Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Interesting stuff from Mop Up Duty, as apparently Colby Rasmus leads the league in WHAV– Well-Hit Average, which measures the percentage of at-bats in which a hitter made solid contact– while Yunel Escobar is near the bottom, as he typically is.

At the Toronto Star, Brendan Kennedy talks about the potential of Jesse Chavez and Brett Cecil joining the Jays’ rotation. They’re both probably a lateral move from Kyle Drabek, but huge steps down from Brandon Morrow. Still, of Chavez, Vegas manager Tom Brown says, “I always liked his stuff, but I didn’t expect him to be this good.”

Elswhere at the Star, Mark Zwolinski looks at five pitchers the Jays might trade for in the next couple of months– and he must be some kind of an optimist, because all but Matt Garza will be free agents after this season, and one of them is Joe fucking Saunders!

Some headline writer knows where his bread is buttered, because even though the piece really isn’t about this, the latest from John Lott at the National Post is titled, “Same fire burns in Brett Lawrie, Bryce Harper.”

The Washington Post has a nifty roundup of the “clown question, bro” stuff that originated from a Score reporter, that’s blowing up the internet.

“Now would be an ideal time for the Blue Jays offence to find some consistency and carry the club for a stretch,” writes Shi Davidi of Sportsnet, and hitting coach Dwayne Murphy think he has the answer: the Jays need to be more aggressive and get away from their walk-heavy-ish ways. *Gulp*

At Getting Blanked, Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyball brings us his latest slice of fortnightly infographic awesomeness, this time looking into the heights of ballplayers on active MLB rosters!

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, strap yourself in, it’s time for Ryan Oakley’s weekly dissection of the mystical Lovecraftian beast living just below the surface of baseball: these are your KAPOWER Rankings.

Extra Base Hit notes that LA Kings forward Anze Kopitar seems to have switched from his hockey-friendly Jays hat of last week to a more city-friendly Dodgers cap. Or maybe he’s just a big Juan Rivera fan.

At Bluebird Banter, Tom Dakers wonders if it’s time for some trades. Sure… if anybody’s willing. I doubt the market is quite in mid-season form just yet, though, personally.

Oh shit, here’s at least a small part of the reason why people have been losing their shit about the season possibly being over: it’s a notion endorsed by Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star! Groan.

Gregor Chisholm has a notebook post up at, in which he makes it official that Morrow is on the DL and Yan Gomes is up, as well as talking about the Jays’ plans to keep Henderson Alvarez from giving up so many damn home runs, and more on the potential of a Cecil call-up.

Speaking of, Jared Macdonald of Jays Journal was in Las Vegas, and he reports on Cecil’s first Triple-A start of the year.

Lastly, with today being an off-day, I’ve either got to put the latest and greatest episode of Getting Blanked into its own post, or stick it here. Guess which it is? And it’s an extra-special Jays one, too, as Drew chats with none other than the WHAVscally WHAVvit himself, Colby Rasmus! (And if you want to skip all the non-Jays stuff– even though there’s pretty much Jays stuff in there every day, given how I can’t help but Karabell my way into it– you can go straight to the clip of Drew Geekin’ Out with Colby Rasmus).

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  1. murph’s right… we’re way too patient as a team. I’m working on a way to strike out 5 times in 4 at bats. cutting edge shit.

    • Hah!

    • +1

    • You can be patient and swing at the first pitch. You can be impatient and work a count full.

      To me, being “patient at the plate” is waiting for the RIGHT PITCH to drive. If that happens on the first pitch, then you hit it. If you don’t see one at all, then you take a walk, or at least wait until you do.

      The reason we’re striking out is not because we’re being impatient, it’s because we’re letting hittable pitches go early in the count, then we’re down 0-2 or 1-2, when our chances of success go way, way down.

  2. Is Hockey finished yet?

  3. Parkes, fuck off

    Really, you’re a smarmy useless fuck. Stay on the other useless blog.

