As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the popping in Kyle Drabek’s elbow wasn’t quite as benign as it was originally made out to be, but… ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME? NOW HUTCHISON TOO???

I’m doing this Game Threat late, and here’s the wonderfulness Mike Wilner just tweeted…

Jesus fuck, I don’t even wanna talk about it. Let’s hope maybe everyone’s just a little on edge about their ligaments or something.


Oh who cares? I don’t know… Adam Lind is still shitty, says the Toronto Star (or something like that), while the National Post talks to Carlos Delgado.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF

D. Hutchison RHP (And now Aaron Laffey, for fuck sakes).

Philadelphia Whogivesaphuckies

J. Rollins SS
J. Pierre LF
H. Pence RF
J. Thome DH
S. Victorino CF
C. Ruiz C
T. Wigginton 1B
M. Fontenot 3B
M. Martinez 2B

V. Worley RHP


Image via Jonathan Ernst/Getty.

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  1. Deja vu brett keep the ball down man 89 or 90 no big deal down is where the fun is at

  2. Love what the jays did in binging all the dads up to Toronto today.

  3. Hoping attendance is 40k plus again today.

  4. Some of my mobile comments werent showing up when i checked from my computer.

  5. Wow that pitch was perfect to hit just above the belt. So pick your poison, quick homers from brett or death by a 1000 cuts from drabek.

  6. WTF!?!?! Cecil too!?!?!?!

    Oops, sorry, hit “post comment” a little too early.

  7. If my dad was still here, we’d be at the game. My dad is the reason I’m a baseball fan. He coached Greenwood Little League hardball for years, at 8 years old I was his official score-keeper. Back in the ’60s he would take my brother & I to Toronto Maple Leaf minor league games. Happy fathers day to all the dads out there.

    • Thanks Karen
      All good memories for you with your dad..
      Enjoy the day with a smile.

    • Flawless. If there was a slip in your post, it was nary a slip.

    • Very nice read, Karen.

    • Hey Karen! My dad took me to the the Leafs Baseball games too…I can barely remember Sparky Anderson and the Tip Top Tailors building (sign?) right near it.
      My dad loved and coached hockey so baseball was a diversion for him..

      • Yes the ballpark was near Tip Top Tailors. My dad told me the place was filled with rats, so I was always afraid to put my feet down lol. We had seasons tickets to the Leafs, but my dad always coached baseball not hockey.

        One of my earliest memories is going to the game for “ball day”, and my brother got a baseball and I didn’t. They were only for boys. Hard to imagine that was acceptable, but that was a different time.

  8. Comments about Colby’s Dad are conspicuous in their absence lol

  9. anyone else think skinny cecil looks a bit like a meth addict? las vegas conditioning regimen?

  10. I’m a Canadian. I enjoy Canadian baseball and celebrate it’s players,Youth,college and Major league.I’m a fan of Canada’s major league team, the Blue Jays.

    Stoeten shuts down his life for the Dutch national team.
    He’s a patriotic,enthusiastic supporter.

    And yet somehow I’ve been labeled an irrational,maple slurping,racist dickhead for being such a fan.


  11. How is it that a reincarnated, soft tossing Cecil who struggles mightily with control can strikeout more batters than guys like Alvarez and Drabek who’s stuff and velocity is so much better?

  12. eat that tony larussa

  13. Looks like I spoke too soon….

  14. As frustrated as I am with the Jays and Rogers, how must a Philadelphia fan feel? MLB payrolls by team 2012, starting from the top:

    1 Yankees $197.6 million
    2 Phillies $174.5 million
    3 Red Sox $173.2 million
    4 Angels $154.5 million
    5 Tigers $132.3 million
    6 Rangers $120.5 million
    7 Marlins $118.1 million
    8 Giants $117.6 million
    9 Cardinals $110.3 million
    10 Brewers $97.7 million
    23 Blue Jays $75.4 million

    • Right now the only player I regret missing out on is Darvish. (Which, ironically, is what a lot of us thought last winter after all the good free agents signed.)

