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Apologies for a late Game Threat this evening, but I’ve been busy rooting around Active Surplus for a power adapter and then putting a dead bird in the backyard out to the DL in the sky [read: the bushes in the alley]. Symbolic much?

What a day, what a day. Not a whole lot of good news for the dreamers among you, as the Jays’ playoff visions took a hit with the riding off into the sunset of the ghost of Vlad Guerrero, presumably on the same white horse he was going to ride into town and save the season on, and the probably derailment of Brandon Morrow’s season, things aren’t looking so good for 2012 at the moment. Hey, but at least it might mean things are going to get real interesting at the trade deadline, huh?

Er… that is to say, there’s always tomorrow, amiright?

Actuallyyyyyyyy, with Strasburg on the hill and the Oranje needing to beat Germany, I’ve got half a mind to just stay in bed. Fuck.


Mike Wilner tweets that the Jays will withhold any announcement on Brandon Morrow until after tonight’s game. Fingers crossed.

Shi Davidi puts it all into perspective at Sportsnet.

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, it’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper DH
R. Davis LF
J. Mathis C

H. Alvarez RHP

Washington Nationals

S. Lombardozzi LF
B. Harper RF
R. Zimmerman 3B
A. LaRoche 1B
M. Morse DH
I. Desmond SS
D. Espinosa 2B
R. Ankiel CF
J. Solano C

C. Wang RHP


Image via Scott Cunningham/Getty.

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  1. Who knows what would have happened had Lawrie not spazzed out and we had man on second and nobody out in the first

  2. Escobar seems like a fun guy who doesn’t take things as seriously as his coaches would like him to. I think that’s where the clubhouse cancer tag comes from, unfairly so.

    • and yet noone cares when he’s not an out machine like he is now

    • Remember the scene in Moneyball when Bean comes into the clubhouse and raises shit after buddy is dancing on the table after a loss? I’m thinking Yunel would be that guy dancing in the Jays clubhouse.

  3. Good God, Evan Crawford.

    Things are bad.

  4. yankess are down 4-0 in the 8th inning vs the braves and their vaunted pen.

    they bring in venters and not even one inning goes by and its 6-4 yanks.

  5. Davis, Mathis to start the inning.

    sounds like runs.

    davis will be swinging from his heels.and mathis…well..mathis just sucks

  6. farrell contract up next year, can’t have a lame duck so alex will give him a 5 y ear extension

  7. vizuel siting! run for you lives!!!

  8. That was a pretty good impression of someone being shot, execution style.

  9. dont swing

  10. nothing’s gonna happen here, i’ll settle for a comebacker at this fuck, clippard.

  11. Can we get davis the fuck out of lf?

  12. Does anyone think that the Jays have a chance to compete in 2013 or will it be more 500 ball again next season?
    Is there a chance for 2013 or are we looking more likely at 2014 or 2015 before the Jays can become serious contenders?

    • D’Arnaud is going to be HUGE boost going forward.

      • This was supposed to be JPA’s year to relax and loosen up on offence. Guess D’Arnaud’s gonna win by default.

      • Listen, they are going to constantly dangle this fucking carrot in front of your face saying we’re going to compete in year x. I remember when they were declaring that 2012 would be the year that we started competing. Now we’re hearing 2-3 more years. They keep pushing this fucking deadline.

        I don’t really know how much better this team is going to be in 2013 than it is right now. This team is not 1-2 pieces from competing.

        Let’s face it, the entire fucking rotation is a question mark at this point. Romero has been shitting the bed. Morrow goes from CG to first inning blow-outs and back and forth. The league seems to have figured out Alvarez. Drabek can’t throw a strike to save his fucking life. Hutchison is doing ok, but still appears to be a little raw and rushed.

        The bullpen has been absolutely terrible. We cannot trust this bullpen whatsoever. I know that AA probably thought he drastically improved the pen this year, and Darren Oliver has been ok. Coco has been in a major decline and he should have fucking known that this fat ass was going to shit the bed in the AL.

