As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the popping in Kyle Drabek’s elbow wasn’t quite as benign as it was originally made out to be, but… ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME? NOW HUTCHISON TOO???

I’m doing this Game Threat late, and here’s the wonderfulness Mike Wilner just tweeted…

Jesus fuck, I don’t even wanna talk about it. Let’s hope maybe everyone’s just a little on edge about their ligaments or something.


Oh who cares? I don’t know… Adam Lind is still shitty, says the Toronto Star (or something like that), while the National Post talks to Carlos Delgado.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF

D. Hutchison RHP (And now Aaron Laffey, for fuck sakes).

Philadelphia Whogivesaphuckies

J. Rollins SS
J. Pierre LF
H. Pence RF
J. Thome DH
S. Victorino CF
C. Ruiz C
T. Wigginton 1B
M. Fontenot 3B
M. Martinez 2B

V. Worley RHP


Image via Jonathan Ernst/Getty.

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  1. -Do You Wanna Vance?
    -Save the Last Vance For Me
    -Vancing on the Ceiling

  2. Aw crap.

  3. Holy Fuck, Batman!

  4. Are you freaking kidding me?

  5. OMFG.

  6. FUCKING AWESOME!!! Hutchison

  7. Holy fucking shit talk about fucking cursed.

  8. Paul Beeston: I got some dinner here. What? What just happened?

  9. How is this possible? Who is in charge of fitness on this team? Absolutely insane.

    • Nothing to do with those injuries at all.

    • You can’t get a ligament in shape. There’s really not much you can do.

    • True, but I’d definitely look into what kind (and length) of warm up routine these guys are doing. Just to eliminate that. Of course, Drabek’s injury happend midway through the game and doesnt apply here.

  10. No way. No.

  11. Three in one week?!?!??

  12. Oh God. Brutal.


  14. I think Farrell is secretly beating our starters.

  15. Not Hutch too!

  16. I mean what are the fucking odds?

  17. Aaroooooooon Laffeeeeeeeey.

  18. Looks like you have to revise your yet to be posted Game Threat (probably for the second time in the last half hour).

  19. I’m at the game, wtf happened? Did they say what the injury is?

  20. It looked like that butthead Beeston was just giving Anthopoulos shit.

  21. Absurd. Absolutely absurd.

  22. What happened?

    • Hutch threw 9 pitches, looked good, got 2 outs.

      Grabbed his elbow, and had to come out of the game.

      I believe that 3 starters injured in 4 games.

  23. It’s starting to seem like a psychological disorder or something.

  24. This team is cursed! Starters are now on a 9 pitch limit!

  25. Well, that blows.
    Who’s getting the call after cecil?

  26. The reaction in the dugout is actually kind of funny. Facepalms all around.

  27. What the hell is happening? Did AA offend the baseball gods somehow? Do we need to offer up the souls of seven goats in front of the SkyDome tomorrow?

    • Quick we need to sacrifice a virgin… come here Drabek… I kid.
      Who’s the ace of the staff now bitch… no question.

  28. The fucking curse of greg gone zaun.

  29. This is nothing new… remember Marcum / McGowan / Litsch season. Same thing almost.

    But we’re still fucked…

  30. Everyone, hide the sharp objects and go watch Care Bears or some shit to avoid hurting ourselves.

  31. Have to hold the startes to an 8 pitch limit I guess.

  32. now its all over. AA cant buy that many starters. game over boys. does beeston finish that 2 mammoth burger plate then have his heartattack? and whoever blames this on fitness is crazy. this is what farrell gets for the consistent 6 inning stretch on the starters.just the strain on the arm particularly muscles/tendons from an unnatural act of throwing baseballs. there isnt enough pitchers to go around this size of league. i said in another post that i would like to know how many pitchers missed more than a mth in the last 25 yrs split relief/ starters.

    • I don’t think the pitchers were throwing that any pitches before they were replaced by relievers.

      I can’t blame Farrell for what happened to Hutchison.

      The odds of 3 starters getting hurt in a week is very low.

      The “it’s all over ” guy was right.

