With yesterday being Fathers Day, the Blue Jays as an organization did a very nice thing. They flew the fathers of nearly every active member of the squad (and coaches!) into town to take in the game from a luxury box. John Lott has some nice photos on his twitterfeed, if you are so interested.

This is not news to anyone who caught yesterday’s sweep clincher over the Phillies on TV. The broadcast converted all the time usually reserved for shots of Brett Lawrie into shots of the father’s luxury box. Fathers reacting, fathers cheering, fathers subtley pounding free drinks. It was…a time.

I should qualify that statement: some of the fathers reacted and cheered. Others stood by, upholding the stoic distance that drove their sons to fanatical lengths required to become a professional baseball player.

With the dads in attendance and Kyle Kendrick on the mound, the stage was set for heroics. And the Jays delievered their heroics straight away, with leading off the bottom of the first inning with back-to-back doubles from Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus! The crowd goes wild! The dads stand and cheer! Except one: mister Tony Rasmus.

Jose Bautista’s dad? Loves it. Sadly, Mr. “I can still throw 90 and other assorted rantings” Tony Rasmus cares not for your double, Colby. Kyle Kendrick on the hill? Should have taken him deep. C’mon son, I didn’t come all the way up here to watch you struggle. Maybe LaRussa was right all along…

Update: after Colby actually does hit a home run later in the game, the camera pans the box in search of his proud father…and comes up empty. Big T is nowhere to be found, as he was en route to the radio booth for an interview. Amazing.

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  1. look at me not clapping for this waste of time you call a post.

      • Yeah! The internet is no place for your amusing silliness, Mr. Fairservice! FOR SHAAAAAAAME!

        • I’ll be in my self-flagellation corner.

        • Yeah Brian,amusing silliness?This ranks right up there with the post of a fan failing to catch a homerun ball.
          Out of all the things to post about the games on the weekend this tops my list.Jeez.
          Incredibly informative.
          Then Drew updates the post with Colby’s dad missing his son’s home run without realizing that he was on his way to be interviewed. He even mentions wanting to get back to his same seat because he’s VERY superstitious.
          Maybe if he actually watched the game he woulda found something of value to write about.
          But failing that ,this is the insight that DJF’ers need to know. Critical stuff.
          Fuck me.


          • Keep yelling Drew, maybe somebody will listen.
            Just reread your post, to see if I can get the joke.
            I found it.
            It’s you.

          • LOL
            Now that’s funny.
            Give you a mulligan for this one.
            Continue on,nothing to see here.

          • RADAR – Ah, but see never said your posts were a waste of my time.
            I am on this site specifically TO waste my time, so I’ll read anything and either in enjoy it or i won’t. If I enjoy it, as I did this post then I’ll take some more time. If I don’t, then I’ll quietly move on. This is how things are supposed to work. Change the channel, go read something else.
            Your self-righteousness is evident in comments like this one:
            ” not accept a GB post posing as a DJF post?”… What right exactly do you have to accept or not accept anything on this blog? What authority? Your authority as a reader (just like me) is you either like it or not and read it or not. You are also more than welcome to comment or not as you did, and I’m not saying you can’t. That’s the end of it. But the tone of your posts makes it clear that you have a bizzarre sense that you’re somehow entitled to more than that. And you’re just not, and it bothers me when people get this way. Maybe I’m getting old but it demonstrates a decided “me me me” attittude that I just don’t care for.

            Side note: … I looked in the mirror as you suggested. All I saw was one stuningly atractive face !


        • No. I want my time back.
          Or at least send me a cheque for my time reading it.
          Time is money.

          • I have a solution for you….

          • Sounds like your bitter that someone has a better job than you. Get over it son.

          • @ IMW
            Would that solution be to not accept a GB post posing as a DJF post?
            They have a bunch of fluff like this at GB.
            They have Gif’s and posts comparing baseball players to characters in Dexter.
            Hilarity will ensue.
            Not my cup of tea,but have a blast.
            I like my DJF one way.
            Raw and hardcore.

          • More specifically my solution would be to get over yourself.
            Last I checked this blog doesn’t have a membership fee, and I’m also reasonably certain you aren’t an owner at the Score or an editor of the blog. So your course of action is as follows: if you don’t like the blog, or a specific post and you think it’s a waste of time… then DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME and don’t read it.
            I don’t like reality TV, horror movies or basketball… so I don’t watch them. I don’t run screaming to the masses that these things shouldn’t be allowed to exist.
            You’re either a troll or way too self-important for your own good.

