Podcast the Fifteenth!

And now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon, and to fill you with rage over Dustin Parkes’ hating-on of Eric Thames Adam Lind the Toronto Blue Jays’ chances: it’s the latest episode of the DJF podcast!

We’ll be be back again on Thursday, and we still want to hear from you, too! Call us (hammered) at 1-855-FOUL-TIP, or email us (hammered) at GettingBlanked@theScore.com with whatever is sticking in your craw, and Thursday we’ll dissect the best the Monkey Army has to offer.

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  1. One of the better podcasts this season and, “coincidentally,” one where Parkes hardly talked about the Jays

    • There’s so much Parkes hate, here… I don’t get it. I guess the truth hurts?

      • What truth? That Papelbon doesn’t pitch well in late inning tie-games because he isn’t as motivated without saves on the line? Oh.

      • I think people like to hate on Parkes because ever since the Giants went to the WS he has seemed a lot less interested in the Jays. Probably just a result of being paid to follow all of MLB, rather than just the Jays.

        Sometimes he can come off like a pastor preaching from his bible (“The Book”).
        The Book is well reasoned statistical analysis, not absolute truth. IMO he is KLaw-lite!

        I still like him though.

  2. Protest the Hero bad? Blasphemy!

  3. Made it up to Toronto for the series, I live in Philly, with a few friends and thoroughly enjoyed watching them go through the five stages of grief on Saturday after that epic comeback. I don’t think it got any worse for them than upon realizing that Manual had called on Chad Qualls to get warm in the pen. At that moment I knew the Jays would at least tie the game.

    If anything, Manual’s reluctance to use a $50M closer in a non-save, tie game situation has to be mind boggling. I understand some on this site have commented that they don’t agree with using Jannsen in a non-save situation. However, knowing that you have your best relief pitcher still sitting in the bullpen while the other team celebrates a walk off win stings.

    • +1 to your last sentence. Jays fans have lived that same painful reality in the past few weeks with Janssen on the bench while Cordero coughs up a lead. On the bright side for us, Janssen’s not getting paid $50M over the next 4 years.

      • Definitely true. I’m a Jays fan and Cordero’s blown save against the A’s was pretty depressing. I mean who the hell thought they’d hear the words “grand slam” and “Brandon Inge” in the same sentence.

    • My God, this use your closer in non-save situations while being the visiting team has spread to Philly. That’s it I quit…yes this makes perfect to use you closer in that situation. This is of course why we have closers, is to use them as set up men. The set up guy should be the closer – tired or not. Anybody here like bowling?

  4. Can you explain your comments about the Jays bullpen? You couldn’t figure out why people were upset with their performance.? Here some stats to explain my frustration. Worst in WHIP in the AL & 12th in 14 in ERA.

    Cordero sucks & Farrell is using him in high leverage situations. Santos seems to be damaged goods.


    • That’s not quite what I said– I understand people being upset with the performance, but I don’t get why that automatically translates to thinking the bullpen sucks or is going to continue sucking. Lot of talent there.

      The Santos thing is pretty ridiculous to say, too, given that we don’t actually know anything about his situation.

      • OK Thanks Stoeten. Cordero is a major problem especially when used in high leverage situations. I agree with you about Oliver being used more often but Farrel mentioned that he needs some more rest since he is over 40.

        As for Santos, he didn’t get into too many game situations in spring training. Is this normal for closers?

        The Santos injury is a mystery. It didn’t seem to be serious in April but now Brunt thinks he may not be back this year.

        I assume the Jays gave him a physical before the trade was official.

    • Oak, I understand people’s frustration, I suffer too. The problem is CoCo, so we need a new set up guy. How does moving the closer into his position help? Then who becomes your closer? You just re-arranged the whole back end of your pitching staff for CoCo. Now I have 5 problems not 1. Is there anybody out there, who can understand how to manage the pen? Fuck, no wonder Farrell gets a bad rap.

      • Fair point. I agree we need a new set up guy. I understand why AA would sign Cordero.

        Veteran closer, etc… but it became apparent this year that his fastball is slower etc.
        There is plenty of innings available for blowouts, why is pitching in tie games??

        Why can’t Frasor or Oliver be set up guys?

        • Fraser or Oliver could be, in fact it may be that Oliver is the set up get when the left handed bats of the opposition are due up in the 8th, when Jays are leading. Just not as many situations for left vs.left. You are 100 per cent right on your thinking. Jays are waiting longer than they should to implement your suggestion.

        • By the way Oak, what do you want to do with CoCo?

  5. Is this the game threat?
    Or are we going back to the weekend one to set a record for comments?
    I’m confused again.

  6. Brett Lawrie to Milwaukee: Fuck you.

  7. Conversation with the trainer that left Romero with his head in his hands went approximately as follows:

    -So what’s the deal with Hutch?

    -Well, I guess this makes Brett Cecil the ace of the staff.

  8. $45? That is ridiculous, and I am not even Dutch.

    In Toronto though that doesn’t surprise me.

    Was the bar busy? If people are willing to pay the $45, then who cares? Stoeten you should’ve voted with your feet and found someplace else.

    • Well, the $10 for the parking lot wasn’t THAT outrageous, and nowhere else would have had the same all-fans-of-one-team atmosphere– especially in that area of the city, where there are so many Portugese bars. But the $9 tall boys blew my mind. And then the $45 to get in? It was cheaper beer and free admission on Wednesday, too.

      Anyway, I think I’ve railed against this enough.

  9. Pitchers get hurt. Drabek, Hutchison, Morrow, Santos… don’t think the Jays anticipated any of that happening.

    Proof that pitchers can get hurt at any time: Roy Halladay, the immortal, gets hurt this year. Roy Effing Halladay. Who knows?

    • I think they did anticipate it to some extent, hence why they signed a shitballer like Aaron Laffey. They were also talking in Spring Training about McGuire or Jenkins as depth, but I guess that part of the plan didn’t work out so well this season.

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