      The time will come when we sign big names. But I can’t help but wonder just how much AA values that first rounder you’d have to give up; and whether it’s that, as opposed to the money, that’s keeping our payroll low.

    • aren’t the twins somewhere close to 11th on that list, with somewhere around a 95 million payroll, and loving their horrible season? poor, poor twins fans getting to be an object lesson on how spending does not automatically equal wins.

      • Yes, the Twins are 13th, spending $94.1 million. What I can’t get over is that the Phillies are spending twice that and yet they’re under .500 and their defense fucked up like a single A team throughout the entire series with the Jays.

    • And those teams are averaging around 34 wins apiece

    • Oh boo hoo, Phillies fans miss out on playoffs for a year. What is THAT like?

  15. Oh man that’s amazing….. ToNY RaAaASMus.. Wow

  16. Holland just scored, so we might not get Stoeten back for a while longer.

  17. What te hell was that nonsense with the guy who was in Bautista’s way on that foul fly ball to right field? What was that guy doing there? That was ridiculous.

    • I’m wathching the Phillies stream and their announcers couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t figure out if it was a security guard or a ballboy. One did say that the guy, quote, “surely didn’t do very much to get out of Bautista’s way” unquote.

      • busy interviewing Colby’s dad when that foul ball happened. They barely showed it and announcers said nothing.

  18. Awesome

  19. So not a bad start overall from Cecil just two mistakes. Certainly good enough. Have a cheeseburger on me my man.

  20. Thrilled about the fact that Cecil went five and only gave up two runs.

    However, he really looked pretty much like the guy that got sent down last year.
    His fastball was sitting 87/88 and he was missing upstairs with.

    LOTS of balls were hit hard and on the line by Philly.

    So while the results were excellent today….I think alot of it was luck based today. Shudder to think what he would do vs yankees / rays/ sox

    • Yeah. His motion is slightly different, turning a little more toward centre on his wind up, but otherwise it looked like Brett Cecil. A lot of stuff left up. Also really looked like he ran out of gas in the fifth, so good call bringing in Perez then.

    • well the schedule is short on those teams, texas and the angels until august/september, so lets hope that we can get reinforcements from the minors/DL/trades etc to prevent his having to be exposed to too many actual big league lineups. God bless the AL Central/All Star break heavy July!!

  21. How many times has a Jay been thrown out with Bautista up?

  22. Beest: Let’s give Tony Rasmus his own box, we have a few vacant. Oh, he needs a house here in Toronto too. How about one of those CityPlace condos?

    AA: Done and done

  23. 40k games for three weekends in a row now. A couple years ago I doubt anyone thought we’d see crowds like that this soon. It’s been a nice turn around. It’ll be nuts if this team actually makes the playoffs.

    • That was supposed to be a reply to some comment up there.

      • james, have you got a boner for attendance? we can see on tv that its full you are reminding me of the announcers constantly repeating themselves just to fill can chill on restating the obvious. and as a fan it is harder to get seats and it can put the price of admission up. as i watch on tv because im crippled i dont care how many asses are there really.

        • Really nice series. When Hurch went down it looked like we may not see .500 for a while. I’m impressed. Also the Phillies look like absolute garbage.

        • @zeus I was trying to respond to manimal who was talking about it.

        • Considering management dropped the attendance before spending caveat during the winter, I’d say it’s pretty relevant lol

          • yeah but how many times does it have to be brought up?every game multiple times.. cmon give it a break.crack a joke or something else

          • @zeus – I’ve probably brought it up 3 times this year! I used to talk about it a lot a couple years ago, when the media was going nuts about it.

    • Agreed.

      • @zeus “cmon give it a break.crack a joke or something else”

        really….what are we here for your fucking entertainment. Dance bitches dance??

        Big fucking deal if it gets mentioned…..scroll the fuck down if you don’t like it.

