As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the popping in Kyle Drabek’s elbow wasn’t quite as benign as it was originally made out to be, but… ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME? NOW HUTCHISON TOO???

I’m doing this Game Threat late, and here’s the wonderfulness Mike Wilner just tweeted…

Jesus fuck, I don’t even wanna talk about it. Let’s hope maybe everyone’s just a little on edge about their ligaments or something.


Oh who cares? I don’t know… Adam Lind is still shitty, says the Toronto Star (or something like that), while the National Post talks to Carlos Delgado.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF

D. Hutchison RHP (And now Aaron Laffey, for fuck sakes).

Philadelphia Whogivesaphuckies

J. Rollins SS
J. Pierre LF
H. Pence RF
J. Thome DH
S. Victorino CF
C. Ruiz C
T. Wigginton 1B
M. Fontenot 3B
M. Martinez 2B

V. Worley RHP


Image via Jonathan Ernst/Getty.

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  1. Chillax, I got this. Just put me on the 40 man. My elbow feels great.

  2. Mike Fontenoh-oh, thanks

  3. Let’s call Baltimore maybe they’ll trade us Moyer or Wilis.

  4. Fuck it, our whole farm system for Doc Halladay and we put him out there immediately to throw with his left arm.

  5. Hey guys, don’t worry. I can step in right now and bail ya’ll out. I still have a few cents left over from that insane cash you threw at me when I was like five years old. I also can hang with my Brazilian Bro Yan.

  6. Screw Jose Pett, I was the next best thing that never was.

  7. I have quite a change up. I can fool em for a COUPLE innings.

  8. We’ll give you a two for one deal. JP sure did think he had the future top two of the rotation when he drafted our tired asses.


  10. I heard you guys let fat dudes play now? What? Lind is in Vegas?

    FINE..ill take a deal to pitch for vegas.

  11. Somone has to catch that ball. Escobar runs like he has lead shoes

  12. What’s Gustavo Chacin doing now a days.

  13. What a shame that Adam Lind is turning out like his dad Jose. He needs to STOP BEING A SLACKER!

  14. Remember when the Jays bullpen had guys like Giovanni Carrera, Jimmy Rodgers, Bob File, and Luis Andujar?

  15. Don’t worry guys, I’m finally ready to deliver on my potential!

  16. This team needs more Kenny fuckin Powers and less of this …

  17. Oh, that’s Lawrie’s Dad. Wondering why they kept panning to him.

  18. I think that fucking Vlad Guerrero put a curse on this team. This is getting really ugly.

  19. After this inning, CV will be at about 65-70 pitches. That”s probably plenty for him, and it’ll work out alright to slot him into Hutch’s spot for the next time through the rotation and maybe stretch him out a bit more.

    • There’s stretch and there’s break.

      • He threw 66 pitches in May, last year his pitch counts went 25/75/82/90/102 when he went from the ‘pen to starting. Apart from the curse affecting most of our starters, no reason to think he can’t do the same again this year.

  20. In other news: Chad Gaudin is still in the majors? The fuck?

  21. Cut the music! What I’d like to have right now….is for all you fat, out-of-shape, Torontonian Turds! … Keep the noise down while I show your women the sexiest man alive … HIT THE MUSIC………….

  22. rip ravishing one

  23. Escobar, does he ground out much?

  24. Every pitcher that is coming outa blue jays system has or will have TJ surgery.Marcum, McGowan, Litch and now these two kids. I don’t know what the fuck they do to these kids.

  25. Wilner: “Over the last 5 years, Jason Frasor has been the been the best non-closing relief pitcher in baseball.”

    • I’d argue with a Scott Downs (among others). Unless he means best relief pitcher who’s never been given a chance to be a closer. And even then he’d be wrong, because we tried Frasor at closer a few years back.

    • That’s why I am the Swan

    • Winer Is a moron if he means simply the best non closer reliever in the game for the last 5 years. I could probably name 30 that have been more valuable than Frasor in the last five eyars.