        The hitting has been terrible. I don’t see how Yunel or Lawrie can get any worse. Production has been limited at first base and left field as well. Kelly Johnson has been terrible since injuring his hamstring.

        It is very possible we’re losing KJ and EE at the deadline.

      • How do we know D’Arnaud isn’t going to suck donkey dick?

    • It seems that every year is 500 ball.

      I expect the addition of Gose,D’arnaud & Hech will be offset with the loss of Kelly Johnson & JPA.

    • That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for cotintbunirg.

  13. So we go out with a whimper, not a bang.

  14. Good strike out Lawrie. Great job.

  15. Change the team’s name to the Toronto 500s.

  16. Fuck ya.. So pumped to see vizquel pinch hit, it was either him, Mathis, or McCoy. Pick your poison nationals.

  17. and back to .500 again.

  18. Wouldn’t it be ironic if strasburg sucks and gets hammered tomorrow

  19. The Jays have just been so… boring lately. Meh, maybe it’s just me.

  20. So here’s the jays hitting breakdown five of their last six games. (in other words, games in which livan hernandez did not pitch)
    total hits / game
    7, 5, 5, 5, 5,

    oh, but the problem is pitching. whatever, pound sand.

    • And they would have had to have scored 5 5 6 7 and 5 runs in those games to win. All well above their RGP average for the year and well above league average. Try harder.

    • Listen here cocksucker, there is no way the Jays could be expected to hit against aces like Edwin Jackson and Wang.

      • lol you’re knocking Jackson with the season he’s having moron? Go cry some more. Doesn’t excuse the fact they would have to score an above average amount of runs for those games to make up for sub par pitching.

        • Jackson isn’t having that much better of a season than his past. Only his BABIP is down significantly. He’s a decent pitcher, but the Jays make decent pitchers look fucking amazing. Should we really only be scoring 1 run off of someone who is a #3 starter? Really?

          You didn’t even talk about fucking Wang, so I’m assuming you’re going to agree with me here. The Jays should have easily been able to score ~5 runs in a game against Wang.

          • Yeah we had a shit night at the plate. Go back and look at some of the comments I’ve made on the subject of making certain pitchers look like Cy Young. It is frustrating but that doesn’t mean on the whole the hitting is the problem here.

            Again if this team had a decent league average pen we’d be right up there.

          • For the love of God, keep writing these artslcei.

        • This is the ideal answer. Evoneyre should read this

  21. Something about June for the Jays the last couple of years. They are just unable to avoid the June Swoon.

  22. FIRE Farrell fire AA trade Bautista

    • Sarcasm i’m sure but man, I can’t imagine firing AA and going back into the stone age. That would be a huge fucking bummer.

    • Farrell needs to go. He isn’t fucking learning.

      The team needs a clear fucking direction. If we are going to start competing starting next year (LOL!) then we need to resign EE and keep Bautista. But if this if we are starting up on another 5 year rebuilding plan, we might as well trade Bautista and get some top-notch, can’t miss, almost major league-ready prospects in return.

  23. Way to grind there, Toronto. Fucking Clippard won’t even need to shower. Team is a joke.

  24. Also… the jays have continued their pursuit of excellence in losing multiple games in a row.

    if the jays lose a game, they go on to lose multiple games in a row on all but three occassions this year.

    that is incredible.

  25. Maybe the Jays will start to do better next year when interleague is spread throughout, rather than blocked together.

  26. is the blue jays’ season over yet?

  27. Can we PLEASE find a way to get Davis out of the starting lineup

  28. ya not panicking here because it is what it is, but starting to think the AA era isnt going to be the start of a dynasty. Have some good prospects coming up but they take years to develop and by the time bautista will be in serious decline. The bull pen still sucks, the rotation is not what i was expecting. speaking about prospects, i had alot more hopes for drabek, he has been dissapointing so far.
    I dont know what to say other than, i wish Rogers just opened the vaults and spent a ton of cash to just buy a winner.
    prospects are nice, but Yu darvish was all cash, if they wanted to be serious with the team and get a good pitcher all they had to do was spend some money and you have someone right away, you dont have to wait for years for development. Obviously they are more than one pitcher away from contending but it would have been one piece closer and made the games more entertaining this year.

