As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the popping in Kyle Drabek’s elbow wasn’t quite as benign as it was originally made out to be, but… ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME? NOW HUTCHISON TOO???

I’m doing this Game Threat late, and here’s the wonderfulness Mike Wilner just tweeted…

Jesus fuck, I don’t even wanna talk about it. Let’s hope maybe everyone’s just a little on edge about their ligaments or something.


Oh who cares? I don’t know… Adam Lind is still shitty, says the Toronto Star (or something like that), while the National Post talks to Carlos Delgado.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF

D. Hutchison RHP (And now Aaron Laffey, for fuck sakes).

Philadelphia Whogivesaphuckies

J. Rollins SS
J. Pierre LF
H. Pence RF
J. Thome DH
S. Victorino CF
C. Ruiz C
T. Wigginton 1B
M. Fontenot 3B
M. Martinez 2B

V. Worley RHP


Image via Jonathan Ernst/Getty.

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  1. I want to give the bullpen a blow.

  2. Stupidity is contagious.

  3. FUCK

  4. Campbell’s such a butthead…

  5. enough of the lee i cant win a game for fuck sakes.take jose and EE out of the jays lineup and you have the phillies many games would lazy eye romero have with that.

  6. Arencibia made an out!


  7. Anyone hear Ash try to burn people who want more from escobar. “20 RBIs despite what some would say” He’s right Escobar hasn’t been garbage this year because he has a HR tonight and 20 RBI for the season… please…. put me in the 2 hole or 6 hole and I’d have 15 GO RBI.

  8. if philly scores 1 more run its all over.jays max is 5 against a shitty team

  9. ashby is getting brutal too. is there an announcer that doesnt get fucked in the mouth disease in least with other sports there is someone tolerable in toronto before they hit 80 yrs old

    • I was confused as to his ball washing comment on JPA as well. He said something to the effect that if you extrapolate his numbers for an entire season, they are very impressive.

      Then of course they throw up his pace of 23 homers and 78 RBI’s as if this means he is some sort of legit hitter.

      As far as I can tell, JPA is a fucking terrible hitter who on average, runs into a ball once of every 8 or so games and otherwise is useles.

      In fact, I think 4 of his homers have come in two games this year, and one of those games was the blow out in texas where those runs meant nothing.

      So for the vast majority of games, he is pretty much the worst regular hitter in baseball.

  10. how about a hit jose

  11. ow lawrie you had lots of time

  12. 42,000 there today.

    After all the bashing Jays fans have heard the last few years about not showing up, it’d be nice to hear a little credit somewhere. Will probably be close to 27K a game after this weekend.

    That’s really not bad for a team having this kind of season, after having this kind of 19 years.

    • You always know it’s the original James from his classic obsession with team attendance.

      • haha. Cmon. I doubt I’ve commented about it in a year at least.

        I just used to irritate me when the Canadian media got on the ‘Jays have been drawing poorly, therefore they are the next Expos’ narrative a couple years ago.

        • That’s true, and I agree with you for sure. It’s just funny that you can tell it’s you!

    • Yeah i am impressed by the attendance of late. I hope all the injuries don’t put a damper on that later in the year. More people this year leads to a better chance of a higher payroll next year.

    • People may have bought tickets several weeks ago.

      Attendance may go down after July 1, if the team gets a lock on 5th place.

  13. did you hear zaun admit AA could have done more in the offseason to shore up the team? thats a first time i didnt want to kick zaun in the nuts when he spoke

  14. When was the last time we won a game where the opponents scored 4 or more runs?

  15. Just got in.

    What’s the word on Hutch?

    What’s the word on these fucks ever posting another weekend game threat?

  16. Robert Coello is amazing!

    Small what size?

    • I like this buttheads knuckleball, such a throwback!

      • I like the fastball command. Made Thome look like a deer in the headlights

        • Yep, no doubt he’s got some potential, but how to utilize it properly is the big question mark. Butthead Bruce Walton is usually pretty good with these types, so we’ll see.

  17. question: how come some posts do not have a “reply” option?