      Ramon Ramirez Joaquin Benoit Jason Motte(Closer recently)
      Peter Moylan Eric O’flaherty Franklin Morales
      JJ Putz(closer recently) Rafeal Bentecourt(Closer recently) Daren O’day
      Guillermo Mota Kerry Wood Matt Lindstrom Fernao Rodney(CR)
      Jeremy Affeldt Sergio Romo Tim Brydak Mike MacDougal
      Scott Downs Grant Balufour Matt Guerrier Sean Burnett
      Arthur Rhodes Brian Fuentes(in and out of closer) Mike Gonzalez
      Juan Cruz Mike Adams Tyler Clippard Matt Thornton
      David Robertson Jared Burton Joel Zumaya Brando Lyon(maybe)
      Will Ohman Koji Uehara Edward Mujica Luke Gregerson
      Some of these guys were not healthy for the last five years and some have missed an entire season. If he means Healthy for the last five years then only some of thses are better than Frasor. If he means WAR, then I’m pretty sure at least 75% of these players above have been worth more wins above in the last five years.

      Don’t get me wrong Frasor has been very good, just not the best.
      Even if all of these guys don’t match Wilner criteria for his statement, Scott Downs does like someone said.
      Wilner is a moron. There’s a fucking guy on the Blue Jays who’s been better than Frasor over the last five years… Darren…. Mother…. Fucking…… Oliver.

  26. I hear Lawrie know’s Ricky Vaughn… sign him up.
    Vlad might have done some Pedro Cerrano shit.

  27. But wait, isn’t it going to be coco time in the 9th?

  28. jays are going to go 6-0

  29. Coco time is coming soon.

  30. “He pitches with his brain.” More Tabby gold.

  31. For fucks sake Johnson, if you weren’t concerned with bitching about calls like every other player on the team you would have kept your glove on the runner and got the out when he over-slid the bag.

  32. oh kj you keep the tag on him

  33. What an irritating inning.

  34. Sit your dumb ass down Farrell and let your pitcher worry about the batter, the only thing that matters.

  35. Oy vey! I can see this game slipping quickly my mini mitzvahs. Be sure say your prayers and eat your Matzah balls. L’Chayim!

  36. Buckled much?

  37. Philadelphia hit 3 line drives, hit batter, and stole three bases that inning. And didn’t score.

    • and people complain about the jays offense. the other podcast i predictedd 7 -0 with the pen being rock solid for them 7 games and the jays scoring 4 runs/game which philly likes to give. miami and philly are worse than the jays.if lucky the jays get 1 game outta the sox for 8 game winstreak

  38. My schlong is LOOOONG. And SCHTROOONG

    and pat tabler will smoke it like a


  39. It’s amusing watching the shaky Jays bullpen shutout the Phillies.

    Even if I know their offense sucks this year, I can still enjoy it.

  40. The Maple boner has had a good night.

  41. Sign Lawrie’s sister!

  42. Lawrie is officially on crack.

  43. Lawrie can’t wait to erase his good deeds.

  44. Haha..

    Brett … maybe don’t try to steal so much.

  45. lawrie is a braincramped fucker

  46. I was out drinking all day and just got in to see that Hutch left the game in the first? Jesus Christ.

    Now a strike out throw out double play.. fuck.

  47. Getting throw out at third is a good thing, right?

  48. What’s the single season major league record for being thrown out trying to steal third base and home?

  49. Good to see Brett Lawrie learning from his past mistakes.
    What a dumb fuck.

  50. Working sucks, Blue jays suck (for the most part) but thank God I can buy a case of beer for 31.25. Best country.

  51. Holy crap the bullpen shutout the Phillies.

  52. A workmanlike win for the Bwu Yays!

  53. Can’t wait for the Jays to score 10 on Lee tomorrow.

    • He has no wins. He must suck. Let’s get him to shore up our rotation. He can be our 5th starter.