    • “Buying” a term does not work in the long term and we’d be in the same spot that we’re in now in a few years. Paying premium dollars for players’ declining years is not a good, long-term business model. Sure, the Jays could have afforded players like Pujols, Fielder, etc. but I think we’d be regretting those signings in less than five years.

      I will say that the Jays should have spent money on players like Cespedes, Darvish, Soler. They should have signed inning eaters in the offseason to allow their younger pitchers to develop further in the minors.

      • Fuck, buying a “team.”

        • So waiting for 20 years to develop players and then when you get lucky enough that those prospects do actually turn out, you only have a few years window to contend with those prospects before they start demanding a huge salary that the team cant afford so they end up trading the players away for more young prospects who again will take years to develop, run throught this cycle a couple times and you have your 20+ years.

          • The cycle shouldn’t be endless once it gets “started.” Teams are starting to see the value of extensions that cover the first few FA years (often a player’s prime years) rather than waiting till free agency to attempt to extend.

            Signing a bunch of free agents isn’t going to do shit. You have even a smaller window to contend in this situation before these players start a really steep decline.

    • Going by what he did in the winter which was next to nothing (at least he tried) there were still too many holes to fill. He put it off and decided the trade deadline was where he was going to fill them. It was definitely a risky strategy to be sure and one that looks like it’s about to veer off the road now completely. Maybe with the financial limitations he had and the Rogers created problems of JPR’s tenure this is about the best he could hope for right now. Add in some injuries, regression in your top prospects and you’ve got a team struggling to stay at .500.

      That said there is definitely good pieces in place going forward and it might be something that we don’t see click until this season a foregone conclusion unfortunately but again I don’t think we’re as far off as most people think.

      I still think they have to spend more going forward especially now that the draft strategy of the last 3 years is going to come to and end. I think you’ll see since that money that’s been spent there in the past will go to the major league salaries. Unfortunately just because we can spend doesn’t mean we’re going to get the players as Beltran proved. It might result in some big overpays but you’ve got to start somewhere.

      • Well, Rogers needs to decide whether or not they are going to invest in the team. We know that Beltran didn’t want to play in Toronto because of the turf. How many players have turned down Toronto because of that? I’m sure being a non-competitor is also a factor. Maybe Rogers needs to look into converting the SkyDome into a grass facility.

        I would say that right now our rotation needs significant improvement. Either these pitchers need to realize their potential, or we need at least 2 more starters — including a true #1. You’re also looking at a long-term solution at 2B, 1B, LF. So at the minimum, 3 pieces, but more than likely 5.

        I do feel that a lot of our players are not living up to their potential. The coaching staff, as well as John Farrell’s mismanagement, is partially to blame.

        • I don’t buy the turf excuse anymore, not with the new turf especially when injuries are lower on them than grass. However, that’s something the players would have to figure out on their own.

          Farrell’s fine as far as I am concerned though he has made a couple of questionable calls of late with the pen. That said when you’re that shitty it’s hard to manage because you don’t know what you’re going to get.

          Agree with you on one more veteran starter even if it’s only a #2.

          LF will probably be resolved this season or this winter.

          Not sure what they plan to do at first.

          Agree that 2nd base without Johnson is going to be an issue most likely.

          If Santos ever gets healthy and AA hasn’t got fleeced by Williams then the pen will also be better by the trade deadline.

          More than anything I’ve got to wait and see what he does at the trade deadline like he said he was going to. It’s probably going to mean another .500 ish season.

      • I think that the new draft rules have definitely undercut AA”s prospect collecting.

        It will be harder going forward to build a team by relying on picks.

        If we assume that AA had no influence on any drafts prior to 2010, then AA should only be held accountable for picks in 2010 -2012.

        So far, we haven’t seen much from those players as they move through the system.