      I suppose this will now be a development year for the rest of he season.

      • We were all fools for not listening to you Oakville69.

        I guess we`ll be subjected to your Romero & Bautista tradewatch posts from here on out.


        • I doubt they will be traded this year.

          These 3 injuries are devastating to the team.

          There was a good discussion on PTS with Mccowan about the future of the Jays today.

          I suggest you listen to the 5 pm hour.

          • Why listen to the great baseball minds on PTS when you are kind enough to regurgitate it on here for all of DJF?

            It seems redundant.

          • Very funny Jays 2010.

            So you think Stephen Brunt is a clown?

            Mcowan is not an “”apologist” for the organization he works for.

            He was very honest about the franchise being very secretive about payroll issues etc..

            He said at least Tampa Bay fans know they are operating on a limited budget.

          • When you type your comments, do you read them with a jedi voice?

  33. If this wasn’t so goddamned horrible, it’d be really funny.

  34. This is the curse of Dr. Bell…you guys pissed him off and now look what you’ve done

  35. This is a really stupid question (maybe), but is there any way on God’s Green Earth that this could be a pitcher’s ‘sick-out’ protest? That ‘s the only thing that makes sense to me – the odds are too astronomical to be coincidence……aren’t they?

    • But…. what in the hell would they be protesting? And yes, it’s a hysterical idea, but in times like these, people tend to look for answers in odd places.

    • This is a really stupid question.

    • That’s a clown question, bro…..

      They dont injure themselves if thats what you mean, and if they were faking an injury there’re all kinds of tests performed on them to ascertain the precise nature and extent of the injury.

  36. Hey who’s pitching tomorrow? Might want to call in sick.

    • No, it seems to be on alternate days. Monday Morrow, Wednesday Drabek, Friday Hutch. Sunday is the next curse day, Cecil might be screwed…

  37. Jaun pierre almost has same slugging percentage as Lawrie.

  38. Hey guys. I just got back from blacking out. I think something sent my blood pressure through the roof. How’s the game?

  39. I was completely fine with Drabek not being in the rotation anymore, but Hutch has been decent ..and I am scared on who we will now have to rely on.

  40. I heard Mathis can pitch…

  41. Bautista doesn’t have “Hungry Eyes”…he has “”Steady Eyes”

  42. The worst turn through the rotation of all time.

  43. I think the team has some former first round college picks hanging around double A whom have arms ready to shred.

  44. Quick, somebody look through the coupon book to find that Dr Andrews 2 for 1 voucher

  45. Really, this is now the level of effort we get?

  46. For you upside freaks, this should be good news: you can now expect to see some of the AA pitching prospects at the ML level.

    • none of those guys has a high upside dickface

      • Evidently your concept of talent may require a re-think. Hutch has a little I hear, and the last I checked Dr5abek is a starter on this team. Combined sevice time for the 2 is about a year. Your dick should be so lucky to look like my face

    • Just piggyback Sanchez, Syndegaard, Nicolino & DeScalfini in the last 2 rotation spots and everything will be fine.

  47. Our playoff march keeps getting bleaker fellow Jays fans. Another pitcher is hurt again, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!

  48. Looks like Jose has given up too.

  49. If Morrow and Hutch are out for extended periods of time, I’m fine with this team being a seller. EE, Johnson, Oliver, Frasor… I like them all but sell sell sell if it comes to it.

  50. I hope that these guys can come back healthy… scary stuff.
    That’s two elbows that could be fucked. I wish nothing but good health upon them.

    • Well, at least it’s not the shoulder.

      Tommy John is pretty routine these days. If both Drabek and Hutch need it, I’d rather them have it now, then at the end of the season. They might both be ready for April.

      Getting ahead of myself of course … Drabek may not need it, and who the fuck knows about Hutch.

  51. I’m sure most of us aren’t particularly superstitious. But should the Jays skip Romero so he doesn’t make it 4 of 5 tomorrow?

    In one week the Jays went from having a fair chance at the 2nd wildcard to a sunken ship.

    Somewhere Shea Hillenbrand is smiling.