      • Yep. No wins. Is Buck back tomorrow? I’d like to hear what he says about Cliff Lee losing his ability to know how to win.

  54. at least we can say they are a 500 team with upside again!!!

  55. And you guys were worried. Playoffs!

  56. .500, playoffs!

  57. Howdy, stranger! This is Hauser.

  58. We’re still a .500 team that’s now missing it’s no. 1, no. 3, and no. 5 starters (by results, anyways).

    We still have enough talent to beat up at least half of the league, but I don’t think that’s enough for playoffs.

    However, if Cecil and whoever else the Jays decide to go with end up being not merely good, but excellent, there’s a chance.

  59. What happened to Jesse Litsch? Is he still recovering from his inflamed shoulder? Is that Scott Richmond that I see on the mound pitching for the Jays?

  60. An honest, heartfelt tip of the hat to the pen tonight. Easily the best performance all year and one that was badly needed.

    Even though things are looking super grim right now I for one hope they do the smart thing and resign EE and KJ for next year. Since it’s entirely possible Hutch and Drabek might be gone for a year or more (crossing fingers it’s not the case) it might force Rogers to actually spend a bit of money sooner rather than later and get one more mid to top of the rotation guy and another for depth for next season. Since Morrow is only going to be gone a few weeks and Cecil should be able to better what Drabek has done of late, the net loss is effectively only one at the major league level going into next season and that’s a rookie still learning and producing back end results on average.

    Having said that, I find it really crazy that people are talking about blowing this team up especially among the hitters. I mean so many of you constantly complain about the team having a shit OBP yet you want to cast off 2 of the better hitters and get whatever middling prospects the Jays can get instead of hoping the Jays pony up the cash and resign them. Tell me, who the fuck are they going to get to replace EE and KJ?

    Is some middling prospect worth it for a team that needs players like those guys when they are supposed to compete next year? It makes no sense to me at all. Teams are going to be very reluctant to pay a hefty price for rental players with no compensation to back them up. If you haven’t noticed under the new CBA, prospects are going to become increasingly valuable especially any with upside since a lot of teams will be limited to a couple of good ones and a lot of chaff as a result of trying to save on signing money while they pay the bulk to a couple of big names. The Jays draft is a perfect example of that.

    If anything it would make far more sense to keep both, and if there’s no realistic prospect of getting them signed to extensions, offer them enough money for the compensation to kick in. The resulting draft pick will most likely be as good as what you’ll get back and gives you the flexibility come the draft to spend the money as you see fit. The only real risk is that you overpay by a couple of million more for one season.

    In 2013, there’s a good amount of money set to come off the books in addition to a good chunk of amateur money they won’t be able to spend anymore.

    I’m still maintaining that even if this season is a complete write off, nothing really has changed all that much for next season. We should be looking to add good pieces that are going to help the team compete next season.

    AA said all winter he was looking to the trade deadline to add those kind of pieces. I don’t see why that would change especially if they are good pieces for 2013.

    With guys like Farina and Stroman that could be added to the roster by the end of the year and possibly guys like Stilson (who I was excited to see get promoted to AA this afternoon) joining the pen or the rotation in September you could be looking at a real good influx of power arms for the staff.

    Maybe as others have said this latest setback totally erases the pretense that this team was a true playoff contender to begin with. If that’s the case maybe it really gives the club the flexibility to do things it wanted to do but were reluctant in the face of fan expectations. Sure the fans won’t be happy but there’s a legitimate excuse now.

    • Good points, good points.

      This week has been so absurd, it’s easy to jump off a ledge.

      If the Jays really fall out of it, I would be OK with trading EE and KJ etc, but only if those moves are made with the intent of gathering pieces to help in 13. Not to dump them for middling prospects, leaving them with bigger holes going forward.

      Hutch may have been due for a cool off … not many guys stay as good as he was being at 21. Cecil/Villa (or whomever) may be as effective as Drabek/Hutch going forward. Morrow is the real loss. It’d be amazing if he could recover quickly.

    • Well said as usual.