        • go pound your bishop blueballz. repitition is boring especially talking about fucking attendence.and this site is entertaining or you wouldnt have a moniker like that. so dance fucker.then scroll down on your knees and fuck off

  24. rollins is brutal throwing.he is very close to EE. where is grouchy hiding? still think rasmus cant hit? i think its time to own up that you were wrong and by a long shot.see his numbers since hitting second. moving up on the plate definitely helped his hitting angles land in open turf but his hard hit contact % still is high

  25. now the only thing to make my day more fun is to see tiger win another major.

  26. Tabby just acknowledged me!

    • I thought you were done for the season? or was that the lower case it’s all over?

      • No, it was me. grouchy was the one doing the imitations. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. It’s to the point where you shouldn’t be surprised. I stay away when things are bad but come back to catch the good times! Should a Jays pitcher give up a single (or even throw a ball) in the next game, I’m outta there!

  27. Did Luna touch first there?

  28. my prediction of a sweep is on to the next sweep and 1st game win against boston. 7-0 streak yahoo. too bad the nats got gamewinning robbed on the homeplate call against the yanks.big difference in the standings then. AA is stalking a major trade.all is quiet when he strikes.

  29. Yescobar very clearly had no idea how many outs there were.

  30. Mike Fontenot’s game zone player pic makes Cletus look like a refined cosmopolitan gentleman.

  31. Sweep! Time to plan parade!

    Seriously, they’re still what most of us expect they’d be. Let’s hope some better luck and better bounces to extend this winning streak further.

  32. Gotta love Cletus interviews.

  33. Skinrash Madani is so third tier

  34. Most 500 teams:

    win one lose one .
    win two..lose one.
    lose two , win one.


    win 3
    lose 3

    win 6/7
    lose 6/7.


    • at least they’re consistently inconsistent. as an aside, who wants to bet that Parkes, Stoeten and Drew have a private prop H8 bet going about the number of comments this thread will get up to as Stoeten didn’t get a new game threat up all weekend.

  35. Wow welcome to the PCL Yohan Pino. 3.25 ERA in AA New Hampshire in 55 IP. 12 ER allowed in 1.1 IP for Vegas today, an ERA of 22.18. Ouch.

  36. Does Chavez get put on the 25 man once Drabeks situation is resolved?

  37. The ColbRa strikes again!

  38. such a bizarre schedule vs Stanks this year – only 2 games before July 15th – then in the last 2 and 1/2 months of the season 16 of the last 70 games are vs NY – could be REALLY interesting (and 10 of those 70 games are vs TB)

    16 of those 70 games are vs Oakland, Seattle and the Twins


    • All I can say is it’s a good thing they’re not playing NYY right now.Maybe by midsummer the Yanks will have some injuries or something and the Jays will have all the pitchers going.

  39. Some genius old sounding woman just called into the Jays talk to tell us that “she’s been watching baseball for 8 years and knows how this works”

    holy shit..she’s been following baseball for 8 years. i stand down and stand in awe of her advice.

    then another caller calls in and says the jays are 5 to 10 years behind.

    TEN YEARS BEHIND!!!! how can you be more years behind than exist in a draft cylce to majors?

  40. I love how Stoeten is getting paid full time to make this blog yet he can’t find 2 minutes to post new game threats.

  41. Great Father’s Day gift. Jays win and Cecile gets a W. Jays are playing on guts now. Hats off to management, they provided the depth in pitching for the win today. Phillies are reeling. Looks good on ya.

  42. so, HGH has a 10 year lag time for the effect to really kick in – is that what I am to take from Andy Petitte potentially having his best year EVER at age 40??

  43. Maybe a little adversity was needed to get the team going? This team looked like world beaters in the spring, but we know that first Cleveland marathon series knocked the wind out of them.

    • who knows… maybe they got used to coasting on the backs of the starters, maybe it took a bunch of Michael Grange/Damien Cox/Steve Simmons troll job pieces telling them their season was over to elicit some heat from them. I mean, as Jose put it “it’s a bunch of fiery guys in this clubhouse”.