  18. This reminds me of those nationals games where we get behind early and that is all she wrote.

    • It’s been a really frustrating game. They keep threatening, but nothing happening.

      Kind of a classic, 2012 Jays close loss.

  19. and the 5th run sealed the deal.where is its all over and i dont mean the fuckin imposter its all over

  20. Crazy shit is happening.

  21. i love you EEEEEEE.take notice brett how its done.timing is everything

    • Timing or luck? That was an error and back up was late in the outfield?

    • good thing EE ignored brumfield. whats with the old guy that cant see directing traffic for fuck sakes.cmon get some youth in there

  22. Here we go, down by one now.

  23. Take note Brett that was aggressive running but smart running.

  24. LOL. thanks Jimmy.

  25. O Mein Papa, to me he was so wonderful. O Mein Papa, to me he was so good.

  26. Im back for now!

  27. Nice Astro turf hit, Bland Ichiro!

    Nice hit JPA, it’s tied!

    Thanks Chad Qualls.

  28. Cliff Lee… Hah!

  29. Damn, Mayberry’s arm was awful, bet McCoy could have beat him.

  30. This looks like a fun game to be at. I went last night, they won but not a lot of action really.
    One thing for sure, the crowds are larger and louder than they have been in recent years.

  31. and the Yaysayers overtake the naysayers, as the jays tie it up.
    Fuck all your couches.

  32. so my 7-0 win streak still has legs. go jays. i said earlier this pitcher adversity would rally the troops and yunel and kj would be hot.look it up if you dont believe me/ hey where were the fans to critique stoeten when he said a manger only influenced a handful of games in a season.farrell has fucked up at least 5 games at the 1/3 point. if the jays can go better than 5/10 i think AA pulls a trade or 2 soon.

    • That Cliff Lee totally sucks, can’t get a win against the Jays. They should totally trade for him for spare parts.

  33. Fuck great chance wasted to the lead. Might hurt later.

  34. What a great 8th inning. Haven’t many improbably comebacks like that this year. Lets finish this bastard off!

  35. holy shit farrell has changed! someone posted last week about using a closer in the ninth tied up.he will be happy now.and the guy had stats to back it up.cant remember his name though

    • lol.
      This is the third time he’s done it all season, I believe.
      Once in Texas, once two weeks ago, and now this time. The first two times did not work out fantastic as I recall, but I think this is not a bad idea at all.
      Much better than CoCo.

    • Fer fuck sakes he used his closer today in a tied game at home…last week it was an away game. It makes a huge difference. Also he hadn’t exhausted his bull pen like he did last week. Remember last week if he used Jannsen in the tie that meant CoCo became the closer or Jannsen for 2 innings.

  36. best part of this (even though its a meaningless stat)
    Cliff Lee is no longer in line for a win, thus keeping one of the most ridiculous storylines of the year alive.
    And of course the Jays could win. But that’s beside the point.

    • hey last year it was the jays pitcher setting records for no wins

    • Cliff Lee has lost the way to win a ball game.
      No wins for Lee this season. The Phillies should have signed Carl pavano last year, that guy’s a winner.

    • It is kind of hilarious. He’s pitched pretty great, and is 0-3 on June 16. And he’s had a 10IP, 0ER game!

      Lucky for him it’s not 15 years ago when people took pitcher wins more seriously.

  37. C’mon Cletus the Slack-Jawed Centrefielder!

    • Some folk’ll never eat a squirrel, but then again, some folk’ll. Like Cletus, the slack-jawed yokellllll

  38. homer time

  39. Coco’s warming up. Please EE end it here.

  40. Would rather run janssen out again for one more imning than coco. Worry about tomorrow if needed.

  41. Coco time!!!!!

  42. Over 500 comments.
    I have to feed my computer a Red Bull, just to refresh the page.

  43. Oh good, Cordero’s in so we wont have to watch a long extra inning battle

  44. Even though he gave up that run, those were a big 2 innings by Coello, with the bullpen being so exhausted.

    And of course, now we’re going into extras the day after the bullpen pitched 8 1/3.

  45. I don’t know if it’s just my perception, but when the Jays play in extras in a tie game it seems like they’re just looking for a homer rather than taking hits/walks and playing out the inning like normal.

