Merry Strasmus to one and all!

Yes, I’m actually in a celebratory mood, despite the deepening of the Jays woes, following yesterday’s news on Brandon Morrow, Vlad Guerrero, a loss that dropped them back down to .500, and– of course– the looming spectre of a soccer match that’s going to ruin my damn Euro before it even got fucking started.

Ahh, but we had a lot of luck in the last big tournament. Better to run out now than against damn Uruguay, like it almost did. And as for the Jays… um…

Well, I can’t be quite as wistful thinking about the 2012 Jays just yet– not that the season is over by any means, they’re just not faced with an easy task, having to fight off the Red Sox while surging past two teams that are flat-out more talented than they are (plus the Baltimore Orioles). And while on one hand “surge” is the wrong word, seeing as they’re only 4.5 games off the division lead, without Brandon Morrow it gets tougher.

But shit, anything can still happen, the bats could click a little better, Travis Snider could come up and not suck for once, Romero could pitch like himself and the other starters could hold and keep the club’s head above water long enough for the market for a game-changing trade proposal to materialize on Alex Anthopoulos’s desk (because, y’know, MLB GMs in 2012 probably send dossiers by carrier pigeon, amiright?). Or things could go totally south, they’ll call up some kids, and start wheeler-dealing.

Either way, the season has far from run its course, and promises to be full of intrigue in one way or another, and it might even feel completely different in a week– kind of as it has all season– as long as they keep on weathering the fucking insufferable storms. Y’know, like the one Stephen Strasburg is about to unleash on the Jays.

Apologies for a late Game Threat this evening, but I’ve been busy rooting around Active Surplus for a power adapter and then putting a dead bird in the backyard out to the DL in the sky [read: the bushes in the alley]. Symbolic much?

What a day, what a day. Not a whole lot of good news for the dreamers among you, as the Jays’ playoff visions took a hit with the riding off into the sunset of the ghost of Vlad Guerrero, presumably on the same white horse he was going to ride into town and save the season on, and the probably derailment of Brandon Morrow’s season, things aren’t looking so good for 2012 at the moment. Hey, but at least it might mean things are going to get real interesting at the trade deadline, huh?

Er… that is to say, there’s always tomorrow, amiright?

Actuallyyyyyyyy, with Strasburg on the hill and the Oranje needing to beat Germany, I’ve got half a mind to just stay in bed. Fuck.


OK, so–full disclosure– I’m writing this in the hours following Tuesday’s game, so in my universe Brandon Morrow hasn’t even been officially DL’d yet, and I’ve yet to be called out for not wanting Stephen Strasburg’s arm to detach from his body during the first pitch, the bloody limb landing somewhere close to Geddy Lee’s seat– y’know, like a goddamn proper Jays fan would– you know, one who doesn’t give two fucking shits about baseball and only responds to pathological mind-numbing urges that narrowly involve only the clothes he likes best and whether or not they’ve “won.” Weird, huh?

Oh, but is there a clown question in my universe? You bet your ass there’s a clown question, bro. Parkes has perfectly-damn-legal-thing-to-do-here-gate covered over at Getting Blanked.

I’ve also got a report from Gregor Chisholm of in my universe, who writes that “there is no immediate timetable available for Morrow’s return but he will be out for at least the rest of the month.” Ugh. Legitimate playoff aspirations or not, Morrow was having a fucking King Hell of a breakout, finally-putting-it-together season. This sucks.

Gregor uses his excellent North of the Border blog for the raw transcript of what Alex Anthopoulos had to say yesterday regarding both Brandon Morrow and Vlad Guerrero, as well as a bunch of stuff about the draft picks who have yet to sign.

I’m doing this all in the wee hours, I should add, because I’ve got to tape Getting Blanked around 11, hit up the Dome for 12:30, and then scoot off to a famous Dutch victory starting at 2:45, so… how the hell else was I going to do a Game Threat? Get up at like 9? Pffft.

Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Sportsnet managed to sit down with Stephen Strasburg at the Rogers-owned Rogers Centre for a little bit of Rogers and forth.

And lastly, because, as I say, I’m doing this all very prematurely, we don’t have the latest episode of Getting Blanked ready just yet, so in lieu of that, and in honour-ish of today’s key starter, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, it’s the excellent Strasbourg by the Rakes!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
D. Cooper DH
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF

K. Drabek RHP

Washington Nationals

S. Lombardozzi LF
B. Harper RF
R. Zimmerman 3B
M. Morse DH
I. Desmond SS
D. Espinosa 2B
T. Moore 1B
R. Ankiel CF
J. Flores C

S. Strasburg RHP


Image via Jonathan Ernst/Getty.