      I think EE would be more willing to sign than KJ. however, KJ has been getting weaker due to the hamstring issues, so maybe he would accept a deal with the Jays. On the other hand , they have Hecheverria who should be with the team next year.

      I assume they would move escobar to 2B & Hech would be the SS.

  61. Also I see Many has requested and been granted his release by the A’s. Maybe the Jays can hire him to remove Vlad’s curse, you know one dreadlocked old timer to another.

  62. well, at least we will get to start the 2011 Draft Watch fuss: that Bluefield team seems stacked and Vancouver seems a little light on “porn stars” – more college-aged chaff (Dalton Pompey and Kellen Sweeney are the exceptions).

    • Well they can probably keep some of the guys like Norris closer to home in the Appalachian League but there’s a lot of ceiling guys there for sure.

  63. Holy fucking shit what’s going on? Talk about snake-bit. This is nuts!

  64. Does anyone else think there’s something wrong with this picture.

    For how long now have Jays pitchers been falling to injury.

    There has to be something in the way theyre being trained or worked with.

    • Both pitchers with the ligament issues haven’t come close to throwing an excessive amount of innings. The oblique can happen to those in shape and not in shape. Witness Morrow for the Jays and pudgy Ruiz for the Phillies who left today’s game with the same injury. I was even reading an article the other day that said guys that do a lot of core work might be more susceptible to oblique strains than those who don’t. I’m not a statistician by any stretch but you gotta know the odds of losing 60% of your rotation in one week to injuries like that have got to be pretty high. Then go back and factor in the near misses with the hits to the legs both Morrow and Alvarez took and the hand injuries of EE and Escobar. That’s a lot of fluky shit in a span of a couple of weeks.

    • “For how long now have Jays pitchers been falling to injury.”

      About 5 days.

  65. Breaking News! D’arnaud seen stretching his arm out in the bullpen and working on his slider down in AAA Las Vegas! #FuckOffParkes

  66. Yesterday I the notion of trading for a pitcher was dumb..tonight its a little less dumb, but still not a solution just yet. but what a Clusterfuck the Jays have entered. Now would be a hella good time for the bats to explode the way we know they can.

  67. Look guys, Bannerman threatened my life if I keep hitting. My boy who calls Jays talk down in Phenix ‘Bama is gonna drive up here with my .306 and we’ll be handling some business. Once that is done, we will be good to go.

  68. You know I was thinking last week after looking at the Red Sox that we’ve been extremely lucky with injuries this season, pretty much only Santos on the ML roster. Of course we have been totally fucked over this last rotation. I think Cecil will do the same job Drabek has, Morrow is obv irreplaceable, and I have no clue how Hutch gets replaced. Chavez?

  69. relax fellas.if you got tickets to the jays you have a 50% chance they win. in major sports that is the golden rule to paradise and a better chance than the govt. is pure gold. it is a steady line

  70. At what point do we start blaming Farrell for having these guys pitch into the seventh inning when they’re labouring or don’t have their best stuff? I can think of a few outings where Hutch went deeper than he needed to go.

    • do all those consecutive 6plus inning starts matter now and because it was at the start of the season is it different conditioning than later.nobody will ever know.but because it happened in such a narrow window 3 pitchers in 4 days with soft tissue injuries and all in the first inning there has to be an explanation medically.this is too similar to be a coincidence.

  71. dehydration?not enough water to lubricate the tissues?it just started getting hot.

  72. Odds are that Hutchison does indeed have an ulnar collateral ligament injury, likely requiring surgery.

    My point. So what. Its basically a right of passage and he might as well get it over with at 21 and move on.

    As far as Drabek goes, this possibility of a re tear is somewhat more troubling. Im thinking we should hold off and wait. They have described it as a partial tear. For alll we know the signal changes they were describing were nothing more than postoperative scarring and perhaps James Andrews will say something different.

