The Jays are in Milwaukee tonight, about to take on Randy Wolf and the Brewers. So I used a wolf-related picture for this Game Threat.

What of it?

And they do so as they await the results of the second opinion on Drew Hutchison’s elbow, after having Kyle Drabek all set to go under the knife tomorrow, requiring Tommy John surgery for the second time in his young career. Ugh.


Gregor Chisholm of tells us that Travis Snider is back in Las Vegas, ready for action. Er… you know what I mean.

At Getting Blanked, Darren Kritzer informs us that we won’t be heading North of Steeles this series, as Shaun Marcum has been scratched from tomorrow’s start.

Elsewhere over there, Gregg Zaun says something odd about Baseball America, and Parkes kinda agrees.

Jays Prospects looks at pitcher John Stilson, who had solid debut at New Hampshire this week.

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B
H. Alvarez P

Milwaukee Brewers

N. Aoki RF
N. Morgan CF
R. Braun LF
A. Ramirez 3B
C. Hart 1B
R. Weeks 2B
G. Kottaras C
E. Maysonet SS
R. Wolf P

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  1. Maple boner and a side order of Cletus time!

  2. Not that I’m complaining, but what happened to Buck Martinez?

  3. Shaun Marcum going for that MANly salt and pepper look

  4. Marcum is quite the graybeard now. Does he have a Dominican birth certificate or something?

  5. Random Jays Fact du Jour: On the Jays’ 5 road trips this year, they’re 9-1 in the first two games, 6-16 thereafter. Not saying it means anything, but doesn’t mean I didn’t spend two hours over analyzing it. Big 9-gamer coming up…5-4 would be…just fine.

  6. I will be happy when Alvarez gets to 10 pitches tonight.

  7. Why do you have that bug Marty McFly’s picture up there Stoeten? Look at him. He’s a butthead just like his old man was.

  8. so scared with Alverez and the weather conditions

  9. Alvarez getting squeezed early on some calls.

  10. Man talk about struggling of late. Come on Henderson. Ease of on trying to pump up your heater and let the movement get the ground balls.

  11. Woah woah woah.. Corey fucking Hart plays for the Brewers?

  12. Bauistas arm saves a run.

  13. It’s all over! Goodnight!

  14. I think I have posted this before, but it deserves a replay for any who have not seen it – the Brewers only mean 1 thing to me, Bob Uecker, and this has two great Uecker stories (though 1 really involves Harry Caray) as told by Artie Lange.

  15. Constantly wasting base runners

  16. Bob uecker sucks

  17. Pretty amazing, it only took 2 steps for rajai to get back to first. That’s whay you call long legs.

  18. Beautiful throw by the catcher.

  19. I guess the only fastballs to pitchers thing goes out the door when you won’t see him again this season.

  20. Travis Snider hates Rajai Davis

  21. and, the news about Drabek is tough. For those who have only heard of James Andrews, here is a piece from Real Sports that shows Drabek is in very good hands at least

    and can the gang wars please stay off the streets with the public. I fucking love the Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe gelato. I hope this doesn’t affect their business.

  22. I know it’d go against the sites name and all but it’d be kinda cool if maybe the game threat went up before the game starts I think. Maybe something to read in between Greg zauns pre game ramblings? and a little weekend content probably wouldn’t offend anyone. Id never complain at the old site but now that your paid by the score? I don’t know seems a little half assed

  23. It’s the Henderson Hit Show!

  24. Big deal rajai, I couldve caught that too.

  25. #8 hitter, pitcher, oompa loompa………..and they all get on base

  26. Alvarez sucks a little much, no?

    • Yeah.

      I guess the lack of strikeouts are catching up to him.

      At least Wolf is nothing special. Maybe we can slug our way back in it.

  27. Great play, but probably could have got the force at home.

  28. who hates that play more? Brewers fans or Stoeten?

  29. Alvarez just throwing BP.

    • Shame he’s exposing himself before AA could have slipped him in to a package for an upgrade.

    • His secondary offerings are shittastic. His stuff is way better suited to relief unless he can develop his slider and changeup into something decent.

  30. welp!

  31. Well I guess he has the stinker rather then the sinker. Oh Zaun…

  32. and i’m takin a 2 hour break from this game

  33. well, fuck this i’m out!

  34. so, the Blue Jays have lost 4/5ths of their rotation now, Alvarez looks lost (and Ricky isn’t killing it either)

  35. Fuck me. Alvarez looks like he’s throwing BP. If there ever was a guy who needs a session in the minors to work things out it’s him. Sadly we’re stuck with him for now. Man when that fastball/sinker isn’t there he’s got nothing.