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  1. Over/under on Jays hits today should be about 2.5.

  2. I have one of those feelings about today’s game. BIG game…BIG game for someone. Maybe Lawrie will come through or at the very least give Ashby and Tab someone else to give the nut sac washing to.

  3. Can we not just hope that Strasburg keeps him arm, but fucking sucks against the Jays for all eternity?

  4. Maybe Joey bats will connect in the first and hit the Stras with one of those intimidating post-bomb staredowns that will break his confidence…maybe?

  5. Strasburg has pretty nasty stuff. Leads the world in average FB velocity. And he has that nasty slider and changup.

    Time for the Jays to get the big lumber and try to square the 4-seamer. If the Jays try to be too patient and Strasburg gets ahead of the count, then it could be a long day for the lineup.

  6. It really doesn’t matter in terms of Jays vs Stras. Its more of Drabek vs anyone. The guy issues more walks than a chinese restaurant going out of business sale.

    And we have to still deal with Davis in LF? Can we please put some facsimile of a player out there who has a legit chance of getting on base vs a non lefty?

  7. “Hello and welcome to Day Three of your favourite new program: Ashby and Tabler Gush Over Bryce Harper.

    Oh, and there’s also a Jays game going on, or something…apparently.”

    • It hasn’t just been Harper. Espinosa has been getting stroked too. Pretty much every Nat under 26 years old has been blown hard.

    • Makes a change from Buck and Tabby washing Lawrie’s balls. At least Harper is actually producing goods worthy of shiny testicles.

      Also nice to hear Ashby tacitly implying eveyrthing Tabby says is complete crap. Evidence: Ashby asks Tabby why Bautista is not as good. Tabby says ‘because he’s only getting outside pitches’. Ashby pauses before completely destroying said pile of crud.

  8. The good news, with how bad Starsberg will dominate this shit lineup, combined with me hitting so low in the order today, there is a good chance I only face him three times…so NO golden sombrero for me

  9. Lets get one thing clear. If the jays do not make the playoffs this year which is very likely at this point its not because they lost morrow for a month plus. Its because they relied on players on offence they felt were better than they are like arencibia, escobar, lind etc. Not to mention, relying on players like alvarez in the rotation who are clearly not ready. Lastly, continually going to shitty cordero in the bullpen when its clear he sucks. That one is on farrell.

    • They had no other option but to rely on those guys. It’s not like there were legitimate free agent options available at those positions. Fielder was way too expensive. There were no real free agent shortstops of note. The jays aren’t ready to compete this year. This is another building year. The future looks bright.

      • Alex anthopo should of got Prince fielder, I was so MAD ABOUT THAT! He is a ironman, and a pretty good fielder, and he is also good at SMASHING the ball. I wish we had the prince on fist.

    • The jays missing the playoffs has nothing to do with the offensive or defense. The Jays will miss the play offs because of AA’s inability to shore up the starting pitching during the off season which was a glaring hole last year and remains one this year. That’s squarely on AA and not Farrell.

  10. He’s Big.
    He’s Schtrooong
    He’s long
    He’s lean
    He’s mean
    He’s tasty like a Mcdonalds McLean
    He never panics
    He knows how to play
    He never gives up
    He is not intimidated

    • HAHAHAHA I say the same thing every game. I actually think he dreams about having Harper’s cock in his mouth.

  11. I think an afternoon drinking game is in order. Whenever Tabler or Ashby says ‘He plays the game the right way’, do a shot.

  12. Hey guys, just finished listening to a BlueJays talk episode from June 2015. Oh boy are you gonna get a kick out of this one.

    Sounds like the same song and dance with time lines kicked down the road a few years.

    AA, who is now bald, bearded, and dresses alot like Greg Zaun, is talking about how their payroll parameters haved forced them to stay in house to improve certain positions. Says they are just a few years away from competeing with the big talent having just played in Low A lansing…sound familiar?

    Beeston died of autoerotic asphyxiation so our new GM is Greg Zaun. Zaun seems like a good enough guy. In fact he just recently came out of the closet and announced his engagement to Eric Thames.

    Jose Bautista apparently was kicked out of the league for spearing an umpire with the sharp end of a broken bat.