    The 9th was frustrating, because the first 3 guys had 3 balls on em. With a bit of patience they might have had a 1st/2nd one out kind of situation going.

    Then again I’m not a major league hitter, so what the fuck do I know.

  46. Closing my eyes Coco pitching.

  47. Juan Pierre still looks 12

  48. Placido Polanco is the Karl Pilkington of the Phillies

  49. U mean for the Phillies?

  50. Yiiikes. Cmon Coco.

  51. heads up play by Escobar. I’m a fan of the accidental looking slew-foot

  52. Lets hope we get some “savery” pitches to hit this inning.

  53. I hear joe savery serves up tasty meatballs!

  54. Walk off, here we go baby

  55. McCoy bunt ftw go go

  56. Mike McCoy would not have been out of place in The Goonies

  57. hit a long fly jp…. cmon rbi guy

  58. JP Arencibia Gold Star of the game(if we win)
    Gold star has to go to the Phillies defense, they’ve really helped us out these last two games.


  60. fuckin ugly jp. in the dirt loser.AA trade that fuck

  61. That won’t do JP fuck here we go again.

  62. Rajai Walk Off!

  63. yayyyyyyyyyyyy rajai. now 7 wins in arow

  64. Raji Davis!… Fuckin A

  65. A to B Rajai, I fucking love that little shit lately!

  66. Wow, what a great game! Especially in light of how shit this past week has been. Awesome.

    • Totally. Just what the doctor ordered. Be a nice little mini boost if Cecil pitches well tomorrow for the sweep. Hopefully it might kill some of the silly talk about trading EE and KJ for a little while.

      • I hope they keep EE & if they got KJ that would be a bonus.

        However, AA has invested a lot of money in Hecheverria so he has to put him on the Jays in 2013.

        Escobar to 2B & Hech to SS

  67. The plus side re: Hutchison’s injury is that we won’t have to shut him down in August anymore.

  68. Gotta be proud of the team for working hard and winning games after 3 of their starters go down. It’ll get a little tougher now….Ceicil for Morrow, not a fair trade there at all

  69. I like how Ashby tells it like it is where Tabby and please never come back Buck continually give the Jay’s pearl necklaces. On the Escobar tag at second….not in a fuckin million years would Tab/Buck make a comment about how Escobar’s tag was almost late.

    I am growin tired of the Jay’s paid staff being homers. Even Wilner seems especially homerish this year. I know it must be tough fielding all the dumbass callers but fuck.

    • It’s certainly a fine line to walk. They need access and they need players willing to talk to them to do their jobs so it’s hard to be too critical. On top of that I am sure their corporate masters want them to put the best spin on situations because they are selling a product after all and not many companies have people bash their own product.

      Of course you’re right on some counts where it gets entirely excessive or a player needs to be called out because the action is so blatant.

      Maybe they’re doing a good thing by not having the same the people do all the games especially the colour guys. When you’re talking 3-4 hours a game plus pre-game, you’re going to run out of things to talk about soon enough and when you’re saying the same things to the same audience night in and night out it’s going to seem worse than it is.

      I don’t know maybe Ashby has it easier coming from radio where more of the action needs to be set up and described compared to the TV guys that assume you can see what they’re talking about. There’s less time to throw around all the cliches compared to the TV guys.

    • Wilner almost lost his job in 2010 after criticizing Cito Gaston. he was suspended for a weekend.

      I think Wilner thought he could get away with attacking a lame duck manager.

      Farrell is not a lame duck so he will never criticize him harshly.

      It’s hilarious to listen to Wilner go from touting the Jays as a playoff team to “they aren’t competing this year”

      • “It’s hilarious to listen to Wilner go from touting the Jays as a playoff team to “they aren’t competing this year””

        I don’t know that that’s totally true. This was in his blog 3 days ago:

        “The Blue Jays are most certainly not a bad team, but they’re not great, either. It’s a team that should be expected to hang out around the .500 mark most of the season, usually above it, and be in the race for the second wild card spot though likely winding up falling short. Lo and behold, that’s what’s gone on so far this season.”