  44. OH GOOD LORD this PxP thing for Wilner is getting nauseating – look I am happy for a guy to get a shot and live his dream. He is not “horrible”, he needs to not be SO EXCITED BY EVERY RUN SCORED WHILE HE IS CALLING THE GAME!!! but this is the capper, from today’s blog post:

    “It’s a dream come true for me to be able to do this, and the fact that I’m doing it in a manner that seems to be pleasing so many people is both humbling and really exciting. I hope to continue to make you proud.”

    Um, Mike, I know you love to correct everyone’s grammar and have them speak correctly, so who exactly are you “making proud” regarding your broadcasting (other than your parents and wife). It CANNOT be the average listener, we do not take “pride” in your abilities; we may enjoy them, respect them (I am ambivalent to unimpressed), but I cannot imagine anyone is “proud” you are a fill-in radio broadcaster. And, I have to guess you are using a “small sample size” to summarize that your are in fact “pleasing so many”.

    Holy Fuck, ever heard of @humblebrag, Mike? You may be earning some fame there soon.

    • His dad died a few years back. You’re a dick.

      • His dad probably shot himself after seeing wilners face.

      • I don’t get the correlation with his father dying at all; he is beyond criticism because of that? Really?!? His “I hope to continue to make you proud” was not directed to his father, at least not in any obvious literary way; it was directed at me and you and any other READER of the blog. How am I being a dick by pointing this out? Do YOU take pride in him being on the radio? And, in what way?

        He misspoke, obviously, something he sometimes SMASHES other people for when they, usually unaccustomed to speaking to a large radio audience, do the same.

        • He also said before he was proud of lawrie. Huh, what the fuck did you have to do with anything lawrie does?

          And I also love the way he says rbis are useless then uses rbi’s to defend JPA. fucking idiot

    • Perhaps you can forward this to Mike to balance his moment in the sun. This would be particularily poignant on Fathers Day. I hope you have been proud of something you have done at least once in your life…if not, its time to stop capping on others

      • BD: read the sentence again. I am not against him being proud of himself; he should be. My problem is that he believes (he should know better than to trust tweets) that anyone else’s pride levels will fluctuate based on the quality of his radio broadcasts. BIG difference.

        • Appreciate the clarification of your original point…I got it. From a semantics point, Wilner does not say who the “you ” is, it could be the listners, his family, his father.
          Wilner gets his share of critisism here. Your comments seem venoumously revengeful, and are ill timed. Wilner has clearly crested in his career, and a heartfelt editorial by him on Father’s Day should simple be accepted with grace.

    • You’re banned! You, your children and your children’s children!

      … for 3 months.

    • I have a feeling he may (gulp) be being groomed to take over the analyst/part time play by play role on radio should buck or tabby’s contract not get picked up for next season and Alan or Jerry, who the fans much prefer over the two hairpieces, move to tv. What the fuck, he’s better than Zaun.

  45. Last year on this day Jays were 35-35. Plus 5 run differential. Modest improvement, with a team full of injuries and some big holes. I’ll take it.

    • add in that this time last year Bautista was pretty much playing like God (and has cooled off a bit ever since, which is only human) and it proves that the team is a little better. the clock is ticking for AA to fill in those holes though.

      • AA is going through every teams throw-aways, rummagging their unwanted discards, and failed prospects, as we speak. He will get the pick of the litter to fill the holes at 1st, left, starting piching, the pen, and decent bench players soon. AA is the Garbage KIng of MLB player trash. As a kid AA was given a pile of horse manure, and spent all day diigging through it….he knew there was a pony in there somewhere!

  46. Rumour has it that wells will be released. I say sign him for the min as a backup. Much better than ben f. Not sure I trust yan gomes yet. Vernon rakes lefties last year.

    • If he was released i would take a chance on him for sure. He’d still be a great left fielder and he’s always hit well at the dome.

  47. That arash madani guy is horrible. I cringe during his interview. Another fat constantino

    • Madani should stop playing amateur psychologist with Colby.

      Stop asking questions about his time in St Louis.

