The Jays are in Milwaukee tonight, about to take on Randy Wolf and the Brewers. So I used a wolf-related picture for this Game Threat.

What of it?

And they do so as they await the results of the second opinion on Drew Hutchison’s elbow, after having Kyle Drabek all set to go under the knife tomorrow, requiring Tommy John surgery for the second time in his young career. Ugh.


Gregor Chisholm of tells us that Travis Snider is back in Las Vegas, ready for action. Er… you know what I mean.

At Getting Blanked, Darren Kritzer informs us that we won’t be heading North of Steeles this series, as Shaun Marcum has been scratched from tomorrow’s start.

Elsewhere over there, Gregg Zaun says something odd about Baseball America, and Parkes kinda agrees.

Jays Prospects looks at pitcher John Stilson, who had solid debut at New Hampshire this week.

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B
H. Alvarez P

Milwaukee Brewers

N. Aoki RF
N. Morgan CF
R. Braun LF
A. Ramirez 3B
C. Hart 1B
R. Weeks 2B
G. Kottaras C
E. Maysonet SS
R. Wolf P

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  1. I like how the camera lingered on that chick.

  2. That might be fair.

  3. And there’s the cold shower.

  4. Anyone else wondering why the fuck there’s a movable pad where the foul pole should be? That ball would’ve missed the pole by 2 inches.

    • Yeah, no fucking shit.

    • reminds me of that Fenway Fiasco where Adam Lind was jobbed by the fucked up lines down right field

      • I remember that…it was a lousy paint job near a railing

        • the sad thing is it wasn’t even a bad paint ob… just a ridiculously designed stadium. I sat right by that spot, out in right field, and got close to it during BP. It’s set like that all the fucking time.

          • only good think about that stadium was watching the fights in my section between Yankee fans and Massholes. One female Yank fan drunkenly fell down a filght of the ridiculously steep stairs. No one helped her (she didn’t seem hurt). The Best part of the whole thing was that it was a Red Sox-Rangers series. Fucking dumbass massholes.

    • No kidding.. still not as bad as Fenway’s shittacular angles, but still bullshit.

      • Fenway is a dump…

        I missed that homer though, so like… legit dinger or bad call or bullshit park factor?

        • i went to fenway 2 weekends ago.

          its actually amazing.

          i hate the sox as much as the next guy and expected the place to smell of piss and youkoulissss

          but it was actually really great. and you wouldn’t believe the selection of available chow.

          i love seeing the jays and love our hometown stadium…but it really did kinda have a huge leg up on the skydome in all respects….

  5. what the fuck is farrell doing? let him pitch to one more hitter! now oliver can only go 1/3 of an inning

  6. Kind of ironic that we’re right back to where we were last year at this time (albeit because of injuries) with a really questionable rotation and a bullpen that’s starting to pitch better after sucking balls.

    • yar.
      On the plus side, at least we get Morrow, and (hopefully) Hutch back at some point. It could even be beneficial to an extent, as (if the Jays are still in it in September) the rest due to injury could curtail any innings limit on Hutch and allow him to pitch down the stretch run.

  7. John Farrell, a genius when it comes to bullpen management.

    Isn’t there some other coach on the bench to help him to prevent fuck ups like these?

  8. Brutal bullpen management. Burning one of the most effective relievers in a depleted pen to retire George Kottaras/Martin Maldonado. Almost indefensible. It’s George fucking Kottaras.

  9. CoCO time is coming…can’t you just feel it. If the Jays get 2 runs, we can implement the new Jay Bullpen strategy – use Janssen in the 8th

  10. That was pretty damn impressive by Weeks.

    • Was a great play actually… But didn’t solve the “Davis and the pitcher’s spot” issue behind him…

  11. Id almost rather have Oliver hit and stay in the game lol

  12. Nice job Cooper. At least we’ll have pitchers spot and Omar’s out of the way in the 9th.

  13. Coco in the game. Won’t be close for long.

  14. Jesus Christ Lawrie, how do you think thats a good idea

  15. Yeah in this country three strikes you’re out, Aoki.

  16. Nice work by coco with the back to back K’s after the “double”.

  17. Is anyone else hearing this shit about R.A. Dickey?
    Another one hitter tonight, 5 consecutive starts with 0 earned runs and at least 8 ks. FML I wish he was available for a little rotation help. He’s like the anti-Wakefield (or Bizarro Alvarez)

    • After his TJS, Drabek is coming back as a knuckleballer. Either way, he’ll have no clue where any of his pitches are going.

      • I will never understand why they’re aren’t more knuckleballers. If your a 32 year old pitcher that can’t quite make the majors why would you not spend a couple years learning the knuckle ball

    • At least the Jays didn’t face RA Dickey in their series. Then you hear that ‘hitters sucking after facing a knuckballer’ narrative gets thrown about.