      • Begun, the great internet edoictaun has.

    • I listened to Mccowan interviewing Ken Rosenthal today about the Jays. He said teh Jays were sevearl pieces away from competing so it didn’t mae sense to make any rentalmoves this year.

      What I find interesting is that analysts always say the Jays are several pieces away , but if they had Darvish or Fielder wouldn’t they be close enough to compete?
      The Jays are losing oppotunities to incrase revenue by continuing to be out of a playoff race by July 1st every year.

      • As long as tv ratings remain as high as they are, why would Rogers spend? They don’t need a winner, just good TV content.

        • That’s a good point. perhaps fans won’t care that the Jays are out of the playoffs as long as they keep it entertaining & the players are appealing.

          I will say that AA should be applauded for not having any obvious underperformers other than Cordero & Lind.

  29. I guess i was just one of those “dreamers” that believed AA when he said a couple years back that the Jays would be competing by 2012. Its frustrating to realise that its going to be at least another couple years away.
    It will be fun when I can watch a Jays game in August that has some meaning to it, or July for that matter.
    OK I will be back tomorrow afternoon bitching about the team from work. I will feel like Stoeten, getting paid to watch the Jays and write random thoughts about them online.

    • I don’t think so. This regime has been careful to not specify dates and say they’re aiming for year ‘x’.

      • It would be dangerous for the Jays to admit that they plan to compete within a given time frame due to injuries, underperformance & payroll parameters.
        Hopefully, they will tone down the marketing campaign & stop with the ” we are ready campaign”.

        That is way too optimistic.

        They should go back to hustle & heart 3.0 or let’s see what happens.

        Rosenthal said that the Nationals are more mature than the Jays and better perepared for the playoffs than the Jays this year.

        • Nats had the benefit of being bad for a long time just like the rays. Even better for the nats they got very lucky in the draft with a couple of super prospects. Really we are just into the third year of the rebuild while remaining reasonably decent without totally shiting the bed. It is definitely the harder course imo and it was made harder by the cheap drafting strategy during the JPR years.

          • Would the Jays have been better off applying a “tank nation ” strategy from 2009 onwards & try & get the best drafts picks possible?

            The jays always seem to be around 500 which isn’t god enough to get a stephen strasburg or bryce harper.

            Would Rogers let AA apply a tank nation strategy now , given that they depend on tv revenues more than attendance??

            I doubt it.

            I wonder if a fan backlash will develop against AA & Rogers in the offseason if the Jays finish in 5th place??

            Luckily, Rogers controls most of the media, so they should be OK.

            However, what happens if some cranky bloggers start attacking AA??

            • The blogers will not revolt so long as they appear to be fielding the most economically efficient team with plenty of prospect porn in the low minors.

              it’s a darn repetitive movie after two decades. For example

              Sandy Martinez-Josh Phelps-Kevin Cash-Guillermo Quiroz-Curtis Thigpen-Robinson Diaz-JP Arencibia

              …when they get here, the goods always fall short.

              This is middling team that organizationally does some things well and other things not so well. A status quo in approach and they will be little more than a perpetual +/- 81 win team that may catch lightening in bottle but generally a great source of affordable content for the parent company many media platforms.

              People need to accept this reality and quit deluding themselves that “The Window” is within 2-3 years

    • Agreed. I would love to go to the game tomorrow but I have a deadline to meet at work. I will be following on my i phone mlb at bat.

      I am happy that the DJF site is now properly formatted now for iphones so it is easy to reply to comments.

  30. The worst part of the game was the pitiful measured polite applause Delgado received, instead of the ovation that he deserved, when they put him on the Jumbotron for a good minute or two in between innings.

    • I was at the game. What inning was that in?
      I didn’t see it. Maybe it was when I was getting beer or emptying out the used beer?

    • I was going to comment about this. You nailed it. They put him on the Jumbotron, he got a golf clap, they cut away for a few seconds, and then put him on screen again and got NOTHING.