  4. Fuck off Murphy

  5. Should I be embarassed that the most intriguing starting pitcher on that Star article was Ben Sheets?

  6. Methodically building a team may be necessary, but its about as fun as watching my retirement portfolio grow. It will pay off in the end but I would rather have fun with the money now.
    For those that say its fun to watch a team of prospects grow, then you should be watching AAA -AA-A ball and not the Jays because thats where all the prospects are to begin with. Bautista isnt the one thats going to bring the Jays to the promise land.

  7. Vancouver Canadians start tomorrow! Bluefield and the GCL Jays on Monday. Be interesting to see where guys like Norris start this year and how long they stay there.

    • Awesome. I used to watch the Canadians play when I was a kid. I’m a long way from Vancouver now, though I plan on taking in a lot of Goldeyes games over the summer.

  8. Wow, I knew Colby Rasmus had had terrible luck, but that’s quite a stat.

  9. I don’t get it, coach. Is their OBP getting too high?

    • But our OBP isn’t high…in fact, it’s horrible, ranking 24th out of 30 teams.

      That’s the point. And when you llook at the numbers we put up when we swing the bat in favorable hitting situations, we’d be idiots NOT to start doing that more.

      That will, in turn, raise our OBP.

      Remember how ridiculous we all thought Cito was when the Lind coments came out that they looked down on walks? It seems like for many, we’re at the opposite end of the spectrum now, where if one of our guys gets a hit on the first pitch, we’re all like “WTF”…but when a guy strikes out after working the count full, everybody is “now THAT was a good AB”

      • What? Nobody is like that at all.

        However, you’re right that the Jays are above average in walks and below average in OBP.

  10. gm aa must be stewing. It’s been months since the last trade except for that aaa backup catcher.

  11. Every now and again you’re gonna have weeks like this….think of them as little investments in your future.

  12. aren’t we last in walks?

    the problem with the offense is thats its all or fucking nothing

    • No, the Jays have a middle of the pack walk rate, actually. But that coupled with a low batting average (largely driven by a low babip which in turn is driven by a low line drive %) means a low OBP. And that means a lot of solo homers.

      It’s actually kind of flukey how the Jays have scored as many runs as they have. Not sure it can continue.

  13. I was bored, so I went to see just how dominant Bautista has been since his emergence.

    Since September 1, 2009, Jose has hit 32 more HR than anybody else:

    Jose Bautista: 126 HR, .271/.397/.597
    Albert Pujols: 94 HR, .302/.383/.551
    Prince Fielder: 90 HR, .286/.404/.524
    Mark Teixeira: 90 HR, .258/.353/.495
    Curtis Granderson: 89 HR, .252/.341/.507
    Miguel Cabrera: 88 HR, .328/.420/.582
    Dan Uggla: 88 HR, .259/.347/.481
    Paul Konerko: 87 HR, .312/.397/.555
    Matt Kemp: 83 HR, .287/.356/.523
    Joey Votto: 82 HR, .327/.435/.585
    David Ortiz: 82 HR, .282/.385/.549
    Carlos Gonzalez: 81 HR, .315/.370/.571
    Josh Hamilton: 81 HR, .329/.381/.606

    Sad to think that we’ve wasted all of it.

    • So you went from bored to sad. That’s progress.

      • Lol. Sometimes the off-day comments are way more fun to read than game day’s.

      • I understand the benefits of a rebuild and the reason behind it. Just like Halladay before him, though, it’s just a pity that they’ve wasted all that.

        • Sad to think the Tigers are wasting Cabrera too. Guess they should have invested in a big slugging 1B like you wished the Jays did huh?

          • #1. Detroit won 95 games last season and are likely the best team in the Central once again this season. How on earth have they wasted Miguel Cabrera’s production?

            #2. This team’s best internal options at 1B there are Lind and Cooper (two guys who clearly aren’t MLB starter quality). Don’t the Jays have to invest in a better 1B if they ever want to contend? What would be wrong with that?