          • @ IMW
            I read the headline and decided to read,hoping for new information.
            Rasmus’s dad’s non reaction.
            From the comments here, I’m not alone with my reaction to the post.
            I posted my opinion just like everyone else.
            Perhaps you could take your own advice and don’t waste your time reading my comments.
            But you have taken the time to scold me for having an opinion,in the DJF comment section,no less.
            And you question me about being a troll or self- important?
            Look in the mirror before you talk about being self-important.
            Just my opinion, of course.

          • @ J Paquin

            A clown question?You asked the question.
            Does that make you the clown?

            Check out this comment section for IMW’s response’s to other commenters.
            He can’t let it go.It’s like he has to reprimand everyone else.
            Now, who’s the troll and can’t get over himself?
            I’m getting bored with all this.
            I’m moving on to talk baseball.
            Get over it son.

          • Holy fuck! He finally got it. It is possible to jsut move on if you don’t care for a post or discussion…. Hooray RADAR! You got it!!

      • Yeah, honestly, this is a dumb post.

    • Man checks blog, calls post waste of time, wastes time posting comment to express discontent. What a waste.

    • whaaaaa

  2. Did Lott give you permission to use his pic, or did you just take it and think just because you put his name on it that makes it OK?

    Just a “courtesy” check.

  3. “Tony Rasmus cares not for your double”

    I remember thinking the exact same thing when I saw it on the broadcast.

  4. IIRC, the next half-inning, Tony Rasmus was in the booth with Ashby and Tabler.

    I kind of assume he was en route to the booth at this point.

  5. Maybe he’s just not the clapping type. I don’t think its more complex than that

  6. i throw a good bp. i touch 90. i throw breaking balls.

    i don’t applaud when an 86mph meatball gets punished.

    my bp is tougher to hit than this kendrick mope.

  7. Just an observation: Has there ever been a story written about Colby Rasmus that didn’t mention his father or TLR or both?

  8. He clapped later in the game. Can’t remember which play it was one — maybe whatever hit/error preceded Colby’s “4th” RBI?

  9. Drew is such a bore, whose opinion of himself far outweighs anyone else’s opinion of him.

  10. Alan and Pat talked about how superstitious Mr. Rasmus was when his son was at bat. Maybe, not clapping is part of his routine?

  11. Perhaps, Mr. Rasmus’s hands were chaffed and clapping is painful, Drew UNFAIRservice!

  12. I think he didnt applaud because it was his son who got the hit..

    I know that sounds odd, but I guess he feels its poor form to cheer for your own son?

    I dunno? thats the only thing that makes sense because I saw him cheering at other parts.

  13. Typical stoeten not even showing his face around here after a weekend off

  14. If Tony Rasmus can throw harder/better than Jamie Moyer, and is two years younger, maybe the Jays should think about signing him to work out of the bullpen.

  15. Elpido Encarnacion looks fantastic. Carry him instead of Mike McCoy.

    • I dunno if you saw the twitpic of Stroman and his dad after the draft, but if he could pass an MLB drug test (unlikely) I’d sign him in a second.

  16. Hey Drew, I just met you. And this is crazy. But this article is kinda funny so call me maybe?

  17. Bautista’s dad creeps me out.

    • I missed the game yesterday and was like wait! which one is bautista’s pop? But it’s obvious when he faces the camera and shows his famous bautista ears.

      • Hahaha, this happened to me too. “Which on– oh hey ears”. Love it. Bautista Sr. looked like he was having such a good time.

  18. He was enroute for the interview when Colby hit the homerun, he said that during the chat with Pat and the doofus.

  19. I oughta come up behind this Drew feller and give him the old jap-slap. That’ll teach ‘em to stay away from us Rasmus folk. Piss you bud, I’ll clap when I damn well feel like it. I could hit a double off Kyle Kendrick.

  20. why does having the media interview Tony Rasmus make me squeemish.

  21. I didn’t come all this way to this big, scary city to watch Colby hit doubles. I expected a four home run game, damnit! That Murphy guy’s gotta do some magic on Colby or I’m taking that job.

  22. To be fair to Rasmus senior, he was interviewed somewhere (radio?) and said that he was standing somewhere when Colby hit the homer, and he wanted to get back ASAP to that spot to watch the rest of the game because he was superstitious. He came over just fine.

