A reader sent me the above picture of a broken Brett Lawrie game-used helmet from May 14th against Tampa that’s in the Blue Jays Shop Memorabilia Clubhouse at Rogers Centre, selling for $1000, and…

Hang on a minute…

Brett Lawrie? Tampa series?? Broken helmet???

Could it possibly be??!?!

“The date is one day off,” the email says, “but Im guessing that Brett Lawrie doesn’t smash that many helmets.”

That’s probably true, I thought to myself, but do these newfangled high-tech helmets maybe get tossed around like insignificant pieces of molded plastic when they’re in the hands of millionaires and millionaires-to-be? Yeah, probably. So, since it only labelled the helmet as “broken”– not, say, “smashed at the fucking feet of umpire Bill Miller”– and since the date was one day too early, I decided I’d better look into it.

The image above was taken during the May 14th game against the Rays. Granted, it’s not from the same side of the helmet as we see in Steve’s picture, but notice how scuffed and worn it looks, and how much pine tar is on the front of it, surrounding the logo.


Here we see the helmet Lawrie was wearing, moments before it ended up “mistakenly” hurled to the dirt in the direction of an umpire on May 15th. Sure, the quality of the image here is better, and we do see some pine tar on the Jays logo, but scuffing seen in the previous image would, I think, still be quite visible here were it the same helmet, and it simply isn’t. In fact, the helmet Lawrie wore on the night of his infamous blow-up looks rather pristine in comparison to the one the night before– and the one that’s for sale in the picture at the top of this post.

So… despite the somewhat misleading– though, apparently, entirely factually correct– label that this is a game-broken Brett Lawrie helmet from the mid-May two-game Tampa series, it isn’t the helmet. So don’t go buying it thinking as much!!!


Images via Steve, Brad White/Getty.

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  1. This is a joke right? Lawrie’s helmet on sal in the Jays shop with a hand written note? Amateur hour anyone? Whats next JP’s sweaty jock or curl from the head of Cleatus?

  2. Best post ever…we must be able to break this down more somehow…any physicist around to check out the reflection of the light?

  3. Hey it’s not as bad as the Mets, who are so desperate for cash they are auctioning off everything short of Ike Davis’s game-used jockstrap from the Santana no-hitter.

  4. The “real” Brett Lawrie helmet was sold the day it went on sale in the shop for the same price, $1000. If they were smart, they would’ve put it in one of those MLB auctions. Probably would’ve made much more money.

  5. 1000 bucks??? someone got ripped off..any collector would laugh at that price

  6. IMO, the hand-written note makes this fake. Every other item in that section of the Jays Shop has a properly printed piece of paper telling you what it is and also gives the serial number of the authentication hologram.

  7. I would never buy anything from Jays memoribilia clubhouse they’re markup is laughable and akin to highway robbery

  8. The Lady in the trophy room after much prodding admitted it wasn’t the actual helmet. Yet she would have gladly sold it under the impression it was. It taught my kids to be skeptical though.

  9. they dont have a fuckin clue in that memoribilia store or store in general

    some tasty females tho

  10. I want to buy that helmet, like RIGHT NOW! I have a Lawrie jersey and @blawrie13 shir,t but I NEED a helmet for my collection. Last nights game was despicable. That fucking bastard Bryce Harper is trying to RUIN OUR PLAYOFF MARCH!

  11. In my opinion, as a doctor of photography, the batting helmets are the same, the lighting is different and as a result the pine tar appears darker in the first photograph.

    Sarcasm alert: I’m not really a doctor of photography.

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