          • Fullmers too high and dense to realize you were refering to Detroit signing Fielder

          • Oh, I realized that. I just found the response bizarre considering I never once called for the Jays to sign Fielder (not that spending money to win would have necessarily been a bad thing, I would have welcomed it) and that the Tigers certainly haven’t wasted Cabrera’s production at all considering their playoff appearance last season and probable playoff appearance this season.

          • Don’t forget the Phillies have wasted Doc, Lee and Hamels the last few years.

  14. It’s interesting reading all of the love from guys associated with Mottola, coming from the players themselves.

    D’Arnaud was singing his praises last night on 590 with Sammut.

    Lind does here:

    Snider has in the past.

    Here’s an article on teams moving to 2 hitting coaches:

    Might be something to think about.

    • Speak of the devil….

      It’s interesting to read a hitting coach say something other than “gotta hit the fastball”.

      • That same hitting coach got Rasmus to change his plate approach and has him hitting balls harder than everyone in the league. I don’t think he’s the problem, I think it’s the players.

        • I’m not suggesting he’s the problem or that he should be moved.

          I find the difference in outward ‘message’ interesting, and I do wonder if having two sets of eyes with different perspectives wouldn’t be a good idea.

          It’s clear that some guys have excelled under Murphy… some haven’t. I’d liken it to how some people are visual learners and others aren’t. Perhaps a second perspective/voice (so long as the underlying philosophy is the same) might be able to help those who continue to have issues.

          It’s like when Jose turned into “Jose”. He has said that others have tried to tell him in the past that he needed to “get ready” earlier, but it was only when Murphy explained it to him that he “got it”.

        • yah because colby rasmus wasn’t awesome 2 years ago with his fuckin hack dad as his hitting coach..

          dont give the player any credit or anything

  15. Griffin must double as a sandwichman when he is not writing bullshit for a living.

  16. “…Vegas manager Tom Brown says …

    The manager of the Las Vegas 51s is Marty Brown.

  17. Pppfffff….. AAA prospects.

    I am OPSing 1.143 in da beer league. My hitting coach doesn’t speak even speak English and he has completely re-made my swing.

    This is something that needs to be worked out betweent the hitting coach and the players. I just committed to the swing and I’m hitting baseballs like I’ve never done before- with just watching the hitting the coach and his correction- you don’t need too much talkie talkie obviously.

  18. not posting

  19. anyone having problems posting?

  20. why are the times all out of order?

  21. Hmm
    Did Stoeten delete a comment again?

  22. Let’s face up to facts…the team just isn’t good enough. The window is closing for bautista and by the time any of the over-rated prospects are ready it’ll be too late. Rogers will never spend the money needed and AA will keep filling up the pen with useless retreads. Farrell will continue to use them in poor spots. Looks like AA’s 5 year plan is failing. I’m fucking sick of this happening over and over…what’s the fucken point…I can’t wait until they clear house and bring in a proper experienced GM and manager.

    • and if I’ve failed to mention it so far, the Jays are clearly sellers at the deadline. Time for Bautista, encarnacion, johnson, escobar, rasmus, arencibia, romero, morrow, and mathis to go. Dump any of the shitball relievers any team will take.

      Drabek is washed up already…no way he ever amounts to anything more than he is now. Alvarez clearly has no strikeout pitch..fucken sick of watching him…he just does not have the ability to pitch and it looks like he’ll never develop a secondary pitch which is needed to get major league hitters (i.e. no jays hitters) out.

      Farrell hasn’t learned from his numerous mistakes..he just keeps doing the same shit day in and day out. AA started out OK but hasn’t done anything good for a couple years now.

      Finally, Rogers is the worst owner in MLB and will NEVER pony up the cash needed to compete. The bottom line is all they care about and they have no interest in creating a winner.