        I think that’s pretty consistent with what he (and us) have been saying all year. May take a shot at the 2nd WC in 2012, but it will take some breaks going our way.

        • Look at his blog earlier in the year. he kept bragging that the Jays were in a playoff spot after 30 games or so.

          He was also crowing that the Jays were winning at a 90 game pace.

          He forgot to tell fans that the Jays usually wilt during interleague & when playing teams in the ALEast.

          Looking at the games that remain to be played against the Rays,Red Sox & Yankees on the road, a playoff spot is impossible.

          • impossible is a big word, Oakville. It’s not likely. It’s never been likely. But it’s also not impossible.

          • his point was never that they were going to make the playoffs, but rather, when all the hardcore mouthbreathers would call in after a tough loss or twitter would ‘splode after a CoCo meltdown, that as shitty as it feels, the team is still in the conversation at the very least. It was more meant to calm down the idiots than fluff the expectations of the average fans.

          • Paul -

            I think where he runs in to trouble is when he uses this to “calm down the idiots” he also can’t come back at them and be angry/condescending when those same idiots come back complaining and say the Jays were never going to make the playoffs.

            I mean, I understand what he’s getting at (“it’s not as bad as it seems”) but I’m 100% certain not everyone sees it that way.

          • @allisauce: very true. he has definitely painted himself into a corner in some ways by attempting to balance overreactions with cautious optimism. I think part of the problem is that he rarely tempers his enthusiasm by adding on things like “Now it’s only May, but…” before he touts the record, or pointing out that the teams around them have been floundering and will likely improve while the Jays have been playing at (or near) their true talent level. Although, that being said, I think there is some potential for improvement in the bats.

          • ” I think part of the problem is that he rarely tempers his enthusiasm by adding on things like “Now it’s only May, but…” before he touts the record,..”

            Agree totally.

            Also agree on the bats.

            I think JPA’s bat (or lack thereof) has generally gone under the radar amongst the casual fan. Perhaps its because he’s such a “good guy” or that he has a bunch of people following him on twitter. If Rasmus had a .260-something OBP we wouldn’t hear the end of the braying.

          • @oakville69

            Yeah, as Paul said telling us the Jays are on pace for 90 wins or are a couple of out the wild card is hardly predicting a playoff spot. It’s just telling us what the pace is.

    • If Ashby’s going to be the play-by-play man, I’d rather Buck do the colour than Tabby, by miles. Buck’s great as an in-game analyst, less so at play-by-play.

  70. I don’t give a shit about nothin’ but money. I’m money baby.

  71. Man, I love hitting in the low 200′s, when i go one for five, my average hardly changes!!

  72. More than 42k at the Dome today. Would assume something like that tomorrow again.

    The tv ratings and attendance have shown really strong growth this year, and that’s on top of last year which also showed growth. I knew these things would get better if the team won, but it seems to be preceding the team actually becoming good, which is surprising me. Radar said upthread that Jays games are becoming an event again. If they can at least hang out just a little over .500 and not collapse completely they might have something here.

    Is it cool to be a Jays fan again? I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it seems closer than at any time in many, many years.

    • This is good news, but I suspect attendance will drop off as the team drops out of a pennant race.

      August & September should be weak.

      From my perspective , I don’t mind watching prospects coming up to play but I already paid for my flex pack tickets.

      I won’t buy tickets to any additional games .

      • Negativity really gets tiresome in a 500 plus comment thread.
        I wish Stoeten had posted a new one today so your comments would seem fresh.

        • LOL!.

          Just trying to be realistic . So far this year the weeknight games are drawing an extra 5K=7K per night.

          The weekend series are getting into the 40′s which is very good as long as the Dome is open.

          The season ticket base is around 10-12 K not including flex pack owners.

          If the Jays were in a pennant race you would have 35K crowds on weeknights in August & 45K plus on weekends.

          I posted the link for ratings earlier.

          This weekend should have 700K viewres.

        • If the BJ’s had a winning team you wouldn’t be so tired. Try some coffee.