  48. Jesus, Brett Lawrie leads the AL in bWAR…

  49. I found the coverage of Colby’s dad a bit nauseating today. The media in Toronto are forever clamoring for praise for the city…they like us, they really really like us…it seems that every question was not so much about Colby, but about the jays organization. I love the city but I find Toronto’s neediness really annoying.

    • agreed – it gets just a bit silly. I guess it could have been written by Steve Simmons, though, so we should count our blessings (not that he ever would have said anything positive or coherent)

  50. If I were Stoeten I would go another day with not posting a game threat just to piss off the people complaining today. Besides, i have always wanted to see a 1000 comment game threat. We are at 774 now, one more day of no game threat and we will have our first 1000 comment game threat.

  51. Jays 3rd in attendance today with the 45K (behind the Dodgers with 53 and the Rangers with 48). Good weekend for the business of Blue Jays baseball.Tschotskes help.

  52. I heard the attendance today on the Jays talk, said 45k but it was a sell out? I thought the Sky Dome held over 50k??
    Back in the day, the Jays would sell out Skydome and attendance was always over 50k.
    Nice to see attandance up, means more money for payroll right?

    • I know it’s weird eh? They also called the home opener a sell out and the attendance for that day was 48k.

      • The capacity of the dome for baseball was reduced to approx 48k from over 50k. They blacked out the centerfield.
        I’m too lazy to look up when this happened .\maybe \i’ll do it later

        • Centre field was always blacked out for the “batter’s eye” so that hitters could pick up the baseball.

    • I seem to recall them losing some seats from some renovations, or maybe it’s just because they cover some sections. But what they hell do I know I’m 3155km away.

    • On that note the Jays attendance is up by 5,849 comapred to this time last year not including todays game.

    • There is a difference between paid attendance and actual attendance. I game can officially be “soldout” but the stadium could have 25 000 people in attendance if half the ticketholders decided they didn’t want to show up (since they can’t sell those tickets).

    • I think it’s because they don’t count comps as attendance anymore, since Beeston took over again. So maybe they had a few thousand comps today?

      • I believe the answer is that they do standing room “seating” availability for he opener, which is not available for other games due to the added security and fun police it requires.

  53. I just noticed that the jays have had a losing streak of only 1 game only twice this year. Every time they lose it spirals out of control. And they’ve only had a 1game winning streak 3 times. So it seems the jays get too high when they win and too low when they lose so you keep getting these streaks.

    • you’re just noticing this now? because the “win two, lose two, win 4, lose 4″ thing has been the narrative all season. hard to believe it’s escaped your notice. unless you’re just trollin.

  54. So Kenny Ken Ken is reporting Jays and Rockies are discussing a trade for Jeremy Guthrie formally of the orioles. He says the Jays would likely assume a large portion of the remaining contract in exchange for a “lesser” prospect – that being Mike McDade.

    Personally I’m not sure I’d make that trade seeing the way Guthrie has pitched this year. I know a lot of it is because of his Coors Field numbers but his road numbers aren’t exactly stellar either. I’m not sure I’d also classify McDade as a lesser prospect either.

    Then again the if the Jays want to make something of this season or at least have the chance of doing so they’ll probably need more than Cecil and another fill in from the minor leagues. For a team that I figured only had a slim shot at making the playoffs to begin with, is parting with someone like McDade worth it? While his numbers are fantastic this year, it has to be noted he’s repeating AA. I know it’s mostly because there wasn’t space for him at AAA but from what the prospect guys have said he doesn’t really figure to be a big deal.

    • Guthrie got bombed his last 3 starts so it would be suicide to give anything for him. I’d rather just go with cecil/laffey/coello/vill until hutch gets back

      • A large part of me is inclined to agree. If AA is true to his word and isn’t going to deviate from his plan then it doesn’t make sense. Also and he said this winter that since they couldn’t make a trade or sign a decent free agent that he would be targeting impact players at the deadline. If that’s the case then I would think it’s better to keep the powder dry so to speak and have as many prospects on hand so that he’s got more options when it’s time to land his whale.