  36. we can still come back. Wolf sucks

  37. Are u kidding me?
    Teen Wolf is on MuchMusic right now.
    Channel 29 for those of you done with the game tonight.

  38. Eeeeeeeeeesh.

    At least Lawrie wants to win this game all by himself.

  39. anyone else absolutely hate mike wilner’s call? i can barely listen to him.

  40. Henderson ‘No Ks’ Alvarez.

    Unfortunately they really have no one to replace him right now.

    • Don’t really see him outperforming any AAA arms at the moment so what do they have to lose? let’s see how Scotty Richmond is doing for a few weeks

  41. Nice to see Lawrie getting extra-base hits lately.

  42. This is going to be a long game.

  43. i was so confused at what happened there

  44. The Jays runs scored to baserunners ratio is so frustrating

  45. How soon until the Brewers hit Lawrie?

  46. Sweet mercy. Bases juiced, nobody out, middle of the lineup against a putrid LHP, one run. Fuck my nuts and tie ‘em in a knot.

  47. I miss bats less than someone whose family member was bit by a vampire

  48. Maybe the Jays MSM types might now realize that, indeed, strikeouts do matter for Alvarez.

    • Well, we have what? 100 years plus of baseball history that we can retroactively sort through and decipher what sort of attributes are required for pitchers to be successful.

      in sorting through all that data, we find out that noone..NO ONE has ever had long term success striking out 3 batters or so per 9 innings.

      but i guess we can be homers and claim that there is something Unique about henderson. something unique that will allow him to break the trend of a century of baseball


      we can admit that what we are seeing the last 6 weeks or was inevitable for a guy who simply allows too many balls to be hit into play. combined with too many dingers

  49. Didnt’ we get swept the only time we’ve played in this park? And didnt Joe inglett his a grandslam in the final game?

  50. Holy shit…the worst hitter in the NL is now 2 for 2 against Alvarez

  51. for fucks sakes Alvarez is SO BAD tonight WTF

  52. No wonder Alvarez is throwing meatballs. Check out the brunette with the tanned rack sitting behind the plate, right in Alvarez’s sightline.

  53. Fuck, put Tony Rasmus out there to pitch. Apparently he still touches 90 mph. Has to be better than alvarez

  54. is this BP for the brewers?

  55. STRIKEOUT!!!!!!

  56. Oh fuck THAT will do it…Bring in Aaron Laffey… No problems now!!

  57. Don’t worry everyone, Laffey is warming up!

    Now we can officially stop watching.

  58. Jeez. Put Alvarez somewhere in the infield and have McCoy pitch.

  59. NL baseball…we get to have a bottom 1/3 of the order made up of JP, vizquel, and the pitcher.

    sounds like runs

  60. Holy shit..three 90 mph fastballs right down the middle right past JPA

  61. At least Lawrie has started to come around in the lead off spot. Since first appearing there on June 5th he’s accumulated the following slash line (including tonight’s game):

    .333 / .414 / .510 / .924

    That’s starting to look like the numbers he had when he first got called up.

  62. Would love to see Farrell have the pitchers hit 8th. Seems like there’s more opportunities to bunt in that spot.

  63. Ump on that play: ‘shit, I better give old man Vizquel on that play or he may tell me to get off his lawn.

    • “Give him respect” that was supposed to read. Can’t even have a chuckle about something properly. Fml.

  64. The plus side to all of this is that Wolf isn’t exactly looking unhittable himself.

  65. As ABSO-fucking-LUTELY horrible that Alvarez is…the good news is…he’s not going anywhere. The Jays have no pitchers!

    • Remember all the prospect porn last year? “Alvarez touching 100 in AA!” Really tempers my expectations for the rest of the pitching porno in high A right now.

      • It’s always risky to get too excited about prospects. Whether the Jays like it or not they will need to get some players through trades or free agents to take the team into the playoffs.

        We always hear how great the prospects are doing. Jeff Blair was talking about a wave of stars coming up through A in Lansing.
        I get the “prospect porn” thing but don’t the scouts tout their own picks ?

        Has anyone analyzed the success ratio of free agents vs prospects based on Cost per WAR or some other indicator.?

        • I think it’s a no-brainer in favour of prospects for the most part. Big name free agents have to produce huge numbers when using that metric. FanGraphs did a study I believe.