    Brett Lawrie? Well in the year 2014, Ontario passed a law against being SPAZ in public so the jays had to trade him away. They score a resurgent Vlad Guerrero as the return item in the trade. Vlad had apparenty been spending alot of time in hyperbaric chambers since his comeback and looks like he is 24 years old.

  13. Why did Jason Nix get traded? he is going to be a allstar

  14. …this would be a good game to hit the ball hard, far and often.

  15. Ball 1. It’s over and I’m outta here!

  16. Tabby better wash himself off the first money shot to Harper’s face…lottsa pearl necklaces to go in this game. Pace urself Tabs.

  17. Tabler: “Uhh, what do you mean?”

    That is some fine broadcasting!

  18. Man, I was not expecting a 1-2-3 inning by Drabek here.

  19. I heard statsburg can throw over 100mph I am excited to see what he can do!

  20. Take that Strasburg!

  21. And the Jays go gently into that good night.

  22. 1st shot … “way the game is suppose to be played”.

  23. Well at least he had to throw 19 pitches in that inning.

  24. Got a no-no going!

  25. It’s entirely possible that nothing flies farther than EE’s bat all day.

  26. On pace to get Strasburg out of the game after 6, probably the best strategy.

  27. Aw come on, you’re going to hit one way down there? Fuck.

  28. And LET the walks begin for Drabek

  29. that’s it the floodgates are opening. drabek is going to get bombed!

  30. you think drabek would at some point figure out some way in which he can avoid pulling the fastball down and to the left

    • What does my future behold, prognosticator?

      • you know, they didnt even mention you on the jays talk episode i heard. Ill try to get back in the time machine soon in order to see if i can dig up some box scores from 2015 or so.

  31. Drabek throws to many He throws to many tailing fastballs

  32. that’s it 2-0. I’m not watching this bloodbath anymore

  33. Can we put Drabek on the mentally disabled list?

  34. It’s the merry tyler moore show!

  35. Not to worry guys. I’ll hold the dustpan as the Nats sweep.

  36. you dont need a time machine to figure out how this game ends

  37. Joey bats glove is SO COOL! It looks like my alltime FAVOURITE jay Manny lee’s glove. He was THE BEST!

  38. Lawrie played that chopper incorrectly. Instead of trying to backhand it, he should have turned his body to completely face the ball. he would have had plenty of time to throw out the plodding zimmerman.

  39. He’s one speedy bugger.

  40. Davis’ speed never ceases to amaze me.

  41. Man, when I heard we traded for Kyle Drabek, I thought we were getting this guy

  42. This game is fucking over.

    Oh, wait …

  43. Bautista has officially gone HAM

  44. Jose doesn’t care for your change-up Strasburg.

  45. Bautista is hitting the prettiest home runs this season. They’re all carbon copies lately.

  46. That was one of those bombs that in Atlanta would be a flyout. He could have 22 right now if not for the homerun thief that is Turner field

  47. Pretty good crowd today it looks like.

    • So many children. Food concessions are 20 people deep; beer lines 1.

      500s are packed except for the season pass sections. I sure as hell never got to go to a Jays game on a field trip. Did the Science Centre burn down or something?

  48. I just knew that Bautista would hit a homer today. Take that, Strasburg!

    Now let’s see what Drabek will do. Next time he gets in trouble he may not be so lucky to double play his way out of it again. Just do whatever it takes to keep the team in the game until it’s time for the bullpen to take over, plz.

  49. Stras and Harper bring in the crowds everywhere they go.

  50. Fucking drabek

  51. Kyle Drabek shows Rajai and Jose that he too can change an inning.

  52. That was UNACCEPTABLE Kyle! You cant even beat the lousy nationals, what a major FUCK UP HE IS!

  53. It’s a schools day. 40,000 kids, mostly there for free I suspect. Most of them are probably a bit foggy about which team to support, let alone the pitcher.

    ps. This game is fucking over (again).

  54. Bushkorn – are you being serious, or ironic? Can’t tell.

  55. Is Drabek really a major leaguer?
    Used to be excited about him as a prospect too…..

    • He doesn’t fool anyone with his pitches… Either he’s tipping them or they’re just really obvious coming out of his hands… Nobody swings at his off-speed pitches at all.

      • I don’t think it’s even that complicated. He just can’t throw strikes with any consistency, so batters just don’t swing at much of anything.