    All of which does not negate my having spotted the lighthearted nature of this post.

    • And then during Colby’s next at bat they pan over to the box and show his dad sitting there. I laughed.

  23. Much ado about nothing… moving on.

  24. Tony Rasmus makes me uncomfortable. Take this line from a Star article:
    ‘Now, when he and his son talk between games, he can hear the difference in Colby’s voice. Baseball is fun again.

    “Everything since that day has been absolutely awesome here, we’ve been happy ever since.”’

    ‘We’ve’ been happy?

    • He can’t be happy because his son is happy… aren’t your parents happy when they see that you are enjoying your life?

    • Because he’s a dad, and his son is happy, and he’s happy that he doesn’t have to watch his son be miserable.

  25. This was a weird post, but anything to distract me from studying for exams!!!!

    Thank-you Mr. Fairservice.

  26. I always enjoy it when a player hits a HR and doesn’t react when rounding the bases. Why is it so wrong for a father/fan to do the same? As they say in sports, act like you’ve been there before

  27. People are taking this seriously because we’re all used to Parkes writing articles like this in a serious manner. In fact when I started reading this, my first reaction was “fuck off parkes” and I was surprised when i scrolled up to see that Drew had written it.

  28. Tony Rasmus looks like he could still kick your ass and steal your girlfriend.

    And throw 90.

  29. what is the point of this? I guess it”s always fun to pick a scab

  30. So…the blog that goes out of it’s way to let us know how awful it is to cheer a Canadian, Maple Dicks and whatever other insults, showing how above it all the blog is…puts up a stupid post about a daddy not cheering “the right way” basically? Does everyone have to have the same reaction? Does it even matter?

    I feel dumber having clicked the “more” button to see the rest of the post, and dumber for wasting my time commenting on it…(but otherwise enjoy the blog!)

    • Apparently it was a joke and we’ve all lost our sense of humour?

      I say, when you have to clarify in the comments that you were just kidding around, your joke fell flat. Which usually means either it was told (written) poorly, or was just not very funny to begin with. A little from column A, a little from column B.

      • Hey, if somebody doesn’t find it funny/silly, that’s fine. But people looking for meaning beyond “a dumb thing that happened” surprise me.

        • eh, it doesn’t work as a joke because it just feed the gossipy bullshit that is Colby Rasmus’ off field relationship with his father, which too many people thinks matters in the grand scheme of things.

      • Not all… just you and a few other dimwits.

      • I disagree. I am a huge fan of making jokes that leave people wondering if I am joking. Plus, its a great out for when I actually do or say something totally stupid. Hey, even if his joke did suck (it didnt) at least he isnt a swarmy fuck on the internet critisizing every little fucking thing from his living room. Heres an idea: lighten the fuck up. Oh and go watch golf.

  31. The line when Tony Rasmus said, “Colby would go 3-4 and I’d say in the last at-bat you let one get by” makes me think his Dad was very hard on him. Demanding perfection.

  32. Something that amuses me so much can not be a waste of time post. Stuff like this is why I read this blog… Not because I want EVERY SINGLE USELESS STAT which is what we get from most other baseball blogs.


  34. We’ve got a couple of Americans, a couple of Koreans, and a couple of Hamelins

  35. Tony Rasmus seems like a bully to me. He better keep that kind of stuff away from the clubhouse or Coleby will be distracted for game day. I cant stand PUSHY PARENTS LIKE THAT! They make THE GAME NO FUN!

  36. Whatever. FYI, not sure if anyone has pointed this out, but I just noticed a problem with the comments on the mobile site not appearing properly; replies aren’t nesting right.

  37. Someone should shop TR all decked out and caption “son I am disappoint”

  38. Great post Drew. After looking at everyone’s dad I am thoroughly convinced that getting old sucks.


  39. love this post guys, also his reference to chopping chicken heads PRICELESS muahaha

  40. Did anyone see the sportsnet article by Shi Davidi mostly on Rasmus’ father but also Lawrie’s? I feel bad for Colby. His Dad sounds like he was an absolute douche to him and it’s funny because all these articles put a positive spin on being a bad parent. Sure, he’s in the Major Leagues, but I would want my Dad to be happy for me.

