Drew mentioned earlier that Bob Elliott often employs a classic trick where he turns some quotes from a scout into a column– and funnily enough, that’s almost exactly what he employed earlier this week at the Toronto Sun (here via Canoe, because the Sun’s website has been squirrely lately).

To be fair, Elliott actually tacked the quotes below a whole column’s worth of content that wasn’t based around what his scout-buddy was telling him, but… who gives a shit about that, amiright? Here’s how his RBI-loving source viewed some of the Jays’ top prospects, followed by more prospecty tidbits from Kevin Goldstein and Keith Law…

Now, I scoff at this evaluator’s anachronistic-seeming view of the game, and this would be the part of the post where I back off of that slightly, except that I’m pretty sure I have damn good reason for doing so.

“He’s an all-star shortstop with the glove, which everyone knew at the start of the season,” he tells Elliott of number two (no, really) prospect Adeiny Hechavarria. “Now, he’s starting to hit some, look at his runs scored and RBI.”



Is it just me, or do you sometimes wonder if JP Ricciardi maybe didn’t necessarily fire a shit-tonne of scouts just for the sake of their being scouts alone. Y’know? I mean, maybe he knows his shit when it comes to the evaluation of tools, or maybe Elliott didn’t quote the stuff he said that wasn’t laughably dinosaurish, but… holy fuck, those stats are so awful I don’t even need to fucking bother.

The other big five prospects Elliott’s scout lists– in reverse order– are Noah Syndergaard, Aaron Sanchez, who we’re told needs to move up a level, Anthony Gose, and Travis d’Arnaud, who is called “one of the top catchers in the minors with a bright future. I don’t see how they have anyone better.”

Speaking of d’Arnaud, Kevin Goldstein was asked on Twitter the other day about what the timeline is for his arrival– presumably from a Jays fan ready to JP Arencibia, his shoddy defence and his .262 OBP to the curb. “Easier to say than do,” Goldstein tweeted. “Lots of dynamics.”

Presumably he means Super Two stuff, mostly. Or maybe the fact that, y’know, Arencibia is still here.

Yes, there’s also the issue of hand the staff-handling duties over to a rookie, though that didn’t stop the Giants from (eventually) calling up Buster Posey in 2010, or Cleveland promoting Carlos Santana that same year.

Ahhh, but there was something rather interesting in Elliott’s piece: a few statistical tidbits from extended Spring Training, including the somewhat astonishing fact that “Roberto Osuna has an 0.69 ERA, walking seven and fanning 30 in 26 innings.” He also tells us that “Daniel Norris had a 3.19 ERA with 12 walks and 26 whiffs in 28 2/3 innings,” and “Kevin Comer has a 4.66 ERA with eight walks and 20 strikeouts in 29 innings.”

Layin’ Down the Law

Lastly, Keith Law laid down his weekly chat at ESPN.com yesterday, and there are several Jays-related tidbits to pass your way from it…

Edward (Toronto)
So… Adam Lind is hitting .421/.487/.695 in Vegas right now. Is he fixed now, or is that all Vegas?
I wouldn’t take any hitter’s line in Vegas seriously.

Tom (Windsor)
Whats your thoughts of the Jays allowing Alford to play football, smart move?
The only way to view this as a smart move is that they’re paying $750K for what is essentially an indefinite option to sign him to a baseball-only contract after some linebacker takes his head off this fall. If Alford plays three years of football at Southern Miss, the odds of this contract working out for Toronto are extremely low.

Steve (California)
Re: Alford… Are there a lot of guys who have signed two sport contracts and became good major leaguers? Off the top of my head I can’t think of one.
Me neither. Nor could a half-dozen scouts/directors I asked. Even the kids who signed academic deals (play in the summer, go to school September to May) haven’t panned out). You need those extra reps.

Jack (Toronto)
If the Jays do sign Alford to a baseball-only contract in the future, would this impact their signing pool retroactively?
I don’t believe so, because they’d be tearing up the original contract and signing a new one. The only question is if they did so very soon – say, in September – would MLB view that as an attempt to evade the cap.

Andrew (SF)
Colby Rasmus back on path to stardom?
Again, I’d like to be optimistic, but we’re dealing with a tiny sample here – and Rasmus isn’t having great at bats, more great results.

Tom (Windsor)
Is Hechavarria probability of being able to hit in the majors rising?

Steven (Toronto)
Is TDA ready for a full time gig at the MLB level now?
I think so (I’m assuming that’s Travis d’Arnaud).

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  1. I really wish KLaw was higher on Hech.

    I wanna believe that he can have a good ops to go with that stellar D

    • the guy couldnt hit a beachball in AA. .

      the good news is hech is so good defensively, he provides value, bats ninth,

      • Remember Manny Lee?

        • okay first thing i want to see is for karen to tell all of you to fuckoff for being so down on the jays and aggravating her. second, the jays are going to sweep this series.the phillies cant score and their pitching is giving up 4 runs which is what the jays like to score.i dont know who is next but i see the jays going on a 7 game win streak.this adversity is just what they needed and the drabek injury isnt the nail. the callups will get by and the pen will bail out the team and farrell will let coco rot finally. bautista is going to rally the troops.and then AA will finally pull the trigger on a trade.if the jays are mediocre or worse these next 2 series the season will then be over.AA will sell anything not tied down.but i think kj and ee will rip because they want to stay.

        • Nope. This is the internet. Nobody 29 or older around here.

  2. I don’t know why the fuck everyone is in a big hurry to bring up d’Arnaud and some of the other rookies. Jays can call him up now, or wait a couple of months and get an entire extra year of him. Do people not understand free agency and the super two exception? JPA has been frustrating this year, but i’d rather have an extra year of d’Arnaud when he’s in his prime and we are hopefully a competitive team then have him for a few months in a season in which we finish 4th regardless of what happens. d’Arnaud could tear the cover off the ball and it ain’t helping the Blue Jays this year. Just wait till all the young arms come up in a couple of years and then the Jays will be really competitive. It’ll be then when an extra year of d’Arnaud will be nice.