    • The real plus to this is that the mentality of ownership seems to be that they will spend in a way that mirrors the attendance and ratings, not attempt to spend to generate those things (as that’s been largely proven not to work). Thus if this .500ish team can start to show that it can build buzz, then it will (hopefully) in the eyes of ownership warrant further investment in order to take both on the field and off the field performance to the next level.

      • That plus is a negative because it shows a management that is reactive rather than proactive.

        In most entertainment business you want to encourage people to come back to visit your venue.

        It’s like a restaurant or store offering loyalty cards. You want people to come back.

        If the product/experience is bad you won’t come back.

        • remeber the resturant strategy that AA is cookin’ up. We arn’t improving the menu till we get more people in the restaurant. (That better Paul) (Fucking guys from Ottawa)

        • winning consistently seems to be the only thing that provides sustained boosts in attendance. the purchase of premium players does not. the data is all over the place on that. a short term gain in performance, which a single player or two might provide, does not in any way shape or form guarantee long term success, and which may cost the team’s long term ability to compete via the loss of either prospects or future payroll flexibility, is more likely to hurt the team in terms of sustained growth in market share and competitiveness in the marketplace and on the field.

          • and, in the restaurant industry, you generally do expand and change your menu only after you begin to experience the development of a steady customer base which justifies the concept you’re selling, atmosphere, menu etc. That is why restaurants have soft openings and barebones menus to start, and slowly grow them over time as customer experience and profitability show you what works and does not.

          • Winning boosts attendance agreed, but premium players can certainly help, though there are examples on both sides of this topic. Thats why we have GM’s. No team that I recall has ever won with a 100% farm grown team. I’m sure you recall the judisious, and just plain lucky trades Gillick made, and some premium players he mixed in. We arn’t ready now, maybe we never will be, and maybe with another Bautista type signing at the deadline we are but 2 players away.

          • Waiter! Bring Paul and I some red meat and beer…not on the menu? Paul, you wanna stay here or go down the street?

    • “Is it cool to be a Jays fan again? I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it seems closer than at any time in many, many years.”

      I have no idea how these things become cool or uncool, but it really seems to be the case again. Stroll along Queen or Ossington and I guarantee you you’ll see Jays hats all over the place.

      There was a period of 10 years where it seemed very uncool to like the Blue Jays, but something has changed in the last year or so, where the Jays really seem to be resonating with 20 and 30 something people. Maybe it’s that the kids who were 10 when the Jays won the World series are 30 now?

      I really don’t know what causes it. The general sense of optimism about the direction of the team maybe? Even with this somewhat disappointing season, the general vibe about the way the team is going is very good in the city IMO.

      • Maybe there’s been enough separation from the last of their successes for the younger fans to embrace them without the memories that a lot of us older guys grew up with through the 80′s and early 90′s. Lets face it a lot of the 20 somethings were probably 5 or 6 back in 93 or even younger.

        Sometimes I think it’s tougher to have lived through a teams climb to success and then live through the long dreary downfall when you’re constantly comparing the current model’s failures to past glories.

        Just like the early 80′s this is a pretty young team and maybe the younger crowd can identify more easily with this group.

  73. I never understood how it could be cool to be a Jays fan. Maybe with the economy going flat, people stay around town more, and Jays games fit the budget better -or not

    • In terms of spending money on entertainment, the Jays are good value relative to the other sports teams in this city.

      Going to Rogers Centre is a fun experience in the summer with kids. The beer & food is expensive but otherwise I can’t complain.

      My kids loved running the bases & going to the campout last year where you sleep at Rogers Centre. Best value ever!

  74. Brilliant move by Charlie Manuel to bring in a shitbag lefty with 5 straight RHBs due up in the 10th and Papelbon chewing sunflower seeds in the bullpen. If that was Farrell, there’d be 500 comments about this now (and rightfully so).

    • Trust me, Phillies fans hate Charlie Manuel, who is almost certainly a worse manager than tight pants Farrell, much louder and worse than Jays fans shit on JF. And with better reasons. At least our closer isn’t pitching because he’s on the DL. Listen to ESPN’s Baseball Today podcast, Eric Karabell loses it about Manuel at least once a week. His voice gets even more high pitched and whiny than usual. It’s fucking hilarious.