      • true enough. although his knuckle ball has a lot more velocity than wakefield’s which was always what the hitters said threw them off more than anything else, especially when boston would run out a high heat arm right after him.

    • 5 consecutive outings with no runs and at least 8ks? Big deal, I pull that shit all the time in MLB the show….

  18. I fat
    I eat chalupa.

    Gives me gas. no..not gas on my fastball…gas on my ass

    i no want to pitch to morgan

    i want get out braun

    it make me proud

  19. Coco works his way out of it.

  20. Drabek is having TJ Surgery

  21. I wonder if they’ll mention that Axford is Canadian.

  22. Not to worry. Ill tie it up myself first pitch

  23. The sad thing is..there are fucks right here on this board that would rather see Axford get the save than the jays win..just because he is Canadian

  24. Good call by James on CoCo in the 8th….9.9 guts : 9.8 style

  25. Oh my god, Canuck vs Canuck. We’re going to divide by zero!

  26. Gee, one run loss.

  27. Dang…

  28. So we claw back to tie it up…and we cant even get a single out before they take the lead back. another one run loss…more of the same.

  29. thats the way she goes, u knew that bullshit foul ball home run was going to be it.

  30. It’s a good thing the Jays saved their good relievers for a potential save situation. I’d hate to use effective guys like Oliver, Janssen or Frasor unless you have the lead.

    God fucking damn.

  31. The Jays have the third best run differential in the AL at +31. And just 34-33.

  32. headline on the Sportsnet 590 homepage: “Roger Clemens, not GULITY”
    fuck I wish mainstream journalists made it easier to take them seriously when they bitch about the death of their profession lol.

  33. woke up to jose hitting a 3 run bomb.thank you jose.nice try jays.glad to see 6 runs again.hopefully the starters can keep it close.the yanks have gone bonkers winning 10 straight. AA needed to improve this team in spring training. i believe its too late prediction of 7 wins is now over.

    • You forgot an important piece of what you put there: “AA needed to improve this team in spring training…” IF the Jays goal was to seriously contend for a playoff berth this season as an absolute end goal. Which it never was, according to the team.

      • When exactly is this team going to contend?

        • How about when it’s clear that they’re ready to do so?

          I’d really suggest reading Stephen Brunt’s excellent book about the first 20 years of the Blue Jays, as it does a great job of outlining the patience and the waves of players that it took to get to the point where they were contenders and eventually champions.

        • I don’t know that. ask the time traveler. When they do, I’ll be happy to enjoy the pennant runs and world series games. Until then, I’ll enjoy watching them develop.

  34. Chavez up, Crawford down per Barry Davis. No surprise.

  35. Well isnt that just LOVELY…Aaron Hill just hit for the cycle tonight.
    ( Happy for him though).

  36. I knew when alvarez was pitching well earlier in the year it wouldnt last. Teams would figure out he cant strike anybody out with his secondary pitches and just sit on his fastball. Everybody was telling me just enjoy what hes doing now and hes young blah blah blah. Well, look at him now. Hes young but he has a LOT of improvement to do if he wants to stick in the rotation. I never understood why he was so highly touted in the minor leagues when he couldnt strike anybody out. Just goes to show you cant trust what teams say about their own prospects and they overrate the shit out of them. Also, I know they scored 6 runs today but the offense still sucks from the 5-9 spots in the lineup. JPA is bruuutal. Time for darnaud. I cant watch him hit anymore. JPA is another prospect the jays completely overrated and overestimated how good they actually are.

    • Unfortunately the jays are going to have to suck it up and let him pitch unless they give Laffey a start in his place. Neither option is that attractive right now. If Stilson pitches well over his next couple of starts he might be an outside possibility.

      Quite frankly until Romero shows he can be consistent again it’s going to be a giant crap shoot every night.

    • And as to JPA… the Jays rated him as the next starting catcher for the big league team with other prospects coming behind him A catcher with power, low on base skills and low defensive skills that needed to improve for him to compete at the major league level. Hence why he was sat for a month following his callup, to learn the ropes.
      You overrated him, and now feel jilted. Not his or the orgs fault that he’s not Buster Posey.

      • JPA didnt sit for a month to learn the ropes. He sat for a month because cito was an idiot. He wouldve learned the ropes more by playing more frequently. Also, I think the jays have misplaced faith in JP when its clear hes not good enough to be a full time C. Even for a catcher, his hitting in terms of obp is extremely poor. In fact, his obp is so poor, mathis could probably put up the same obp or even better if he played every day.

  37. Has anyone noticed the amount of pitchers that get injured in the jays system?

    jesse litcsch
    dustin mcgowan
    shaun marcum

    are we supposed to believe these are all just coincidences?

    • Look at the systems of the other 29 teams and compare. Otherwise, yes it’s just coincidences (and to be honest, even if the Jays were an outlier, I’d still lean towards coincidence.).