  56. I’m beginning to loathe Drabek starts

  57. Need to get my post in quickly, BEFORE the Harper Grand Slam. Thanks for nothing, Kyle.

  58. Yeah Drabek is really not so good. I was hopeful after his first few starts. He did look different.

  59. Off day tomorrow, no need to keep throwing Drabek’s inneffective ass back out there

  60. Giving up that two run homer after they tied it up on Strasbourg was SO disheartening.


  61. Drabek’s been pretty garbage… could easily be 6 or 7 – 2.

  62. Nice of the Jays to give up first career home runs to not one but TWO Nats’ scrubs. For the love of…

  63. wow, the Rogers on demand feed for this game is fucking pitiful. Can’t believe this is supposed to be a privilege.

  64. Don’t forget folks it’s all the hitters fault right? The brutal stretch by the starters since May 19th and the overall crapiness of the pen is no big deal.

    People want to complain about not crushing Wang but the Nats were something like 24th in runs scored and they seem to be doing just fine this series.

  65. Would anyone here want to see the jays move to the NL and swap with the Astros? I heard they are moving to AL anyway, so why not move and beat up their weak teams? I’M TIRED OF TORONTO TEAMS LOSING FFS!

    • Naw.
      I want the Jays to beat the best.
      I’m a fan of baseball, not of beating a bunch of shit teams and claim to be winners.
      I rather battle with the big boys and go to the WS than have 95 wins against shit bags and get blown out in the first playoff series.

  66. Heh… Yeah, replace Drabek with Laffey… Totally going to dominate now!

    Not that we really have anyone else to pull out of the pen that would be better…

  67. Well. Injury.

  68. It’s been a shitty week… And apparently it’s getting shittier.

  69. And the nightmare is complete Laffey is going to pitch for the Jays at the major league level in 2012. Any chance we can get Jo-Jo back while we are it?

  70. Stoeten, do you talk about soccer as a trolling method?

  71. Drabek injured now. haha. sigh.

    Wow has the tone of things ever changed since the Atlanta series. Change back pls.

  72. Laffey: two pitches, two groundouts. Best pitcher ever.

  73. Jesus Fucking Christ. We’re doomed fellas. Dooooommmmss.

  74. “Mike Wilner ‏@Wilnerness590

    Drabek threw his last pitch then grimaced in pain and yanked his right arm up and in towards his body. Elbow? Shoulder? Oblique? #Bluejays”

  75. There’s no need to go on first flinch on a guy like Strasburg.. C’mon Davis make sure he picks up the front foot before you go…

  76. Anyone else really concerned about JP Arencibia being a truly awful hitter?

    • Nobody here has ever mentioned it.

    • I only listen to ex-baseball players and according to Buck and Tabby all that matters is that he hits home runs and gets RBIs. Even if he gets them all in 3 game stretches every month and goes 0-75 otherwise, that’s still good enough for a catcher.

    • It’s funny how the Jays “evaluate” players internally. In 722 MLB PAs (prior to today’s game), he had a .273 OBP and a 27.6% K rate. Casual fan narrative: “Oh, but he has 9 home runs and a catcher’s not supposed to be able to hit anyways, plus JP has charisma, you guys, and he’s sexy and a clubhouse leader and everyone loves him.”

      • Rogers uses Revenue Above Replacement as their evaluating tool, and I can assure you he is blowing Mathis out of the water in that metric.

      • For the casual fans JP can do no wrong, even if he does absolutely nothing at the plate for long stretches of time. He just needs to appear in an interview with a hockey stick by his side and all is forgiven.

    • Not to mention his defense is below average.

    • No way. Great hitter. Swings really hard. Legend has it that once upon a time he swung at a ball so hard that when he hit it it almost left the infield. This is of course unvarified at this point in time.

  77. Drabek twisted his ankle on his invisible landing lines.

  78. lol. This is truly pathetic

  79. If Drabek is injured, the rotation would be Romero, Hutchinson, Alvarez … Cecil? Laffey?

  80. Drabek’s injury as reported by my fake sources

    “Drabek is day to day with cant-throw-a-strike-itis, he is listed as day to day though the jays doctor says this condition could have something to do with his other condition failed-prospect syndrome”.

  81. If only Toronto could contain Tyler Moore.

  82. I can understand that the Jays didn’t want to deal many prospects before this year, or sign someone to a bloated contract… but I do think they dropped the ball when it came to the starting staff.

    Suggesting Cecil and McGowan could be part of the rotation always seemed like crazy wishful thinking. And asking Alvarez, Drabek and Hutch to be 3,4,5 is really asking a lot. Two 21 year olds for Gods sake.