  75. Nice debut by Stilson at AA tonight.

    5 IP 3 H 0 ER 0 BB 2 K

    Keep an eye on him. As a college pitcher he could be the next fast mover you see race up the ladder this year. Law says he’s more of 1 inning power reliever but I’m wonder if the Jays keep him at starter considering the depth issues.

    • He would have been a mid first round pick if not for arm injury issues. They seem to have resolved without surgery. There was a question of possible labral tear however I think he saw Andrews who didn’t think it was a labral tear.

  76. Who am I… He pictched at Double-A New Hampshire and posted a 3-2 record with a 3.38 ERA in nine starts.

  77. Let me give you guys a lesson on how fucking ridiculous the Jays vs Rays series have gone the last few years.

    From 2008 to present day, the Jays record vs the Rays is: 27 wins and 53 losses.

    here is the breakdown:

    Vs Rays: Total

    2008: 7-11 86-76
    2009: 4-14 75-87
    2010: 8-10 85-77
    2011: 6-12 81-81
    2012: 2-6 33-32

    27-53 360-353

    In other words, if you remove the Rays games vs the Jays in the past 5 seasons, the jays overall record is 333 wins and 300 for a winning percentage of .526

    this averages out to 85 wins per year over 162 games.

    meanwhile, their percentage vs the rays is .337 which equates to 55 wins over a season.

    In other words, if you simply removed the rays from the equation, the jays have been one of the better teams in all of baseball year to year since 2008.

    This year will prove quite interesting. The way it is shaping up, there is a good chance in my opinion that the rays win a wild card position nearly solely based on how dominant they are vs the jays. In fact right now if the jays wre even 4 and 4 instead of 2 and 6 vs the rays, they would be ahead of them in the standings by one game.

    • that is ridiculously stupid logic. every team sucks against 1 team. why don’t you take away the jays record vs baltimore and see what happens. jays were 15-3 last year

      • It’s not stupid logic dumb ass. The point of the exercise is illustrating that the jays for some reason play the rays to a level of ineptitude that does not correlate with the jays overall performance

        compare that, in you simplistic example, to the jays vs baltimore. Toronto was a vastly superior team to baltimore in record overall and it held true in head to head meetings.

        meanwhile, in every year save one, the jays have been 500 or better yet played at a level much inferior to that vs the rays….

        • or the rays are just good at baseball. and well managed against teams that they see 18 times a year. You can realistically cherry pick those kind of stats to support any kind of narrative
          for example:
          Liverpool FC, from 2004-2008/9 or so, kept finishing between 2nd and 4th in the premiership. the complaint among fans was that the team could not beat the other top 4 clubs, and thus was missing opportunities to take away points as well as winning them, thus costing themselves the title.
          The team then seemed to focus on winning these games, often doing so over the following years, which made it more noticeable when they would lose to/draw lower caliber clubs, thus creating the narrative that they couldn’t get up for small games, or put bad teams away. Both were likely fallacious denials of the fact that the true talent level of the club was simply not at a point where it was capable of challenging the better funded/managed clubs at the top. However, by cherry-picking the stats to fit the narrative, the fans and pundits had something to talk about.
          Similar situation here.

      • You fuck, day manimal keep on fucking your ass with your face, bitch.

    • let me give you a lesson. the problem with your argument is that the jays have to play the rays 18 times a year. now if you could just simply fuck off.

      • Your lesson is up your ass with your cunt, fuck motherfucking bitch.

        • Lose the language Moses

        • Jeez, Moses if you’re gonna swear ,learn how to do it right.
          There’s no cadence to the words.The effect is missing.
          Like what the fuck is that supposed to mean?
          Sounds like something a 14 year old would say cause he thought it was cool,except the point gets lost.
          If you are 14, nevermind.