    • funny thing is, if you look at TDA’ slash line vs JPA’s 2010 vegas slash line they are pretty much identitical .

      • Which would be impressive if that wasn’t Arencibia’s repeat year, if d’Arnaud wasn’t a year younger, or if JP’s line at New Hampshire was anywhere close to d’Arnaud’s.

    • Super Two is not a problem this time in june.

      • But Super Two is a problem this time in June….

        • If a player gets called up today, and never get’s sent back down, he won’t acquire a enough service time to qualify for Super Two status.(One more Arb year)

  3. Mostly on point. i’d have to agree with a lot of what he said

    Not about rasmus though, he’s having good at bats and squaring up a lot of pitches. At what point is 5 weeks of data no longer a small sample size?

    • Um… 5 weeks of data is never NOT a small sample size.

      Give it a year.

    • It’s too soon to pronounce Rasmus is back on track completely but it is encouraging that his hot streak coincides with pretty obvious adjustments he has made at the plate, which suggests that it isn’t simply luck.

  4. I couldn’t help but laugh at the — quite possibly — unintentional segway in this post.

    “Is it just me, or do you sometimes wonder if JP Ricciardi maybe didn’t necessarily fire a shit-tonne of scouts just for the sake of their being scouts alone. Y’know? .. [Speaking of fired scouts by Ricciardi, here's Keith law's chat..]“

  5. Super 2 worries are over now… trade Jp.
    If you guys need(fans of hockey) need a Blue Jays player to hold a stick and talk about going top cheddar…I’ll fucking do it.
    JP is not what we need, we have power. I’ll hold the hockey stick after a game, and wear a fucking navy cap. If it means all the fans(hockey fans) who are in love with Jp… fuck off, so this team can get better…. TDA… Baby!

  6. Gosh damn, the way folks talk about Hech it makes it sound like all you need is him and the pitcher on the infield. Maybe Coop to have someone to catch the throw when Hech goes to his right. What kind of fielder would Hech need to be to provide value as a walking automatic out?

    • He’s not a “walking automatic out”. Hech has the exact same line drive % this year as d’Arnaud, who is said to be able to hit “line drives at will”. People like Keith Law don’t like admitting they’re wrong about players. Their ego doesn’t allow it.

  7. I wish TDA was TDM (Terry David Mulligan).

  8. the alford deal looks like a joke. what happened to having a passion for baseball. if you want to play football obviously your priorities are not with baseball. 3years wasted for a chance he might be good? no thanks

    • Don’t forget about Adam Dunn. Fuck that guy, amiright?

    • Are you fucking serious?

      If you are, you definitely don’t want to know how many guys who prefer football are in the Majors. I’d wager it’s a LOT, and good on them for being professionals about it, not worrying about these bullshit notions of passion from somebody who watched Field of Dreams one too many times.

    • That inth’isgs just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  9. Hmmm not really getting a whole lot of super positive vibe anywhere around this organization this week…kinda hope were at bottom and can go back to talking about how bright the future is. Speaking of the future, when was that again?

  10. Sounds like a second MRI for Drabek’s elbow showed a UCL tear and now needs a 2nd Tommy John procedure. Have to see a confirmation from a better source though [not that I personally have any].

  11. I wonder why Stoeten loves Law and Goldstein so more more than Baseball America? Personally, I prefer BA because there seems like more consensus goes into it. Anyways, I’m excited about D’Arnaud also. But most of what I’ve read about him doesn’t say that he profiles as a middle of the order bat. In today’s BA hotsheet chat, they said they see him as a 20 homerun catcher who might hit .280 in a good year and will never be an “on-base machine.” This would (obviously) be great from a catcher. But he’s not going to be a savior for this season or anything.

    • I don’t have a BA subscription, for one, and for two, I find they have a lot of one sentence analysis. Maybe they elaborate more behind the paywall, but they’re not writer-y enough sometimes.

      • I don’t have a subscription either. But you, sir, should get the Score to buy you one!

      • I like to use all three (Four if you count Sickels) but yeah, the wordy stuff is behind the paywall. Don’t go by the one sentence summaries on the top 100. Their top 10 lists in particular are quite well written for the most part.

  12. okay 7 out of 9 miami is next and 2 out of 3 vs the sox and the jays are in contention again.then AA makes the trades needed. and AA waited too long to do anything.there was room to improve the team with a bat and starting pitcher in ST. no excuses AA you shit the bed on this team and the east was as weak as it was gonna be. you are acting like nervous nelly afraid to make another move in my opinion. now the expectations are coming and maybe a little gunshy.lets see how manly you are. maybe hes afraid of losing the boywonder tag. all i know is kenny in chicago isnt afraid of making moves.

    • There goes the…

      … wait. Who cares?

      • Ya. Drabek hadn’t been so great lately. But I much prefer giving him the innings than Cecil or Chavez. I still believe in Drabek. Some guys take awhile to throw strikes consistently. (Some, of course, never will.) I also think JPA can still get better than this, and that Travis Snider can be an all-star. But ya. I’m a Jays fan.

  13. @ stoeten

    Speaking of d’Arnaud, Kevin Goldstein was asked on Twitter the other day about what the timeline is for his arrival– presumably from a Jays fan ready to JP Arencibia, his shoddy defence and his .262 OBP to the curb. “Easier to say than do,” Goldstein tweeted. “Lots of dynamics.”

    just wondering if you are using the initials ‘JP’ to stand for ‘Just Punt’ in this bit?

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