    • Grouchy, you’re an idiot, though I do agree with you that the team just isn’t good enough. I think the majority of sound-minded people would agree with that. From day-one this season my anticipation of this team was that they’d be exciting, competitive, and maybe play some meaningful September baseball. Anything more than that would be fantastic! Sure, they’re going through a tough-to-watch spell right now, but I still expect the same things from this year’s squad (though the loss of Morrow for an indeterminate amount of time could skew this result).

      But to say “overrated prospects” and that “Rogers will never spend the money needed” is just trolly drivel. What in the hell do you know about the prospects? Are you an expert like the individuals that say that Toronto’s system is one of the best in baseball? And how could you possibly understand the complexities of owning a baseball team, marketing it, determining the best time to invest wisely, managing fan expectations while trying to develop the team correctly, etc. I would venture a guess, and be correct in that guess, that you don’t have any idea about any of this stuff. Which, ergo, is why your writing is trolly drivel.

  23. ..apparently Colby Rasmus leads the league in WHAV– Well-Hit Average, which measures the percentage of at-bats in which a hitter made solid contact– while Yunel Escobar is near the bottom, as he typically is.

    In regards to Escobar, the worms in front of home plate would disagree.

  24. Adam Lind just pulled from the 51s game in 5th inning…not sure why. Replaced by none other than Chris Woodward!

  25. Pppfffff….. AAA prospects.

    I am OPSing 1.143 in da beer league. My hitting coach doesn’t speak even speak English and he has completely re-made my swing.

    This is something that needs to be worked out betweent the hitting coach and the players. I just committed to the swing and I’m hitting baseballs like I’ve never done before- with just watching the hitting the coach and his correction- you don’t need too much talkie talkie obviously.

  26. What the FUCK is the meaning of this?

  27. Hey. What the fuck. I missed out on the colossal bitch session regarding where the team is going. Fittingly, I just got back from Gotham City, the fucking evil Death star itself, all while having to wipe the chunks of puke off my chin from hearing Yankee fans wail about how good they are.

    I’d love to say that I along with R2D2 blew that nasty black ball of shit up,and helped the Jays sail to a 5 game win streak, but no. I had to endure all the bullshit of how great A-Roids grand salami was against Atlanta.

    So, the moral of the story is that there is no moral of the story. I just needed to speak my usual ridiculousness and vent a little about how kinda dissapointing this shits been turning out.

    • Don’t ya hate when work gets in the way of your DJF duties?
      It wasn’t a bitch session, more of a robust exchange of ideas between a varied group of Jays fans.We laughed,we cried, we argued. You know, the full gamut of emotions.Very cathartic.
      Stoeten seen it the next day and posted about it.
      He didn’t like what I said and brought up the past.
      I said the past was the past,we must move on,live our lives,not dwell on what was..
      But he wouldn’t let it go,like a dog with a bone.
      Welcome back.Now catch up on your reading.

      • I laughed and cried and agrued with myself. Then I drank and I fought, and I continue to drink.

        I will move on my friend RADAR, I especially like how you are Stoetens protagonist, it makes me laugh and cry. But mostly laugh.

        I like to think that I am spewtagonist. Just let it come out with limited filter. Hey at least its a form of passion, right.

  28. The Jays are suffering for their prolonged mediocrity. If they’d really shit the bed they’d have ended up like the Rays or the Nats. But they just kind of hung around the middle there so they’ve been dependent on their management making good trades and free agent buys. Which for the most part they haven’t done very well over the years. Bautista obviously was a great acquisition. Drabek not so much. And bringing a decent free agent here won’t be easy until it looks like the team has a chance of winning.

    In an earlier column someone posted that it took all of the ’80s to create the WS teams. But in fact it didn’t. The Jays didn’t win the series until 92 but they were a dominant team in the AL East from 1985 throughout the next 7 years. They didn’t go to the WS but they were in the playoffs or the playoff race every year. So it took them 8 years from a standing start.

