for jays fans.

    Santos McGowan morrow and Vladdy are gone or injured.

    Even worse news Is Cordero is still pitching

    • For Jays fans who still harboured fantasies about 2012, perhaps.

      • You mean people are still saying there’s a chance? Good fucking lord what is wrong with this city

        • So should we expect to compete in 2013? Or 2014?

          The June swoon has begun early this year.

        • Well, there’s still a CHANCE, just not a particularly great one, and one that probably needs help from outside the organization, which is probably not a great idea, unless they’re acquiring guys with more than just one year of control– which there’s a chance of them doing.

          • Fuck Stoeten, I hate when I agree with you,especially after the mind control experiment in last nights game threat.
            But I think you’re right.

        • Jays should stop marketing the we are ready campaign.

          All I need now is the I am coming home song with Jo Jo Reyes starting on Sunday.

          Free Travis darnsud and Travis snider se

      • If it doesn’t happen in 2012 then it won’t happen at all! [Source: Mayans]

        +1 somewhere in the post.

      • It’s not only about making the playoffs – it’s about having a competitive team on the field, seeing our best players, etc.

        Of course we aren’t making the playoffs, but it’s still been a shitty 24 hours – the thought of having to watch Laffey or Cecil instead of Morrow every 5 days is enough to cast a pall over my entire summer…

  41. Seems like ESPN is reporting that the Jays/Vlad had a “soft call-up deadline”.

    @JLew1050: ESPN now reporting that Guerrero and the Jays had a “soft call-up deadline”. Now that it’s passed Vlad has given the team an ultimatum.

  42. I’m a faggot

  43. My give-a-shit on this one is running somewhere between “I couldn’t” and “I don’t” levels.

    Best case scenario, we’re talking about a platoon DH bat who might have been able to provide some little bit of help to a contending team over the course of a stretch run. This team has larger issues to contend with, especially after last night. Vlad’s playing for the Jays or not doesn’t really impact the season in any way shape or form.

    As much as it would have been nice for Expos fans to see him play in Canada, as a Jays fan I say meh to this. Meh all over the place

  44. Ken Rosenthal just tweeted the Jays have released him at his request

  45. It would have been fun, in a nostalgic way, to see Vlad return to Canada to play some beisbol. But in light of the whole drama queen exit, fuck him.

    Time will soon be upon us to see some of the kids play (Snider once he completes the rehab process then maybe some Sierra for depth. And then d’Arnaud once he passes through the Super Two timeline).

    Vlad being released qualifies as news in the MLB. But for the Jays, the biggest issue is Morrow. Losing his arm in the rotation at this stage is a big blow.

    Aaron Laffey fans should warm up the car. Looks like we might see him for a much longer stint than expected.

    • While I’m excited to see the prospects when they arrive, I’m not in a rush.

      The Jays have enough AAA and AA players on the team.

    • I think we’re going to see laffey only as long as it takes the Jays to get Chavez back in town for Morrow’s next start.

  46. Vlad must have seen Gomes’ home run last night and knew he’s not the the first, second or third choice for a spot on the ML roster.

  47. Vlad’s negotiating strategy is all wrong. He should have used Rogers’ negative option billing scam from a number of years ago. “If you do not release me by 1:30pm, I am flying to Toronto immediately to join the Jays.”

  48. I can’t help but feel that this makes Vlad out to be a bit of a tool. Or maybe it just shows us that he already was a tool. Like a whiny baby who didn’t get his way fast enough.

    That said, I hope he catches on somewhere else and gets a chance at chasing those home runs. Playing at the Skydome would have been a big help for him, but oh well.

  49. Vlad is a dumbass. Why would you call up a DH when you are playing in NL parks?
    If he hit AAA for more than 1 game, the Jays would have called him up once they are back to DH rules.

  50. Man, they should have played that young man. How’s he gonna support his family not playing? If kids gonna eat, a man has to earn.

  51. This is only going to be a big deal with The McGowan’s, Cox’s, and Griffens of the world. Otherwise its a nonstory.

    we have better DH options in lind, snider, EE, cooper, or a combo thereof

  52. Is hockey finished yet?

  53. Sounds like the Jays told him he’d be up by a certain date when they signed the contract, the date passed, and Vlad opted out of it.

    Hard to find fault with what either party did here. Although the Jays may not have kept their initial word to him, there’s no reason for them to bring a poor-swinging Vlad up into MLB.

    A pity, though, because this means we’re going to keep playing guys like Cooper and Davis in the starting lineup (until whenever the team decides Snider, Thames, and Lind can come back…who may not be all that much better, anyway).

  54. Maybe Vlad believes he can parlay his solid minor league numbers into a larger prorated deal with another club. .358 BA, 4 HR, 12 RBI in 12 games. I think it’s a given there are dumb GMs out there, maybe one will bite.

  55. Honestly, I feel Vlad has earned at least a shot at playing with the Jays even just to see what he has left in the tank. However….. that being said, this isnt some team with a lack of depth and offensive production in desperate need of a bat to solve their problems.

    The jays are hitting just fine right now and there’s no room or need for Vlad at the major league level right now at all.

    However, Vlad feels good, he is healthy and he isnt getting any younger so thus he wants to play at the major league level while hes got gas left in the tank, I truthfully dont think he gives a rats ass which team its with.

    Vlad should remember one thing here and that is that the Jays gave him a chance months after every team apart from Japanese and independent league teams decided not to pick up the phone to his agent.

    Trade him or release him and either he sits on the shelf regretting his decision to demand playing time OR he gets picked up.

    • We’ll have to agree to disagree that the Jays are hitting just fine right now. They are hitting just fine in fits and starts, and that can be problematic when it comes to important things like winning games.

      Rasmus appears to be coming into his own, Encarnacion has been a rock all year, and Kelly Johnson’s been a pleasant surprise despite all the strikeouts. That’s about it though.

      The Opening Day LF and 1B are in Vegas, Escobar has decided to party like it’s 2010 again after busting out last year, Lawrie has fallen off offensively quite a lot (some drop-off was expected but I don’t think anyone expected this much), Arencibia is kinda stuck in neutral and has yet to take the next step, and Bautista still hasn’t really got his groove on yet. That’s much more down then up…

      …And yet there they still sit one game over .500 with an offense that has scored the 6th most runs per game in MLB entering tonight’s game. On paper they look great offensively, but in reality they’re a little too inconsistent for their own good. That’s what you get with young players.

      I’m not knocking AA’s building job. I think he’s done a fine job so far, and that better days are on the way as a result of his efforts. I just don’t think they’re coming this year. The organizational strength is way up from where it was when he took over in October, 2009, and I expect that trend to continue and eventually raise the quality level of the major league team. It’s a difficult, somewhat maddening time to be a fan of this team, but it’s also a great time.

      *Waits to be pelted with internet bricks for preaching patience*

      • I suppose it’s another missed opportunity year. While most people applaud AA’s efforts at building a strong farm system, it seems like we are further back at the MLB level.

        At the beginning of the year, the real threat was the yankees & rays & battling the red sox for 3rd place. Most people thought the Jays would do better than Baltimore.

        It looks like we will fight the red sox for 4th place.

        All this is happening with major injuries to the red sox & yankees.

        Baseball is still fun to watch, but I would like to live in a City with a team in a pennant race.

        I moved to Toronto in August 1993 & was amazed to see everyone in town following the team.

    • The Jays are hitting fine just now …

      Bro … put the bong away.

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