  73. .for fuck’s sakes couldn’t alex have included worley in the halladay deal instead of taylor? great talent evaluation their alex. or maybe instead of drabek.

    worley 15-6
    drabek 8-15

    we’re fucking 3 years in and we have NOTHING to show at the ML level from that trade. alex is fucking joke.

    • Are you seriously comparing wins and losses as a sole talent evaluation? Go fuck yourself…how many wins does Cliff Lee have you fucking joke?

    • You are a fucking idiot. Even leaving aside the fact that you are using pitcher wins as grounding to evaluate players, the trade was made in order to restock the farm with high ceiling talent, not immediate impact talent. Worley was, at the time, no better than the number 8 prospect in the Phillies system. Drabek was 2, behind J.A. Happ and ahead of Gose. Taylor (whose acquisition you shat on) is not only a quality major leaguer now, but he became Brett (Shittier than Lind) Wallace who then became the same Gose who the Jays wanted in the first place. Drabek hasn’t panned out yet, but he’s only 24 and may still have a future as at least a 4-5 in the majors, making him better than 99% of all amateur pitchers and 85% of all minor league arms out there, and D’Arnaud (who you conveniently forgot to mention) is the highest ranked catching prospect in the minors, who will soon (hopefully) be playing for the Jays, and has middle of the order upside.
      So fuck off.

      • hey keep reading my posts jackass. thanks! and you are the idiot who doesn’t know that d’arnaud was in the trade. and if worley was ranked 8 then he should have been an easy throw in. but fuck you too for being unable to grasp basic concepts

  74. so now not only do we have the worst pitching coach, worst hitting coach, we now have the worst training staff!

  75. hey farrell, thanks for putting that red light on lawrie.

    • You forgot about the Grounds crew. That mound is Canadian made and it is ruining the best arms we have.

      • Oh yeah, and Nadir Mohamed, there’s a guy who sounds like he’s interested in baseball. The passion starts here.

        • Did I mention that pant-load Beeston…waxing eloquent on the future of our team. Yes, at some point in the next 5 years we will make the playoffs – more than once. Yep if MLB keeps lowering post-season qulifications to play, we should make it!

          • It will be interesting to see what the Jays do in the offseason.

            Presumable, they won’t let Beeston make any statements regarding payroll, competitiveness that are too optimistic.

            With Drabek & Hutch out for most of next season assuming they need Tommy John surgery, what does AA do?

            I assume Dustin McGowan won’t be available next year.

            Do they trade for more young ams?

            Do they pay for some veteran pitchers?

            Do they try to rebuild the pen again with veterans?

            Does Carlos V & Brett Cecil make the rotation next year?

            I don’t envy AA’s job.

            I suppose the advantage to him is there will be no expectations of competing for a playoff spot in 2013

    • Looks like grouchy has changed his name.

  76. The way this season has gone, the Jays will hit the snot out of the ball now that half the rotation is gone.

    What the hell…run out Deck Mcguire and Chad Jennings.

    • I seem to recall that expectations were hign for McGuire & Jenkins when they were drafted.

      What went wrong with them?

      I guess Nicolino, Sanchez & those guys will be in NH next year.

  77. Actually its not a total disaster because they can run their highly-touted prospect arms out now in fairly benign situations. No one will be expecting much from them and theyll get some major-league seasoning. It’ll be a good way to find out who has a chance and who hasnt.

    • Yes benign situations, that would be the 2012 MLB Blue Jay season you are referring to. Good idea, lets start the 2015 squad now and we can hold hand and talk of upside, ceilings, and potential. Forgot too about sample sizes that are too small. We can be dismissive anyone who speaks of trade as novice, slander them with pituresque similies of the human anatomy, and have the Moderator of this fine site confirm how utterly rediculous their contention is.

      • maybe just stop being a fucking idiot and make decent points that arent so easily dismissed and criticized for your lack of reality and perspective. Youre an ass most of the time troll as a hobby.