    • I think the standing start would have been an easier jumping off point than where AA had to begin. Yes, he had Bautista, but he also had some atrocious contracts and suposed core players in Hill and Lind declining rapidly and without warning. There are still very good signs. And despite what BFF thinks, Bautista will still be VERY good in ’13, ’14 and ’15. He is not being wasted…like Doc has been in Philly.

      • You have absolutely no idea when Bautista will stop being very good, so let’s not pretend you do. My hope would be that he continues to be elite for the duration of his contract, but tha’s all it is…hope. As baseball players enter their 30s, they generally get worse (unless they’re on a Bonds drug regimen). It happens.

        • Been reading you BFF. As usual, twisting stuff to suit your argument.
          So exactly what date did the Jays start wasting Bautista?
          2009 when he was a bench player?Nobody knew he’d hit that well in Sept 2009.
          In 2010,when everybody siad he’d never keep it up at age 30?
          Maybe it was the 2011 season,when at age 31, he HAD to show regression and couldn’t keep it up,but he could still hit 25 to 30 dingers?
          He got better in 2011.
          Bautista wasn’t wasted in 2011 and 2012 because nobody expected him to continue being as dominant as he had been.
          Including you.

  29. Seems like Murphy and Farrel have a difference on how they want there hitters to handles pitches.
    Last year Farrel said he wanted the batters to be more patient, take more walks, like Boston used to be.

    Now it sounds like Murphy is kind of saying, you have got to pick your pitch early in the count and rip it.

    Does not sound like their on the same page.

    Could something be brewing here.

    I say get rid of Murphy and make a statement to the players that everyone is accountable. I know it’s not going to make much of a difference, he’s only the hitting coach but I would think you need the hitting coach and the manager on the same page on something that important.

  30. I still think the Jays are going to do just fine this year but here is my list of who can go to get us some starting pitching. Not in any particular order.

    1. Escobar OR Hech (I am tired of Escobar punishing the ground, and he should net us way more than Hech would in a trade)
    2. Davis, Thames, Snider: Davis would be a good piece for a contending team in need of a 4th outfielder who can come off the bench to pinch run when not starting. Thames and Snider should be replaced on the depth chart by Gose very soon so they have become expendable in my books and should also net something if included in a trade.
    3. JP Arencibia OR Mathis: this is a tough one for me because I like JP but he will most likely net way more than Mathis in a trade.
    4. Any reliever not named Sergio

    If the Jays trade all of the above players for elite pitching we should be good to go. All of the AAA call-ups are upgrades defensively and their bats should be at least average. If we can get elite pitching then we do not have to worry so much about driving in runs.

    Look at Washington they have a team ERA of ~3, I think even scrubs can scratch across 3 or more runs for most games. (Jays have 49 games this season where they scored 3 or more runs)

    We then take guys with 4 pitch mixes and toss them in the pen.

    • What is it about Thames, Snider or almost any of our relievers that you think would get us ‘elite’ pitching in return? Everyone knows we’re hurting for pitching. Opposing GMs will start with Lawrie and go from there.

  31. I can understand when commenters make stupid comments, I make stupid comments all the time. But professional journalists should try to keep thier stupid comments to a mimiumum.
    This article in the Sun is pretty stupid.

  32. I can understand when commenters make stupid comments, I make stupid comments all the time. But professional journalists should try to keep thier stupid comments to a mimiumum.
    This article in the Sun is pretty stupid.

  33. The comment section is fucked. Not posting properly.

  34. Oh now it is, it changed…its like magic.

  35. This would be the perfect time to lock up Rasmus similar to what they did with Yunel. He still has 2 years of arbitration coming up, it might be even cheaper, something like 3 yrs 11M with options.

  36. The Jays are six games behind the Orioles. This feels so weird.

  37. Actually, what I said was, I want every hitter in this organization to pull everything, ignore the opposite field, thats for sissies. Singles, doubles, triples, getting on base…. NAHHHH all of sissies too. What we need is homeruns and more homeruns, solo homeruns preferably.

    Thats how I coach hitting mmmhmmm

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