    • Yeah, this deserves like a 4 hour mini-series type documentary.

    • Its the perma frost under the mound

    • Not all of the injuries you list are arm injuries, but have you ever seen a still shot of a pitcher’s delivery mid wind-up? It ain’t pretty, and it’s a wonder we don’t see more injuries given that it looks like the arm is exploding (particularly in the elbow area) on every pitch.

      I’m no trainer, but I would say less emphasis on weight training and more emphasis on flexibility might help, but who’s too say it would? Pitching is a violent, unnatural activity for humans to engage in, and if you do it often enough, something is bound to break down somewhere.

  38. I think it’s safe to say that if the Jays had any kind of a normal rotation, Alvarez might be off to the minors for a bit?

    I think he’s got lots of potential (he’s only twenty freaking one), but it seems to me maybe he’d benefit from some time in AAA or AA to try to develop a strikeout pitch.

    I’m pretty unenthused by the idea of the Jays getting Guthrie, but after seeing Alvarez tonight … God, maybe they should go for it. Unless Alvarez can figure things out up here, I’m not sure it’s going to do him any good giving up 10 or 11 hits a start.

    • If the Jays had some healthy arms, I could see Alvarez being sent down. But when you have to plug in guys like Chavez into the rotation and when there is talk of trading for Guthrie, best to keep Alvarez up and hope he regains his form.

      BTW – Jays are 3-12 in one run games.

      • 4-12 after the second Phillies game. But the awfulness of the record remains.

      • I think the jays record on one run games shows partial bad luck but also lack of quality ab’s to get over the hump which has plagued this team all year. Pretty evident when you have hackers like escobar, arencibia, davis etc. in your lineup. In other words, if the jays had hitters who could get on base more, the record in one run games would be significantly better. Especially when you factor in their hitting with risp.

        • There’s no correlation between a team’s OBP and record in one run games, afaik.

          If they had hitters who could get on base more, they turn some of those ORL into wins (whether by one run or more)…but also turn some multi-run losses into ORLs. It affects both ends.

        • Below is the team splits slash lines for the year so far.

          APR – .313 / .394 / .707 4.57 RPG
          MAY – .308 / .436 / .744 5.14 RPG
          JUN – .329 / .426 / .755 4.50 RPG

          The OPS for June is at it’s highest level of the year yet the runs scored per game is at it’s lowest. Overall the team is still 3rd in the AL.

          The pitching on the other hand looks like this.

          April Starters ERA – 3.41
          April Relievers ERA – 4.59
          May Starers ERA – 4.55
          MAY Relievers ERA – 4.15
          June Starers ERA – 4.75
          June Relievers ERA – 2.18

          As you can see the starting situation was getting bad even before all the injuries. Thankfully the pen (the much maligned pen) has been pretty damn good in June, surprisingly so in fact, considering the number of innings they’ve had to work already this month. The starters ERA’s for May and June look like they come from last year’s numbers which were pretty brutal overall.

        • “Your second statement is exactly what i said.”

          No it isn’t. You said if they scored more runs their record in one run games would improve. I’m saying there’s no reason to think that’s true at all.

  39. The Brewers have Tyler Thornburg making his major league debut on the mound tonight. Looks like he’s following the Drew Hutchison/Henderson Alvarez plan with just 75 IP above A-ball so far in his pro career. Law says he’s flyball prone…could be a very good thing for the Jays.

  40. Interesting AA chat on PTS last night. Says he has absolutely no ongoing trade discussions right now. On one hand I’m glad to hear that because I really didn’t like the Guthrie rumours. On the other hand you wonder what that says for his chances getting an impact guy like he said he was going to try and do by the trade deadline. Personally I thought that the timeline for getting such a guy was strange considering the competition for players with teams at the deadline. I figured he get more bang for his buck during the winter.

    Anyway it’s worth the 12 minutes to have a listen to.

  41. Just thought I’d mention that Colby Rasmus is on pace for just under 5 WAR. That is all.

  42. for all the haters out there, would you want a guy who had 8 hr and 19rbi and ops’s 890 in may? yes you would. well that’s JPA. he’s had a bad 2 weeks. give the guy a chance.

    • What about the 4 weeks before that where he was essentially a black hole in the lineup? He’s a power, low OBP, average defense catcher. There’s nothing wrong with that, Rod Barajas, Miguel Olivo, Ryan Doumit, and John Buck are examples of guys that have had lengthy MLB careers with that kind of a skillset. That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t, on the whole, been a poor hitter this season and that he doesn’t have someone who by most reasonable measures appears to project to be a far more productive player breathing down his neck in AAA.

      • So your answer is give him away for nothing right? I’m simply pointing out that the guy is capable of putting up big numbers sounless you can get a frontline starter for him you keep him and have him split time with darnaud.

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