    Obviously I’m not a GM, and have no idea what was out there. But this team could have really used an Edwin Jackson, middle of the rotation type to put a little less pressure on the kids. All year the Jays have been an injury to Morrow or Romero away from looking crazy vulnerable.

    • Good Call. And Edwin Jackson signed pretty late. Mid January or early February I Guess. The thing that pisses me off the most is that they spent the money on someone like Coco Cordero instead.

    • Yada yada yada. Free agents = the player can go wherever the fuck he wants.

      The real missed opportunity was Darvish, but considering his overall price tag, it was and remains a huge gamble.

      • “Yada yada yada. Free agents = the player can go wherever the fuck he wants.”

        Of course. That’s why I said I have no idea what was out there. Maybe there were no appetizing opportunities to add a mid rotation, veteran type starter.

  83. Laffey is going to be lights out the rest of today b/c they have no fucking clue what to expect from him. I doubt they studied his pitch chart etc. He will be shit this year but today he will hold them.

  84. Alright its rant time…..

    AA needs to make a fucking move for another bat and a top of the rotation starter or fuck off. Not to make a hockey comparison but this is starting to turn into a Brian Burke situation where some great trades were made, some bad contracts were tossed out the door, drawing boards were cleared but what the fuck have you done for me lately?

    Enough of this bullshit, you have fucking money, you have the prospects to make some moves so fucking make them already. NEWSFLASH this is not going to turn into an Tampa Bay Rays home grown talent ass kicking team so either make the fucking moves or give the job to someone that can.

    Im not suggesting trade the farm for one guy but cmon Garza and Quentin would bring a lot to the table, those guys plus a good solid reliever and the Jays are in business.

    Promoting from within is not working,,,,,

    • You’re right. We should totally empty out one of the best farm systems in baseball because we are not likely to win the World Series in 2012. I take it you were expecting alot more this year. Here’s my rant: stick to hockey dipshit.

      • Look,,,, Im not suggesting that they empty out the farm system. And Im not suggesting that they pull a yankees or red sox move and offer insane deals to the top free agents. I dont want irresponsibility but some responsibility would be nice/

        You have THREE starters in their early 20′s and were not talking Strasburg type youngins, were talking about guys that apart from Hutch are struggling which is also surely to come for Hutch as well. Then you have Romero who is pitching fine, then Morrow who is not a #2 starter that pitches like an ace somedays and then a total no talent on others, there’s no consistency AT ALL in 4 of the 5 rotation spots.

        Ok fine,,, I realize that trading for a guy like Quentin is a bad idea because the turf is just going to put him on the DL, major players dont want to sign in Toronto to play on the turf,,, I get that. But why not trade a couple of prospects away for some consistency in the fucking rotation?

        Matt Garza loves the east, hes tested, proven and true in the east and pitchers dont give a fuck about the turf, Garza would probably re-sign in Toronto because he knows there will be good defense behind him and good offense supporting him. Tell me what exactly would be wrong with signing him?


        Trade Bautista because right now, his stats and abilities are being wasted in Toronto. Trade him for a kings ransom and then start building but its either they build aroud him now or trade him.

        Something has to change, the Red Sox are a mess, they dont seem to have a tight team and their pitching is awful, the Yankees get older every day, if the jays were to beef up the rotation now and maybe add a bat, tell me exactly why they couldnt be a solid division contender?

    • I get your frustrating, but it’s not like Brian Burke at all.

      Burke never rebuilt. The Leafs are still hovering out of the playoff spot, and have no young core to at least show promise for the future. It’s pretty much been wasted years.

      The Jays haven’t been amazing at the MLB level, but have gotten younger, cheaper, and completely turned around the farm, going from one of the worst in MLB to one of the best. So there’s plenty of hope going forward. It’s just dissipating fast for 2012.

    • Sigh.
      NEWSFLASH,one or two players doesn’t make this team a contender.Just like bringing up Snider or Sierra or D’Arnaud will improve the team enough to challenge.
      I sympathize with your thoughts and those of others but the time isn’t near.

      • Let’s not stray from the plan, anyone who believed that the Jays were serious competitors this year were only fooling themselves, myself included at points.

        The Jays are not going to trade for anyone who will be a free agent after 2013 so forget Matt Garza. In fact it is more likely that the team will deal Edwin Encarnacion and or Kelly Johnson for more building blocks.