        • Always a delighted to hear from foul mouthed first time bloggers. Your editorial is remarkable despite its total lack of meaningful content. Perhaps you should consider enrolling in a crative witing progame, and subscribing to a popular baseball magazine. Good luck with English

          • “crative writing”, eh? Lol. Seriously though, you should probably avoid calling people out on spelling or grammar when attempting to shit all over their abilities to comment on a post in a sports blog. Especially when the content of the posts you usually throw up (which can be interpreted in either the posting sense, or the vomit sense, which is how, I assume, you type your posts, namely vomiting on your keyboard and seeing what comes out. But I digress.) is generally about as well thought out, accurate and well written as a kindergartner’s attempt at writing an academic paper.

          • Poetic licence in my kase

    • Or not because thats a reactionary result. Why fastforward players progression? That would be more harmful wouldnt it? You stay the course and replace them with the AAA arms and take the better draft pick and bring your top prospects along as previously intended. I see absolutely no point in fucking up the young arms just because theres a few injuries. Doesnt really make since.

      • That seems logical. However, do the Jays fans want to wait till 2015 to see the new crop of prospects make the team?

        Rogers has spent a lot of money on rebuilding the franchise’s image, broadcast crew etc…

        The team has a built a lot of goodwill with fans this year & it is becoming more popular in terms of ratings & attendance.

        I don’t think AA would mind rebuilding with prospects, but would Rogers give AA a bigger payroll to try & keep attendance & ratings up?

        The key injuries to the pitching staff should take the heat off of management , but will the hitters be under more scrutiny to perform well.?

  78. People need to simmer down. The MLB team will be better when it’s better. AA is doing a good job here, and he’s not going to buckle to the pressure of mental retards.

  79. If all you care about is winning and ownership spending tons of money on aging free agents, just be a fucking Yankees fan and spare yourself the heart ache.

    • +1

      If you dont like the players on the team, or the manager, or the GM or their style and you constantly want them to be like other teams..go cheer for those other teams.

      • Why don’t you follow the Pirates or KC Royals. They haven’t been to the playoffs in 20 years .

        The problem with baseball in this market is that there are not enough “hipster, prospect loving” fans in Toronto to support the team financially.

        The team generates a lot of revenue from broadcasting, so if the team is not competitive, ratings go down which reduces revenue.

        The damage done by having two key members of the rotation out is very bad news for the rest of this year’s ratings etc..

        Traditionally, broadcasters make promises to advertisers to a deliver a specific ratings number. If not, the advertiser gets additional ads for free.

        I know its cool to bash casual fans , but without them the team won’t have the resources to compete.

        There are not enough baseball purists in this city.

        Look at the ratings for getting blanked vs drunk jays. A jays specific blog gets more page views & comments than a general baseball blog.

        • the jays are going to be the pirates and royals with perennial prospects

          • Be a happy then. Be a Yankees fan. There’s always more room on that band wagon. You can even buy one of their hats in a gas station. They come in all kinds of crazy colours these days.

        • If Kyle Drabek is a key member of this rotation, well… it speaks volumes for the team’s competitiveness.

      • -1

        If you don’t like the team, you stay away form the stadium, mechandise and don’t watch any games. You see Shotgun, you don’t cheer for another team, you go to another sport, another activity, you invest your leisure time elsewhere. If you love baseball, you want the team to do well, so that more people come out. Don’t drive them away

  80. There’s enough for them to break even. Same as there ever was. You can’t rush what AA is doing, and I don’t think he gives a fuck what popular sentiment suggests. Nor should he. He’s too smart for that.

    • In 2010, the Jays on Sportsnet average around 437K per game. This year it’s around 700K plus

      Broadcast revenue is higher than gate revenue, part of which is shared with other clubs

      If the Jays were to revert to a 70 win team & dump all veterans, then ratings would drop back.

    • Maybe AA can run a team with an empty baseball stadium, but at some point Rogers will have to step in.

      AA’s will be given at least 7 years to build a club, but if he fails, whats the next GM do?

      AA has done a very good job of rebuilding the farm system & made some good trades.

