Merry Strasmus to one and all!

Yes, I’m actually in a celebratory mood, despite the deepening of the Jays woes, following yesterday’s news on Brandon Morrow, Vlad Guerrero, a loss that dropped them back down to .500, and– of course– the looming spectre of a soccer match that’s going to ruin my damn Euro before it even got fucking started.

Ahh, but we had a lot of luck in the last big tournament. Better to run out now than against damn Uruguay, like it almost did. And as for the Jays… um…

Well, I can’t be quite as wistful thinking about the 2012 Jays just yet– not that the season is over by any means, they’re just not faced with an easy task, having to fight off the Red Sox while surging past two teams that are flat-out more talented than they are (plus the Baltimore Orioles). And while on one hand “surge” is the wrong word, seeing as they’re only 4.5 games off the division lead, without Brandon Morrow it gets tougher.

But shit, anything can still happen, the bats could click a little better, Travis Snider could come up and not suck for once, Romero could pitch like himself and the other starters could hold and keep the club’s head above water long enough for the market for a game-changing trade proposal to materialize on Alex Anthopoulos’s desk (because, y’know, MLB GMs in 2012 probably send dossiers by carrier pigeon, amiright?). Or things could go totally south, they’ll call up some kids, and start wheeler-dealing.

Either way, the season has far from run its course, and promises to be full of intrigue in one way or another, and it might even feel completely different in a week– kind of as it has all season– as long as they keep on weathering the fucking insufferable storms. Y’know, like the one Stephen Strasburg is about to unleash on the Jays.

Apologies for a late Game Threat this evening, but I’ve been busy rooting around Active Surplus for a power adapter and then putting a dead bird in the backyard out to the DL in the sky [read: the bushes in the alley]. Symbolic much?

What a day, what a day. Not a whole lot of good news for the dreamers among you, as the Jays’ playoff visions took a hit with the riding off into the sunset of the ghost of Vlad Guerrero, presumably on the same white horse he was going to ride into town and save the season on, and the probably derailment of Brandon Morrow’s season, things aren’t looking so good for 2012 at the moment. Hey, but at least it might mean things are going to get real interesting at the trade deadline, huh?

Er… that is to say, there’s always tomorrow, amiright?

Actuallyyyyyyyy, with Strasburg on the hill and the Oranje needing to beat Germany, I’ve got half a mind to just stay in bed. Fuck.


OK, so–full disclosure– I’m writing this in the hours following Tuesday’s game, so in my universe Brandon Morrow hasn’t even been officially DL’d yet, and I’ve yet to be called out for not wanting Stephen Strasburg’s arm to detach from his body during the first pitch, the bloody limb landing somewhere close to Geddy Lee’s seat– y’know, like a goddamn proper Jays fan would– you know, one who doesn’t give two fucking shits about baseball and only responds to pathological mind-numbing urges that narrowly involve only the clothes he likes best and whether or not they’ve “won.” Weird, huh?

Oh, but is there a clown question in my universe? You bet your ass there’s a clown question, bro. Parkes has perfectly-damn-legal-thing-to-do-here-gate covered over at Getting Blanked.

I’ve also got a report from Gregor Chisholm of in my universe, who writes that “there is no immediate timetable available for Morrow’s return but he will be out for at least the rest of the month.” Ugh. Legitimate playoff aspirations or not, Morrow was having a fucking King Hell of a breakout, finally-putting-it-together season. This sucks.

Gregor uses his excellent North of the Border blog for the raw transcript of what Alex Anthopoulos had to say yesterday regarding both Brandon Morrow and Vlad Guerrero, as well as a bunch of stuff about the draft picks who have yet to sign.

I’m doing this all in the wee hours, I should add, because I’ve got to tape Getting Blanked around 11, hit up the Dome for 12:30, and then scoot off to a famous Dutch victory starting at 2:45, so… how the hell else was I going to do a Game Threat? Get up at like 9? Pffft.

Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Sportsnet managed to sit down with Stephen Strasburg at the Rogers-owned Rogers Centre for a little bit of Rogers and forth.

And lastly, because, as I say, I’m doing this all very prematurely, we don’t have the latest episode of Getting Blanked ready just yet, so in lieu of that, and in honour-ish of today’s key starter, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, it’s the excellent Strasbourg by the Rakes!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
D. Cooper DH
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF

K. Drabek RHP

Washington Nationals

S. Lombardozzi LF
B. Harper RF
R. Zimmerman 3B
M. Morse DH
I. Desmond SS
D. Espinosa 2B
T. Moore 1B
R. Ankiel CF
J. Flores C

S. Strasburg RHP


Image via Jonathan Ernst/Getty.