        I read an interesting article last week in USA Today regarding trades and in the article “It used to be that no one would give up any pitching,” Towers says. “Now, no one will give up an impact bat.”

    • Jeremy Guthrie?

      Blech. Kind of underwhelming. I guess maybe he could give some innings?

    • I wouldn’t trade McDade for Guthrie. This organization is so poor with 1B propsects that it doesn’t make sense to give any of them up even if they’re not that high on them.

      • McDade projects to be a MLB bench bat.

        And teams typically don’t develop 1B prospects.

        • Really?
          Blue Jays- Lind
          Oakland- Barton
          Marlins-Gaby Sanchez(Lo-Mo)
          Mets-Ike Davis
          Whitesox-(vicedo,LF in the big league

          Only the Astros, Yankees, Pirates, Cubs;Padres, Indians, Orioles;Rays and Tigers
          Have 1B they didn’t develop.

          A little more then 2/3 of the league have developed players they currently have playing 1B.
          Yes, some of those teams have more then one 1B they developed on their roster.

          I wouldn’t even give a bench bat for Guthrie, especially when you have one 1B prospect projected to be in the MLB that’s not on your 25 man roster.

          • How many were drafted as a first baseman?

          • No player really get’s drafted as a 1B they’re usually athletic enough to playC, 3B, SS, OF when they’re in high school and then move over.
            They develop them as 1B but regardless you said hardly any team developes first basemen which is not true.

            Whether they’re developed or moved to Firstbase or started there, they are still considered developed by the organization.
            I for one don’t like to give all the credit to the orginization for dveloping palyers, that to me makes it sound like the player or the individual had nothing or very little to do with it.

            I never even said developed 1B you did, all I was saying is that the Blue Jays are so thin at 1B in their organization that they might not want to trade mcDade regardless of what he’s projected to be.
            I don’t no for sure waht you mean when you say how many where drafted if you think they have to be moved to first base to be developed than fine but 1B in highschool is alot easier than 1B in the big leagues.

            The Blue Jays can always move someone to 1B that’s in their minor league systems but it would have to be a prospect that projects as a 1B meaning a middle of the order type bat which Mcdade could be one day with his power(Scouts aren’t high on him) but he would make a better 1B prospect than a minor legaue player currently playing another postion that might not have the power to play 1B.
            The blue Jays are just so thin with the usual first base suspects(Power and hope they have paitence and can get OBP

            If David Cooper palyed 2B scouts would be alot higher on him because he hits for high average can get OBP but doesn’t have much power.
            As a 1B Davud Cooper is nothing to a lot of the people in baseball.

            I don’t expect you or anyone to read this it’s way to long. All I was getting at is For Guthrie who is struggling it might not be worth any prospect to get him as our internal canadites will most likely provide the same thing as him.
            If this was last year or this past offseason McDade for Guthrie doens’t sound bat to me at all.
            Ingore all the spelling and gramamr mistakes I’m sure their is alot of them but |”m fucking tired.
            I go to bed now.

  55. Anyone notice the lies being told about cecil? First we heard his velocity was back to 92, but during the broadcast ash and zaun said it was still 88. So who is the one propagating these lies and what is their agenda?

    • what reliable source ever said he was back to 90+? I remember consistently hearing his velocity numbers in the minors hadn’t chnged much from the spring 87-89 avg

    • Fasano was quoted as saying that Cecil’s velo was in the upper eighties. It was his pitch sequencing that was new. Or some other bullshit like that.

      Cecil’s ceiling is that of a 5th starter at this point. He will be useful to provide some innings while the rotation is being reassembled in some fashion. But he needs to command his FB more effectively. Too many pitches were up in the zone.

  56. I can confidently say that the Jays aren’t going to get Guthrie. It’s either a lie or the deal is off because the cone of silence has been broken.

    1000 comments——Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. eight oh seven

  58. eight oh eight

  59. eight oh nine, come on people!

  60. eight ten

  61. eight twelve..

  62. I think we are going to have to wait until the next World Cup or a Jays Playoff run to get to 1000 comments. Which ever comes first.

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