In yesterday’s link dump, Stoeten relayed some “quotes” that I sent out via Twitter. Since I’m new to this whole “stand around while guys I used to watch on TV talk” thing, my tweets tend to ooze out without much structure and often free of sense and/or context.

So here are the full quotes from AA when asked about minor league promotions and the whole piggybacking thing currently driving Noah Syndergaard to drink.

With the Dunedin Blue Jays clinching the first half title, are there any promotions in the offing>

We’ve talked about. We always look at it at the All Star break, we re-evaluate it, we talk about it internally. We talked about promotions across the minor leagues, I mean, Lansing has done very well, Dunedin has done very well, so, from that standpoint we’ll re-evaluate it at the All Star break, which is the 16th I think (Ed: he’s right.) Getting close. But we haven’t made any firm decisions but we’ve talked about it.

Next question was about the piggybacking of the Lansing starters.

That’s going to start changing very soon here. Some guys are going to start moving up to five innings and, within a few weeks, they’ll all have their own day.

The National Post’s John Lott smartly followed-up, wondering if they (the Low-A starters) will all be at Lansing, then if that would present a “too many cooks” problem – if the guys who are piggybacking are going to stay than somebody has to go.

Right now, that’s the plan. That obviously can change but the plan is for them all to stay there. Well, you move things around, guys move around. It could be a reliever or so on but, in terms of the top prospects, it will get to the point that they’ll get their own start day.

Very interesting. Word is the team is very secretive about the decisions/motivation behind the whole piggybacking thing but it is nothing if not encouraging that they will soon let the starters do their thing in full.

Noah Syndergaard, of course, expressed frustrations over the inability to get in the groove when he jumps into games later. Jays Journal has the details, including the stark difference in his numbers as a starter compared to pitching in “relief.”

So there you go, Noah. You have your own day now! Make the most of it, or else! Lott’s question is a good one: how will the starts be distributed? So far, seven pitchers have made starts for Lansing: the big names (Syndergaard, Sanchez, Nicolino) and other guys I’m less familiar with (Jesse Hernandez, Marcus Walden, Dave Rollins, and Anthony DeSclafani.) Not a bad problem to have, all things being equal.

As far as promotions…I’m sure someone much more familiar with the ins and outs of the lower leagues has a better idea of who could be headed in an upwards direction. Kevin Nolan from Dunedin? Sean Ochinko has already been promoted once this season so I doubt he’s up for another look. Tough to say…but safe to assume a few moves in the offing.

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  1. This is unprecedented.
    Usurping a game threat?
    Not cool.

    • Yup, a cock block for sure.
      Parkes used to do it to Stoeten all the time.
      Stoeten’s at the game.Probably too drunk to notice.

  2. This post is missing some F-Bombs lol but the future seems bright for the jays rotation if one or two of these guys pan out.

  3. That’s a clown question, Bro.

  4. Call them all up!

  5. I think because of all the work AA has done ,and the talent that has come in, people forget he has been GM for only 2 and a half years. He inherited an awful minor league system too, so fuck off.

  6. Drew,

    DeSclafani is the other piggybacker. He was their 6th round draft pick in the 2011 draft. The other three look like organization guys/cannon fodder to me (notice that of the three of them only Hernandez has made a relief appearance so far), and therefore two of them could move up to make room for the piggybackers to get their own days.

    • …Also, Kevin Nolan is the SS at Dunedin. Sean Nolin is the…um…Nolan that you’re seeking. The big lefthander was the Jays 6th round choice in the 2010 draft, and he’s certainly pitched well enough (statistically speaking) to earn a promotion up from Dunedin.

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