We don’t have any information on the status of Brandon Morrow just yet, but rather curiously the Jays have announced, via a team release, and official tweet, that Yan Gomes has been optioned back down to Las Vegas, completing the corresponding move to last night’s recalls of Aaron Laffey and Evan Crawford, which also included the optioning down of Chad Beck.

More could still be in the cards– Travis Snider? Though you’d expect that he’d move to Las Vegas for a stretch, rather than getting a post-rehab call straight to the Majors– but for now, the roster looks like it might be set, and Brandon Morrow is still on it.

Presumably the Jays felt the need to expand their bullpen based on fact that Chad Beck and Luis Perez pitched multiple innings in the wake of Morrow’s injury last night, and that Frasor, Cordero and Villanueva each also took a turn. Aaron Laffey would have been an option to start in Morrow’s place– and may still be– with Evan Crawford adding bullpen depth. They needed to make those moves last night, so as to have those fresh arms in place for tonight, but they left open the second corresponding move, because they weren’t yet ready at the time to place Morrow on the DL.

It would appear as though they took the risk that they might have to lose the versatile Gomes for an interleague stretch, just to be sure they had fresh arms for today. It’s a tough trade-off, and maybe they could have brought up just Crawford, and waited to recall Laffey until word on Morrow was official, but that would have left the bullpen a little thin tonight, with just Crawford, Janssen and Oliver rested and ready to pick up Kyle Drabek. And regardless, the best news here is that, at least for now, there appears to be a chance that Morrow’s injury isn’t even as serious as we’d been fearing. Maybe.

Whatever the case, for the time being, he’s not on the DL.

Alex Anthopoulos will address reporters at 3:30, and I’ll add in any relevant updates as they come in…

Update from AA: Anthopoulos tells reporters, and assorted stragglers, like our own Drew Fairservice, that Brandon Morrow is having more tests at 4:30, and that he expects him to go on the DL. At that point, presumably, Yan Gomes would be recalled– as he won’t be subject to having to be in Vegas for 10 full days if he’s recalled as an injury replacement.

Additionally, Drew tweets that Anthopoulos says Jesse Chavez will get the call if the Jays need a starter. Hurray?

One More Update: One extra bit of information from Shi Davidi, who tweets that John Farrell informed reporters today that Brett Cecil, who has been sitting at 88-92 lately, has been promoted to Las Vegas, and is another candidate who may be called up to fill in for Morrow. Um, again… hurray?


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  1. If Morrow was as badly hurt as they suggested he was yesterday, you’d have to think he would have been placed on the DL. Perhaps some good news then in that regard (or maybe I’m just getting my hopes up when I shouldn’t be).

  2. Hm! Don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here, but how fucking awesome would that be if Morrow is OK?

    Don’t want to be overdramatic, but I don’t think it’d be a stretch to say that whatever slim chance the Jays have to push for that 2nd WC might ride on whether Morrow’s injury is actually day to day or something like a couple of months.

  3. WTF? Thought they wanted Gomes up for interleague to make use of his flexibilty. They’re off to Milwaukee and Miami in a week. Not to mention he’s had a couple of nice at bats. We definitely need Crawford up more….

    • If Morrow does end up going on DL at the end of Nationals series, the Jays can forgo the ’10 day’ option rule and recal Gomes due to the injury.

      • Oh shit, that’s right. Damn, I wonder if Gomes is even getting on a plane now.

      • Good point. But if Morrow doesn’t go on the DL (and then Gomes recalled), they lose the flexibility of having Gomes off the bench in the NL parks. I would have brought Laffey up to help the pen (can thrown multiple innings). If Morrow has to go on the DL and Laffey has been used, then bring someone up to spot start (Cecil, Carreno, Chavez etc).

  4. Laffey and Crawford UGHH!!! why do these shitbags keep getting called up?

    • Either of those two could be sent back tomorrow or Thursday. With yesterday’s bullpen work, they got nothing in the bllpen.

    • Who do you prefer?

      And before you make a snide comment about depth, tell me how many teams have eighth and ninth relievers who AREN’T shitbags.

      • That is true and I agree. I just think there’s gotta be better options somewhere else in the organization. I just hope neither one of them ever have to be used like Igarashi a few weeks ago.

        In all seriousness I think Brett Cecil would make an excellent long man/lefty specialist out of the pen. He’s been pitching better in double A and I hope to hell we never see him make another start for the Jays ever again.

  5. They may be holding off until they see if he can throw his side session. Then they could put him on retroactively. Regardless, it gives me hope that it isn’t a two month kind of ordeal.

  6. Maybe they are making room for Vlad G— oh… wait….

  7. They could maybe bring Gomes back up in a couple of days if they place Morrow on the DL. This just allows them to wait out Morrow to see whether he needs a DL stint or not and very temporary get an extra long man into the bullpen.

  8. This seems to give the most flexibility. They don’t need Morrow until the 19th in Milwaukee because of off-days. If he can’t go then, you place him on the DL retroactively, and you can call anybody from Vegas up (including Beck or Gomes) since the 10 day stuff for options goes out the window for DL replacements. My guess is that they wait until the beginning of the Milwaukee series to determine whether he’s able to go on the 19th. If not, he goes on the DL.