          It’s really a pretty complex issue when you think about it because in a situation with a high payroll team it’s not as much of a big deal. With smaller payroll teams you start getting into cost of opportunity and all that fun stuff.

          That said, when the cost of opportunity isn’t such a factor the higher impact guys – usually free agents in this case, make for a better option because if everything else is equal these guys will usually produce better than a prospect straight up.

          • OK Thanks. It;s becoming tiresome to hear about great prospects in A Lansing when the prospects in AA like Mcguire & jenkins are perorming poorly.

            In spring training , it seemed that the Jays had depth , but it quickly vanished with McGowan & Cecil not making the team.

            Can AA build a better starting pitching staff for 2013??

      • The silly thing about Alvarez is that the harder he seems to throw the worse he gets. All the talk about the k’s seemed to change him and he started games trying to throw 95 and 96. After that everything straightened out and lost it’s sink. Oh well, maybe if one of the other AA or AAA guys turns their seasons around he can maybe take a refresher down in AA again and work on his other stuff.

  66. why do I get the feeling that JP Arencibia has a hard time seeing the ball?

  67. Somebody please call “no mas.”

  68. This isn’t an excuse… or maybe it is, but following this via Gameday, Alvarez has been pitching to a strike zone the size of a shoe-box. For a pitcher without much room for error, it’s doubly brutal to have 3 inches shaved off the strike zone from all sides.

    • Sometimes I wonder if umps have a bigger impact on pitching performances than most people give them credit for.

    • Doesn’t seem too bad on TV, but you do have the pitchFX on Gameday.

      • well, bad…hmmmm I’m not watching anything like pitchfx but I could’ve sworn that ump was squeezing Alvarez on that pitch on the inside corner to lefties.

  69. Ryan Braun’s great numbers irritate me.

  70. I love listening to the Jays on the radio, but Wilner is really ruining it. Let him do his Blue Jays Talk show and keep him away from the play-by-play booth…

    • Why does Wilner doing play by play bother you?

      I am more comfortable with Ashby & Jerry Howarth.

      • I’d rather listen to Jerry. Wilner just annoys me. The way he calls the game, the stupid jokes he says, the way he gets hung up on how players names are pronounced… The list goes on.

    • Agreed. He’s just not very good at play by play. Sounds like a student overemphasizing everything. I’m not proud of him.

    • better than buck, tabby,. zaun, campbell, rance…

  71. Let’s see the ol’ double switch. Johnson hitting for Alvarez, in for Laffey for Vizquel.

  72. Does this mean McCoy is our new pitcher?

  73. Sending props to whoever posted earlier in another thread that the Jays can make any shitballer look like Cy Young.

  74. sigh. couldn’t do that with the bases juiced Edwin?

  75. EE and his chicken wing. Love it.

  76. Holy shit that one had a captain and a flight crew on it!! Just our luck no baserunners

  77. EE made Wolf look like a shitballer.

  78. The Edwin Empire grows stronger, with that jack shot!

  79. Here’s the slash line for Rasmus since moving to the 2 hole including tonight’s game.

    .357 / .379 / .643 / 1.022

  80. JP channeling the ghost of Adam Lind

  81. Dammit, J.P., just look respectable long enough so we can ship you.

  82. Jays signed Smoral for $2 million. 2 picks left to sign. Stroman and DeJong.

    • nice. the two toughest signs (other than maybe a couple lower rounders like kellogg) on board. maybe now the nudge is as good as a wink to a blind horse deal with Stroman can be actuated… doubt anyone would question it now.

      • Wondering how quickly they’ll get Smoral into rookie ball and where. Would love to see him there with Norris.

    • Anyone know how much slot $$ are left to sign those 2? Did I hear the Red Sox had gone over their limit?

      • They’ve spent $6,281,000 on picks in the first 10 rounds with 2 to go.

        That leaves $2,549,800 left for Stroman and DeJong.

        Slots on Stroman and DeJong are $1,800,000 and $620,300 respectively totaling $2,420,300 and leaving $129,500 extra before the 5%. With the 5% they have an additional $441,500 for a total of $571,000 to spend on those two or higher ceiling guys outside the 10th round.

        Ideally they could wring some more cash out of those guys for some of the lower round guys.

      • Baseball America had the Jays with $4.428 million before signing Smoral so $2.428 left and they can go $440K above that if they are willing to pay the tax of $330K

        • Well be interesting to see if they go over…may show what their immediate plans are for Stroman. No Way they’ll give up a pick though.