    Here’s Tony Rasmus: “I’ve coached him since he was in coach-pitch and if he goes 3-for-4, I’m like, ‘That fourth at-bat there, you threw that thing away. That guy laid one across, there,’” said the father. “He said, ‘You know, I’m not going to be perfect, can you, like, cut me some slack?’ And that’s kind of been the difference.”


  41. So, nobody could take 5 minutes on either day of the weekend to post a new game threat, but you’ve got time to post this 500 word abortion and then claim its supposed to be comedy?

    • You should get your membership fee back…. oh wait.

      • They’re not getting paid to do this out of the Score’s good will, its because of our consumer eyes that they had any interest in DJF.

        • True… and 800 posts in the last game threat and 100 posts here seem to say they are doing ok… no?

          • You’re proving my point for me. They’re being paid to do nothing.

            It’s not 2006 anymore, being first entrants in to the market will only sustain you so long in the face of an inferior offering.

    • Here comes the Waambulance…

  42. This is why the internet makes me sick. Are people seriously complaining about this post? Its funny. Its makes fun of an issue that has been overblown by morons. I thought it was delightful. Comments sections are embarrassing, so I don’t usually bother, but the comments in this article forced me from the sidelines.

    • The problem is that its not actually funny. In anyway.

      • Subjective

        • Well some retards think calling each other ‘fag’ is the height of comedy too, so i’m feeling okay in my interpretation of this dreck.

          • I write on paper I sell my writings. don’t know who is the ieonntvr of paper’. will you throw me a writer?I use a laptop and I don’t know who is the ieonntvr of so will you take away my laptop from me?Kick the ass of all who are selling television without knowing name of its ieonntvr!

  43. Maybe Tony Rasmus’ claim of being able to touch 90 was a jab at the Jays’ starter, Brett “I touch 88 on a good day” Cecil?

  44. Last podcast I was taking offense to you guys bitching about us commenters. The immediate comments to this post are changing my opinion.

    • Why? They can dish it out but whine if commentators don’t agree? Kind of lame. And i like the blog, usually find it entertaining (save for the constant anger and need to bash anyone who partially likes the fact that our best young player happens to also come from the country).

      Bashing your commentators screams of “we’re so funny, but so misunderstoooooood!!!”

  45. Gulf Coast League started today. Alford and Davis are in the line up. Cenas has a homer.

  46. small sample size

  47. “Baseball America is a garbage publication in my estimation”
    –Greg Zaun on the Fan 590

    • What? Really?

      What was this with regards to?

      • He was ranting about young players getting called up too soon. He called it a ‘garbage publication’….he said that there were ‘good articles’ but that the whole thing is skewed in that they don’t scout the players & that it’s veerrry heavily influenced by what team scouting directors tell them about their players. That the Scouting Directors feed Baseball America all this hype so that other teams will covet the players for trades. It was pretty strongly worded but that’s the jist.

        I think the interview is on Fan 590 dot com.

        • I have heard that criticism before, but a big leap from that to “garbage publication”. All teams have incentive to hype their prospects.

          Zaun is such a joke.

  48. Can this character please stick to getting stoeten’s beers. Worst post I’ve seen on this site

  49. To me, Tony Rasmus has the same look as Charlie Manuel. They both say, ‘I’d rather be shooting squirrels.’

    • Squirrel Melt!

      • Believe me. I am terrible at minirezomg names. I forgot most of my intimate classmates in primary school. I cannot even remember my cousin’s baby.And that’s why I could barely pass social science subjects in school. I use many tools that I cannot live without. Although I salute the people behind those tools. I DO NOT need to or want to remember their names.If you don’t hire me. It’s OK. I don’t give you a damn

  50. “I can still throw 90…………..Tony didn’t want me to throw BP because he wanted McGuire to get all the praise”

    I’m seeing some red flags. I think he just wishes he made it to the show, and can’t live it down. Stand up and fuckin cheer for your son on fathers day for crissakes.

  51. I didnt know it was uncool in Alabama to stand and cheer for your son, on fathers day, who’s organization just flew your’re redneck ass outta the gator infested everglades for a father and son moment.

    That video tells it all. Who made it to the Major Leagues, Colby or Tony? Tony just wants to do interviews, cause he never made it. Go back to wrasslin gators and blowing gobs of Levi Garrett.

    Fuck, even Kelly was a better daddy than this guy.

  52. Haha. I don’t know what the problem is. I thought the post was funny.

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