    Gomes’ flexibility in NL parks is redundant when the positions he’s flexible in are occupied by Brett Lawrie and EE/Cooper. With Cooper hitting, there’s really no reason for Gomes to be on the ML roster.

    • I disagree that Gomes’ flexibility is redundant, at least while they’re playing a couple more series in NL parks. With the ability to play 3B/1B/C/LF, he would give Farrell more options for the double switch, or the use of a pinch runner for Cooper, JPA, etc.



  11. Well they definitely needed arms in the bullpen tonight given that the bullpen had to pitch the entire game yesterday. A little surprised Gomes got sent down and Morrow wasn’t placed on the DL but I still think Morrow ends up there. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Laffey/Crawford get optioned back after tonight’s game or at the end of the series in favour of a position player. It won’t be Gomes as they have to wait 10 days to recall him.

  12. When does one of lind//thames/snider get the call my guess would be after the miami series.

    • Snider could be up in a few days imo, maybe by the end of the week.

      Lind seems to be in the doghouse after listening to some of the comments regarding his fitness levels regardless of how well he’s hitting so unless Cooper starts shitting the bed big time it might be a while for him.

      Without a bunch of injuries I doubt you see Thames back until September, even then I wonder if Gose might not get a look instead since they’re most likely counting on him for 2013.

  13. With Morrows beetus I’m surprised they wouldn’t get it over with and put him on the DL. It may take him longer to recover and if they rush him back, they’re only screwing themselves in the long run.

    Then again I’m not a doctor but I think we have seen this kind of injury bark on players throughout the season.

  14. AA sez: It’s Chavez if they need a starter. He was sent down on the 6th. Would be able to come up in time for Sunday w/o using the DL rule. AA wants to wait until after 4:30 tests on Morrow before making a decision on the DL but expects him to go on the DL.

    My guess now is that Gomes didn’t leave town and will be in tonight as the replacement for Morrow. Laffey and/or Crawford hang around until Saturday and Chavez is up for the Sunday start. AA was just using some jiggery-pokery to get extra releivers for four games.

  15. ben francisco?

  16. If Morrow goes on the DL. Could Gomes be called up today and play tonight? If he hasn’t gotten on a plane yet.

  17. Is hockey finished yet?

  18. I don’t know why, but it seems odd to me that a position player like Gomes (pronounced Gomez in Atlanta) can be an injury replacement for a starting pitcher. Feels like an opportunity to circumvent rules.

    Yes, when does Snider get to come start his torrid two weeks followed by unending shittiness?

  19. Well I for one hope that Morrow gets feeling better soon, and is able to pitch as well. Its not fun having your moneymaker not work…

    Besides its time the bats carried this team for a while.

  20. Is McCoy still with the team? If so, how about we release Visquel

  21. Davidi says Cecil is another possible starter candadite, sitting 88-92mph with the fastball

  22. Why will happen, Chavez gets Sunday’s start, Cecil then gets 2 to 3 start until morrow’s ready probably around 1st to second week of july

    • Cecil’s AA numbers look good (i.e. improving drastically recently), not sure why he wouldn’t be in line Sunday if he pitches well tonight for LV.

  23. *what will happen

  24. You all forgot about me, didn’t you? For your information i’ve been pretty good my last 5 games in AA.

    Well I’ve been OK, right? Fair?

    Ok i’ve been average at least, which is a big improvement for me.

  25. Has there been any indication that they’re willing to use Gomes as anything more than an emergency catcher? Baseball reference says he’s caught 2 innings this year, but I sure as hell don’t remember them.

    • Why would they give him more innings behind the plate than that? Between JPA and Mathis they already have one perfectly serviceable replacement level catcher and one solid below replacement Mike Sciosia refugee. We don’t need to add a reasonably decent quad-A part time catcher to that stellar mix.

    • And I believe he replaced JPA behind the plate in the Texas game where Mathis pitched. I could be wrong though.

      • That would explain it. The short answer is because Mathis blows and I’d love to see Gomes as the backup until D’Arnaud is ready. But you’d think if that was in the cards they’d be breaking him in behind the plate with some of the actual pitchers on the staff, instead of letting him catch position players.

  26. Aside from the very logical reasoning behind these moves (the injury replacement clause etc.), is there anyone else besides me who smells something hinkey about all of this? I mean, Morrow was in a great deal of pain last night, the oblique strain was fairly rapidly diagnosed, and there seems to be no point of going short bench if they don’t have to.
    I don’t know why, but for some reason my spidey sense is tingling.

    • that might be your girlfriends muff stinkin.yeast infection or just raw fish? if its gonorrhea that will get you tingling for sure. and its becoming antibiotic resistant so beware.

  27. Why not send McCoy down? Does he have pics of AA or JF with farm animals?

    • We don’t have a real big glut of outfielders, especially with Rajai in and out of being hurt depending on how hard he swings. McCoy stays up for insurance purposes only. He’ll head down when Fransisco is off the DL or Snider is coming back up to the big club. Both are a couple weeks away.

  28. So does Gomes have to fly out to Vegas and then fly back, or can he just sit in a hotel room for a few hours while waiting for the Morrow results?


  30. Morrow will be going on the DL, Jays just don’t know for how long yet

  31. I’m going to bed with my fingers crossed.

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