      However, if the MLB team goes down to consistent 70 win seasons, then what happens?

      Rogers will hold AA as accountable as they did JP Riccardi.

  81. And as for the KC and Priates thing, this has been (basically) a .500 team for the last twenty years with the occasional season above and bellow. They haven’t been basement feeders. And they won’t be this year either.

    • Isn’t that a problem with the Jays. ? The Jays have never been weak enough to get the top 3 in draft picks, so can’t build that way.

      AA has been a prospect collector since 2010, but the new CBA makes it hard to get more picks.

      Also, the prospects acquired since 2010 haven’t been able to help the team yet in a meaningful way.

      Even if AA wanted a Tank Nation strategy for 5 years, Rogers would not let him do that, because the loss in broadcast revenue would offset a cheaper payroll.

      • Tank nation doesn’t really work with baseball as the top picks are far less likely to produce superstars as in the other pro sports. AA’s strategy, it seems, has been to acquire as many high end prospects as possible in order to compensate for this. So .500 hasn’t been bad at all. I think this won’t be a 70 win team. They’ll be around .500 this year again.

  82. And for the record, I still think Prince Fielder cost too much fucking money. It might look alright today, but tomorrow it’s gonna bite the tigers in the ass.

  83. @oakville

    being a GM is easy if you know what you are doing. did you actually expect 3 rookie pitchers to finish the season with 200ip? that’s why you go out and sign a veteran starter like the yankees did or go get more depth like baltimore did. you can’t expose yourself like JP did a few years ago with oka and zambrano. alex learned nothing.

    • Because it was more about letting those young pitchers develop at the big league level than patching up short term holes.

    • I agree with you about acquiring an innings eater in the last offseason.

      I don’t think Hutch or Drabek would have been allowed to pitch 200 innings this year to protect their arms.

      It seems that AA’s strategy was to have a veteran bullpen back up a young starting rotation.

      What Rogers or AA failed to realize in the offseason, is that the number of MLB team with more money to spend is increasing as a result of higher broadcasting revenues.

      It’s not just the yankees or red sox that have money, but the Cincinnati reds new broadcast revenues have allowed them to sign Joey Votto to a 200 million contract.

      The LAA Angels now have extra revenue as well as the texas rangers.

      The cost of free agents is being driven up by the new CBA which imposes a salary cap on draft pick costs.

      I think AA would rather spend 30 million on propsects than free agents because you could get several more prospects for that price than 1 or 2 free agents.

      The new CBA is a knife to AA’s strategy over thepast 2 years.

      Will AA & Rogers be comfortable with having to spend money on free agents?

      Can Rogers try to market a new 3 year rebuild to advertisers?

      • I’m not sure why you see this as a new 3 year rebuild. It’s been a bad week. That’s it. Morrow will be back. So (it seems) with Hutch. Drabek wasn’t exactly killing it either. AA is going to continue doing what he’s been doing: looking to add pieces to the puzzle. Same as before.

        • Hutch & Drabek could be out for 1 year with Tommy John.

          They would have been part of the rotation in 2013

          • Well, so far they’re saying Hutch only has a strain. So we’ll hope for that. And Drabek hadn’t been all that great anyways. I still liked seeing him get the innings. But he wasn’t Roy Halladay or anything. you needs to chill, dude.

      • Nice Bob Elliott Styled post. One sentence paragraphs. Admirable. On the cost of free agents being driven up by draft caps… WTF are you talking about? I don’t disagree that the new CBA has forced AA to change tactics, but a knife to it? Ridiculous. Explain some of your topic sentences and stop throwing up headlines like projectile vomit here without any context.

  84. I can’t believe people think the team is going to be fast-tracking the ceiling pitchers in the low minors now or making a trade for ML-ready pitchers. That’s patently absurd at this point. Get ready for a lot of Cecil/Chavez/Carreno with maybe a side of McGuire/Jenkins if they show some signs of life. It’s shit luck and a shit hand that we’ve been dealt, but they shouldn’t be and won’t be altering the long-term plan.