  78. OK so let’s all get a grip here. If our organization cant replace a ridiculously underachieving Drabek and an overachieving (due mostly to an early call up) Hutchison then they were never going any place to begin with. The Morrow injury sucks for sure, but let’s face it, Drabek and Hutchison are the guys contending teams go to when better starters get hurt. The fact that they’re the “better starters” with the team should already have been a red flag… Not hating/trolling, you’d have a hard time finding a bigger fan than I, but it’s true…

    P.S. Wipe that smirk off your face Parkes

    • Chaulk up another fucking lost season under Roger Communications.

      12 years and counting with those motherfucking bastards.

  79. Lotta love here, Happy Fathers Day. Remember Kids, take your Father to the ball game.

  80. By the way, the bull-pen mangement for the Jays was done correctly yeasterday, and it was not an about-face by Farrell (though no one said he did a good job – he did). At home, you can use your closer, in non-close situations. This because if the BJ’s score its game over…if not still no save opportunity. In away games, using your closer in non-save situations, you look foolish doing it. Last weeks away game, with the bullpen down to CoCo and Jannsen, they used CoCo and he blew it in the 10th. You can’t put Jannsen in early, cause if it turns into a save situation the CoCo is you closer – Yikes! So Farrell didn’t reverse any strategies yesterday

    • I don’t agree with that strategy. I don’t want Coco pitching in any high leverage situations.

      It looks silly to allow Coco to blow a game when you have Janssen in the bullpen.
      I would rather lose a game with my best pitcher on the mound.

      I don’t think Janssen cares about saves.

      • Umm…yeah he will as a closer cause thats the measure of success. Nobody wants CoCo in a high leverage situation. Perhaps my point wasn’t made properly, but the Jays only had 2 pitchers left in the away game – Coco and Jannsen. So your choice is blowing Jannsens arm in game 1 of a 3 game series, or using CoCo as the setup guy. No coach gets fired for playing the percentages

    • Good bullpen management yesterday ?? It was the top of the 8th, Phillies leading 4 -2 – Jays get 2 more at bats. The AAA reliever had already pitched a beautiful 7th and had 2 outs in the 8th. John Maddon would have already had somebody warming up in the BP – JF not so much. Pitcher walks the batter – appears to be losing his control. Next batter another walk putting runners on 1st and 2nd. Maddon would have shot out of the dugout and waved to the pen – JF not so much. Next batter cracks a double, Phillies lead 5-2, and as it turns out force extra innings. Stop with the talk about the BP being tired if each of them had to pitch an inning every night they should still be ready.

      • Right you are. Sorry my point was confined to the use of Janssen in the 9th, not a save situation. There were those thinking Farrell had a changed his strategy from last week. Just trying to point out the difference in home and away games – but nobody here seems to fucking get that point!

        • Chancy if we can take the part of a tired bullpen out, then lets have our closer pitch every inning of every game. Ya can’t have Jannsen throwning 2 innings (30 to 40 pitches) in game 1 of a 3 game series. What kind of manger does that? I guess its me, lets not manage resources, lets make decisions based on the fact that you’re just right

  81. Turnstile Watch:

    Jays were 4th of 15th teams yesterday, behind the Rangers(vs Astros) 48.3, Dodgers(WSux) 45.2 and just behind the Angels(D-bags) 42.5. The Jays at 42.1 were just slightly ahead of the Cards(42K) and the Tiggers (41.8).

    Friday, not so much again – 28K, only our good friends the Rays and A’s had lower numbers.

    Obviously Jr Jays Saturday is a raging success, now how about some more genius plans to build some momentum into the weekend (the mid-week is another nut to crack) but obviously a party vibe on Friday nights would be good

    Fire It Up Fridays (Cannabis-friendly sections, probably the 100 level outfield seats to maximize the contact high due to the confined space or the closed Hard Rock space

    and the Jays Shop was killing it yesterday – the merch sales have to be a huge surprise to management – I don’t remember seeing so many people turned out in gear. The new logo/cap/unis is paying off.

    • About the new merch, in years past you would see people wearing Jays hats to the games, and some wearing jerseys. Now you still have that, even moreso, but I’m blown away by the number who are wearing Jays t-shirts of various kinds.

      • Every time I’ve been to the shop it is packed. People just love the retro look merchandise. I even think the new logo has brought some coolness to being a jays fan.