        Although I do confess that I’m starting to have my doubts about the Jays player development team, they have been horrible for the past decade and I have little faith that they can take this supposed surplus of talent and turn any of them into an above average major leaguers.

        • Good,,, do it, trade Edwin, KJ and Bautista for building blocks then, Im down with that all the way because its at least a movement in either direction.

          All Im saying is this limbo business isnt going to do anything for the Jays, either do some trading for guys to win now or trade guys for A grade prospects and build for later with Rasmus and Lawrie to lead the way.

          Just MOVE one way or the other.

    • I think the DJF podcast last week spent an hour specifically taking the piss out of you.

      ‘We need a lights out pitcher and a big bat’ – yeah like a) every fucking team in baseball and b) they’re really easy to come by.

      • Are you british? if not, just letting you know taking the piss doesnt work if youre not so shut up.

  85. Another terrific at bat from KJ. He does remember he’s in a contract year, right?

    • Can’t spell Kelly without a “K”

      In all seriousness, that was one ugly at bat. Striking out on a ball in the dirt was icing on the shit-cake.

    • There are not many good 2nd basemen out there. He’ll get a good contract somewhere.

      • Not if he ends up with A status again, teams didnt sign him this past off season because he would cost them a draft pick and he wasnt worth it. Same thing will happen again this season if he performs above the MLB average at 2B.

        • There is no such thing as A status anymore (I’m assuming you are referring to a Type A free agent), The only way other teams would be forced to give up a draft pick for signing Johnson is if they offer him a 1 year contract for 12-13 million.

  86. I would rather have Shaun Marcum than Brett Lawrie

  87. OH BOY EVERYONE did you hear that,,, we could be graced with Brett Cecil and his batting practice pitch selection. Things are looking up! and by up I mean whoever is playing left field will be looking up and then following balls over the fence.

    Even Ashby and Tabby sounded about as enthusiastic as a fat kid with a plate of vegetables announcing that.

    Next time they do a farm report maybe showcase a player that Jays fans werent trying to remove from their minds and if you absolutely have to showcase Brett Cecil maybe wait for something more than 11 hits in a few innings.

    • The cool thing about that Cecil Graphic was how he looks just like the alien on the 51′s logo

      • lol he looks like a cancer patient or one of those people that got the stomach staple and lose lots of weight just to have all the loose skin dangling.

        The Day Cecil comes back into the rotation is the day I turn it off for the season.

  88. When did we trade for Francisco Cordova?

  89. My plan was to leave Laffey out there to see how long a shit baller could pitch before he gave up two homers. I got the one….but now finally the second comes.

  90. close eyes. swing as hard as possible no matter score/situation/who is batting

    hope you hit it.


  91. Atta boy, Coco. It’s like he’s trolling DJF…

  92. cordero is pitching exceptionally well

  93. See guys, Coco doesn’t come in and give up runs every time. In that pressure laden situation he got the job done…He only walked one and gave up a fucking cannon shot lineout to KJ. So next time you call, please have your facts straight.

  94. I’m done being a jays fan need to find a new team

  95. Some think the season is over after losing Morrow. But with Drabek hurt, our season could still be alive.

  96. I smell a 10 game losing streak coming up and Murphy being fired

  97. well, jose is heating up..guess that’s my que to suck again

  98. Methinks were going to get swept by the phillies

  99. If I’m AA at least there’s a clearer picture being drawn at the deadline. Trade Jp, and if you can get highly thought of prospects trade EE, Johnson. If Escobar and Alvarez can get you something good… do it.
    Cooper, Lind, Drabek : trade for anything decent.

    • If EE and Johnson continue like they have been recently, not sure the blue jays offer them 12 million.

      • So blow up the entire team then and keep Coco?

        • Trade Oliver, Coco,Frasor and anyone that has one year left on their deal.
          It’s a long season but with our rotaion, bullpen and lineup it’s safe to say our season is over in the sense of the second wild card.
          Let’s see what the trade market is like now. If we can get more vlaue now then July or August… do it.

          • Than later.
            It’s just a sport but this team has been very underwhelming for the most part.
            Without Jose, EE, Johnson, Morrow and Rasmus so far this season… fuck.
            Is Casey hurt he hasn’t gotten much work lately?

    • Now if there was only some kind of litmus paper test for “highly thought of,” “something good,” and “decent,” the picture would be even clearer.

  100. Do I stand too far off the plate?

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