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  1. Release two chin cordero

    • Yeah release him so we can call up some shitballer from AA.

      Most relievers are not that great, that’s why they’re relievers. And we’ve already called up half the fucking farm.

  2. The season is officially over.

    The ship is sinking, play for yourselves, etc.

  3. That right there was a pathetic way to go out in the 9th inning, 3 at bats and zero effort. Lidge looked good though.

  4. Hey I think Harper’s home run from last night just landed.

  5. If we go on a 10 game slide, murph/ walton will be fired and if we suck Farrell will go back to Boston to replace Valentine in the offseason and Cito will be brought back

  6. I really believed the Jays would sneak in and grab the second wild card spot.


    You know you don’t give a damn about the season when you pitch Cordero and Laffey in high leverage innings in a must win game.

    I hope someone beats the crap out of Washington and Atlanta, because I don’t want either of them in the playoffs.

  7. Fire Farrell now!!!!!!

    • This loss had nothing to do with Farrell. You can’t win with a bunch of scrubs. AA sat on his ass during the off season hoping that shit baggers will bounce back. Not only that didn’t happen, but also our ace decided to join the shit bagger union. They can’t hit for average, they can’t bunt, they can’t field, they can’t pitch and they have no grit.
      Last couple of years they were hovering around .500 too, but at least it was exciting to watch. Couple of come backs and some extra inning walk off wins. This year is just flat out ugly.

  8. W

  9. We had the best pitcher in the game and now we have the best slugger and we still can’t build around them. What a shame.

    • Its sad really. All because rogers wont spend to bring in the right players here. Instead, we have to rely on homegrown players like alvarez, cecil, and arencibia who quite frankly arent good enough.

    • Are you referring to Doc or Morrow…? If you meant Doc, I agree (although this season, pre-injury, he’d only be the third most effective pitcher in the Jays rotation).

      That aside, if you meant Morrow… I agree he is good & I agree the Jays need him in the rotation in order to make a push, *almost* as much as we need Romero to return to his 2010-11 form…but all this stuff about Morrow being the best pitcher in the league is a little bit of an overstatement. He has had 3 or 4 stellar outings and 5 good outings on top of that. But just like you wouldn’t argue that Lance Lynn (9-2, 2.66, 1.14) is the best pitcher in the league, Morrow is equally unproven as a true Top 10.

  10. how the fuck does lidge only get 1mil for 1 year and we pay coco 4.5 mil?

  11. OK…so I’m the guy that said the season was over when Morrow left the game. Of coure ‘it’s all over’ agreed with me (thanks buddy) but I took some hits. Anyone feeling different now? A sub-par team loses their best pitcher until August but we’re ‘only a few games out so no worries’ right? ’100 games left’. Oh good. Should be fun to watch. Jose must want to shoot himself. Everyone else on this team should shoot themselves. Espessially you JPA. You’re awful!

  12. Harper is a douche and he doesn’t drink. Well, because he doesn’t drink. Because he is a mormon. Cabs are heeeeeeeeeeeeere.

  13. If im AA I would look at bringing up hech and daarnuad to replace escobar and arencibia. I mean, no way they are going to solve all of our problems and lead us to the playoffs but it sends a message. When this team becomes competitive within the next 50 years or so (hopefully), I dont want those two here. The quality of ab’s they put up is dreadful.

    • I agree we know what Jp is… Power. I do think we can get something decent in return for Escobar, because of the contract. The Pirates, or Seattle could use a SS.
      I keep reading on Sportsnet or some site that D’arnuad needs to work on his defense and calling a game, he can’t be as bad as JP.
      That being said some team would want a 20 + home run catcher on their team. The Blue Jays don’t we have enough power on the team.
      It sounds like scouts believe D’arnuad can hit around 20 HR and get OBP… what we need.

    • If we want to go forward with D’arnaud I hope that they bring him up as early as July. The season is over. So lets call him up to see what he can do in the Major League level. I don’t want the next season to be a learning experience for the new call ups.

      What can we get for someone like JP? He looks terrible with that golf swing.

  14. Jays suck!

  15. Any chance Farrell gets canned this year?

    • None whatsoever I’d say.
      Injuries are a good excuse.

    • I’m trying to imagine just how bad the Jays would have to be for Farrell to get fired.

      Even at 65-97, I don’t see Farrell getting fired. “This was a developmental year,” “people got injured,” “it’s only his second year as a coach,” etc.

      If we start out badly next year though I could see it.

      At which point Farrell gets hired by Atlanta and goes on to make 15 straight playoff appearances, winning only one title; while we hire a players coach who makes poor strategic decisions but stumbles into consecutive World Series titles because of the amount of talent he’s given to work with.