    • Your dickish wish on Thames, Drabek and Lind has back fired and fell upon Hutchinson :(

      • I was only half serious with that quip.

        It’s like Vernon Wells with LAA or Kevin Millar back when he was on the Jays. The only way to stop relying on these guys is to have them out of the picture, one way or another.

  52. I can’t even be mad at Jose for that steal attempt, because I’m still in shock over the Hutchison injury.

  53. If this team gets Livan Hernandez to start I will jump off a bridge

  54. Time to tank and finally get the top 3 draft pick

  55. This is my first time seeing Laffey. I hope it’s my last.

  56. Windows Restaurant: Closed to prevent fans jumping.

  57. You know it’s a bad sign when you tune into the game, and they’re trying to sell you on Aaron Laffey…

  58. I Hope they come back and dominate. Wish them good health first.
    Laffey, Chavez and Cecil are our 3 guys for a lttile bit… hopefully not for too long.
    I guess you could go with Scott Richmond(not likely) or Deck, maybe Jenkins.

    If Marcus Stroman signs he might not be going to the bullpen but the rotaion…. this sucks.

    I don’t want to say I saw this happening because I didn’t. With that being said I never liked our pitching depth and this is why… worst-case scenarios.

  59. This is all Dustin parkes fault

  60. Is the sky finally falling?

  61. Anybody got Jo Jo Reyes’ number?

  62. If you’re not watching on TV there were some really telling shots of Romero. Looked totally stunned. The trainer chatted with him, and Romero literally put his head in his hands. Looked how we all felt.

    There was a shot of AA in his box looking fairly blown away too.

    • I think AA was swearing to himself.

      Can the bats pick up this team for a few games.?

    • No idea what the trainer said, but he said something to Romero and then he looked broken down.
      Those are his buddies hurt and now he’s pissed off.
      Beeston looked puzzled… what do we do now.
      Sidenote but did anyone see AA’s fat ass, not trying to prove the all he did was sit on his assthis winter crowd around here… Damn! he’s got a big ass.

      • The trainer probably told Ricky what was just announced by the team – Hutch has right elbow soreness and heard a pop.

      • AA has gained a lot of weight in the last couple of years. It’s a stressful job.

        Beeston looked confused.

        • He’s greek too and don’t get me wrong I like greek food but I coulnd’t eat it every day.
          This job could be stressful to him, but can you imagine if he managed a large baseball market team.(hockey Joke)

          • Greeks are the most obese people in Europe, yet they also boast some of the longest lifespan. AA is here to stay, fat ass or not.

  63. AA is is wishing Farrell never said “injuries don’t mean anything, everyone has injuries you have to overcome them”… “did he have to say that”?

  64. Does this mean Deck “The Hayseed” McGuire” will make his incredibly crappy debut this season?

  65. Another lost season.

    Rogers Communications have been the owners of the Jays since late 2000.


    Zero playoffs.

    I have been hearing about the “future” from Jays management for the past 10 years.

  66. Wilner tweets it’s elbow soreness, and that Hutchison heard a “pop”.

  67. This is it – there’s no point in watching anymore. I knew it as soon as I times in and saw Laffay pitching. I can’t take it anymore…it’s just too much. I shutting the TV off, fonna get outta here, and I will
    Not be back. I absolutely, steadfastly refuse to subject myself to this any further than I already have. I mean, Christ, having to listen to tabby is the final straw.

  68. MLB is screwing with AA for messing with the draft.

    Selig unleashed nano-robots with ligament scissors.

    Only likely explanation.

    • I disagree. Another likely explanation would have the nano-bots using high-precision masers (10X cooler than lasers)..

  69. Honestly? Not the time for this.

  70. Jim Ross: What’s that?! It’s Dirk Hayhurst’s entrance music!

  71. Can the Jays get a discount on TJ surgery? Two for the price of one?

  72. If these guys are gone for a while, and the Jays fall out of it – this is probably a good year to sell some assets. So many teams are in the race.

    Frasor, E5, Johnson, Oliver… Those guys could all be in play.

    • If Edwin is willing, I would try to resign him.

