Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

An extra tidbit from Drew’s twitter feed, as he spent the afternoon at Rogers Centre, as he passes along a comment from Alex Anthopoulos about the “piggybacking” strategy they’ve used with pitchers in Lansing this season– and which Noah Syndergaard has expressed frustration with. The starters will be moving to five innings each soon, Anthopoulos says, according to Drew’s tweet, and most will get their own day to start. They’ll look at system-wide promotions at the minor league all-star break, the GM says, according to another tweet.

Interesting, but in a completely different way, is the fact Drew also tweets a picture of Carlos Delgado, who is in town and on field at the Dome. “When the phone rings, I’ll answer it,” the former slugger says when asked about his possible inclusion on the Jays’ Level of Excellence. Hopefully it’s a conversation that’s being had while he’s here. Honouring Delgado next season? Sounds about exactly right.

At Getting Blanked, it’s the animated GIF of a collision more dangerous than anything imaginable– Brett Lawrie and Bryce Harper. Suck it, CERN!

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi tells us about the draft picks signed this week by the Jays, with an eye on the money and what’s going to be left for the big unsigned ones, Marcus Stroman, Matt Smoral, and Chase DeJong.

The Jays move up a spot in the latest power rankings from Jonah Keri at Grantland, all the way into 13th, as Jonah points out Jose Bautista’s bad BABIP, and the fact that he’s now on pace for more home runs than the 43 he hit last season. He’s getting there, indeed…

Today in confusion due to common Latino last names, Extra Base Hit passes along some updated speculation via John Lott that suggested Sanchez might get the call to replace Morrow in the Jays’ rotation– meaning, of course, Jesse Chavez. A little crazy early for Aaron Sanchez, methinks. Lott quickly corrected himself.

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin sees it the Jays’ way– and presumably Bean Stringfellow’s way– when it comes to Vlad Guerrero.

Eno Saris chimes in at FanGraphs, coming to the same conclusion about Vlad and his Bernie Kosar-like diminishing skills.

Lastly, also at FanGraphs, Marc Hulet includes non-prospect Adam Lind in today’s Prospect Stock Watch, suggesting that despite being “apparently out of shape, the first baseman has worked hard to get his conditioning to the level where it needs to be so he can compete at the big league level and he’s seeing results in the box scores too. Lind is currently hitting .416 in 22 games and just went deep twice on Monday night, giving him five home runs. With an OPS of 1.134 Lind could find himself back in the Majors sooner rather than later although he could be an attractive name at the July trade deadline (if the Blue Jays are willing to eat some of his salary).”

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  1. I say wait a week and bring him back. Lind couldnt possibly be worse,

    could he?

  2. Is Adam Lind the only first baseman in history that needed to be in top notch physical condition to perform?

    My recollection of big league first basemen who were fat and out of shape is that if they could hit, they could hit. If they couldnt, they couldnt.

    I think this is complete bullshit. He is hitting cause he is hitting..its got nothing to do with whether or not he’s in good shape.

    • Lind is hitting because he is hitting.

      The “in shape” part is meant as a counterpoint to Lind’s various spring training “I don’t need to workout” quotes, yielding the possibility that Lind’s demotion may have spurred some maturation.

      Or he comes back up and goes back to his old lazing around ways. But you never know.

    • They mentioned something about his bat speed being more of the concern than anything else.

      If it’s just about results now at AAA he’s probably earned a ticket back but when you look at the larger picture with regards to Cooper and EE playing there also maybe there’s more going on there.

      All I know is that if I am Lind I am happy Vlad quit today.

    • I personally haven’t had the chance to get to know a lot of elite major league first basemen well enough to comment on whether, despite their appearance, they may or may not be in shape. But if that your recollection, well then.

  3. is hockey finished yet?

  4. Odds Alvarez get’s shelled tonight?
    Tarot cards read, most likely.

  5. Can’t wait to see the old Lind back. If it was just his conditioning all this time and he’s solved that problem then he’ll be lighting it up. Woooooooooo!!! Yeeeeeeaah!!!! High fives all around!!!

  6. 1. “Adam Lind… “apparently out of shape, the first baseman has worked hard to get his conditioning to the level where it needs to be so he can compete at the big league level…”

    Shouldn’t he have done this in February?

    2. Level of Excellence: Hells yes put Carlos in. I am wondering too – what is the criteria for inclusion on the Level of Excellence? For example, why not have a guy like Johnny Olerud in there, for leading the league in hitting in 1993, or Paul Molitor for helping win the World Series in 1993, or Kelly Gruber for being fucking nails in his career here… I think they should definitely add some more guys to it, but not too many (don’t want to cheapen it).

    3. 2012 wasn’t a year we were going to “compete”, per se, for the playoffs. See the kids through this year and then make some noise in the off-season. Bring back Edwin and Kelly Johnson, trade Escobar, trade JPA, and sign Cole Hamels and Zack Greinke.

  7. Fu@k Lind. Fu@k anyone who gets paid millions of dollars to live the dream and then cant be arsed getting into shape. 15 minutes a day working out???? What a joke that guy is.

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