  85. a) three injuries in four days is a coincidence, not a trend.

    b) Two nearly identical injuries to similarly aged and experienced pitchers at the exact same point of the season… strange, and probably should be concerning.

  86. ok Stoeten….wipe yourself off and get the gamer threat uploaded to the interweb already.

    • Probably thinks the game starts at 4

    • Yup, Stoeten up to his old antics again. He knows he has to do one for every game, why is it always late or non existent? At least give us the one liner “here’s your game day threat assholes” so we have a place to post comments about the game. How long does that take? Ugh!! Looks like another weekend without game day threats…

  87. i know Buck is retarded, and I don’t like him any better at all, and yeah Ashby can at least put coherent thoughts together, but I find him condescending as hell.

    • Then put it on the fan590 and stop whining, butthead!

      • don’t be a dick…..Biff

      • The problem with that is you have to listen to wilner. It would be nice if the jays could step in during the offseason and clear out wilner, buck, and tabby in favour of some better commentators – even if they have to shell out a bit.

        • I’m available! Did I mention I`m available….

        • I think that ashby will eventually take over from Tabby.

          Is there anyone of the FAN590 with more baseball knowledge than Wilner?

          • nobody at the Fan has more baseball knowledge than Wilner,but he needs more than that ,in his skillset, to do play-by-play or colour on radio.

            Did anybody else catch some animosity between Gerry and Wilner yesterday?
            Gerry actually corrected him,on air, when somebody broke a bat.

          • Count how many times Ashby starts a sentence with the exclamation “Boy!”

            “Boy! You really gotta wonder….”

            “Boy! Isn’t that impressive….”

          • Every time he says “boy” insert the word “fuck!”.

        • Wilner isn’t god awful… just falls prey to a bit of I-know-who-feeds-my-kids homerism every so often.

          • Wilner doesn’t have the real world experience to retell to the audience.
            So he fills the holes with stats.
            Doing his best and has gotten better but doesn’t entertain the casual fan.

  88. That’s it Thome, that extra grooming made a big difference for your back foot toehold.

  89. And on that note, I’m done for not only the day but the whole season! I’ve finally reached my breaking point – there’s just no reason to stick around for the inevitable. I will not return here again.

  90. We (and he) needed that.

  91. Wow! Of late ricky has been looking like the old AAA ricky.

  92. I’ve just proven that a combination of Aaron Laffey, Carlos Villanueva, and and Darren Oliver is a much better pitcher than myself.

  93. Woah davis has a white thumb! maybe Lyle Overbays black hand is actually Davis`and vice versa.

  94. Im so intimidating that my opponents are afraid to catch my pop ups.

  95. Love that aggressive base running.

  96. Yippee more base running blunders.

  97. HEY yo guys want some runs?


    NO, no thanks..we’re good.

  98. Yupper…sure like that small ball we showed right there.

  99. lawrie thinks he is faster than a speeding bullet or a throw from 2nd. will he be the highest caught stealing ratio? trade this braincramped fuck.imagine him in a playoff game.ughhhh

    • He needs to be taught some discipline for Christ’s sake. Pop Warner football would of done that butthead a world of good. What`s Rickey Henderson up to these days?

  100. tabby says the pen needs a little bit of a blow. who is due?

    • Holy shit dude. He ran because Rasmus was caught, so he put the pressure on the defense to make the throw. They did make the throw, but it was the right play. Do you even watch the game?

    • I think tabbys a bit of a perv

      • He was a big time man whore in his playing days, so yeah I wouldn’t doubt that. The guys got like 10 fuckin’ kids LMAO!

      • @ karen

        A lot of double entendres.

        • easy radar….. that blip on your screen is a boner. yours.hahaa

          • I’d like to say when you got it , you got it.
            But at 82 years old, I take Cialis by the cupfull not the pill.
            Then I get lightheaded,pass out and she calls in a pinch hitter,

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