    • Completely agree
      I could see these teams in on EE Should be a good return

      For Kelly Johnson I could see one of these teams givng away
      Tigers a top prospect for KJ

      • Good lists – particularly for EE. The pirates seem desperate. But the Tigers will have to get back into the race before they spend on a rental.

        • I hope the Pirates are still in contention they have some sought after prospects according to people around the game.
          The Pirates, Dodgers and Indians have terrible players.. . playing firstbase.

          I think the Tigers will be back in it. Whitesox would want Kelly if Beckham struggles like before, but no one likes their farm system.

          Parkes Giants could use him.

    • I said this yesterday and I still think it makes sense:

      EE & JPA to the Marlins for LoMo and then call up D’arnaud.

      Heck, that might be an overpay for LoMo at this point. Plus, you know, JPA is a good looking guy from Miami and EE seemingly has the correct birth certificate to add extra value for the Marlins.

      • Are you assuming EE resigns with the Marlins ?

        JPA would like playing in his hometown Miami.

        • I have no idea about that. All I know is that the Marlins are having major power issues with Sanchez/LoMo providing virtually nothing at 1B.

          Mind you, EE’s power numbers would likely go down in Miami…but still. Obviously they really want to contend this year.

  73. Holy fuck! I’m falling!

  74. I guess we should’ve got a real chicken.

  75. If Jo Jo Reyes comes back I will stop being a jays fan and change teams

  76. By this time tomorrow Farrell will be named player-coach. You heard it here first.

  77. Remember how great things seemed after the Morrow shut out in that White Sox series? That was fun.

  78. So does this mean we have Stoeten’s permission to freak out?

    • Go ahead – he might not be watching right now.

    • In a weird way I actually find it kind of freeing. Barring something incredible, may as well chill out a bit about 2012 wins and losses, and think big picture.

      • It would be nice to have a season where wins and losses matter after about the middle of June.

      • It gives AA the rest of the year to play Snider & experiment with the pitchers in the minor leaguers.

        There will be no pressure to compete.
        I still have 10 tickets in my flexpack which I was saving for a playoff run.

        that’s not a problem to worry about anymore.

  79. Zaun is now saying to sign Livan Hernandez until september to be a stop gap, are you fucking kidding me that piece of shit is toast

  80. Well now we can stop being mad about the jays futility and just be sad about it

  81. Hey guys I think I felt a pop in my elbow…

  82. Do you think that AA makes a panic trade for Ryan Dempster, Joe Saunders, John Lannan etc….?

  83. David “Back to Earth” Cooper

  84. There’s footage of Murphy, working his magic on Arencibia’s golf swing.

  85. Gustavo Chacin everybody!

  86. Brett “Hungry Like a Wolf’ Laurie!

  87. I’m a little late but – You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. (re Hutchinson)


  89. Hahaha! suckas!

  90. Fuck it. Sell the entire roster, cancel the contract in Vegas, and move the entire 51′s team to Toronto. Next year baby!

  91. wow wtf? is it just me or are others irked by laffey wearing #32. seriously who approved this ballshit?

  92. Matt Garza for any prospects I make this trade right now

  93. Charlie V plus Carreno to replace Drabek and Hutch eh that sucks but at least it’s not liven hernandez

  94. If anything these injuries are an excuse to quit on the season and try again next year. Panic trades are usually bad trades.

  95. B.J. Ryan’s my bud, I can call him up and see if he’s willing to start for you guys. be about 10 mil/season. He’s pretty good

  96. In other news Jason Bay had to leave the game… terrible contract.
    At least Vernon Wells is actually on the field for the duration of his contract.

  97. Breaking News!!!

    AA trades Gose, Hechavarria and D’arnaud to the Diamondbacks for Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Nathan Shaw and Head Athletic Trainer Ken Crenshaw.

  98. Argo

  99. I LOVE THE JAYS!!!

    • Why, cause all these bums are getting some surgery done that was named after you?Why don’t you make like a tree and get outta here, butthead?

  100. Has Kelly Johnson made contact with a changeup all year? Even when it’s belt high it’s a swing through.

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