  83. Are there any other AL teams with an interleague record as shitacular as ours?

  84. Gomes, nice power aside, looking like another AAA mirage.

  85. Beastly Bautista

  86. Here comes the boom. 20.

  87. Ok, that wilner call was awesome

  88. Boom!! Tie ball game!!

  89. Jose can you see what they went?!


  91. Another great AB by Colby to let that happen, really have a great top third set up as is

  92. BOOM!

  93. New ball game now. Come on pen show me how wrong I am about you.

  94. That home run was arousing.

  95. This team makes baseball fun. Especially if you play the chug on home run drinking game. It’s like a box of chocolates. Rum Filled chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get, other than a little drunk.

  96. You gotta hope that the Jays go in hard for Grienke or Hamels this offseason. There is no way this team is poised to contend for another 2+ years with this rotation.

    • Shake your fucking head. As nice as it would be to land an ace somehow, do you really think that Drabek is going to be allowed to continue his mediocrity when he comes back? Or that the 21 and 22 year old kids who have pitched pretty fucking well considering their age and rapid promotion are done improving? Or are even a lock to stick in the rotation (thinking more of Hendo, with his 2 pitch repertoire, than hutch) if they’re ineffective? I doubt were looking at anything like the 2014 rotation here, with the exception of Ricky, Morrow and maybe Hutch.

      • not to mention the fact that you started to bitch about the rotation right after a game tying bomb

        • Romero is shit. Morrow is injured. Drabek is done for this year and probably next. Who knows about Hutch? This rotation needs to be shored up. We’re thinking of picking up Guthrie at this point ffs.

    • Wouldn’t they have a better chance of signing Shaun Marcum?

      I thought Greinke vetoed a trade to Toonto during a winter meeting.

      • Marcum is a soft-tossing righty.

        Regardless, even though Paul Boudreau gave me shit, he agreed with the premise that the current rotation isn’t going to stick — saying that Alvarez/Drabek are both shitting the bed. Who is going to take those two rotation spots?

        The Jays really should have brought on a few stop-gaps in the offseason to let Alvarez try and learn an “out” pitch. Otherwise he’s destined to the ‘pen. Hutchison has also been rushed. Drabek has shown little-to-no improvement — he has just been lucky this year. Romero has lost his ability to find the strike zone… his walks are way up, home runs up, and strike-outs down. Is/was Brandon Morrow pitching like an “ace”? Hard to say. He definitely shit the bed a few times and had some rather inconsistent outings.

        Regardless, we’re scrambling right now. Who do we really think is going to be able to step up and perform in 2013? Do we have internal options at this point? Most of our best prospects are in A-ball (Lansing). That’s at least a few years away.

        I feel we’re going to be parading Brett Cecil out for another couple of years~

        • thing is, I don’t entirely agree about the rotation. Despite the limitations to Alvarez’s repertoire, he did more than enough last year to earn a spot, especially with Cecil crapping out in spring. Add in the fact that he’s only 22 and (allegedly) working on some kind of a breaking pitch (which exists, but we never see) and experimenting with a talented arm in a season of question marks makes sense. If the injuries (as well as Cecil, Jenkins and McGuire’s collective throwing arm shittiness) hadn’t depleted the depth that was there at the beginning of the season, arms like Drabek and Alvarez’s wouldn’t have had to be exposed with no fall back position at the major league level. Between Cecil, McGowan, McGuire and Jenkins, you’ve cute out 40% of the depth even without the recent rash of injuries. The Jays owe it to the players in their system to show what they’ve got, as well as to see what is there in terms of assets for trade purposes.

        • as to your “ace” point… there’s maybe 10-15 true aces in the majors, and that’s a huge stretch, with maybe 5-10 true “#1″ profiles mixed in there. It’s not like they grow on trees, and have a tendency to be able to dictate their landing spots (i.e. Roy Halladay). They tend to want to pay for perennial contenders. The Jays are not quite there. Yet. They need to build a system which can prove that it can produce players of elite caliber. Which is another reason not to trade away the top tier prospects for some innings eater so that we can fall only 3 games short in september.

          • I never suggested trading away prospects for inning eaters. The Jays already knew that Alvarez had no out pitch. They knew that Drabek could not throw a strike. They should have signed some of the FAs available to allow these kids to work their shit out in the minors.

            My point is that they are risking damaging future assets by rushing them.

  97. Damn, thought that was going to go

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