    • Personally I think more bobblehead days would go a long way to boosting attendance early in the spring and later in the year, especially if we’re out of it. The Jays always seem to get a full house with that promotion. They’re relatively cheap to make in bulk.

      That said, I’m really love seeing the bigger attendance numbers at the games and the ratings for TV. Hopefully it bodes well for next year’s budget.

      • I would think we’ll have close to a sell-out today, being Father’s Day and a batting hemet promo as well.

    • MLB merchandise sales are split 30 ways. The new uniforms look very nice with appealing colours.

      Also, it helps ticket sales because every one sees the merchandise & some might think it’s a cool place to go.

      The jays have rebuilt the broadcasting aspect of the game with a god pre game & post game show.

      The marketing dept should get raises for the good job & promotions they did this year.

      I am a bit surprised that they won’t give away red t shirts this year on Canada Day.

  82. I don’t think EE touched 2nd base yesterday on the error play. Anyway, works for me.

  83. I can’t wait to show off my 86 mph heater to the middle of the plate again. Jamie Moyer would be proud.

  84. Three cheers for Matt Collett for representing Canada at the Aquafina Major League Baseball pitch, hit and run championships following the Mariners’ game today! HIP HIP– HOORAY! HIP HIP–HOORAY! HIP HIP–HOORAY!

    • Good Luck to him. I support anything involving Canadians and baseball.

      Maybe we’ll eventually change Stoeten and Parkes opinion about it.

      • Hear, hear RADAR! Just gotta CRANK some Donny and Marie, I’m A Little Bit Country and the patriotism just starts to ooze out of any man women or child. LONG LIVE CANADA!

  85. Odds of a game day threat today?

    Slim to none…

    • Not that I am one to spread rumors but I think he is still working off some wknd community service hours from that incident last month. j/k….I don’t want to get banned in a Sunday morning rage.

      • Stoeten has a life now that includes a lady friend, who maybe said
        ” Can you not give that blog a break and spend a weekend with me?”

        I don’t think he is the only one faced with such a decision.
        I can’t blame him,I’d do the same thing.

        Of course that doesn’t excuse Parkes or Drew from putting up a one line game threat.

      • The tulip-eating chocolate-pickers play today, so Stoeten will be otherwise occupied. He may be on suicide-watch the way they’ve been playing.

    • I think you’re overestimating the chances when you say slim..

  86. Good luck Brett, go deep and win!

  87. oh, and great game yesterday. the Jays kept getting close to knocking out Lee – 10 hits through the but only the 2 runs (that ground rule double was a big let down, Escobar scores easy on that, then left stranded)

    Now, the Phaillies have to be looking at that Jimmy Rollins contract and gagging – 2 more years at 11 per, with his .307 OBP and sub .700 OPS. And Posednik putting up a .413 OBP since his release to the RSux. Suck it Philly!!!

  88. How do I get one of those Zaun And Jamie bobble-heads? I want one SO BAD!

  89. I like how Fergy shows no modesty when introduced as the greatest Canadian baseball player of all time! What a beauty he is!

  90. Zaun is soooo brutal to listen to, man…

    Was Campbell fishing for Fergie Jenkins to pump up Lawrie with that question? Glad he answered Larry Walker…

  91. and the pitching injuries continue. The Latest:

    Brandon Beachy, Braves
    Matt Capps, Twins
    Scott Downs, Angels (could be minor . . . or not)

    and then there is Brad Lidge DFA

  92. Can someone show Cecil where the concession stand is? Man needs some food.

  93. Anyone got a count on how many times Ashby’s said the word “up” this half inning?

  94. I really wanted to see Doc today, but if we MUST face Kyle Kendrick…


  95. What a amateur that Ashby is “Cecil gets things started with a leadoff double”. Give me a break

  96. good at bat jose.that ump doesnt like jose….the first pitch was way outside called strike and jose didnt whine or make faces. then jose gets picked off first with no outs.dum dum

  97. Haha some fat chick got nailed in the head!

  98. Are the jays the worst base-running team in the league?

  99. How is Hector Luna in the big leagues?

  100. The old Cecil seems to be rearing his head again

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