      The average fan in the Dome fucking kills me. They are so quick to put GRUBER on the back of their new-style Jays jersey even though they would’ve been booing him 20 years ago if they weren’t 3-years-old at the time. But they won’t even cheer for the greatest Jays hitter ever. Basically if a player played from 1996-2009, he did not exist.

      Come to think of it, I was also at the game when Delgado made his return as a Met for the first time. He got a polite applause. It was brutal.

  31. Where is Cust?

    We need Cust.

  32. I really would hate to see another mediocre jays team but sadly thats what were looking at. Take today for example in the lineup. Look at who was hitting 5-9 for the jays today. Thats a playoff team??? Fuck no. AA has to address the lack of obp on this team. Its a fundamental issue with this team and players have to be held accountable. Players like Arencibia, escobar etc. need to stop being coddled. Either they start to perform better or bring in replacements. Today, what i saw was very concerning in that they were not battling at all and just giving away at bats. Playoff teams dont do that. Atleast not in the AL East. AA really has to examine whether he has the right players on the offensive side of things. If Im him I look at trading arencibia, escobar, and maybe even johnson who is decent but strikes out WAY too much.

    • Depth was always going to be a problem with team and it is usually is on low payroll teams. It should be bettet next year as guys like d’arnaud, gose and snider are ready. You can even add hech to that list but you are right more obp would be nice but that’s why i find it strange more people aren’t complaining about EE not being extended yet. Jthe team will rise

    • Agreed. The team seems unable to orchestrate any comebacks notwithstanding what happened Sunday.

      I wonder how many comeback wins they have this year?

  33. peopel laugh at baltimore but guess what they are 10 games above .500 still. look at their lineup. their pitching isn’t scary and their offense is similar to ours so what’s the difference. 2 reasons. they have a much better bullpen with strop and johnson and they have a highly respected nononsense manager. the bullpen needs to be totally overhauled. hopefully sign stroman and pull off a trade.

    and for the life of me I cant understand why alex continues to hide prospects. why the fuck is rajai still in left. what possible downside is there to call up gose/sierra/hech? most of them are using up options anyways and I don’t think it stunts them to call up for a few weeks until snider is ready. until then alex seems happy to throw away games.

  34. all is not lost. if we can get snider/lind/cecil back andplaying well it will be huge. add in stroman/santos – coco and huge again. and if yan can become a super utility guy also a plus

  35. The real problem is time and money.

    Unless there is more money to fill in the holes via free agency, the team needs time to develop enough talent to do it. It’s hard to develop your own team, and with setbacks like McGowan, Cecil, Snider, Lind, Drabek (somewhat) aren’t producing like the team needs them to it’s doubly so.

    • But where are the positional prospects? Sure we have a ton of big arms in Lansing and Dunedin but who in this organization can play 2b? who can play LF? who will play RF?

      1b? we have exactly TWO legit minor league position player prospects that project to even have a CHANCE at being stars…..D’arnauld and Marisnick.

      Gose, Hech, McDade, Sierra, Knecht, Krouse…these guys are all long shots at being above average players.

      the positional prospects will have to come through trade or from the two most recent drafts which really pushes us back in terms of time when we compete.

      JPA is not even an average offensive player for a catcher, and his defense is not great.

      Im pretty sure travis is a better player right now but fuck, even after he is up, it will take him a year or two to get acclimated.

      free agency sucks unless you have 150 million to burn .

      so basically folks..its the waiting game.

      • how do you know that gose and hech can’t hit? they are raking in AAA and at least we know they will play all star defense which has value.

        snider still has a chance to be good. and lind is still there who apparently has his stroke back. these are upgrades from what we have now.

        and I wouldn’t write sierra off. they put him on the 40 man for a reason at 23. they were afraid somebody would claim him. at the very least he has trade value

  36. Free Chad Mattola?

    • I would really like to see what Mottola could do with the major league team.

      • Ah yes, we surely will see what he can do with a major league team. Unfortunately, much like the case with vlad, it will likely be with another major league team

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