    • Murphy and Walton will be fired before Farrell gets canned.

    • Nope. Just second year manager. Still learning. The GM who hired him is still here and figures to be for a while. Team still rebuilding….or “building” or whatever you want to call it. Farrell is extremely highly regarded around baseball.

  16. Farrell knows, just knows, in his heart this is a good team. A loser’s remark if I’ve ever heard one.

  17. While I’m not quit giving up on the season just yet it’s starting to look pretty grim. Drabek is saying he felt something pop in his elbow now and while many here think that might be a good thing seeing the way he’s pitched of late, he still had 8 starts out of 13 where he allowed 2 runs or less. If people are thinking we’ll get the same production out of Cecil or Chavez then fair enough I suppose, but personally I don’t see it happening. Most teams would cream their pants at the thought of getting that from their 5th starter.

    Of course that’s just the 2nd bullet in a row the Jays failed to dodge and while it hurts, it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as losing Morrow who’s easily been the ace of the staff this year. The loss of 40% of your rotation in less than a week is going to cripple most teams but the Jays especially.

    Starting pitching had been the one true strength of the 2012 Jays even though I think an argument could be made for the offense when you look at the all important runs scored category. I’ve commented a few times previously on the razor thin margin of error the Jays were operating with in the starting department and now we’re seeing why. As easy as it is to throw it all at AA’s feet, there’s enough reasons why our depth just isn’t there. Some of the blame is certainly AA’s and then there’s some bad luck or just unforeseen regression that accounts for that rest.

    Unfortunately, no matter the reasons, this is where we’re at now, right in the midst of the annual June Swoon with a tough slate of games still to be played this month.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what happens from this point on. How’s the rest of the team going to respond? What is AA going to do, if anything?

    Personally, I’d have no problems with him blowing the pen up. I think there’s options there or ones on the way shortly. What I hope he doesn’t do is overreact and make desperation moves (thankfully that seems unlikely with AA) by blowing things up completely. I strongly believe we do have a great core in place and with a couple of additions via the farm and maybe a big one at the trade deadline, you’ll see a much better club when Morrow gets back in at the end of July or early August.

    Of course that’s about 4-6 weeks away and the playoffs could be well out of reach by then, if they aren’t already. If they are, and that’s a rather depressing thought, I’d really like to see Snider and d’Arnaud up as quickly as possible. Mathis has no future with the club imo and while he’s a reliable guy on defense, it’s in the clubs interest to get a look at certain players like d’Arnaud as quickly as possible so we limit the growing pains during the periods of supposed contention as much as possible.

    As for decisions on guys like EE and KJ, one’s a no- brainer while the other has become more difficult of late. Obviously, if you’ve read the comments here for long you know what I think about EE. I love the guy and think it would be an absolute huge, terrible, horrible, rotten mistake to not extend him as quickly as possible. The guys stats for the last year and a bit now speak for themselves along with the fact that there’s not much out there that’s comparable or likely as easy to get to play here. As for KJ, if you asked me a month ago I’d probably be saying most of the same things. On the other hand his play of late has been mediocre and I start to wonder if the risk of Hechavarria playing there full time would be worth it. Of course a lot of that mediocrity, especially in the field, is where I am having the real problems with KJ of late. Of course it’s probably most likely the result of that bum hammy he’s being forced to play with. His range has been pretty brutal of late and he just doesn’t seem to be same type of player at the plate. Of course if he continues to struggle that could play into the Jays hands for an extension if they’re willing to take the risk.

    Wow huge post even for me, were is my imodium, I’ve got verbal diarrhea again. Anyway, as bad as things look now, I do see a much brighter future even if the present looks grim. Part of me wants to scream with frustration at the thought of not making the playoffs again but the rational part doubted that it would happen this year based on what AA did and didn’t do this winter. My mantra of .500 with upside probably has turned into more of .500 for now, upside to come later.

    • I Agree we need to see D’arnaud this season if he’s part of our 2013 plans.
      I do think for a C it is a good idea to get him comfortable with the Starters for next year.

    • .444 with downside.

    • Good post as usual. I say we should extend EE since he is the second big bat we need & he seems OK at 1B.

      Looking at the September schedule with all the games against the AL East, means we could have a September slaughter since all the other teams ill be competing for the wild cards.

      Usually , the Jays september callups perform better against other teams callups but this year , we should lose at least 60% of the games.

      I wonder how Rogers & AA will spin that for 2013.

  18. Kyle Drabek had Tommy John surgery in 2007? I didn’t know that.

  19. I wonder if Adam Lind will win the PCL MVP this year. He’d be like the Wade Redden of baseball.

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